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REPORTS TO: Special Education Network Curriculum Coordinator. PAY GRADE: Teacher. DEPARTMENT: 870—Spec Ed Support Serv

Special Education Behavior Interventionist


Special Education Network Curriculum Coordinator


870—Spec Ed Support Services

WAGE/HOUR: Exempt PAY GRADE: Teacher DAYS: 187

ROLE AND PURPOSE: The primary role of the Behavior Interventionist is to provide long term in class supports using the principles of positive behavior support, applied behavior analysis and other evidenced based practices. Services provided by the behavior interventionist are designed to assist campuses in building capacity in educating school staff on how to best support students receiving special education services in the least restrictive environments even when challenging behaviors and social emotional skill deficits impact learning and the school environment. QUALIFICATIONS: Education / Certification:  Texas Teacher’s Certification in Special Education  Bachelor’s Degree minimum Special Knowledge/ Skills:  Possess quality interpersonal skills, effective oral and written communication skills, and the ability to handle emotionally-charged situations in a professional manner  Possess a broad knowledge regarding crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, social emotional learning competencies, applied behavior analysis techniques and classroom management strategies  Experience in the use of positive behavior supports, functional analysis and reinforcement strategies to address replacing challenging behaviors in the school setting  Experience in providing differentiated academic instruction, engagement and environmental strategies for students at various functional Experience:  Three years teaching experience with students receiving special education services preferred

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT A. Support Network Coordinators by providing long- term in-class modeling and coaching for teachers who are serving students receiving special education services. B. Assist campus educational staff members in the development and implementation of support plans that focus on teaching pro-social behaviors in the least restrictive school setting. II.

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Have a working knowledge of district policies and practices that relate to the department. B. Collaborate, model, coach, and assist teachers in structuring an conducive to learning for students with challenging behaviors; focusing on the environmental and instructional match between the setting, the task, the instruction, and the individual student needs.


SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Record observable behavior data to conduct functional behavior analysis of challenging behaviors within the school setting. B. Maintain, model, and support staff in understanding the need to honor confidentiality of all academic, behavioral, and personal information. C. Respond to email, telephone calls, mail on a daily basis. D. Provide consistent, daily follow-up, feedback, and support of the implementation of the support plan while working an individual case for a campus.


ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Utilize scheduling and time management techniques in order to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position. B. Maintain reporting schedules to Network Coordinator.

June 2015


STUDENT MANAGEMENT A. Identify deficits, if any, in the areas of Social Emotional Learning Competencies and school success skills. B. Develop pro-active plans to address any deficits by teaching student replacement skills and staff instructional strategies to support new learning. C. Complete, maintain, train and support campus staff in the gathering of accurate records including behavior data, support plans, and supporting documentation.


SCHOOL/COMMUNITY RELATIONS A. Communicates with campus staff, other district employees and the community in a service oriented manner. B. Work collaboratively with all stakeholders to support students and special education department functions. C. Collaborate with Network Curriculum Coordinator and Instructional Specialists in providing social / emotional and behavior support to students.


PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT A. Attend professional development regarding district wide systems, including data based programs. B. Maintain and actively seek knowledge of research-based positive behavior support interventions and strategies to assist in determining proactive techniques and systems to address the needs of students with challenging behaviors. C. Teach and model effective strategies for teachers and classroom teaching assistants working with students who need to replace their challenging behaviors through direct and intentional instruction from the professional staff.




MISCELLANEOUS A. May require heavy lifting, up to 20 pounds, in confined spaces utilizing two-step stools. B. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Network Curriculum Coordinator.

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June 2015