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Dec 28, 2014 - academics (curriculum and instruction) at the elementary level. The coordinator ... Minimum of a Master's

Coordinator of Early Childhood & Elementary Educational Operations




Senior Director of Transformational Learning




Transformational Learning


12A - 243 Days

ROLE AND PURPOSE: The Coordinator of Early Childhood and Elementary Educational Operations provides leadership in the revision, implementation, and assessment of state and district mandated policies and regulations associated with academics (curriculum and instruction) at the elementary level. The coordinator works closely with Academic Services departments, as well as other key units (e.g., Technology, Transportation, etc.) to ensure that all current and anticipated academic programs are implemented to fidelity. He/she acts as a resource person to other educational personnel and the community. QUALIFICATIONS:  Minimum of a Master’s degree from an accredited institution;  Valid Texas teacher’s certificate;  Must possess strong leadership and communication skills and be knowledgeable in curriculum structure, instructional strategies, budgeting, and state laws and regulations affecting district policies;  Experience must include a minimum of three years teaching experience. Additionally, two years of administrative/supervisory experience is preferred. SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS:  Assist the Senior Director of Transformational Learning in directing, sequencing, and implementing instructional programs at the early childhood and elementary levels.  Plan and collaborate with district and campus personnel to ensure the effective implementation of state mandates, state assessment preparation, curriculum planning and development, innovations, and teaching strategies.  Interact with education personnel in the identification and implementation of mutually acceptable goals and objectives to facilitate teaching and learning.  Visit buildings in the district throughout the year to ensure program effectiveness and consultation with faculty and campus leadership.  Submits updates and reports as requested by the Senior and Executive Directors of Transformational Learning.  Perform other duties and functions as assigned by the Senior Director of Transformational Learning. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: A. Instructional Management 1. Collaborate with academic services staff and campus personnel to formulate, implement, and monitor effective and productive instructional programs (e.g., Extended Year, Pre-K & Kindergarten registration, standards-based report cards, promotion/retention standards, etc.) that meet the needs of all students. 2. Examine and utilize the results of standardized tests and other data to evaluate and improve academic programming and operations at the early childhood and elementary levels. 3. Provide instructional resources to support the accomplishment of district instructional goals. B. Foster a Positive School/Organizational Climate 1. Promote high expectations for performance and positive staff morale in working with teachers, early childhood and elementary administrators, as well as central office personnel. 2. Exhibit honesty, integrity, dependability, competence, and a professional attitude in the performance of duties and responsibilities. 3. Demonstrate and reinforce strong commitment to success for all students in our diverse community. C. Promote Leadership in School/Organizational Improvement 1. Promote activities that support the mission of the school district. 2. Guide the development and implementation of campus improvement plans to address district goals and objectives. 3. Assume leadership in the reorganization and restructuring of various aspects of district and school programs when needed.

D. Manage Administrative, Fiscal, and Facilities Functions Responsibly 1. Assist the Senior Director with the development of a budget for the Transformational Learning department based upon program needs, estimated enrollment, projected staffing, and other fiscal considerations. 2. Develop and monitor a budget for his/her department based upon elementary instructional needs and projected staffing. 3. Design and implement programs and execute expenditures within the budgeted parameters of the department. 4. Comply with all regulations and procedures regarding fiscal management. 5. Seek grants and other sources of funding for elementary initiatives. E. Student Management 1. Responsible for the development of criteria for appropriate placement of students in educational programs. 2. Serve as co-facilitator, alongside the Coordinator of Secondary Educational Operations, in the development, management, and training of the district’s Grade Placement Committee processes and policies. 3. Work collaboratively with the Coordinator of Secondary Educational Operations, campus leadership, and faculty to align and assess all policies and processes associated with student transfers at all grade levels. 4. Co-facilitate, alongside the Coordinator of Secondary Educational Operations, the district’s academic extracurricular events (e.g., UIL and Spelling Bee). F. Promote a Positive Tone for School/Community Relations 1. Promote a positive image of the district and maintain a positive working relationship with parents and the community. 2. Work with early childhood and elementary principals and parents to resolve academic services issues. G. Provide Leadership in Professional Growth and Development 1. Participate in professional development programs and growth activities. 2. Exhibit flexibility in performance of assigned duties. 3. Strive to use time wisely and effectively. 4. Seek and use evaluative input of job performance from staff and peers. H. Miscellaneous A. Perform other duties as assigned B. Frequent district-wide and occasional out-of –district travel; prolonged and irregular hours.

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