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JOB TITLE: Instructional Specialist-Language Other than English (LOTE) ... B. Promote and support advanced academics lan
ARLINGTON INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT JOB TITLE: Instructional Specialist-Language Other than English (LOTE)


REPORTS TO: Director of World Languages


DEPARTMENT: World Languages

DAYS: 212 days

ROLE AND PURPOSE: The primary role of the instructional specialist will be to work directly with teachers to improve instruction and achievement in areas related second language acquisition.

QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification:  Texas Teacher’s Certification/Bachelor’s Degree with Master’s Degree preferred  Certification in a foreign language and/or Bilingual Certification Experience:  Five years of successful classroom experience as a LOTE or Dual Language Immersion teacher  Two years of leadership (department chair, campus/district committees) experience preferred MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Model effective teaching strategies through demonstration teaching in classrooms B. Promote and support advanced academics language opportunities in International Baccalaureate, PreAdvanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses II. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Utilize good communication and interpersonal skills B. Displays a strong ability to work independently as a self-starter with excellent time management skills III. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT C. Possess a broad knowledge regarding curriculum content and teaching strategies with specific content knowledge at multiple levels of instruction D. Demonstrate success in improving student achievement as measured by class success/failure rate E. Experience in Dual Language Immersion, Advanced Placement and/or International Baccalaureate F. Experience in providing accommodations for linguistically diverse students G. Experience working with native speakers of a target language (e.g. MS AP) H. Develop aligned curriculum assessments for LOTE courses I. Develop Credit by Exams across languages to reflect current student demographics J. Oversee LOTE specific curriculum planning, writing, development and implementation and seek to create vertical alignment in collaboration with dual language immersion specialists

IV. ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT K. Exhibit a high proficiency in computer usage and instructional technology L. Assist the World Language Director with the purchase, selection and evaluation of supplemental resources M. Assist the World Language Director with the research, implementation and evaluation of innovative programs and strategies V. SCHOOL/COMMUNITY RELATIONS N. Foster strong school-home relations for parents of students in LOTE and Dual Language Immersion programs VI. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT O. Provide assistance and support to both new and experienced LOTE teachers during the school day and after school P. Obtain training in strategies for special needs students (Dyslexia, 504, G/T, Immigrant) VII. MISCELLANEOUS Q. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Director of World Languages, especially in the area of working collaboratively with World Language specialists

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