JOB TITLE: Audiologist

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QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification. •. Doctoral degree in Audiology from an accredited college/university require




REPORTS TO: Curriculum Coordinator for Deaf Education Services


DEPT/SCHOOL: Special Education

DAYS: 212

ROLE AND PURPOSE: The primary responsibility of the audiologist is to provide audiological services to students referred to or enrolled in Special Education programs of the Arlington Independent School District. QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification  Doctoral degree in Audiology from an accredited college/university required (if program is not accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA), ASHA Clinical Certification Board shall evaluate the course work and clinical experience for acceptability)  Minimum of an Audiology Master’s degree is acceptable if earned before 2007  Texas State License in Audiology o All applicants must submit proof of successful completion of jurisprudence examination at the time of application; examination must be completed no more than six (6) months prior to the date of licensure application  Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology or Fellow of American Academy of Audiology o Board may waive clinical and examination requirements and grant licensure to a practitioner certified by the American Board of Audiology  Sign Language Skills preferred MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I.

AUDIOLOGICAL SERVICES A. Conduct audiological evaluations including pure tone air and bone conduction measures; speech reception and word recognition testing; immitance measures; otoscopy; electrophysiological tests and differential determination of auditory disorders using procedures that are free of cultural bias and are appropriate to the student’s receptive and expressive native language skills, cognitive abilities and behavioral functioning. B. Provide written and/or verbal interpretation of audiological assessment results, functional implications, and management recommendations to parents, guardians, and/or AISD personnel. C. Complete required AI eligibility reports.

II. AMPLIFICATION/ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY A. Evaluate the need for, selection of, and functioning of hearing aids, individual and/or amplification systems, cochlear plants, vibrotactile devices and other hearing assistive technology including making earmold impressions and modifications. B. Perform minor equipment repairs C. Complete assistive technology evaluations as requested by the campus ARD committee. III. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES A. Participate as member of Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) committee as needed or requested Prepare and submit requests for purchasing audiological equipment and supplies B. Coordinate calibration of audiological equipment C. Participate in a flexible summer work schedule not to exceed total contract days to provide audiological services to students during the months of June and July.


V. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Participates as an effective team member and contributes to District and departmental goals B. Supports and promotes a positive organizational culture

VI. ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Summarize audiological services in an end of year report B. Collaborate with other agencies to ensure services for children, birth through 21 years VII. STUDENT MANAGEMENT A. Refer students for further assessment and/or treatment using AISD, state, and community resources following district procedures. B. Train, supervise, and/or collaborate with district personnel, students, and parents to facilitate hearing identification/protection programs, to monitor hearing devices, and to accommodate for hearing loss.

VIII. PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT A. As determined by supervisor IX. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES A. None X. MISCELLANEOUS A. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education

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REVISED: November 2015