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Master's degree or higher. •. Valid Texas ... B. Maintain accurate and updated audit folders to comply with the Studen

Educational Diagnostician


Curriculum Coordinator for Special Education Educational Support Services


ROLE AND PURPOSE: Responsible for conducting legally compliant full and individual evaluations (FIEs), as well as monitoring and guiding the campus ARD process and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal rules and regulations, district policy and department operating guidelines and procedures.

QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification:  Master’s degree or higher  Valid Texas teaching certificate  Educational Diagnostician Certificate, or completion of the following for consideration of emergency certification/Internship:  Bachelor’s degree  Completed 30 semester credit hours of graduate-level credit in the field of education, including six semester credit hours in tests and measurements, at least three semester credit hours of which emphasized individualized testing  Completed six semester credit hours directly related to teaching individuals with special learning needs  Two credible years of classroom teaching experience  Deficiency plan and most recent transcript verifying completed semester credit hours in required courses above Experience:  Two years of successful teaching experience  Educational diagnostician experience preferred MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT A. Coordinate the planning and preparation of educational plans, including individualized recommendations for instructional techniques and strategies for students, by reporting and interpreting the FIE results, eligibility and educational implications/recommendations to the teacher(s), administrator, adult student and/or parents in advance of the ARD meeting. B. Conduct full and individual evaluations (FIE) of students using the most research-based, best practice model(s) through such things as individualized testing, play-based assessment, team assessment, classroom observations, conferences with teachers & parents, and other evaluation instruments and methods necessary for a thorough evaluation of the 13 eligibility categories. C. Write a Full and Individual Evaluation which follows the legal framework, TEA guidelines & board policy for evaluation and eligibility determination within required state and federal timelines. D. Serve as a required member of the Admissions, Review and Dismissal committee meetings for all REED, initial, reevaluation, amendment and 30 day transfer ARDs. E. Monitor and insure the progress report period updating of student IEP’s (Individual Education Plan). II. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Work collaboratively with colleagues and peers, related services providers, medical practitioners, and teachers to plan and align evaluation and ARD timeline/ due dates for compliance. III. SCHOOL/ORGANIZATIONAL IMPROVEMENT A. Collaborate with special education department heads to ensure teachers and school personnel receive inservice training, to include but not limited to: confidentiality of records/ confidential student information, ARD process & procedures, data management system, documentation & timeline compliance, and the ARD Decision Making Process for state and local assessment determinations. IV. ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Maintain responsibility for all district purchased and issued equipment and materials to ensure they are complete, in good working condition, and secure at all times.

V. STUDENT MANAGEMENT A. Coordinates with special education data clerks to verify that students are correctly coded according to the most current Student Attendance Accounting Handbook. B. Maintain accurate and updated audit folders to comply with the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook requirements for auditable records, and district processes and procedures. VI. SCHOOL/COMMUNITY RELATIONS A. Use collaborative and supportive communication skills to present information accurately and clearly and maintain positive and effective working relationship with colleagues, parents, school staff and community members. B. Maintain a positive and effective professional relationship with campus and district administrators. VII. A. B. C. D.

PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Attend scheduled staff and in-service meetings. Stay abreast of current research in the field of special education and assessment. Stay abreast of legal requirements, board policy, district procedures and processes. Attend required conferences and trainings.

VIII. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES A. Supervise/ mentor interns and new diagnosticians as assigned. IX. A. B. C. D. E.

MISCELLANEOUS Perform other duties as requested or assigned by the curriculum coordinator or director of special education. Perform all duties in a safe manner to avoid injury to oneself and/or others. Perform other related duties as assigned. Maintain emotional control under stress Responsible for regular district-wide travel to support assigned campuses.

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