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Jun 6, 2010 ... MASTER YOUR METABOLISM. Courtenay Smith, Executive Editor, Prevention Magazine. More and more, research is showing that we do have ...

WESTGATE ORTHOPAEDIC PHYSICAL THERAPY & EXERCISE INC., P.S. Health & Wellness Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 6

June 2010

Collated by Jamie K. Sato, DPT, OCS

MASTER YOUR METABOLISM Courtenay Smith, Executive Editor, Prevention Magazine

More and more, research is showing that we do have some control over our metabolism. Although you won’t go from someone with a slow-as-sloth metabolism to being an instant calorie incinerator, there are ways you can speed up your metabolism. –Stacy Colino, Cosmopolitan Magazine Nov. 2008 You don’t eat enough The average woman of average activity level needs ~1600 calories/day and the average man needs ~2000 calories/day. You may need to lower that amount in order to lose weight, but should never drop below 1200 calories/day. Dropping below 1200 will cause your body to go into starvation mode, which means your metabolism will slow drastically in an attempt to hang on to fat for energy and your body will start to break down the lean muscle mass that burns calories for energy.

9 Metabolism Blunders

METABOLISM: the biochemical process that converts food into calories and then burns them off as energy You’re missing Vitamin D Vitamin D is crucial to that lean muscle mass that burns calories. Use supplements, direct exposure to sunlight 10 min/day, and fortified low fat dairy products and fish to get the required 200-600 international units/day.

You avoid caffeine Caffeine is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. A daily coffee habit can rev up your metabolism by 5-8%, which equates to burning an extra 100-175 calories/day! Furthermore, 1 cup of green tea can rev your metabolism up to 12%! Your Carbs are White When you eat white (refined) carbs, you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet, and fiber is the metabolism revving secret! Certain types of fiber can rev your natural fat burn by up to 30%. So, switch to whole grains/whole grain carbs—whole grain pasta, cereal, fruits and veggies—to get 25g of fiber/day.

Your food is covered in pesticides. Buy organic. Studies have shown that dieters that had the most residue of pesticides in their fat cells experienced a You’re deficient in calcium greater than normal drop in metabolism. Some studies hint that Calcium deficiency has been linked to a lower metabolism in women. You should get 1000-1200mg/day. pesticides trigger weight gain.

MASTER YOUR METABOLISM 9 Metabolism Blunders… (Continued from front page) You’ve had one too many cocktails Skip the 2nd drink! Your body will burn the alcohol for energy instead of fat, thus slowing down your fat burn. That 2nd cocktail can slow your fat burn up to 73%! Your meal lacks iron Iron carries oxygen to muscles and oxygen is essential to burning fat. Eat iron-rich foods such as shellfish, lean meats, fortified cereals, spinach, and beans.

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Your water is room temp German researchers have found that drinking 6 cups of cold water boosts resting metabolism by 50 calories/day, which adds up to 5 lbs of weight loss/ year. Why? Your body has to work harder to heat the water to body temperature.