Lake Villa Township Job Fair

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Gateway to the Lakes Region ... ____ Check if you don't want your name, email address and phone number listed in the boo
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Lake Villa Township Job Fair Thursday March 17, 2016 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm Lake Villa Township West Campus (formerly known as Gavin North) 37850 N Rt. 59, Lake Villa, IL 60046 (¼ mile south of Grand Ave.) Please type or print your information below. This will be your company information in the program booklet. If you have specific positions available, skill requirements or any additional information you would like published please list and submit them on a separate sheet.

____ Check if you don’t want your name, email address and phone number listed in the booklet. Company Name ______________________________________________________________________________ Name of Contact (Mr., Mrs., Ms.)________________________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip_________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone (______ ________ ___________ ext______ )

Fax (______ ________ ______________)

E-mail address _______________________________ Company Web Address _____________________________ Type of Business_______________________________________________________________________________

Number of Company Representatives attending the job fair:___________ SPACE IS LIMITED , The Job Fair is free for both candidates and employers. If you have job openings or expect to have openings in the upcoming months, this will be an opportunity to interview and screen candidates.

For more information contact Dan Venturi at 847-356-2116 or [email protected].

Fax form to 847-356-2130 Sponsored by Lake Villa Township

37908 N. FAIRFIELD RD ● LAKE VILLA, IL ● PHONE 847-356-2116 ● FAX 847-356-2130 ● E-MAIL [email protected] ● WWW.LAKEVILLATOWNSHIP.ORG