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Lead Occupational Exposure. Management Workshop. Wednesday, 28 June 2017. 08.00-17.00. Registration. Crowne Plaza Berlin
Lead Occupational Exposure Management Workshop Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Sharing Best Practice


Chairman: Rene Schroeder, EUROBAT

Keynote Speaker: Understanding the relationship between lead exposure and blood lead measures: the possible role of inadvertent ingestion Prof. John Cherrie, Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK Blood Lead Reduction Programme Dr Sue Ensaff, Consulting Occupational Physician, UK

Registration Crowne Plaza Berlin City Centre Hotel

Workshop Workshop will be held in Room Sektion 2

Background briefing – legislation, science and exposure levels Chairman: Steve Binks, International Lead Association

Opening Remarks – Recognising Good Practice Steve Binks, International Lead Association, UK Keynote Speaker: Biomonitoring for Lead – an overview of methods and trends in exposures Dr. Jackie Morton, Health & Safety Laboratory, UK Industry Voluntary Initiatives – Did we achieve the 2016 target? • International Lead Producers and European Lead Sheet Manufacturers – Steve Binks, International Lead Association • European Battery Industry – Stefan Gielis, EUROBAT • US Battery Industry – Randy Reyer, Battery Council International

Raising our Game Jason Jones, Ecobat, UK Employee Blood Lead Reduction Programme-System Sunlight Stefanos Kanidis, Systems Sunlight Challenges in reducing employee exposures in the Calder Group Ben Travers, Calder Metals, UK Best Practice, Use and Maintenance of RPE- 3M Dean Mitchell, Scott Safety Launch of Post-2016 Targets for Continuous Improvement Steve Binks, International Lead Association, UK

Information Sharing Carousel – Rising to the challenge of a 20µg/dL employee blood lead target The aim will be for interactive discussions to be held in each group. A moderator will guide discussions and will report back main observations to the wider plenary group.

Long Service Employees – What the Science Tells us about Reducing Blood Lead Levels Cris Williams, International Lead Association, USA

• Changing behaviours and staff engagement – Jason Jones, EcoBat Technologies • Personal Protective Equipment & Engineering Controls – Dean Mitchell, Scott Safety • Medical surveillance and role of medical services – Dr Sue Ensaff. Occupational Health Physician

Recent Experience from a National OEL Review Axel Lesch, JCI, Germany

Concluding Remarks and Close of Workshop Steve Binks, International Lead Association, UK