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A: They've all given interviews to Market Leader over the last 12 years. One of Market Leader's main aims has always been to bring the real world of business ...

MARKET LEADER A world of business in the language classroom

Q: What do the following leading businesses all have in common? Argos, Barclaycard, Blackstone Group, British Airways, BMW Mini, BP, BT, Cadburys, Coca-Cola (UK), Dell, Financial Times, German Industry-UK, Hays, Hyatt Hotels, Harrods, IKEA, Kraft, Novotel, PA Consulting, Procter & Gamble, QVC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sainsburys, Triodos Bank, Triumph, Unipart, Work Foundation, WPP A: They’ve all given interviews to Market Leader over the last 12 years. One of Market Leader’s main aims has always been to bring the real world of business into the language classroom. The study of Business English is made so much more relevant if authentic voices, experiences and issues from international commerce form a main part of the course content. In addition to including reading texts from the Financial Times and other international business publications, Market Leader has interviewed more than 120 people from companies and leading training organisations such as the London Business School, Said School of Business, Cass Business School and INSEAD, Paris. These interviews are linked to the topics of the course and provide stimulating content for listening practice and discussion. Students can either watch or listen to the interviews, according to their preference. In the Intermediate level 3rd edition, for example, students learn about: - the importance of brands, from the managing director of a leading brand agency; - what business travellers want, from a top hotel group’s sales director - how companies cope with change, from a senior management consultant - how to analyse business organisation, from a senior consultant - what makes a great advert, from a director of a leading ad agency - what is involved in wealth management, from an investment director - the importance of appreciating cultural differences, from a specialist - effective staff recruitment, from a director at an international agency - successful negotiating techniques, from an experienced trainer - how companies can help the environment, from a research director - how competition is regulated, from a government agency Across the whole series, these expert interviews cover a wide range of business sectors – from retail to finance, from manufacturing to consultancy,

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from banking to hospitality and entertainment, from TV and advertising to pharmaceuticals. Each interviewee gives unique and valuable insights into their business. While discussing issues of importance to them, the experts provide students with a wealth of valuable language for understanding and dealing with key business concepts. How does an international business help to support sustainable farming? Watch Alison Ward from Cadbury’s (Upper intermediate 3e, Unit 3). How do successful new businesses grow out of university research? Tom Hockaday from Isis Innovation knows (Unit 4). In what ways can a large multinational encourage job satisfaction among its staff? Madalyn Brooks from Procter & Gamble has plenty of ideas (Unit 5). What are the best ways to manage risk in business? Steve Fowler advises (Unit 6). How do you build effective teams at work? Dan Collins runs courses delivering this (Unit 8). How do you cope with really demanding customers in luxury catering? Philip Newman-Hall of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons has some answers (Unit 10). Professor Craig Smith, an expert on crisis management, talks about how companies can reduce the impact of disasters (Unit 11). And Professor Scott Moeller, who has direct experience of many large acquisitions, advises on what needs to happen for a merger to work well (Unit 12). Market Leader takes a close look at the important role of culture in international business. In Unit 1 of the Advanced level 3e, an experienced trainer provides tips on how to give a great presentation to an international audience. What are German companies based in the UK looking for in their workforce? Dr Bernd Atenstaedt talks about the value of apprenticeships and in-work training (Unit 2). If you want to know how developments in renewable energy are monitored, watch Angus McCrone in Unit 3. Do you know what a ‘glass consumer’ is? If not, Dr Jonathan Reynolds can tell you (Unit 4). What are the recent trends in the UK employment market? Ian Brinkley summarises them (Unit 5). How have companies changed their ethical behaviour recently? Philippa Foster Back provides an overview (Unit 6). And are banks operating in a more sustainable way? Charles Middleton shows the way forward (Unit 7). Peter Sirman describes how consultants help companies to improve their operational efficiency (Unit 8); and in Unit 9 Marjorie Scardino talks about how she communicates Pearson’s goals and strategy across the company. David Bowen reviews developments in online business (Unit 10), while Mike Southon has some very good advice for new entrepreneurs (Unit 11). Finally Tom Taylor talks about what needs to go well to make any project successful (Unit 12).

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Market Leader has always been well known for the range and appeal of its case studies, providing students with the opportunity to practise key language while discussing business problems and reaching solutions in active groupwork. In the 3rd edition of the series, another source of expert input comes directly from six management consultants. One of them provides a commentary after each case. Once students have completed their work on the case and come up with their recommended solutions, they watch the commentary to see what issues the consultant has picked out and how he or she would deal with the problems highlighted in the case. The consultants’ extensive experience brings new insights and ideas to the classroom, thereby enriching the learning and further enhancing the course’s authentic appeal.

Chris Hartley Market Leader Project Manager

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