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Apr 5, 2016 - Larnie Watts. Maroon Lucy West. Dave Tully. Michelle Bartlett/Annette ... Nathan Aitken. Gold Graham Meran
PO Box 852, Cleveland, QLD 4163 - m: 0459 389 511- e: [email protected]

April 5 2016 DIARY DATES APRIL 10th & 17th - Mens Masters Turf training 7th - Beginners hockey Session - 4pm to 5pm 7th - Managers/coaches meetings 9th - ROUND 1 - check webpage for details 9th - Mothers Day raffle tickets to be handed out, see Angela 10th - Opens Women’s training, venue TBA 12th - Primary Met East Training - 3.45 to 5.00pm 13th - Tech Bench Level O - 6.30 pm HZ Clubhouse 16th - ROUND 2 - check webpage for details 17th - Under 13 Trials - HZ Fields 19th - Primary Met East Training - 3.45 to 5.00pm 20th - April Board Meeting 21st - Level O Coaching clinic - 6.30 pm 23rd - ROUND 3 - check webpage for details 24th - Level 1 Coaching Course 28th - Primary Met East Trials 30th - NO HOCKEY - Labour Day Week-end 30th to 2nd May - Men’s Masters - Toowoomba MAY 7th - Mothers Day Raffle 7th - Team Photos ROUND 4 - check webpage for details 8th - U13s Turf Training at Easts 14th - ROUND 5 - check webpage for details


CANTEEN - 8:30am to 2:30pm ADMIN DESK - 9:00 am to 10:00am and 1:00 to 2:00 pm FUNDRAISING DESK - 8.30am to 3.00pm Thank you Under 12 GREEN team, you are on roster this Saturday. Please arrive early to help setup and help out in the canteen. See your team manager for details.

MERCER PR Mercer PR is trusted by some of Australia’s most respected companies, organisations and industry groups to manage their public messages, achieve real outcomes and develop proactive media strategies. They also assist our clients to minimise adverse publicity and are called upon to deal with issues and crises when company, executive or personal reputations are at risk.

From their base in Brisbane and sub-offices across Australia, we deal with clients and media nationally and internationally For more information go to Mercer PR are proud to sponsor the Under 12 Division and the U12 Blue team.


New shirts and socks will be available to purchase this Saturday at the shed.


Uniform Swap. This year we are trialling the idea of swapping shirts. However, we can only swap shirts if there are shirts to be swapped. a. Those who handed shirts in at last trial day can collect a swapped shirt from the uniform area near the shed. b. Shirt swap procedure for this Saturday i. Junior players. Between 8:00am and 9:00am ONLY ii. Senior players. Between 12:00pm and 1:00pm ONLY


Goalkeeping equipment for U13s


FEES. Can be paid to Brian, RHA Treasurer from 8:00am near the shed.


OTHER APPAREL, ETC. Also available at the shed. We have skorts, shorts and visors for sale. (Team uniforms consist of team coloured shirt and socks and shorts or skorts WITHOUT pockets in black or navy)

HOCKEY STICKS FOR UNDER 10S. The second order should be arriving soon. These will be available for collection on Saturday 9th April at 8.00am near the shed. Please bring along your voucher from HQ.

No voucher = no stick.

BEGINNER HOCKEY PLAYERS As there are a few new player to hockey we would like to offer 2 afternoons of training covering positions and positional play, rules and skills. This is open to ALL ages. Explanations and questions will be part of the program as well as learning and practising hockey skills. Please RSVP if you are going to attend 1 or both of these sessions at [email protected] 1st Session

Thursday 7th April - 4.15—5.15pm

2nd Session

TBA but should be 1 afternoon the following week.



Well the Boys have just got home late this afternoon from their jam packed State Championships down in Tweed. They have had a fabulous few days, learnt heaps on and off the field, and played some great hockey! Thanks to Pete Ries, Troy Clements, Ian Mackinder and Will Lomas who were the 4 officials travelling with the boys. Keep an eye out in next weeks newsletter for a more detail report of the trip away . Nominations are now open for Under 13s, Men's and Women’s masters. Click here to sign up NOW.

Some vacancies still exist for rep coaches and assistant coaches - U11 Girls # 2 team, U11 Boys team and U13 Boys team. Please nominate ASAP so the coaching committee can finalise these positions, nominations for these positions will close Monday 11th April. Click here to access rep nominations on the home page of Opens Women's will be held in Brisbane this year from Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May, unfortunately we will not be sending an Open Men's team to Cairns. Men’s Masters is to be held in Toowoomba from Saturday 30th April to Monday 2nd May. Turf training dates are from 3rd April. Click here to read Men's Representative dates for 2016.

Women’s Master in Bundaberg starting Friday 22nd Jul to Sunday 24th July. Turf training dates are booked 5th June. Click here to read Women's Representative dates for 2016. Click here to read further Junior Representatives dates for 2016.

MET EAST TRIALS AND TRAINING PRIMARY SCHOOLS MET EAST DISTRICT TEAM SELECTION Please see your PE teacher to obtain a nomination form. Selection day and training will be at HZ fields Training:

Tuesday 12th April 3:45 - 5:00pm Tuesday 19th April 3:45 - 5:00pm.

Metropolitan East Trial Date: Thursday

28th April at State Hockey Centre


CANTEEN Again this year RHA Canteen will be offering a wide variety of foods. We will have the return of a lot of popular foods, but also a few new items will be on the menu this season so make sure you come up and give them a try. Have a good look through the NEW Menu to see what tantalises your taste buds. The weekly meal deals will be on offer again – check the Facebook page on Fridays to see what will be available. Don’t forget, these are also a convenient meal to take home each week so that you don’t have to cook dinner after a big day of hockey!!!

Once again, you can order your team fruit through the canteen. Orders must be received via TEXT 0409 872 707 by THURSDAY COB each week. Orders will be confirmed via reply text. Volunteering in the canteen is going to be super easy this season. Your team has been allocated just one day to “man” the canteen. (Check out the Roster to see what day you’re on). Your Team Manager will organise your team for this duty. Don’t forget…..just 1 day helping in the Canteen may cover your Volunteer Responsibilities! The Canteen will be open each week from 8:30am – 2:30pm. Come visit and support our Association.

Looking forward to a great 2016 Season, Stacey Canteen Co-ordinator

Java Soul Café is our new coffee and hot beverage provider for 2016. For every cup sold RHA gets a rebate so enjoy a cup knowing that you are also supporting your association.

Fundraising Angela and her fundraising committee will be starting the year with our annual Mother’s Day raffle.

Prizes are still being finalised and will be advertised here next week. Tickets will be $2 each and will be drawn Round 4, 7th May. The youngest family member will each receive a book to sell to your friends, families and neighbours, etc. Raffle books are to be returned, whether sold or not, by Saturday 7 May. See your manager or team captain to collect your tickets. The fundraising Desk will be open between 8.30am and 3.00pm every Saturday. If desk is unattended please follow instructions on the sign at the desk to leave a payment in the secured box or return when attended.

Do you own a business? or work for a business who may be in a position to assist us with donations of prizes, contact Angela via [email protected] or chat with her at the fields. Large or small, it doesn’t matter, and in return you will receive some recognition on Facebook, newsletter, or signage at the fields and more if a substantial donation.

SEASON STARTS. ROUND 1 - SATURDAY 9TH APRIL The season is finally here. Below is the game timetable for each week. Please check which fields your team may be assigned to here.

U7 U9 U12 U16 Snr Snr

Game Start

Half Time

Game Restart

Game Finish


game time

8:15 9:00 10:20 11:55 13:30 15:00

8:30 9:25 10:50 12:25 14:00 15:30

8:35 9:30 10:55 12:30 14:05 15:35

8:50 9:55 11:25 13:00 14:35 16:05

3b 2a, 2b, 3a 2, 3, 4 2, 3, 4 2, 3, 4 2, 3

15 25 30 30 30 30

Half time break 5 5 5 5 5 5

game break

20 25 30 30 25

The teams have been finalised and you can find the list of senior teams here and the junior teams here. The teams games times have been set for the first 10 rounds. There are still a couple of teams without managers, please consider taking on this role for your team it can be very rewarding and it goes towards the refund of the volunteer levy. Email [email protected] If you can assist.


Assistant coaches

Under 7 Age coordinator - Peta Dunnett U7 Jade Davey Maddie Ries Under 9 Age coordinator - Bernie Systa Blue Melita Zambelli Zali Carter Gold Brooke Addison Emma Systa Red Lauren McQueen Angela Woodall White Lou Carter Zoe Carter Under 12 Age Coordinator - Lyndsay Mackinder Blue Jo Park Jade Wright

Maroon Lucy West

Dave Tully

Gold Peta Dunnett Charlotte Healy Red Rodney Clarke Green Petra West Mary West White Jackson Freeman Jay Woosnam Under 16 Age Coordinator: Hayley Anger/Alison Brennan Blue Tim Lomas Will Lomas Maroon Nathan Aitken Gold Graham Merange Peter Ries Ashleigh Aitken Al Brennan/ Hayley Red Heiki Systa Anger Green Mel Woosnam White Paul Sciberras Lou Carter

Managers Sharon Collins Kim Curnow Michelle Densmore

Larnie Watts Michelle Bartlett/Annette Smirk

Lisa Acret/Chris Say Jo-Ann Casey Mary Jane Turk

Annie Swann

Bernie Systa Deanne McCarthy

FIELDS UPDATE UNDER 9S - Field 2 - A or B. Whichever teams are listed first on the fixtures will be playing on Field 2A or at the carpark end of the field. The second team listed will be playing on Field 2B.

FIELDS INFORMATION For the first half of this season Fields 1 and 6 will be top dressed by Council. Saturday games will use Fields 2, 3, 4 & 5 so please look at draws each week to see where you will be playing ALL training is to be conducted on Field 5. This is to protect the Goal mouths of the front fields which deteriorate rapidly throughout the season. Warming up on Saturdays will have an allocated area TBA.

Umpire News Click here to see if you are on umpire duty this week. If fixtures not up yet keep trying. The umpire committee are working towards the umpire allocations. RHA Local rules: Umpire warning cards given to players shall be recorded, the following penalties apply: Red Card – attend Judiciary

Yellow Card – 4 demerit points Green Card – 2 demerit points

(a) The accumulation of 6 demerit points for any combination of yellow and green cards during a playing season will result in an automatic one fixture round suspension. For this rule a season includes fixtures only, with warning cards points issued during semi finals and finals recorded separately. (b) Any warning cards given must be entered on the Team Match Sheet. (c) The Board of Management may refer a case to the Judiciary Committee for determination and/or arbitration on a person’s misconduct on receipt of a serious complaint from a Club and/or an Official. (d) The accumulated demerit points will be annulled either following 3 successive clean games after the last offending game (i.e. no further demerit points incurred) or after the offender has served a 1 game suspension. (e) The offender will be notified by email and/or text of the demerit points incurred after an offence, also with a demerit point total incurred to date.

Team Managers Manager’s Meeting. Every team is to send their manager/coach or a team representative to this meeting. Equipment will be handed out (Managers folders, ball bags, etc), training discussed, roles and procedures for 2016 explained and questions answered.

Date: Thursday 7th April Time: 7.00—8.00pm Venue: Clubhouse Click here for working in the canteen information and here for team rosters.

As much as we love our pampered pets, we do not like to see them at hockey. It is not fair on them and not fair on others who may not feel comfortable around other peoples’ pets, not to mention the little doggy accidents that may occur. So unless your dog is a working dog ie. Guide or carer, please leave them at home. At the moment we are only aware of one such carer dog, “Solly”, if you have one of these please bring it to our attention. Please keep on a lead at all times.

Community Coaching Course

2016 Fees Redlands Hockey Association - Fees - 2016 U7 Amount Payable to HQ Amount Payable to RHA Total Fee

$22 $78 $100

Junior Juniors Junior 1/2 field playing Full Field (U9) Seniors $22 $128 $150

$60 $135 $195

60 150 $210



$130 $150 $280

DETAILS Click here to Register

Volunteer levy (refundable) - per player/family


Dual Permanent Player in both Junior & Senior Comp (i.e. not just subbing up)


Additional Amounts Payable Shirt Purchase Socks

$30 $12

NB. When submitting the online payment to RHA there is an added Credit card fee ($2.20 per $50). Hockey Qld absorbs this charge within their fees. The extra fee is a charge from the webpage provider and RHA does not collect this fee. This is the first year we have implemented this process, we were remiss to not advise the extra fee. We apologise for this omission and any inconvenience that may occur.

SPONSORSHIP We are seeking sponsors for the Saturday teams for both Juniors and Seniors. Any Parents/Families who are interested in sponsoring a team through their business are able to claim the sponsorship as a TAX DEDUCTION! Get involved and support your child’s or families team and foster that sense of community spirit and engagement within the Redlands! The costs to sponsor a team are as follows: U7s and U9s teams are $650 for the season

Full Field Teams including U12s, U16s and Seniors are all $750 per team for the season Divisional sponsorship – naming rights to the entire Division and one team within that division is $1200 for the season Sponsors receive many great benefits, please click here to read what is included in each package The teams that are still available to sponsor include: U9s – Blue and White Teams U12s – Red, Gold, Maroon & Green

U16s - Red, Gold, Maroon & Green Senior Women – Blue, Gold, Maroon & Green

Senior Men – Blue, Gold, Maroon & Green


2016 REDLANDS HOCKEY - SPONSORS Men’s & Women's White Teams, U7 Rookies, Shed & Goal Signage, Major Raffle Prize Supply and installation of skylights and ventilation systems


Sponsor Red U9 Team In-Kind Sports administration services - Sponsorship & Grant Writing support


Sponsor Gold U9 Team Metal Fabrications & Services – have built goals for RHA


Sponsor of an U12 Blue Team Sponsor of entire U12 Division - Corporate PR & Marketing company


Sponsor of U12 White Team Provide electrical services & support


Sponsor Blue U16 Teams

Official Sports Retailer of RHA Residue Solutions (NEW SPONSOR)

Sponsor of an U12 tbc Team


Sponsor of U16 White Team In-Kind support through provision of ice, drinks & products and My IGA Card rebate system


Sponsor Women’s Red Team ‘Hotrocks’ Best Hot Stone Restaurant in Redlands - Provide Player of Match Vouchers to all Senior Men’s & Women’s Teams -


Sponsor Men’s Red Team Accountant & Bookkeeping Services


Sponsor of RHA Umpire Program Integrated electronic company


Sponsor of RHA Goal Keeping Program Group Training Company