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2 Submission of proposals is done electronically by using a form on the RFRP ... 1 Researchers or their institutions (non-profit) will sign a Consultant Contract or.
Request for research proposals

Micro, small, and medium enterprises in Vietnam 1 Background United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNUWIDER), as part of its current research programme focused on transformation, inclusion, and sustainability, is supporting analysis of data on micro, small, and medium enterprises in Vietnam. The project aims to generate in-depth and high quality research studies, with a view to inform policy-formulation for broad-based, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

2 Offer and expectations During the months of June and July 2015, an enterprise survey was administered to 2,649 formal and informal micro, small, and medium enterprises engaged in the private manufacturing sector in nine provinces of Vietnam. This survey was conducted in collaboration with two Vietnamese partners: the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) of the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam (MPI) and the Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs (ILSSA) of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs of Vietnam (MoLISA). The survey instrument consists of three modules: (i) a main enterprise questionnaire responded to by the owner or manager; (ii) an employee questionnaire that is administered to a random subset of employees in some randomly selected enterprises; and (iii) an economic accounts module. While the enterprise-level survey solicits information on firm performance, enterprise history, employment, business environment, and owner/manager background characteristics, the employee survey collects data on educational background, work experiences and training, union membership, and household characteristics of employees. The economic accounts module lists revenues, costs, assets, and liabilities for the years 2013 and 2014. The survey instruments and more details on the data can be found here. In order to improve the understanding of critical issues related to enterprises in Vietnam, UNU-WIDER invites proposals from qualified researchers for detailed economic analysis of this dataset. Proposals seeking to answer original, innovative questions and using different empirical approaches to explore the data are welcome. Proposals from individuals (or groups of individuals) as well as non-profit organizations/universities are welcome. Applications from suitably qualified early-career, female, and developing country researchers are particularly encouraged.

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Researcher(s) with successful proposals will be granted access to the Vietnam 2015 Enterprise Survey data. Individual researchers will be issued UNU Consultant Contracts (CTC), while non-profit organizations will be issued UNU Institutional Contractual Agreements (ICA). A total research honorarium of USD 3,000 will be paid upon delivery of a working paper of maximum 10,000 words—to be considered for publication in the WIDER Working Paper series—and a one page summary of the main research findings. Both of these deliverables must be deemed acceptable by the project focal points before payment is made. The honorarium is expected to cover all expenses associated with the conduct of the proposed research. Budget submission is not required. Successful applicants (one author per paper) may be asked to attend a 1-2 day workshop (date and venue TBD) where work in progress will be presented to other contracted researchers. Costs of attending this workshop will be borne by UNU-WIDER in accordance with United Nations University travel rules. UNU-WIDER will formally pursue publication options after the selection of accepted proposals. The editorial team will draw from accepted proposals in order to develop a journal special issue or a book volume to submit to a publishing house. It is expected that successful applicants will engage in the development of the journal special issue/book volume proposal. While payment of the honorarium will be made upon delivery of the working paper and one page summary as discussed above, the final version of the journal special issue/book volume will not be complete at that point. After payment has been made, selected researchers may be asked to: 1 Respond to reasonable requests by the publisher and editors with respect to finalization of the publication. 2 Participate in knowledge-sharing events.

3 Proposal submission details 1 The proposal should not exceed four pages of A4 paper in length, excluding references, using 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, standard margins, and written in English. The proposal should clearly state the (i) research question and hypotheses; (ii) application of empirical methodology that is feasible with respect to the data; and (iii) policy relevance. The first page of the proposal should contain the title and complete contact information of authors(s). 2 Submission of proposals is done electronically by using a form on the RFRP announcement page. Details (such as address, gender, nationality, date of birth) of all authors are required to be entered in the form. Proposal and short CVs (five pages or less) of author(s) should be uploaded in PDF format. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the form in advance. Please note that late submissions will not be accepted. 3 Submission of a budget is not required for the proposal. 4 Any questions on the proposal process should be sent to researchproposal7@ wider.unu.edu by 5 January 2016. All queries and responses will be published on the RFRP announcement page.

4 Evaluation process and criteria Proposals will be scored using the following criteria: technical merit (40 points), technical capabilities of the authors (30 points), and policy relevance (30 points). From this pool, accepted proposals will be drawn by an editorial team, which may include a potential publisher of the book volume/journal special issue. The editorial team will consider additional criteria such as overall coherence of the book volume/journal special issue, and diversity of topics addressed.

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5 Dates (EET – Eastern Europe Time) 26 November 2015

Announcement posted.

5 January 2016

Final opportunity for questions on the request for research proposals.

28 January 2016

Proposal submission deadline 23:59 EET.

29 February 2016

Target date for informing shortlisted candidates.

18 March 2016

Target date for completion of necessary administrative procedures and provision of data.

31 August 2016

Target date for submission of first draft of papers.

End September 2016 Target window for the work-in-progress workshop (date and venue TBD). 31 January 2017

Target date for submission of final papers.

30 March 2017

Target date for submission of journal special issue/book volume.

Knowledge-sharing events will be planned subsequently.

6 Other considerations For successful proposals: 1 Researchers or their institutions (non-profit) will sign a Consultant Contract or an Institutional Contractual Agreement with UNU-WIDER that follows the UNU conditions of service for Consultant Contracts (CTC), or Institutional Contractual Agreements (ICA). 2 Researchers/institutions will transfer copyright of research produced under the contract to UNU-WIDER. The purpose of this copyright transfer is to allow UNU-WIDER to effectively negotiate with editors of journals/books in order to seek the most desirable possible publication outlet for a related set of papers. If no (further) publication is to be expected by UNU-WIDER, the copyright can be returned to the author(s).

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