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Dynamics NAV Reporting. ▫Positioning of Products. ▫Why Business Intelligence? ▫Intergen Offerings. ▫Reporting Services. ▫Power Pivot. ▫ZAP. ▫SharePoint 2010.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reporting Options Derek Lamb May 2010

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Agenda  Positioning of Products  Why Business Intelligence?  Intergen Offerings  Reporting Services  Power Pivot  ZAP  SharePoint 2010  Questions

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Choosing Reporting products  Buy vs Build?  Transactional vs Aggregated?  Real Time vs Delayed?  Ability of internal staff?  Who are the Consumers of reports?

 Other source systems?

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Dynamics NAV reporting positioning

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Why Business Intelligence?  Number 1 Technology Business Priority

 Improve Decision Making  Reduce costs of producing legacy reports

Reporting Services

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Reporting Services Features

Server Based Enterprise reporting

Publish reports in various formats

Subscription based offerings allows reports to be delivered to end users.

Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint for central delivery User-friendly semantic report model

Display data graphically with enhanced visualization capabilities.

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Report builder 3.0

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Report Builder 3.0 New Features Render any report as a data source to PowerPivot or other applications through ATOM data feeds

“Grab and Go” reporting experience enabled through the Report Part Gallery

Support for Madison and SQL Azure data sources Support for consuming SharePoint lists and PowerPivot models as data sources

Additional visualizations including indicators, sparklines and data bars

Support for maps and geospatial visualizations with integration to Bing maps and support for SQL spatial data types

Dynamics NAV Reporting


Dynamics NAV Reporting

Reporting Services Summary POSITIVES


 Part of SQL

 Requires multiple server products

 Consistent user-friendly semantic

 Requires internal IT resources

report model  Multiple data sources  Web based report consumption


Dynamics NAV Reporting

PowerPivot Features

Process massive amounts of data in seconds

Get data from virtually any source

Limited IS Involvement

Take advantage of familiar Excel tools and features

Large data volumes

Use powerful new analytical capabilities, such as Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Dynamics NAV Reporting

PowerPivot – Millions of Rows!!!

Dynamics NAV Reporting


Dynamics NAV Reporting

PowerPivot Summary POSITIVES


 Excel based

 Excel based

 Large data volumes

 Basic Security

 Quick ROI

 No central data model

 In the hands of end users

 No data cleansing capability

 Integrates with SharePoint & SSRS

 Could require large amounts of

memory  New language


Dynamics NAV Reporting

ZAP Features Web based no client install

Powerful analytics, dashboards and reporting

2009 Microsoft ISV partner of the Year

Easy to use interface, designed for non-technical business users Prebuilt NAV connection

Report Packs – create PDF board reports

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Why Business Analytics from Zap?

Key Features Dynamics NAV Reporting


Report Packs



Ad-hoc Analysis


Business Alerting

Predictive Analytics

Dynamics NAV Reporting Flexible Reporting

Dynamics NAV Reporting Automated Report Packs

Dynamics NAV Reporting Ad-hoc analysis

Dynamics NAV Reporting Dashboards

Dynamics NAV Reporting KPIs

Dynamics NAV Reporting Scorecards

Dynamics NAV Reporting Functions Advanced

Dynamics NAV Reporting Alerting and report scheduling

Dynamics NAV Reporting



 Quick ROI

 Extra License costs

 Prepackaged NAV connector

 No desktop version for power

 Full BI functionality  Web based


SharePoint 2010

Dynamics NAV Reporting

SharePoint 2010 Insights Features

Make IS More Efficient

Provides Self Service for end users

Combine Information from Many Sources:

Chart Web Parts

Work in familiar tools

Rich inbuilt visualisations for dashboards and scorecards

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Microsoft BI platform

Dynamics NAV Reporting


Dynamics NAV Reporting


Dynamics NAV Reporting

Excel Services

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Decomposition Trees

Dynamics NAV Reporting

SharePoint Summary POSITIVES  Full integrated BI suite  Office integration  NAV portal  Other SharePoint functionality

NEGATIVES  Only available on Enterprise

edition.  No budgeting/planning tool

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Business Intelligence Summary  Powerpivot – Great exploratory tool  Reporting Services – Enterprise reporting  ZAP – Fast ROI Business Intelligence  SharePoint – Unlimited capabilities


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Dynamics NAV Reporting

Useful graphical elements

Dynamics NAV Reporting

Useful graphical elements We’d like to blog in the company – how?

Simple, powerful collaboration is going to be vital in our business if we’re to continue to grow

We need our partners to create and have access to pieces of our information

Create applications for your own unique requirements Improve engagement and connection with customers

Is there a powerful web platform that integrates with my Microsoft development tools?