Migration to the Cloud

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governance and backup) into the cloud while assuring data security to, from, and in the cloud through ... (Gen1) based V
Migration to the Cloud GET TO THE CLOUD FASTER Commvault gives you the agility to meet your organization’s need for responsive, cloudbased infrastructure - from the front lines to the back end. When you want accelerate time to value in workload migration, Commvault can help you move your workload, even across platforms, in a few clicks. This provides you with the ability to bridge from legacy infrastructure to transitional hybrid clouds to true exploitation of the public cloud better than ever before. By leveraging your backup copies, it reduces the risk and simplifies native moves to and from the cloud to fully migrate business critical workloads (compliance, data governance and backup) into the cloud while assuring data security to, from, and in the cloud through advanced authentication and encryption protocols. Get more value from your cloud investment - increase productivity, accelerate delivery and realize the true economics of the cloud with advanced orchestration, provisioning and management capabilities.



• V  M Restore & Convert – convert VMware and Hyper-V (Gen1) based Virtual Machines into AWS instances ondemand

• Minimum 1x Media Agent on-premises, and minimum 1x Media Agent in cloud

• Database/Files – restore out-of-place, whether ondemand or scheduled, to refresh DR targets •  Automated Migration – turn your migration playbook into a workflow for simplified workload migration

• Media Agent in cloud only needs to be powered on for migration operations • Highly recommended to use dedicated network to cloud provider for best performance (AWS Direct Connect)

AWS Strategic Cloud Infographic Discover the 3 key contributors to Commvault’s leadership in cloud storage integrations : Lower costs and complexity, faster recovery.





CommServe Snowball

1 Client Base (VMware, Hyper-V, Physical)


2 Media Agent

Backup To Disk

S3 Standard

Media Agent

AWS Direct Connect IPsec VPN (Optional)

Backup To Tape

1 Deduplicated backup to Commvault Media Agent (standard deduplication building block design). Backups can be written directly to S3, or also stored on-premises for the lifecycle of the migration project to provide an additional locally-based fast restore method to de-risk the migration strategy per host/dataset/application.

2 Snowball can be used to support initial seeding. All transfers are software-driven and do not require gateway/specialist hardware.

3 VM restore & convert into new EC2 instances, or application out-of-place restores (ie. SQL, MySQL, Exchange, File) to existing instances. Backups post-migration performed in-cloud to S3 via Media Agent.

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