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2-hour event: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @barbroose Facebook.com/barbararoose ... and work through the details f

How do we help young women see themselves through God's eyes, instead of comparing themselves to others?

As an educator, you've seen what happens when a young woman doesn't know her worth... Chances are, you might be thinking of a specific girl right now. The girl who walks through your hallways with her head down because she doesn't know how precious she is in God's eyes. Maybe you're thinking of a young woman who appears to have it all together, but you know that she's desperately insecure. She's loud or likes to always keep a boyfriend around to raise her confidence. We want to equip these women to not only learn the truth, but equip them to live it out! When a young woman doesn’t know her worth in God's eyes, she becomes trapped in an ugly struggle. You’ve seen the results of this ugly struggle in the form of low self-esteem, depression, weight issues, fractured friendships and unbiblical sexual activity.

I'd love to bring my "Mirror, Mirror" presentation to your school this year.

Basic programming outline for a 2-hour event:

I'll share three practical tools to equip for young women to "see" themselves through God's eyes and recognize their worth. This high-energy, engaging presentation will connect with your students and support your Christian education goals. This 45-minute talk is wholly rooted in scripture and presents God’s truth about inner AND outer beauty. The presentation also equips them to apply God’s truth to their lives in tangible and practical ways. BONUS! After my presentation, students can process through what they've heard by using the discussion vignettes that I provide for small group discussion. A sample is included in this packet along with complete booking details. As a Christian women's speaker, author and the mother of three Christian daughters, I believe that when we teach young women how to handle inner and outer beauty in a God-honoring way, we equip them to allow their lights to shine brighter for Christ!

Blessings, Barb Roose Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @barbroose

Facebook.com/barbararoose *May 2016

Mirror, Mirror: Seeing Yourself As God Sees You!

PROGRAM DETAILS BOOKING DETAILS This program is open to schools within 150 miles of Toledo, OH. PRESENTATION FEE: $350 TRAVEL EXPENSES: Hosting school is responsible for travel expenses from Toledo, OH. Full details at bottom of the page.

STEP-BY-STEP BOOKING INSTRUCTIONS Basic 1. Go to barbroose.com/schoolmirror and fill outprogramming the booking form, outline for a including two booking dates. 2-hour event:

2. When I receive the form, I'll contact the designated representative and work through the details for the event. 3. Once details are confirmed your financial representative will submit the speaker agreement (barbroose.com/schoolmirrorcontract). A copy will be emailed for your records and speaker will submit W-9 form. 4. If requested, I will provide promotional materials, including graphic and social media banners for your school to use. 5. You are welcome to open presentation to your students' mothers or other female relatives, if you deem appropriate.

TRAVEL INFORMATION 1. School/hosting organization is responsible for payment of travel expenses. 2. 2016 Federal mileage rates will apply ($.54). 3. HOTEL BOOKING: If scheduled presentation begins at either before 9am AND the school is located more than 100 miles away from speaker's departure location, hotel arrangements will be made and paid for in advance by school/event host for speaker. 4. Full details are outlined in the speaker agreement.

Email: [email protected]

PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS: 1. A female escort while speaker is on-site. 2. Wireless mic or headset, preferred. Please advise if only handheld is available. 3. Pre-tested projector with screen and basic sound system. If using digital screen, 60" or larger screen size is preferred. 4. Qualified individual to run projection/sound equipment. 5. Small table or music stand for Bible. 6. For safety, a male and female escorting speaker to her vehicle at the end of the event.

Barbara L. Roose is the author of Enough Already: Winning Your Ugly Struggle with Beauty and a sixweek Bible study titled, Beautiful Already: Reclaiming God’s Perspective on Beauty. She speaks at women's conferences and retreats in the US and abroad. She's the proud mother of three daughters and has been a Christian School parent for 18 years. She served on staff at CedarCreek Church for 14 years, most recently as the Executive Director of Ministry and on the weekend teaching team.

Twitter: @barbroose


Discussion vignette sample

EXAMPLEPLEASE DO NOT REPRINT WHAT ABOUT EVE? By Barb Roose | barbroose.com Do you ever think about Eve?

I do. When I think about her first moments of life and the instant awareness she had of her surroundings, I wonder if she thought, What’s going on here?

Surely Eve must have noticed the beautiful, colorful flowers and trees—perhaps even a lion or tiger or other animal. My guess is that Adam was awake and excited as Eve stood and approached him, and I imagine he winked at her! I’ve wondered what Eve thought the first time she looked down at her body. Did she wonder, What’s all THIS? Did she know if she was a pear or apple shape? Here’s one that we all what to know: Did Eve have cellulite? (Personally, I think cellulite is a consequence of the fall!) Once Eve got a gander at her arms, legs, stomach, thighs, and feet, I wonder what she thought. Since we know that there was perfection in the garden of Eden, we can be sure that she was content.

Eve enjoyed a life of pure innocence, unmarred by any negative thoughts that we struggle with today. If I had been Eve, I think I might have planted myself by a crystal blue pond and gazed at my reflection all day long, repeating my own version of the oft­repeated phrase in Genesis 1: “It’s all good.”  While we don’t know if Eve’s body was a size 0 or plus­sized, we do know that she didn’t have any of the beauty­related issues that we experience today over our size, shape, or style.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I call our beauty­related challenges our ugly struggle with beauty. This struggle is captured by our sighs and moans in front of the mirror when we look at ourselves and don’t feel that we are good enough as we are. At first, Eve didn’t experience that kind of struggle. For her, there were no sighs, moans, or groans—only peace and contentment. Can you imagine that? QUESTIONS:  1. Have you ever wondered what Eve thought about herself? What are some words that she might have used to describe how she felt about herself? 2. There’s a silhouette of a body. Talk about a place where you feel uncomfortable with your body?  3. Tough question: What is a shame statement you have thought or spoken aloud recently about your body or appearance? 4. Barb shared seven words that come from Genesis 1. What were the seven words and how can those words re­shape what you believe about yourself? 5.  How would your life change if you truly believed that you are beautiful because God made you? How would your thought, feelings and actions change? How could your relationships change?