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Morocco will host the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) of the United ... Bank is committed to strengthening its c

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK Compliance and Safeguards Division Expressions of interest are being requested for Consultant Positions Brief description of the Assignment: Recruitment of Individual Consultants to Provide Technical Assistance for COP 22 in Morocco Department issuing the request: Quality Assurance and Results Department (ORQR) Place of assignment: Rabat, Morocco Duration of the assignment: 6 months Tentative Date of commencement: 15 July 2016 Detailed Terms of reference for the assignment: [See attached the detailed TORs] Deadline for applications: 20 June 2016 Applications to be submitted to: Mr. Al-Hamndou Dorsouma, Chief Climate Change Officer, and Mrs. Balgis Osman-Elasha, Principal Climate Change Specialist Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to: E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected] Tel +225 2026 4219/+2252026 2249

Terms of Reference for: Recruitment of Individual Consultants to Provide Technical Assistance for COP 22 in Morocco 1. Introduction / Background Morocco will host the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP 22) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) from 7 to 18 November 2016 in Marrakech. The COP 22 in Marrakech is expected to take critical decisions about the implementation of the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015, particularly on the provision of the means of implementation (Finance, Capacity Building and Technology Development and Transfer) which represent critical aspects for Africa. For Morocco, COP 22 is considered as an important event, as demonstrated by the King of Morocco who recently established a high level COP 22 Task Team. The African Development Bank is committed to strengthening its collaboration with Morocco for the hosting and organization of COP 22. Recently, Morocco requested the Bank to assist with the provision of technical assistance on various issues pertaining to the preparation and organization of the COP 22. As part of Bank’s support to COP 22, the Bank is seeking to provide technical assistance in the form of consultancy services to Morocco and to Bank’s Office in Morocco. Assignment location for most positions is Rabat in Morocco, with the need for occasional duty travel. 2. Objectives of the Assignment The African Development Bank is seeking to recruit competent individual consultants on climate change to support the preparation and organization COP 22 in Marrakech, Morocco. The technical expertise required for this expression of interest will be provided by the following individual consultants:       

Senior Climate Change Consultant; Adaptation Consultant; Mitigation Consultant; Consultant on Climate Finance; Legal Consultant on Environment and Climate Change; Consultant on Capacity Building, and Technology Development and Transfer; Consultant on Project Pipeline Development.

3. Main activities and deliverables The scope for the technical expertise for this support consists of the following activities:  Provide Technical Expertise and Advice to Morocco, working directly in the COP 22 Secretariat  Support the Technical Support Team in the Bank’s Field Office in Morocco;

  

Developing Technical and Strategic Papers on key negotiating issues, including Africa-relevant issues that should be presented at COP 22; Support COP 22 preparation and organization, including supporting preparatory meeting ahead of COP 22; Assist in developing Bankable projects that Morocco and other African countries can present to potential partners and investors for financing at and beyond COP 22.

4. Administration/reporting The consultant will be under the overall responsibility of the Bank’s Morocco Field Office (MAFO) but will work closely with the Government of Morocco. The consultants will under the supervision of the Division Manager of the Compliance and Safeguards Division (ORQR.3) and work in close liaison with Bank’s Sector Departments such as the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department (ONEC) and the Water and Sanitation Department (OWAS), among others. 5.

Duration of the assignment

The initial period for these assignments is six (6) months beginning 15 July 2016, with possibility for renewal. 6. Qualifications and Experience required The qualifications and experience required for these assignments include:  At least a Master's degree;  Be a national of one of the member countries of the Bank;  At least 15 years of relevant professional experience on climate change, with project implementation experience in Africa being an asset;  Be conversant with climate change negotiation process;  Be familiar and knowledgeable about Africa’s climate change negotiating positions;  Strong computer skills and ability to use standard technology packages and Bank’s standard software (word, excel, outlook, power-point)  Excellent oral and writing skills in French or English. Sound working skills of the second language (French or English) will be considered a strong advantage. 7. Remuneration The Consultancy is a lump sum contract per month. Please attach an updated Curriculum Vitae on the basis of the template below: MODEL CURRICULUM VITAE (CV) Title of the Assignment: Department: Surname: Birth Date: Address: Telephone:

First Name: Nationality: Country: E-mail:

Are any of your family members (spouse/partner, father/mother, Yes No Brother/sister, Son/daughter, etc.° employed in the African If « Yes », the Development Bank? following data must be provided Name Relationship Organisation Unit Place of Assignment

Language Level English

Read Fair






Other (specify)

Good Excellent Fair Good Excellent Fair Good Excellent

Good Excellent Fair Good Excellent Fair Good Excellent

Good Excellent Fair Good Excellent Fair Good Excellent

Key Qualifications: Please provide (i) a summary of your experience and training highlighting the most relevant for the proposed assignment, and (ii) the responsibilities which you exercised. Utilise one half-page maximum. Education (University Level and above only): Name of University - City Country

Period From

Diploma Obtained

Main Topic / Major


Professional Training: Name of Training Institution- City Country

Type of Training



Certificates or Diploma Obtained From

Employment Record: Begin with your most recent employment. For each job since your Master Degree achievement, please indicate: Name of the Employer Type of Activity/Business of the Employer Title / Function Place of Employment Brief Description (three lines maximum) of main accomplishments and responsibilities Reference: Please indicate the name and address of three persons with no family relationship with yourself, familiar with your character and titles.

I hereby certify that the responses which I provided above are all, to the best of my knowledge, true, complete and accurate. I acknowledge that an inaccurate statement or essential omission in a personal declaration or another document required by the African Development Bank might result in the rejection of my application, termination of my Contract or any other administrative sanction by the Bank. The African Development Bank may verify any statements which I made in this application. Date: ____________ Signature :