Mother's Day Specials Menu

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delicious pancakes drenched in sugar syrup, served hot with vanilla ice cream 1199. Paan Liqueur Shooter betel leaf, van
Happy Mother's Day from The Guilt Trip team! Angelica, Ashlee, Blake, Francisco, George, Geyel, Gurdip, Jamie, Jasbir, Karan, Max, Nolan, Rafael, Vandana Vetri & Abhishek

Mother’s Day Specials Menu Eggplant Parmesan Chaat savory parmesan crusted eggplant chaat with tamarind basil pesto sauce 1099

Hot Mess Vindaloo Sliders sautéed lamb or sirloin steak with a curried sauce of tomatoes, in buttered pav bread 1499

Rasam Mussels mussels in a delicious spiced tamarind rasam broth 1599


Tandoor Chicken Tacos tandoor chicken with a cabbage slaw, onions and green chutney on whole wheat tortillas 1499 [v]

Onion Pakora Rings onion rings tossed in a spiced chickpea batter and fried, served with madras marinara sauce 799 [v]

Aamchi Mumbai Pav mashed potato mini sliders with curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric 999

Masala Mint Paneer Tikka paneer cheese cubes grilled in tandoor, with mint, chaat spices 1199 [gf]

Guppe Shuppe Pani Puri petite fried crisps, mashed potatoes & chickpeas, mint-tamarind water to dip. bataasha! 799 [v]

Rangoli Salad seasonal greens, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cilantro & squeezed homemade lemon-ginger vinaigrette 399 [v,gf]

Pineapple Habanero Rice spicy & sweet basmati rice with pineapple, habanero chili, mint, and garlic



Kashmiri Yakhni curry with saffron, yogurt, spices and tender chicken, with naan or paratha 2299

Gnocchi Masala potato dumplings sautéed in a creamy tomato, methi masala, with tandoor chicken, tandoor sirloin steak, or tandoor eggplant, with garlic naan 2299

The Classic Butter Chicken Tandoor chicken in herb spiced creamy sauce, with naan or paratha 1799 [gf*]

Lamb Trikone paratha pockets stuffed with tandoor lamb & caramelized onions, mint gremolata, sriracha Raita 1799

Amritsari Fish & Chips delicious wild alaskan cod deep fried with chaat & masala batter, with delhi beat fries 2399

Aloo & Kale Curry rajasthan inspired fried masala poori bread served with curry sauce of potatoes, tofu, fried kale 1699

Paharganj de Chole Bhature Remix mozzarella cheese stuffed fried bread with intensely flavorful dry spiced curried chickpeas 1899

Spiced Chocolate Kheer sweet basmati rice pudding with delicious spiced chocolate 799 [gf]

Malpua delicious pancakes drenched in sugar syrup, served hot with vanilla ice cream 1199

Paan Liqueur Shooter betel leaf, vanilla, maple syrup infused liquor shot 7

Black Cardamom Kulfi hand churned ice cream with smoky black cardamom, spanish saffron, a hint of black pepper 699 [gf] 425-608-8788 8440 160th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052