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New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien. Headword. Page Part of Speech Pronunciation. German. French. Italian. Example ...

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italian Headword




Example Sentence

ˈæktə əˈdres eəˈrəʊbɪks ˌɑːftəˈnuːn◂

Schauspieler/in Adresse Aerobics Nachmittag

actor/actress adresse aérobic après-midi

attore indirizzo aerobica pomeriggio fa

əˈgəʊ ˈeəpɔːt

vor ... Flughafen

il y a aéroport

Maryl Streep is a great actor. Here's their address in London. I really like aerobics. We drink tea in the afternoon. two days/six months/ten years ago: Ten years ago we were in Argentina.

aeroporto da solo

əˈləʊn əˈmerɪkən ˈæŋgri ˈæpəl ˈeɪprəl ˌɑːdʒənˈtiːnə ˌɑːdʒənˈtɪniən◂ ˈɑːmtʃeə ˈɑːtɪst

allein Amerikaner/in, amerikanisch verärgert, zornig Apfel April Argentinien Argentinier/in, argentinisch Sessel Künstler/in

seul Américain/e, américain/e furieux pomme avril Argentine Argentin/e, argentin/e fauteuil artiste

Can you meet me at the airport? He doesn't live alone; he lives with his mother.

americano arrabbiato mela aprile Argentina argentino poltrona artista alle 9 della mattina


um 9 Uhr morgens

à 9 heures du matin

He's got an American car. When she's angry, she shouts. I'd like a green apple please. April is the fourth month. Argentina is in South America. Silvana is Argeninian. Dad wants a new armchair. Picasso was a wonderful artisit. in the morning/afternoon/evening: Classes start at nine in the morning.

la notte/ il fine settimana

ət əˈtræktɪv ˈɔːgəst ɑːnt

am Abend/in der Nacht/am Wochende attraktiv August Tante

le soir/ le weekend séduisant août tante

at night/the weekend: She has breakfast in bed at the weekend.

attraente agosto zia orribile

He thinks Angelina Jolie is attractive. Everything closes in August. His aunt lives in Russia. My hotel was awful; everything was bad.

bebè cattivo brutto, cattivo

They had a baby last year. There are a lot of bad films on TV. The shops aren't bad, but they're expensive.

banca banca lavandino

We get money from the bank. She works in a large bank. The basin in the bathroom is very old.

Page Part of Speech Pronunciation

actor address aerobics afternoon

80 26 69 54

noun noun noun noun

ago airport

82 39

adverb noun

alone American angry apple April Argentina Argentinian armchair artist

50 15 102 22 74 12 12 60 80

adjective, adverb adjective adjective noun noun noun adjective noun noun

at 9 in the morning



at night/the weekend attractive August aunt

54 49 74 19

preposition adjective noun noun

awful baby bad

40 99 32

adjective noun adjective

ˈɔːfəl ˈbeɪbi bæd

schrecklich, furchtbar Baby schlecht

affreux bébé mauvais

bad bank bank basin

40 9 29 60

adjective noun noun noun

bæd bæŋk bæŋk ˈbeɪsən

schlecht die Bank Bank Waschbecken

mauvais/mal la banque banque lavabo

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New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien


Page Part of Speech Pronunciation



bɑːθ ˈbɑːθrʊm biːtʃ

Badewanne Badezimmer, Toilette Strand

baignoire salle de bains plage

noun noun noun noun adjective noun noun noun adjective verb noun noun

ˈbjuːti ˌprɒdʌkts bed bed ˈbedrʊm bɪg bɪn ˈblæŋkɪt bʊk bɔːd ˈbɒrəʊ bəʊl ˈbɔɪfrend

Schönheit Bett Bett Schlafzimmer groß Abfalleimer Decke, Bettdecke, Wolldecke Buch gelangweilt borgen, leihen Schüssel Freund

beauté lit lit chambre grand poubelle couverture livre personne qui s'ennuie emprunter à coupe petit ami

12 15 52

noun adjective noun

brəˈzɪl brəˈzɪliən ˈbrekfəst

Brasilien Brasilianer/in, brasilianisch Frühstück

Brézil Brézilien/ne, brézilien/ne petit déjeuner

British broke brother brother brush bus bus stop business card

15 92 19 52 22 9 29 22

adjective adjective noun noun noun noun noun noun

ˈbrɪtɪʃ brəʊk ˈbrʌðə ˈbrʌðə brʌʃ bʌs ˈbʌs stɒp ˈbɪznəs kɑːd

Brite/Britin, britisch pleite, blank Bruder Bruder Bürste der Bus Bushaltestelle Visitenkarte

de Grande-Bretagne, britannique fauché frère frère brosse l'autobus arrêt de bus carte de visite

business person buy café cake call

80 89 9 31 54

noun verb noun noun verb

ˈbɪznəs ˌpɜːsən baɪ ˈkæfeɪ keɪk kɔːl

Geschäftsmann/-frau kaufen das Café Kuchen anrufen

femme/homme d'affaires acheter le café gâteau appeler

bath bathroom beach

60 59 39

noun noun noun

beauty bed bed bedroom big bin blanket book bored borrow bowl boyfriend

105 46 52 59 32 60 46 22 102 89 105 19

Brazil Brazilian breakfast

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Example Sentence

vasca da bagno

There isn't a bath in this flat, but there is a shower.

sala di bagno spiaggia bellezza

Where's the bathroom? I like going to the beach at the weekends. I bought some beauty products for my sister.

letto letto camera da letto grande pattumiera coperta libro annoiato prestare scodella, coppa ragazzo Brasile

Is there a double bed in the room? He goes to bed at 11:00. We have two big bedrooms. Their house is really big. There's a big bin in the kitchen. There's an extra blanket on the bed. This book is very interesting When I'm bored, I watch TV. Can I borrow €10 from you? Put the salad in a big bowl, please. Her new boyfriend is great. Brazil is the largest country in South America.

brasiliano colazione britannico, inglese

Flavio is Brazilian. Sara has breakfast at 7:00 I'm British.

essere al verde fratello fratello spazzola autobus fermata dell'autobus biglietto da visita donna/uomo d'affari

I was broke when I was a student. My brother is called Tom. I've got one brother and two sisters. Can I use your brush for my hair? They get a bus to work. We wait at the bus stop for our friends. Here's my business card. My brother wants to be a business person.

comprare caffè torta chiamare

He buys a lot of books. Let's go to Gino's café. I'm eating a piece of chocolate cake. Do you call your friends at the weekend?

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien




Example Sentence

ˈkæmˌkɔːdə ˈkæmərə ˈkæmərə ˈkɑː pɑːk

Camcorder Fotoapparat, Kamera Fotoapparat, Kamera Parkplatz

caméscope caméra appareil photo parking

camcorder macchina fotografica macchina fotografica parcheggio avveduto

He wants to buy a new camcorder. This camera takes great photos. They've got an expensive new camera. There's a big car park in the city centre. We were careful with money at university.




prudent bancomat

29 59 34 60 99 32

noun noun noun noun verb adjective

ˈkæʃpɔɪnt ˈselə sent tʃeə tʃeɪndʒ tʃiːp

Geldautomat Keller Cent Stuhl wechseln, ändern billig

distributeur cave centime chaise changer qc. bon marché

Can you get some money from the cashpoint?

cantina centesimo

cheese chemist chess

31 29 69

noun noun noun

tʃiːz ˈkemɪst tʃes

Käse Apotheke Schach

fromage pharmacie échecs

There's a cellar in our house. I've got 50 cents in my purse! We've got six chairs in the living room. I want to change job next year. I've got a cheap mobile phone. a cheese roll/salad/sandwich: One cheese sandwich please.

chicken child China Chinese chocolate chocolate cinema clean clean clock closed clothes shop coffee coffee coffee

31 52 12 15 9 105 9 62 90 105 32 29 9 31 52

noun noun noun adjective noun noun noun verb verb noun adjective noun noun noun noun

ˈtʃɪkɪn tʃaɪld ˈtʃaɪnə ˌtʃaɪˈniːz◂ ˈtʃɒklət ˈtʃɒklət ˈsɪnəmə kliːn kliːn klɒk kləʊzd ˈkləʊðz ʃɒp ˈkɒfi ˈkɒfi ˈkɒfi

Huhn Kind China Chinese/Chinesin, chinesisch die Schokolade Schokolade Kino putzen putzen, saubermachen Wanduhr zu, geschlossen Boutique Kaffee Kaffee Kaffee

poulet enfant Chine Chinois/e, chinois/e le chocolat chocolat cinéma nettoyer nettoyer horloge fermé magasin de vêtements café café café

coffee table cold

60 32

noun adjective

ˈkɒfi ˌteɪbəl kəʊld

Couchtisch kalt

table basse froid


Page Part of Speech Pronunciation

camcorder camera camera car park

65 22 65 29

noun noun noun noun



cashpoint cellar cent chair change cheap

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cambiare economico formaggio farmacia scacchi pollo

After the doctor, I'll go to the chemist. I never play chess. a chicken roll/salad/sandwich: Can I have a chicken roll, please?

bambino Cina cinese cioccolato cioccolato cinema pulire pulire orologio chiuso negozio di abbigliamento caffè caffè caffè tavolino basso

They have two children. It's made in China. They're Chinese. She eats a lot of chocolate. My grandmother loves chocolates. Do you want to go to the cinema? I always clean the bathroom. I cleaned the kitchen every day. We need a clock for the kitchen. The restaurant is closed now. It's a very expensive clothes shop. No sugar in my coffee, please. Can I have a coffee, please? I have a coffee for breakfast. There are some beautiful books on the coffeee table.


I want a cold drink.

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien




Example Sentence

come home computer computer console cook cooker

52 9 22 65 72 60

noun noun noun noun verb noun

həʊm kəmˈpjuːtə kəmˈpjuːtə ˈkɒnsəʊl kʊk ˈkʊkə

nach Hause kommen Computer Computer Konsole kochen Herd

rentrer (chez soi) ordinateur ordinateur console faire la cuisine, cuisiner cuisinière

ritornare a casa computer computer console cuocere forno cugino

cousin cycling dad dance dancer dark daughter December deep

19 69 19 72 80 49 19 74 85

noun noun noun verb noun adjective noun noun adjective

ˈkʌzən ˈsaɪklɪŋ dæd dɑːns ˈdɑːnsə dɑːk ˈdɔːtə dɪˈsembə diːp

Cousin, Cousine Radfahren Papa tanzen Tänzer/in dunkel Tochter Dezember tief

cousin/e faire du vélo papa danser danseur/euse sombre; brun fille décembre profond

My wife comes home at 7:00. Everyone uses a computer at work. I love my new computer. He has three games consoles! She never cooks dinner. You find a cooker in the kitchen. I'm going to the cinema with my cousin, Franco. They go cycling at the weekends. Dad is always there for me. They sometimes dance at parties. Michael Jackson was a fantastic dancer. He's tall and dark. They have one daughter, Lisa. Christmas is on December 25th. The sea is very deep here. We get cheese from the deli.






épicerie fine

fare ciclismo papà ballare danzatore/trice scuro figlia dicembre profondo negozio di specialità gastronomiche recapitare

deliver depressed desk dinner dishwasher doctor dollar drive DVD player earn eat eight

90 102 60 52 60 9 34 72 65 89 53 11

verb adjective noun noun noun noun noun verb noun verb verb number

dɪˈlɪvə dɪˈprest desk ˈdɪnə ˈdɪʃˌwɒʃə ˈdɒktə ˈdɒlə draɪv ˌdiː viː ˈdiː pleɪə ɜːn iːt eɪt

austragen, liefern deprimiert Schreibtisch Abendessen Geschirrspüler Arzt Dollar fahren DVD-Spieler verdienen essen acht

distribuer déprimé bureau dîner lave-vaisselle docteur dollar conduire lecteur DVD gagner manger huit

He delivered newspapers when he was a teenager.

depresso scrivania cena lavastoviglie dottore dollaro guidare lettore DVD guadagnare mangiare otto diciottesimo/ il 18maggio






dix-huitième/ le 18 mai

I got depressed in my old job. I've got a desk in my bedroom. We have dinner at 8:00. A dishwasher is really important. She was sick and went to the doctor. They use dollars in the USA. He never drives at night. I don't have a DVD player. He doesn't earn a lot of money. She eats a salad for lunch. Eight is a lucky number in China. Their wedding anniversary is on the eighteenth of May.

ottavo/ il 8 novembre eighth





huitième/ le 7 novembre

The opera starts on the eighth of November.


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Page Part of Speech Pronunciation

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien


Page Part of Speech Pronunciation



eleventh email address empty euro evening excited exercise expensive fair fantastic far fast fat father February fifteenth fifth film finish first fit five flat-screen football football four fourteenth fourth

75 26 62 34 54 102 69 32 49 40 85 32 49 19 74 75 75 9 52 75 99 11 65 9 69 11 75 75

adjective noun verb noun noun adjective noun adjective adjective adjective adverb adjective adjective noun noun adjective adjective noun verb adjective adjective number adjective noun noun number adjective adjective

ɪˈlevənθ ˈiː meɪl əˌdres ˈempti ˈjʊərəʊ ˈiːvnɪŋ ɪkˈsaɪtɪd ˈeksəsaɪz ɪkˈspensɪv feə fænˈtæstɪk fɑː fɑːst fæt ˈfɑːðə ˈfebruəri ˌfɪfˈtiːnθ fɪfθ fɪlm ˈfɪnɪʃ fɜːst fɪt faɪv ˌflæt ˈskriːn ˈfʊtbɔːl ˈfʊtbɔːl fɔː ˌfɔːˈtiːnθ fɔːθ

elfter E-Mail-Adresse leeren, ausräumen Euro Abend aufgeregt, begeistert Sport, Training teuer blond fantastisch weit schnell dick, fett Vater Februar fünfzehnter fünfter Film aufhören, beenden erster fit fünf Flachbildschirm Fußball Fußball vier vierzehnter vierter

onzième/ le 11 mars adresse email vidanger euro soir excité exercice cher blond fantastique loin vite gros père février quinzième/ le 15 avril cinqième/ le 5 septembre film terminer, finir le premier janvier en forme cinq télévision à l'écran plat football football quatre quatorzième/ le 14 juillet quatrième/ le 4 juillet

frame France free

105 12 32

noun noun adjective

freɪm frɑːns friː

Rahmen Frankreich frei

cadre France libre

French fresh

12 32

adjective adjective

frentʃ freʃ

Franzose/Französin, französisch frisch

Français/e, français/e frais

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Example Sentence

undicesimo, il 11 marzo

Have you got any tickets for the eleventh of March?

indirizzo di posta elettronica svuotare euro sera eccitato esercizio caro biondo fantastico lontano veloce grasso padre febbraio qindicesimo/ il 15 aprile quinto/ il 5 settembre film finire il primo gennaio in forma cinque schermo ultrapiatto calcio calcio quattro quattordicesimo/ il 14 luglio quarto/ il 4 luglio cornice

What's your email address? He never empties the dishwasher. The sandwiches are 4 euros. He comes home in the evening. I'm very excited about my new job. She does exercise at the gym She's got an expensive car. She's small and fair. Go to the City Museum - it's fantastic! My mother lives far away. Her car is very fast. A lot of people are fat. Her father works in a restaurant. His birthday is in February. They are singing on the fifteenth of April. His birthday is the fifth of September. My favourite film is 'Starwars'. I finish work at 6:00. There's a big party on the first of January. They did a lot of exercise and got fit. Five students come from Spain. I want to buy a flat-screen TV. They play football at the weekends. He plays football on Saturdays. Four coffees please. Can you come on the fourteenth of July? The fourth of July is important in the USA. I bought a photo frame because it wasn't expensive.

Francia libero francese

They live in France. This car park is free. I love French films.


Can I have a fresh salad, please?

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien




Example Sentence

Friday fridge

54 46

noun noun

ˈfraɪdi frɪdʒ

Freitag Kühlschrank

vendredi réfrigérateur

venerdi frigorifero frigorifero

fridge friend gallery gallery garage garden

60 19 39 69 59 59

noun noun noun noun noun noun

frɪdʒ frend ˈgæləri ˈgæləri ˈgærɪdʒ ˈgɑːdn

Kühlschrank Freund, Freundin Galerie Galerie Garage Garten

réfrigérateur ami/e galérie galerie garage jardin

I love Fridays! There's a small fridge for cold drinks. They've got a really big fridge in their kitchen.

amico galleria galleria garage giardino generoso

generous German Germany get married get up girlfriend

92 15 12 99 52 19

adjective adjective noun verb phrasal verb noun

ˈdʒenərəs ˈdʒɜːmən ˈdʒɜːməni get ˌget ˈʌp ˈgɜːlfrend

großzügig Deutsche/r, deutsch Deutschland heiraten aufstehen Freundin

généreux Allemand/e, allemand/e Allemagne se marier se lever petite amie

I've got one very good friend. My favourite gallery is in Buenos Aires. He goes to a lot of galleries. We don't have a garage for the car. They have a small garden. My aunt is very generous and always gives me money.

tedesco Germania sposarsi alzarsi ragazza vetri

glasses good

105 32

noun adjective

glɑːsɪz gʊd

Gläser gut

verres bon

German cars are famous. Germany is in Europe. We got married in 2001. We get up late at the weekend. His new girlfriend is Japanese. We gave them glasses for their new house.

buono buono

good graduate grandfather grandma grandmother grandpa great gym hall happy hate have heavy

40 99 19 19 19 19 40 52 59 102 70 54 85

adjective verb noun noun noun noun adjective noun noun adjective verb verb adjective

gʊd ˈgrædʒuət ˈgrænˌfɑːðə ˈgrænmɑː ˈgrænˌmʌðə ˈgrænpɑː greɪt dʒɪm hɔːl ˈhæpi heɪt hæv ˈhevi

gut seinen Abschluss machen Großvater Oma Großmutter Opa großartig, toll Fitnesstraining Eingangsbereich, Flur glücklich hassen haben schwer

bon/bien terminer ses études grand-père mémé grand-mère pépé formidable gym, gymnastique entrée, couloir heureux détester avoir lourd

It's a good book. The salads in this restaurant aren't very good.

laurearsi nonno nonna nonna nonno grandioso, eccellente palestra atrio, corridoio felice odiare avere pesante aiutare







He graduated in 1995. My grandfather lives in Rome. Grandma lives with us. Her grandmother is very old. Grandpa loves chocolate. There are some great cafes in that street. I go to the gym every day. The hall is very small. He sings when he's happy. I hate watching films on TV. They don't have a lot of friends in London. This bag is really heavy. help your brother/sister with his/her homework: I helped my brother with his homework.


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Page Part of Speech Pronunciation

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien




Example Sentence

home number hot hotel

27 32 9

noun adjective noun

ˌhəʊm ˈnʌmbə hɒt həʊˈtel

private Telefonnummer heiß, warm Hotel

numéro de téléphone privé chaud hôtel

numero privata caldo hotel cento







My home number is 0208 416 6972. Do you want a hot sandwich? The Ritz is an expensive hotel. There were eight hundred people at the concert.

cento hundred husband

94 19

number noun

ˈhʌndrɪd ˈhʌzbənd

hundert Ehemann

cent mari, époux

She had four hundred and fifty pairs of shoes.

marito in

in India Indian Internet invest iPod iron Italian Italy January Japan Japanese

82 12 15 9 89 22 62 15 12 74 12 15

preposition noun adjective noun verb noun verb adjective noun noun noun adjective

ɪn ˈɪndiə ˈɪndiən ˈɪntənet ɪnˈvest ˈaɪpɒd ˈaɪən ɪˈtæliən ˈɪtəli ˈdʒænjuəri dʒəˈpæn ˌdʒæpəˈniːz◂

in (im Jahr) Indien Inder/in, indisch Internet investieren iPod bügeln Italiener/in, italienisch Italien Januar Japan Japan/er, japanisch

en Inde Indien/ne, indien/ne internet investir iPod repasser Italien/ne, italien/ne Italie janvier Japon Japonais/e, japonais

This is my husband, Tomas. in 1980/in 2010: Mobile phones weren't small in 1980.

India indiano internet investire iPod stirare italiano Italia gennaio Giappone giapponese gioielli

jewellery job July

105 99 74

noun noun noun

ˈdʒuːəlri dʒɒb dʒʊˈlaɪ

Schmuck Arbeitsstelle Juli

bijoux emploi juillet

The capital of India is Delhi. Indian food is very popular in the UK. There's a lot of information on the internet. The bank invests our money. Is this your iPod? Do you iron your clothes? Everyone loves Italian food. They go to Italy on holiday. January is the first month of the year. Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Miki is a Japanese student. My husband gives me jewellery on my birthdays.

June kettle key kitchen lake

74 46 22 59 39

noun noun noun noun noun

dʒuːn ˈketl kiː ˈkɪtʃɪn leɪk

Juni Teekessel, Kessel Schlüssel Küche See

juin bouilloire clé cuisine lac

posto di lavoro luglio giugno

She wants to get a job in a bank. They are on holiday in July. Her birthday is in June.

bollitore chiave cucina lago lampada

lamp laptop

60 65

noun noun

læmp ˈlæptɒp

Lampe Laptop

lampe ordinateur portable

Is there a kettle for making tea? Where's my house key? His kitchen is fantastic! Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. They haven't got any lamps in the living room.

(computer) portatile scorso







She's got a new laptop for work. last week/month/year: My first holiday in Rio was last year.


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Page Part of Speech Pronunciation

New Total English Starter A-Z Wordlist English / German / French / Italien


Page Part of Speech Pronunciation



ˈlɔːndri leɪ ˈliːdə lɜːn liːv lend laɪk laɪk

Wäsche den Tisch decken Führungspersönlichkeit lernen verlassen, weggehen leihen mögen, gefallen mögen

linge sale mettre la table leader apprendre partir de prêter qc. à qn. aimer aimer

verb verb verb phrasal verb phrasal verb noun

laɪk laɪk lɪv ˈlɪv wɪð ˈlɪv wɪð ˌlɪvɪŋ ˈruːm

gern haben od. tun etw. gerne tun leben zusammenleben mit bei jemandem leben Wohnzimmer

aimer (bien) aimer faire qc. vivre vivre avec qn vivre/habiter avec qn salle de séjour

59 85 90 70

noun adjective phrasal verb verb

lɒft lɒŋ ˌlʊk ˈɑːftə lʌv

Speicher, Dachboden, Bühne lang sich kümmern um lieben

grenier long prendre soin de qn aimer

love lunch lunch make dinner

99 52 52 52

noun noun noun verb

lʌv lʌntʃ lʌntʃ meɪk

Liebe zu Mittag essen Mittagessen Abendessen zubereiten

amour déjeuner le déjeuner préparer le dîner

make friends March market May

54 74 39 74

verb noun noun noun

meɪk mɑːtʃ ˈmɑːkɪt meɪ

(Freunde) finden, (Freundschaften) schließen März Markt Mai

se faire des amis mars marché mai

mean meet Mexican Mexico

92 99 15 12

verb adjective noun

miːn miːt ˈmeksɪkən ˈmeksɪkəʊ

geizig, kleinlich kennen lernen Mexikaner/in, mexikanisch Mexiko

avare faire la connaissance de Mexicain/e, mexicain/e Mexique

laundry lay the table leader learn leave lend like like

62 62 80 99 99 89 50 70

noun verb noun verb verb verb verb verb

like like live live with live with living room

70 70 50 50 50 59

loft long look after love

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Example Sentence


My grandmother always does the laundry on Mondays.

apparecchiare la tavola leader imparare lasciare prestare piacere essere ghiotto di, amare piacere

Can you lay the table, please? Ghandi was an important leader. I want to learn to drive. He doesn't want to leave home. I never lend money to friends. like a city/your job: She likes her job. He doesn't like pizza. I quite like TV but I love going to the cinema.

amare, piacere vivere vivere con vivere/ abitare con soggiorno mansarda

They don't like going to museums. She lives in New York City. He lives with his wife and daughters. Who do you live with? In our flat there's a very big living room. We haven't got a loft because we live in a flat.

lungo occuparsi di adorare, amare amore

The road is over 300 kilometers long. She looked after her neighbour's children. She loves modern art. People sometimes fall in love at university.

pranzare pranzo preparare la cena fare amicizie, trovare amici

We have lunch at Gino's. She has a salad for lunch. My husband makes dinner on Sundays. You make friends at work.

marzo mercato maggio avaro

There are 31 days in March. You can buy fresh food in the market. My favourite month is May. Dad's mean; he never gives us any money.

incontrare messicano Messico

She met someone special last year. He likes Mexican films. Acapulco is in Mexico.

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Example Sentence




latte milione

number number verb noun noun noun noun noun noun noun verb noun noun noun

ˈmɪljən ˈmɪljən maɪnd ˈmɪrə ˈməʊbaɪl ˌməʊbaɪl ˈnʌmbə ˈmʌndi ˈmɔːnɪŋ ˈmʌðə ˈmaʊntɪn muːv mʌm mjuːˈziəm mjuːˈzɪʃən

Million Million etwas dagegen haben Spiegel Handy Handynummer Montag Morgen, Vormittag Mutter Berg umziehen Mama Museum Musiker/in

million million avoir qc. contre miroir le portable numéro de portable lundi matin mère montagne déménager mama musée musicien/ne

One tea, with milk please. a/one million: He's got a million in the bank.

milione avere qc in contrario specchio telefonino numero di telefonino lunedi mattina madre montagna trasferirsi, cambiare casa mamma museo musicista parco nazionale

39 102 32 36 40 54 82 11 75 75 74 74 40 32 49

noun adjective adjective adjective adjective noun noun number adjective adjective noun noun adjective adjective adjective

ˌnæʃənəl ˈpɑːk ˈnɜːvəs njuː naɪs naɪs naɪt naɪt naɪn ˌnaɪnˈtiːnθ naɪnθ nəʊˈvembə ɒkˈtəʊbə ˌəʊ ˈkeɪ əʊld əʊld

Nationalpark nervös neu schön, nett schön, nett Abend, Nacht Abend, Nacht neun neunzehnter neunter November Oktober ganz in Ordnung alt alt

parc national nerveux nouveau beau, agréable beau, agréable soir, nuit soir/nuit neuf dix-neuvième/ le 19 septembre neuvième/ le 9 décembre novembre octobre assez bien, OK vieux vieux, vieille

There are sixty million people in the UK. She doesn't mind doing puzzles. There's a mirror in the bathroom. What's your mobile number? His mobile number is 07798 625351 My new job starts on Monday. She goes to the gym in the morning. My mother is a doctor. We go for walks up in the mountains. We moved to Spain five years ago. Mum! Where's my school bag? The museum opens at 10:00. My sister wants to be a musician. Serengeti is a big national park in Tanzania.

nervoso nuovo bello bello, carino notte notte nove dicianovesimo/ il 19 settembre nono/ il 9 dicembre novembre ottobre ok, abbastanza bene vecchio vecchio il sabato

54 11 32

preposition number adjective

ɒn wʌn ˈəʊpən

am Samstag eins, ein/e/r offen, geöffnet

le samedi un/une ouvert

She talks a lot when she's nervous. This is my new boyfriend, Tom. My hotel is really nice. There's a nice park by the river. They study English at night. I was at home last night. There are nine cafes in one street! Come on the nineteenth of September. He arrives on the ninth of December. I don't like November. He starts work in October. The food isn't great, but it's OK. His car is very old. My grandmother is very old. on Saturday/Wednesday/weekdays: The party is on Saturday.

uno aperto

She's got one sister. The shop is open.

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million million mind mirror mobile mobile number Monday morning mother mountain move mum museum musician

94 94 70 60 22 27 54 54 19 39 99 19 39 80

national park nervous new nice nice night night nine nineteenth ninth November October OK old old on Saturday one open

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Example Sentence

orange orange juice overweight p palace park passport pay pen pence

22 31 49 34 39 29 9 89 22 34

noun noun adjective abbreviation noun noun noun verb noun noun

ˈɒrəndʒ ˈɒrəndʒ dʒuːs ˌəʊvəˈweɪt◂ piː ˈpælɪs pɑːk ˈpɑːspɔːt peɪ pen pens

Orange, Apfelsine Orangensaft übergewichtig Abkürzung für "Pence" Palast Park Pass, Reisepass, Ausweis bezahlen Stift, Kugelschreiber Pence

orange jus d'orange trop gros abbr. de "pence" palais parc passeport payer stylo pence

Can I buy an orange please? She wants an orange joice. They're overweight, not really fat. The orange juice is 75 p. Buckingham Palace is in central London. Let's go for a walk in the park. You need a passport to travel. Can I pay by credit card? Do you want a black pen? These pencils are thirty pence. Will you take the car to the petrol station?

petrol station phone number pizza plant

29 26 9 105

noun noun noun noun

ˈpetrəl ˌsteɪʃən ˌfəʊn ˈnʌmbə ˈpiːtsə plɑːnt

Tankstelle Telefonnummer Pizza Pflanze

station d'essence numéro de téléphone pizza plante

arancia succo d'arancia troppo grasso abbrev. "pence" palazzo parco passaporto pagare penna pence stazione di servizio/ rifornimento numero di telefono pizza pianta piatto







Have you got a phone number? Get an extra-large pizza! Let's give them a plant for their flat. Can you put the plates on the table, please?

giocare play Poland police Polish politician poor postcode pound

72 12 9 15 80 92 26 34

verb noun noun noun noun adjective noun noun

pleɪ ˈpəʊlənd pəˈliːs ˈpəʊlɪʃ ˌpɒləˈtɪʃən pɔː ˈpəʊstkəʊd paʊnd

spielen Polen Polizei Pole/Polin, polnisch Politiker/in arm Postleitzahl Pfund

jouer Pologne police Polonais/e, polonais/e homme/femme politique pauvre code postal livre

She sometimes plays the piano in the evenings.

Polonia polizia polacco politico/a povero codice postale sterlina scampi

prawn purse

31 22

noun noun

prɔːn pɜːs

Garnele, Krabbe Geldbeutel, Handtasche

crevette porte-monnaie, sac à main

It's cold in Poland now. The police were at the football match. This is a soecial Polish drink. I don't want to be a politician. The old man was very poor. Her postcode is M4E 3L5. A coffee is two pounds in Gino's café. a prawn roll/salad/sandwich:He wants a prawn salad.

portamonete, borsa indovinello

puzzle quit

69 99

noun verb

ˈpʌzəl kwɪt

Rätsel kündigen

casse-tête démissionner de

There's no money in my purse. She sometimes does the puzzles in the newspaper.

dimettersi da ristorante

restaurant retire rich

9 99 92

noun verb adjective

ˈrestərɒnt rɪˈtaɪə rɪtʃ

Restaurant, Lokal in Rente gehen reich

restaurant prendre sa retraite riche

She quit her job in September. There's a good restaurant near the museum.

andare in pensione ricco

My father retired last year. There are a lot of rich people in the city.


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fleuve, rivière

noun noun adjective noun

rəʊl ˈrʌʃə ˈrʌʃən ˈsæləd

Brötchen Russland Russe/Russin, russisch Salat

petit pain Russie Russe, russe salade






sandwich Saturday save say scared scientist second sell September seven

31 54 89 55 102 80 75 89 74 11

noun noun verb verb adjective noun adjective verb noun number

ˈsænwɪdʒ ˈsætədi seɪv seɪ skeəd ˈsaɪəntɪst ˈsekənd sel sepˈtembə ˈsevən

Sandwich Samstag sparen sagen verängstigt, ängstlich Wissenschaftler/in zweiter verkaufen September sieben

sandwich samedi metre de côté dire effrayé scientifique deuxième/ le 2 juillet vendre septembre sept






dix-septième/le 17 juin

seventh short shower sing singer sink sister six sixteenth sixth

75 49 46 72 80 60 19 11 75 75

adjective adjective noun verb noun noun noun number adjective adjective

ˈsevənθ ʃɔːt ˈʃaʊə sɪŋ ˈsɪŋə sɪŋk ˈsɪstə sɪks ˌsɪkˈstiːnθ◂ sɪksθ

siebter klein Dusche singen Sänger/in Spülbecken Schwester sechs sechzehnter sechster

septième / le 7 août petit douche chanter chanteur, chanteuse évier soeur six seizième/ le 16 juillet sixième / le 6 juin

slim slow

49 32

adjective adjective

slɪm sləʊ

schlank langsam

mince lent




roll Russia Russian salad

31 12 15 9


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Example Sentence


The River Seine in Paris is a beautiful river.


a cheese/chicken/prawn roll: Can I have a cheese roll, please?

Russia russo insalata insalata

Russia is a very large country. I've got some Russian dolls. Salad is good for you. a cheese/chicken/prawn salad: I had a chicken salad.


a cheese/chicken/prawn sandwich: Do you want a prawn sandwich?

sabato risparmiare dire spaventato scienziato secondo/ il 2 luglio vendere settembre sette diciasettesimo/ il 17 giugno

They go to the cinema on Saturdays. I want to save €100 a month. Please say hello to my grandmother. They're scared. Einstein was a vey important scientist. The second of July is my birthday. He sells a lot on the internet. School starts in September. My lucky number is seven. We go on holiday on the seventeenth of June.

settimo/ il 7 agosto

My wedding anniversary is the seventh of August.

piccolo doccia cantare cantante lavello sorella sei sedicesimo/ il 16 luglio sesto/ il 6 giugno sottile

He's short; only 1.68m There's a shower in the hotel room. He sings in the shower. There are a lot of singers on TV. Please use the basin, not the sink! She's got one sister. Six people are coming for dinner. School ends on the sixteenth of July. Her birthday is the sixth of June. She's not eating because she wants to be slim.


Your computer is really slow.

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Example Sentence







piccolo divano

Can I have a small salad, please? There's a really big sofa in the living room.

sofa son Spain Spanish sparkling water speak spend sport stack stairs star start start station stay step-brother

60 19 12 15 31 72 89 55 90 59 80 52 99 29 54 27

noun noun noun adjective noun verb verb noun verb noun noun verb verb noun verb noun

ˈsəʊfə sʌn speɪn ˈspænɪʃ ˈspɑːklɪŋ ˌwɔːtə spiːk spend spɔːt stæk steəz stɑː stɑːt stɑːt ˈsteɪʃən steɪ ˈstepbrʌðə

Sofa Sohn Spanien Spanier/in, spanisch Sprudel sprechen ausgeben Sport auffüllen Treppe Star anfangen, beginnen starten, beginnen Bahnhof bleiben Stiefbruder

sofa fils Espagne Espagnol/e, espagnol/e eau gazeuse parler dépenser sport remplir escalier vedette, star commencer commencer gare rester demi-frère

figlio Spagna spagnolo acqua gasata parlare spendere sport riempire scale star iniziare, cominciare iniziare, cominciare stazione rimanere fratellastro figliastra

step-daughter step-father step-mother step-sister step-son

27 27 27 27 27

noun noun noun noun noun

ˈstepdɔːtə ˈstepfɑːðə ˈstepmʌðə ˈstepsɪstə ˈstepsʌn

Stieftochter Stiefvater Stiefmutter Stiefschwester Stiefsohn

belle-fille beau-père belle-mère demi-soeur beau-fils

We have one son, Marcus. We love going to Spain. She's a Spanish actress. He doesn't like sparkling water. She speaks French at home. They always spend a lot of money. I don't play sport. He stacked shelves in the supermarket. I like flats because there are no stairs. Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sports star. What time do you start work? They want to start their own business. The station is in the centre of town. We don't stay at home at the weekend. She has one step-brother. His step-daughter is the same age as his daughter.

padrigno matrigna sorellastra figliastro stereo

stereo student study Sunday supermarket surf sweep table talk tall tall

65 9 55 54 29 54 62 60 72 49 85

noun noun verb noun noun verb verb noun verb adjective adjective

ˈsteriəʊ ˈstjuːdənt ˈstʌdi ˈsʌndi ˈsuːpəˌmɑːkɪt sɜːf swiːp ˈteɪbəl tɔːk tɔːl tɔːl

Stereoanlage Student studieren Sonntag Supermarkt surfen wischen Tisch sprechen, reden groß hoch

stéréo étudiant étudier dimanche supermarché surfer balayer table parler grand haut

She likes her step-father now. My step-mother is good to me. His step-sister is lovely. He has one step-son. We need a new stereo to listen to good music.

studente studiare domenica supermercato navigare spazzare tavolo parlare alto alto

He's a student at Exeter University. She studies German. Sunday brunch is popular in the USA. There's a big supermarket near here. They're always surfing the internet. He sometimes sweeps the floor. We've got a small table in the kitchen. Kevin talks to animals. They're very tall; over 1.90m! The building is very tall.


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Example Sentence

taxi tea telephone television ten tennis tenth

9 31 9 9 11 69 75

noun noun noun noun number noun adjective

ˈtæksi tiː ˈteləfəʊn ˈteləˌvɪʒən ten ˈtenɪs tenθ

Taxi Tee Telefon Fernseher, Fernsehen zehn Tennis zehnter

taxi thé téléphone télévision dix tennis dixième / le 10 octobre

taxi tè telefono televisione dieci tennis decimo/ il 10 ottobre terribile

Let's get a taxi home. She wants a tea. Can I use the telephone? I like watching sport on television. There are ten computers in this room. We sometimes play tennis. University starts on the tenth of October. The food here is terrible, really, really bad.

terrible the sea

40 39

adjective noun

ˈterəbəl ðə siː

entsetzlich, schrecklich im Meer

affreux, épouvantable la mer

mare il Regno Unito

the UK the USA theatre thin

12 12 39 49

noun noun noun adjective

ðə ˌjuː ˈkeɪ◂ ðə juː es ˈeɪ ˈθɪətə θɪn

Großbritannien USA Theater dünn

la Grande-Bretagne États-Unis théâtre maigre

I love swimming in the sea. Lots of students come to the UK every year.

U.S.A. (gli Stati Uniti) teatro magro terzo/ il 3 marzo

A lot of films come from the USA. There are a lot of theatres in London. My father is tall and thin. They come to Britan on the third of March.

third thirteenth

75 75

adjective adjective

θɜːd ˌθɜːˈtiːnθ

dritter dreizehnter

troisième/ le 3 mars treizième/ le 13 janvier

tredicesimo/ il 13 gennaio mille

thousand thousand

94 94

number number

ˈθaʊzənd ˈθaʊzənd

tausend tausend

mille mille

I don't work on the thirteenth of January. There are nine hundred and sevent-five people in the factory.

mille mille







I've got one thousand and one ideas! Two thousand, five hundred people use that website.

mille thousand






He's got four thousand, three hundred and twenty internet 'friends'.

mille thousand three Thursday ticket tidy tidy tired to have a shower toilet towel

94 11 54 105 62 90 102 52 60 46

number number noun noun verb verb adjective, pronoun noun noun noun

ˈθaʊzənd θriː ˈθɜːzdi ˈtɪkɪt ˈtaɪdi ˈtaɪdi taɪəd ˈʃaʊə ˈtɔɪlɪt ˈtaʊəl

tausend drei Donnerstag Karte, Eintrittskarte aufräumen aufräumen müde duschen Toilette Handtuch

mille trois jeudi billet ranger ranger fatigué prendre une douche toilettes serviette

You win one hundred thousand, five hundred and twent four thousand pounds!

tre giovedi biglietto mettere in ordine mettere in ordine stanco fare la doccia gabinetto asciugamano

We've got three children. The museum opens late on Thursdays. I boguht two tickets for the show. They never tidy the living room. He tidied the living room on Saturdays. I was very tired last week. He has a shower in the morning. There's a toilet in the bathroom. We like big white hotel towels.


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Example Sentence

toy (train) ticket Tuesday twelfth twentieth twenty-first two ugly umbrella uncle university university

105 22 54 75 75 75 11 49 22 19 9 99

noun noun noun adjective adjective adjective number adjective noun noun noun noun

tɔɪ ˈtreɪn ˌtɪkɪt ˈtjuːzdi twelfθ ˈtwentiəθ ˌtwenti ˈfɜːst tuː ˈʌgli ʌmˈbrelə ˈʌŋkəl ˌjuːnəˈvɜːsəti◂ ˌjuːnəˈvɜːsəti◂

Spielzeug (Zug)Fahrkarte Dienstag zwölfter zwanzigster einundzwanzigster zwei hässlich Regenschirm Onkel Universität Universität

jouet billet (de train) mardi douxième/ le 12 février vingtième/ le 20 décembre vingt-et-unième/ le 21 janvier deux laid parapluie oncle université université

giocattolo biglietto martedi dodicesimo/ il 12 febbraio ventesimo/ il 20 dicembre ventunesimo/ il 21 gennaio due brutto ombrello zio università università offeso

upset use

102 72

adjective verb

ˌʌpˈset◂ juːz

verärgert, aufgebracht, erregt benutzen, arbeiten mit

fâché utiliser

The children have a lot of toys. How much is a ticket to Paris? She has Spanish on Tuesdays. The twelfth of February is his birthday. She goes on the twentieth of December. We start on the twenty-first of January. There are two schools in my town. The hotel is OK but vey ugly. Don't forget your umbrella! My uncle comes from Spain. I want to go to university after school. Are you going to university? They were upset and spoke to the teacher.

utilizzare passare l'aspirapolvere

vacuum vase voucher walk

62 105 105 69

verb noun noun noun

ˈvækjuəm vɑːz ˈvaʊtʃə wɔːk

staubsaugen Vase Gutschein Spaziergang

passer l'aspirateur sur qc. vase bon d'achat promenade

My grandfather uses a computer. I sometimes vacuum the stairs at the weekend.

vaso buono passeggiata armadio







The flowers look lovely in that vase. I bought her a voucher for a shop. Do you want to go for a walk? Have you got a big wardrobe in your bedroom?

lavare wash wash

62 90

verb verb

wɒʃ wɒʃ

ab-/waschen waschen

laver laver

We never wash the dishes - we've got a dishwasher!

lavare lavatrice

washing machine watch watch Wednesday weekday weekend wide wife win

60 22 52 54 54 54 85 19 89

noun noun verb noun noun noun adjective noun verb

ˈwɒʃɪŋ məˌʃiːn wɒtʃ wɒtʃ ˈwenzdi ˈwiːkdeɪ ˌwiːkˈend◂ waɪd waɪf wɪn

Waschmaschine Armbanduhr sehen, zusehen Mittwoch Wochentag Wochenende breit Ehefrau gewinnen

lave-linge la montre regarder mercredi jour de (la) semaine week-end large femme, épouse gagner

We washed cars at the weekends. Is your washing machine in the kitchen or the bathroom?

orologio guardare mercoledi giorno feriale weekend, fine settimana largo moglie vincere

I don't like wearing a watch. We watch TV in the evening. There's a market on Wednesdays. I get up early on weekdays. We get up late at the weekends. The Thames isn't a very wide river. This is my wife, Elena. I never win the lottery.


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wireless work work work work work work

65 50 50 50 58 90 90

adjective verb verb verb noun verb verb

work number write writer yesterday

27 72 80 82

noun verb noun noun

yesterday young zero

82 49 11

adverb adjective number

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ˈwaɪələs wɜːk wɜːk wɜːk wɜːk wɜːk wɜːk

über Funk, drahtlos arbeiten arbeiten arbeiten Arbeit arbeiten arbeiten

sans fil travailler travailler travailler travail travailler travailler

ˌwɜːk ˈnʌmbə raɪt ˈraɪtə ˈjestədi

Telefonnummer am Arbeitsplatz schreiben Schriftsteller/in, Autor/in gestern

numéro de téléphone du bureau écrire écrivain hier

ˈjestədi jʌŋ ˈzɪərəʊ

gestern jung null

hier jeune zéro


Example Sentence

senza fili

They haven't got wireless internet at home.

lavorare lavorare lavorare lavoro lavorare lavorare numero dal lovoro

He doesn't work as a writer. We work for an international company. My brother works in an office. They go to work early. They worked in a factory in the summer. She worked part-time in a cinema. Her work number is 416 691 0350, extension 2

scrivere scrittore/trice ieri ieri

Does he write computer programs? JK Rowling is a British writer. It was my birthday yesterday. yesterday morning/afternoon/evening: We were in school yesterday morning.

giovane zero

Her grandmother is young; she's only 53. He got zero in the test!