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New Zealand Strapper of the Year Award. (Both Strappers ... POST TO: NZ Thoroughbred Racing. PO Box 38-386. Wellington M
New Zealand Strapper of the Year Award (Both Strappers and Stablehands are eligible to be nominated)

Letter of support for finalist Nominee’s name:


How long has the nominee been employed by the stable*? * Nominee must be a full-time staff member and employed for a minimum period of 12 months.

How long has the nominee worked in the racing industry?

Please list some of the horses the strapper/stablehand has taken care of over the past 12 months:

What makes them stand out from any other strapper/stablehand:

What are some of the nominee’s daily duties and how do they go above and beyond:

Please comment on the nominee’s suitability for this award: (e.g. character, horse handling skills, presentation, work ethic, etc.) Please answer thoughtfully as the judges take your comments into account in choosing a winner. Please note that excerpts from these comments may be quoted publicly.

Additional comments: (Confidential – Not for publication) If you have any additional comments that you don’t want quoted, please add them here.

Nominated by Name: Organisation: Address: (include postcode) Telephone: Mobile: Email: Relationship to nominee: Signature Date:

Additional Reference Name of referee: Address: (include postcode) Phone number: Email address:

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Please return the completed form before 5pm on Friday, 6 July 2018 EMAIL TO: [email protected] Attn: Leanne Meredith

POST TO: NZ Thoroughbred Racing PO Box 38-386 Wellington Mail Centre 5045 Attn: Leanne Meredith

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