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(add-on). Power BI Pro: .... “Office 365 has made Henkel faster and more agile.” .... Power BI. PSTN Conferencing. C
Office 365 E5

New Value for Enterprise Customers




Advanced Enterprise Protection

Insights for Everyone

Complete Cloud Communication

Advanced Threat Protection: Zero-day threat and malware protection

Power BI Pro: Live business analytics and visualization

Advanced Security Management: Enhanced visibility and control

Delve Analytics: Individual and team effectiveness

Customer Lockbox: Complete control of data Advanced eDiscovery: Identifying the relevant data quickly

PSTN Conferencing: Worldwide dial-in for your online meetings Cloud PBX: Business phone system in the cloud PSTN Calling: Cost effective cloud based dial tone (add-on)


Complete Cloud Communication Provide one platform for meetings and voice

Reduce voice and conferencing costs Connect to meetings and each other from virtually anywhere, on any device

100 million

meetings conducted each month using Skype services


“We estimate that we will save about [US]$100,000 a year by standardizing on Skype for Business Online. This savings results from reducing the use of thirdparty conferencing providers, long-distance and toll calling contracts, and PBX and phone systems.” - Niv Dolgin, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Ixia 3

PSTN Conferencing • Use a tolled dial-in number to join meetings from any device • Dial out to bring participants into the meeting


PSTN Conferencing

Cloud PBX • Centrally manage users for communications, email, and content from Office 365 • Eliminate separate PBX systems and transition to the cloud

PSTN Calling • Subscribe to calling plans from Office 365 • Use existing phone numbers or get new ones

Cloud PBX

PSTN Calling 4

PSTN Conferencing

PSTN Conferencing provides a dial-in conference number to meeting participants, so they can easily connect by phone from anywhere they do not have Internet access. PSTN Conferencing simplifies the meeting process by ensuring that even participants without a stable Internet connection can access a Skype for Business meeting through dial-in or dial-out conferencing.

“When I look at Office 365, I see some areas of innovation that resonate very well. Skype for Business with PSTN and Cloud PBX will help us connect with even more people and get even faster decision making from wherever they are.”

— Leandro Balbinot, North American CIO The Kraft Heinz Co




Use a local dial-in number to join Skype Meetings or dial out to bring participants into a meeting using a phone number

Consolidate all communications under a single solution, vendor, invoice, and support channel

Take advantage of unlimited audio conferencing to eliminate per-minute costs that third-party audio conferencing providers charge

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX provides a phone system in the cloud, modern and tightly integrated with Office 365. In the past, PBX were typically on-premises, requiring significant hardware investments. With Cloud PBX, you can increase agility and consolidate management compared to traditional phone hardware.

“On Kelly’s HQ campus, we have three legacy PBX systems, which are near end-of-life. We are looking to replace them all with the Skype for Business Cloud PBX, which has the potential to eventually become Kelly’s global PBX solution as our current technology requires refresh.”

— Timothy Kroeger, Manager, Global Messaging and Collaboration Services Kelly Services




Reduce reliance on costly PBX systems and on-premises hardware with a complete voice solution in the cloud

Increase agility and consolidate management with rapid provisioning, reporting, and diagnostics of voice services in Office 365

Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road from almost any device

PSTN Calling*

PSTN Calling is an add-on to Cloud PBX that provides domestic and international calling services for businesses directly from Office 365. Instead of contracting with a traditional telephony carrier and using an on-premises IPPBX, you can purchase Cloud PBX and add-on PSTN Calling for a complete enterprise telephony experience for end-users.

“We estimate that we will save about [US]$100,000 a year by standardizing on Skype for Business Online. This savings results from reducing the use of third-party conferencing providers, long-distance and toll calling contracts, and PBX and phone systems.”

— Niv Dolgin, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Ixia




You can make and receive calls using Skype for Business through Cloud PBX combined with PSTN Calling

Reserve phone numbers from Office 365 or transfer your existing phone numbers from another service provider or carrier

Assign users to subscription-based plans for domestic calling only or local and international calling

*PSTN Calling is an add-on to Office 365

Advanced Enterprise Protection Text

Protect your organization against unknown malware and viruses (Protect)

Gain enhanced visibility and control into Office 365 usage and security incidents (Detect) Maintain explicit control over your data in the cloud (Respond) Maintain compliance while streamlining the eDiscovery process to save time and money

317 Million

New pieces of malware created in past year* *Symantec “Internet Security Threat Report”, 2015


“Safe Attachments in Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection is going to reduce zero-day threats from malware and viruses. This will help prevent malicious attachments from impacting our environment.” - Brian Ivie, Chief Security Officer, SunGard 8

Advanced Threat Protection • Protect against unknown malware and viruses • Provide real-time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs • Deliver rich reporting and URL trace capabilities with Click Tracing

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Security Management • Identify high-risk and abnormal usage, security incidents, and threats • Gain enhanced visibility and context into Office 365 usage and shadow IT • Reduce the possibility of attacks with granular controls that monitor access

Advanced Security Management

Customer Lockbox • Explicitly control all access to data; Microsoft must be granted permission • Grant just-in-time access to limit data access • Maximize data security and privacy by logging access control activities

Customer Lockbox

Advanced eDiscovery • Focus on what is unique and relevant by training the system to identify emails and documents through predictive coding • Reduce document volume with Near Duplicates and Email Threading Advanced eDiscovery


Insights for Everyone Transform your company’s data into rich visuals and analytics for better decision making Be more effective, make better decisions, and save hours every week with time and relationship insights for individuals and teams


In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for the ninth consecutive year and placed furthest in vision *Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, February 2016


Focus on what matters to you, so you can make better business strategy decisions as well as personal and team productivity decisions. “Office 365 has made Henkel faster and more agile.” -Joachim Jaeckle, Senior CVP, Henkel 10

Power BI Pro • Gain fast, easy access to the data you need with a simple intuitive experience • Access a live, 360º view of your business through a single dashboard • Discover new insights by exploring your data with rich visualizations

Delve Analytics

Power BI Pro

• Leverage personal and team work analytics to improve individual effectiveness • Use the Outlook add-in to understand how you and your team spend time

• Identify top collaborators and email insights, including reach

Delve Analytics


New opportunities for real estate on a global scale, supported by Office 365 Cushman & Wakefield, a global property management company, chose Office 365 E5. It built a unified portal and is maximizing its level of teamwork to effectively sell to the worldwide market, as well as integrating acquisitions faster. It has transitioned from traditional telephony to Skype for Business Online and expects to save $1 million a year on telephony costs with PSTN Conferencing and PSTN Calling capabilities.

“We found that Office 365 has provided us with a tremendous value. We were able to bring companies together approximately 30 percent more quickly, with the ability for new colleagues to collaborate as soon as the ink was dry on the merger agreement.” —Robert Franch, Chief Technology Officer, Cushman & Wakefield

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Pharmaceuticals developer is poised for growth with Office 365

Indivior, a pharmaceutical, chose Office 365 E5 to set up its own technology infrastructure quickly as part of a demerger. With employees comfortable and data secure in the cloud platform, the company is positioned to collaborate with external partners and grow quickly on a global scale. It will also avoid the costs of tradition telephony systems with Skype for Business, Cloud PBX, PSTN Calling, and PSTN Conferencing.

“By picking Office 365, we can continually deliver what employees expect to have at the ready, and Office 365 is flexible enough that everyone in our diverse workforce can remain as productive as possible.” —Ingo Elfering, Chief Information Officer, Indivior

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Atkins aims to be “digital by default” with Office 365 E5 suite Atkins, an engineering, design, and project management consultancy, plans to move all systems to the cloud by 2020. As a key first step, Atkins adopted Office 365 E5 and Dynamics CRM Online. The firm will use Office 365 to help distributed teams work together more seamlessly, especially on global projects. Team members can also access data from anywhere in the world, without sacrificing privacy or security.

“Adopting Office 365 is a great first step to the cloud for us because it’s already a mature set of services, with new capabilities being released all the time.” —Richard Cross, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer, Atkins View the Leadership Blog



Office 365 Enterprise Suites Features Office 365 Services Business Class Email and Calendars Exchange Online Social, Video, Sites, Work Management Yammer, O365 Video, SharePoint Online,


IM, Online Meetings, Meeting Broadcast Skype for Business File Storage, Sharing, Information Discovery OneDrive for Business,


Office Online Office Client Apps Office 365 ProPlus Archiving, Rights Management, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption




50 GB








Advanced Security Management, Advanced eDiscovery, Secure Attachments and URLs, Access Control

Analytics Power BI Pro, Delve Analytics

Cloud PBX Skype for Business

PSTN Conferencing* Skype for Business

Enterprise Plan Add-ons

PSTN Calling** Skype for Business CRM Online Professional Dynamics

+$24 +$50



E5 Helps Save Costs $90+


PBX solution PSTN conferencing solution




Cloud PBX PSTN Conferencing Delve Analytics

eDiscovery solution Advanced security Data access control Advanced visibility

Power BI



Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery Advanced Threat Protection Customer Lockbox Advanced Security Management

E3 St e p u p t o E5 16

Next Step: Attend a CIE What is CIE? A Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) is a facilitated, hands-on user experience that takes you and your business stakeholders through everyday work-related scenarios.

Why attend CIE? Experience firsthand how Microsoft’s productivity platform can solve your biggest business challenges in an immersive and risk-free environment.

How to get started? Request a session at or ask your Microsoft account team or partner about scheduling.


Next Step: FastTrack Microsoft FastTrack for Office 365 The customer success service available as part of your Office 365 subscription*

*Paid customers with eligible SKUs and more than 150 seats 18


Advanced Threat Protection Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is an email filtering service that helps protect against unsafe links and attachments while providing robust tracing and reporting. ATP builds on Exchange Online Protection (EOP) using advanced machine learning techniques and an isolated detonation chamber to catch the latest pieces of malware.

“Safe Attachments in Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection is going to reduce zero-day threats from malware and viruses. This will help prevent malicious attachments from impacting our environment.”

— Brian Ivie, Chief Security Officer Sungard




Safeguard your business better against preferred attack methods like zero day

Use robust tracing and reporting to find patterns to malicious content and adjust policies for greater protection

Customize the policies for Safe Attachments and Safe Links to meet your specific business needs

Advanced Security Management Advanced Security Management provides the granular controls and policies security administrators need to monitor access and reduce the possibility of attacks. Using Advanced Security Management tools, you can identify high-risk and abnormal usage, security incidents, and threats, while also gaining enhanced visibility and context into Office 365 usage and shadow IT.

“Microsoft has made great strides in privacy and security. We had many rounds of discussions with Microsoft privacy specialists to ensure that our data would be protected not only at rest, but in transit, too.”

— Sharmila Bristol, Senior Director of Digital Technology Platform Quintiles




React quickly to suspicious activity with General Anomaly Detection alerts and granular activity policies

Approve or revoke access for thirdparty apps or services that users authorize to connect to Office 365

Monitor what cloud services users connect to and gain insights, identify anomalies, and manage risky behavior

Customer Lockbox

Customer Lockbox gives the customer explicit control in the rare case a Microsoft engineer needs to access their data to resolve an issue or perform maintenance. Microsoft engineers have always needed internal approval to access customer data. Now, you as a customer have the ultimate say in that process.

“Microsoft employs some of the industry’s most highly skilled and experienced engineers. …Few enterprises, let alone small and midsize organizations, can hope to match [Microsoft’s] level of proficiency in their IT departments.”

— Ovum “Office 365: Trust, Security and Compliance," 2015




Microsoft engineers do not have standing access to your data; you must grant explicit permission for access

You provide data access on a just-intime, time-bound basis; if time expires before the issue is resolved, a new request is required

View activity logs through the Office 365 Compliance Center, as all Customer Lockbox activity is documented

Advanced eDiscovery Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery helps reduce the cost and challenges of the eDiscovery process through predictive coding and machine learning. Advanced eDiscovery learns what content is relevant to particular cases to reduce document volume. Robust analytics also help determine how much additional content to retain and at what cost, resulting in more informed eDiscovery decisions.

“While companies like to avoid legal holds, eDiscovery provides the tools to make the process easier to manage.”

— Clint Cooper, Executive Director of IT Agri Beef Co.




Reduce complexities by using intelligent in-place capabilities including retention, preservation, search, analysis, and export

Leverage machine learning, predictive coding, and text analytics to reduce the challenges of sorting through large, unstructured datasets

Quickly zero in on relevant data by using tools for finding nearduplicates, reconstructing email threads, and more

Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that provides a single view of the most critical business data. Power BI offers a simple, intuitive experience for interacting with data and provides a rich, consolidated view of key information, no matter where the underlying data is stored.

“Microsoft Power BI is our only BI solution. We had a solution previously that was fine for us as a brand new startup organization. But as we grew, we needed something more dynamic, more visually appealing and more user-friendly for our colleagues.”

— Bruce Rioch, Director Microsoft Technologies & BI Metro Bank




Consolidate data from data sources on-premises and in the cloud, and view live Power BI dashboards with dynamic visualizations and KPIs

Use natural language search capabilities to get answers quickly in stunning, interactive visualizations

Use real-time Power BI dashboards to solve problems as they occur and seize opportunities as soon as they arise

Delve Analytics

Delve Analytics uses big data and behavioral analytics to reveal how activities drive business outcomes, to help people get time back and spend it more effectively. Gain insights about employees by activity (meetings, email, focus time and after hours) and network (top collaborators, manager, losing touch with) to help make the most of your time and collaboration investments.

“Microsoft has empowered Symantec's leadership to drive meaningful business improvements and coaching. With Delve Analytics we have insight into how our top performers execute relative to their peers.”

— Matt Weaver, Americas Business Operations Leader Symantec Corporation




Leverage insights about your time and network to ensure that activities and investments are aligned to your work priorities

Use information about networking and collaboration activities at work to help you focus on building key relationships

Analyze information like email reach and average amount of time in meetings to understand what might be right for you, given your role, organization, and goals