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cutting back hedges. Friends of Longford Park said: “We would all just like to say a very big THANK YOU for your work


Autumn 2017

Local News from the One Trafford Partnership

The One Trafford Bake Off for Charity The One Trafford Cheque is back and this time it’s covered in frosting... In support of The Christies Charity, the partnership held a bake sale and raised a very tasty £130. A big congratulations and thank you to our Operation Control Room team for organising the event and baking some delicious treats for a fantastic cause. Through the Amey Match Funding Foundation, the team applied for additional sponsorship to match the money raised. Staff taking part in an event to raise money for a registered charity can apply for additional sponsorship from Amey, meaning that a total of £260 was raised for The Christies Charity.

The Christie charity provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds. Gifts from the public make a huge difference to the care and treatment that The Christie is able to provide to patients and their families. To find out more visit

Money raised for charity



Discover Bilal’s story on page 3

Free composting workshops Discover how you can get involved on page 4 Follow us on Twitter @OneTrafford

18 members of staff

Community Involvement Days

used their community involvement day

All Amey employees are entitled to take one paid day per year to work on a project in the local community, run by a not-for-profit organisation or charity which supports an environmental, educational or employment aim. Here’s what some of our teams have been up to in the last few months.

Longford Park Community Allotment In Longford Park, two members of our Facilities Management team and two from our Communications team supported the Friends of Longford Park on their community allotment - helping to dig out planting beds, planting strawberries and cutting back hedges. Friends of Longford Park said: “We would all just like to say a very big THANK YOU for your work today.

It made a huge difference having 4 strong men with us for the day and thanks to you all we now have a new well-manured strawberry bed, a manageable pile of top soil, a bed wellprepared with green manure as well as many of the bushes at the back of the allotment cleared. This will mean that other jobs can get done on our regular sessions over the winter and will undoubtedly raise our spirits.”

John Leigh Park In John Leigh Park two members of our Facilities Management team and two from our Transport Fleet team helped the Friends of John Leigh Park – refurbishing park benches and clearing out the park’s aviary.

Walkden Gardens Seven colleagues from our Highways Consulting team were in Walkden Gardens in support of Love Your Park Week. The team helped to maintain planting beds and cut back hedges.

The Devisdale Four members of our Street Lighting team used their community involvement day to cut back overgrown shrubs on the Devisdale.

My Story

Bilal Valley - Apprentice Civil Engineer

Before I started my apprenticeship with Amey, I was studying for a level 3 BTEC in science. Although I was doing well in my studies, the work provided wasn’t associated with Civil Engineering and was too generalised for a lot of different professions. To gain experience and to develop my knowledge in Civil Engineering I started looking for apprenticeships. I discovered that an apprenticeship with Amey could offer the same qualifications as colleges and universities. In addition this apprenticeship could also offer many years of experience in industry, something college and universities can’t offer. Having started my apprenticeship over a year ago, I have gained experience in different aspects of civil engineering. I was a part of the structures team for 9 months – this enabled me to develop a good understanding of how to inspect existing and design proposed structures, learnt how to use new software such as AutoCAD and developed my communication and team building skills with both the team and the clients. My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to step out into the real world and develop as a person. Amey also gives apprentices the opportunity to complete a Duke of Edingbrough Gold award which I have now completed. This award required me to be determined, a team player and a leader. If it wasn’t

for the Duke of Edingbrough award, I wouldn’t have developed as a person - the award made me realise that I am capable of undertaking tasks I thought I couldn’t do. Before this apprenticeship I was an individual that was lacking confidence especially when it came to talking to others or talking over the phone. My knowledge in the Civil engineering industry was next to nothing and now working with experienced engineers in the office I have gained enough knowledge, skill and confidence to perform engineering tasks on my own. If you’re considering an apprenticeship, I recommend it. By joining the team you’ll get the chance to grow your career and you’ll get all the support and development you need.

Thinking of doing an apprenticeship? As well as gaining recognised qualifications, developing valuable skills and earning a great salary, you’ll be on a permanent contract with paid holidays. And when you’ve finished your apprenticeship, we’ve got a guaranteed job waiting for you. Find out more at

Rising to the recycling challenge In partnership with Trafford Housing Trust, our recycling team from Keep Britain Tidy are engaging with residents living in flats to encourage them to separate out their waste and help improve recycling in the borough.

Get Composting in Trafford Residents across Trafford are being invited to Get Composting at home with an exciting project delivered by the environmental charity Groundwork and Hulme Community Garden Centre. The project commissioned by One Trafford aims to increase home composting with residents across Trafford through a series of fun and practical events and workshops across the community. Look out for Liz, Kath and Katherine, the Composting Queens, who will be out and about across Trafford from now until the end of March showing you how, even in a small backyard or balcony you can compost your green waste and turn it into black gold for your plants. The project can offer a limited number of Get Composting Workshops or events to residents, community groups and organisations where there are at least 20 individuals who will get involved. As an added extra, 15 lucky residents will be able to take up places on a Master Composter workshop to be held at Hulme Garden Centre in March.

Interested? Whether you’re a complete novice or a keen gardener you can find out more by contacting Liz Edwards on [email protected]

Contamination of recycling bins is a problem in Trafford and some Trafford Housing Trust properties, particularly with shared recycling bins. A lot of people are doing the right thing, but a small number of residents are still not recycling right; contaminating the bins with items we cannot recycle. This costs the council extra money in waste disposal costs - money which could be used to help protect other essential services. Our recycling team are going door to door to speak to residents to show them how to recycle properly and to help residents understand which items are general waste and which are for recycling in the recycling bins. They will be handing out recycling guides to help residents recycle even more and answer any questions about what goes in what bin. To download your copy, visit We will also discuss the benefits of recycling to Trafford Housing Trust tenants which include: • Saving money on the caretaking service charge. When the caretakers have to clear rubbish from over flowing bins or bins which have the wrong waste in it they have to take the waste to the tip. As a business the tip charges us money to use their services. This cost is then recharged through service charges • Improving the environment, reducing the likelihood of attracting pests and attracting good neighbours!

Did you know? The only plastics we can recycle in the black bin are plastic bottles. We cannot recycle plastic trays, pots or tubs so please put them in your grey bin. Visit to find out why. You can still recycle all your food waste in the green bin without needing to sign up to the garden waste service. Recycle all you cooked and uncooked food, meat bones, peelings and tea bags.

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