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The latter tended to be more severe and occurred in a younger age group. Questions ..... Nichols JJ, Steger‑May K, Edrington TB, Zadnik K, CLEK study group.
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• Volume 24 • Issue 4 • October-December 2017 • Pages ***-***

J MEAJO October-December 2017 / Volume 24 / Issue 4

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Keratoconus Asymmetry between Both Eyes Based on Corneal Tomography Nathalie Bussières, Osama Hamid Ababneh1, Mohammed Ali Abu Ameerh1, Muawyah D. Al Bdour1

Website: www.meajo.org DOI: 10.4103/meajo. MEAJO_311_16

Abstract: PURPOSE: To characterize the asymmetry between both eyes in patients with keratoconus based on corneal tomography. MATERIALS AND METHODS: All patients with keratoconus who presented to the eye clinic at Jordan University Hospital between January 2008 and November 2011 were included in the study. Using computerized corneal tomography, the keratometric values and indices of both eyes of participants with keratoconus and normal controls were compared. For both eyes to be considered symmetrical, the difference between the mean curvature power (Km), flat curvature power (K1), or steep curvature power (K2) in both eyes was equal to or