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[email protected] .... Latimer is a co-creation agency, who bring audiences together with brands to generate

Shirley High School Performing Arts College Shirley Church Road Croydon Surrey CR0 5EF 020 8656 9755 [email protected]

More Success for Shirley High Sixth Form The Government have recently confirmed how well the Sixth Form performed last year by releasing the Post 16 Performance Tables. Out of 4417 Sixth Form providers, Shirley performed extremely well being placed in the top category ‘Well Above Average’. We have been identified as the top state funded Sixth Form (either School or College) in both Croydon and Bromley! TOP 5% for A level Progress on the Department for Education Performance Tables TOP 10% for BTEC Level Three Progress on the Department of Education Performance Tables Further evidence of our year on year improvement (we were in the top 15% for A level Value Added Performance in 2016) and our continued effort to ‘strive for excellence’ and to be the BEST post 16 provider nationally! Ms B Doherty - Vice Principal – Progress & Attainment at Key Stage 5

Special Dates of Interest: Friday 9 February 2018 School closes for half term one week Monday 19 February 2018 School opens after half term Monday 26 February 2018 Year 8 Exams Week Thursday 8 March 2018 Year 10 Parents’ Evening Monday 12 March 2018 Year 11 1:1 Meetings with Mr Hurst Monday 19 March 2018 Year 12 1:1 Meetings with Ms Doherty Monday 19 March 2018 Year 9 Parents’ Evening Monday 19 -23 March 2018 Year 13 A level PPEs Thursday 29 March 2018 Year 13 Written Reports published on Sims Parent App Thursday 29 March 2018 School closes for Easter Holidays Monday 16 April 2018 Inset Day - NO STUDENTS Tuesday 17 April 2018 School opens for Summer Term

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Love Is In The Air………………………... Romance is alive and kicking at Shirley High School. 300 cookies made their way to a loved one this morning with over £200 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust. Mrs J Scott-Goodfellow - 3rd in English / Whole School Literacy Coordinator

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL PARENTS / CARERS SAFEGUARDING Would all parents / carers please sign in at Reception if entering the school building for any reason, at any time of day, even beore or after school. This is for security and safety reasons. Also a reminder, please, do NOT drop students off by car inside the school grounds or outside the school at the gates as this causes congestion and is also a hazard to students and other road users. Due to congestion, please do not use the staff car park. Thank you for your help with these issues. N M Barrow - Principal

Helping Hands is the Shirley High School Charity that puts together events to raise money for a variety of different charities. We do this because there are hundreds of thousands of children that are in poverty or are without schooling. Helping Hands wants to give to those children and their families the things that we are fortunate enough to have. Since Helping Hands was set-up last year, we have donated to many different charities with lots of excellent results. Some of you may remember giving in cans of food to the Croydon Food Bank and we also raised money for Help the Heroes. Helping Hands also gave to ‘Smalls for All’, a charity that provides underwear for vulnerable girls and women in Africa. When Grenfell Tower caught fire, Helping Hands held a movie night and we raised £70 for the victims. Year 8 also raised £300 to build a Well, £60 for eye operations and much more! But we are not done yet! Helping Hands is always looking for different charities to help. Right now we are looking to build another Well with the current the Year 8s. We are also about to start raising money, £15,000 to be exact, to build a whole school! The Helping Hands Committee will be arranging a number of events to raise the £15,000 that we need. The forthcoming events will be for everyone in Shirley High School, including willing parents / carers and the outside community. We need your help to raise this money. Students are aware that Miss Hamit (the overseer of the Helping Hands Committee) has a “Welly Boot” in her classroom that is used to collect any loose change that is then sent to a random charity at the end of the week or month. All donations are really appreciated and on behalf of everyone at Helping Hands, thank you for your contribution. Acts 20:35 “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the

words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive”. By Tae-Jaden Marius 8S School of Rock - New Beginnings Shirley High School had huge success in the recent school production - "School of Rock - New Beginnings". The cast and crew were made up of a range of students from Year 8 -13, and performed to an audience of almost 200 across 3 nights. Students worked extremely hard and showed excellent commitment during the process, resulting in 3 fantastic performances. The Performing Arts Department could not have been prouder of what each and every student involved achieved. Callum Lewis, a cast member commented on being a part of the production, saying that "It was nice to meet new people and I have found acting awesome. The show was a blast”. Zack King, another cast member said "I think that the show was a great experience and a great confidence booster. It also gave us a chance to meet new people." The show for both staff and students was an enjoyable and memorable experience. A huge thank you to the staff, parents, carers and students, who supported this event. Miss J Skeete - Teacher in charge of Drama

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Work Experience All BTEC students in Sixth Form secured a work experience placement for two weeks in January while the A Level students sat their pre-public exams. These placements gave students an invaluable experience about searching for a position, securing it and experiencing the world of work. We have had some wonderful feedback from the employers concerned, many of them offering to take students as full time employees once they have finished their course! Please see below write-ups from just two of the students who were highly praised during their placements. Logan Clements and Mary Handley. Summary of My Work Experience For my Year 12 work experience, I was a Teacher’s Aide (TA) at Applegarth Academy. This is a Primary School which I attended myself; however Applegarth was not an Academy at the time. I found my time at Applegarth very pleasant and it was helpful to me as I gathered many skills throughout my time there. My very first day, and lesson, I was ‘thrown into the deep end’ because I was asked to mainly focus on helping one student (this student was very challenging). The teacher expressed her gratitude to me after the lesson by saying “thank you for helping today and in particular this student”. I displayed great patience and persistence while helping them. Over the two weeks, I worked in different classes and worked with a range of teachers. I helped with Maths, SPAG, and SFA lessons (also known as English). Helping students without ‘spoon-feeding’ them tested my capability of helping, patience, ‘outside-the-box thinking’ and my overall academic knowledge. To conclude, my experience at Applegarth Academy was eventful, fun, meaningful, eye-opening, it has shown me that I would like to pursue a career as a TA in a Primary School. Overall this has been an excellent experience allowing me to obtain skills I did not previously possess, and I will take it with me for the rest of my life. Logan Clements 12H Having chosen BTEC Business Studies for one of my courses to study at A-level aside from A Level Media Studies, we were required to carry out some work experience for the duration of 2 weeks. Having been inspired by studying Media at GCSE, and now currently at A-level, I looked for something to do within the Media, however, I found great difficulty in doing so. Not long after I went to one of my Media teachers, Miss Fair, who I am now so grateful for doing so, because she was able to find and recommend me a placement within a Media company in central London called Latimer, who were also happy to take on someone my age. Latimer is a co-creation agency, who bring audiences together with brands to generate unique insights and create award winning content and campaigns. For the majority of the first week, my role was to complete all the transcript work which meant watching some of the company’s production material and typing up everything said complete with timecodes. On the second week, I was responsible for writing up a cue sheet, for ‘Sky’, which is a document containing a detailed listing of each piece of music used within a film or television production. In addition, I was also responsible for making sure the company had all the props needed for the ‘THINK’ production shoot taking place on the Thursday. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, I was unable to make the ‘THINK’ shoot but was told that the company was more than happy for me to return and get involved in an upcoming shoot. Personally, I really enjoyed my two weeks of work experience and would definitely recommend everyone giving it a go, because it does not only allow you to discover what you want to do in the future after education, but also allows you to develop as a person and discover your own strengths and weaknesses. Mary Handley 12S

A Level Drama Trip to see Gecko Theatre Company’s ‘The Wedding’ at Watford Palace Theatre On Thursday 25 January 2018, the Year 13 and Year 12 A level Drama students went to see ‘The Wedding’ at the newly refurbished Watford Palace Theatre. The students had worked with a member of the company, Katie Lusby, on a weekend residency back in October and recently completed their component 2 exam, producing devised work in the style of ‘Gecko’. The show was inventive, full of dazzling physical sequences and bursting with ideas about what makes a ‘community’. Whilst at the theatre, the students met the director of the show, Amit Lahav, and had a good catch up with Katie who performed in this wonderful piece of physical theatre. Ms B Doherty - Vice Principal Progress and Attainment at KS5

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Family Lives is a charity that supports parents and families in England with all aspects of family life. They can be contacted via the helpline, as well as through email, Skype and live chat. Languages Available: English Referral Process: Any family member Age Range: No age range Waiting List: No waiting list It is a free service funded by the Local Authority and offers the following:

Confidential Freephone helpline available Monday – Sunday 7.00 am – Midnight staffed by trained staff / volunteers

Live chat service

Email support service

Information leaflets

Useful website

Befriending service

Parenting groups



Confidential Freephone: 0808 800 2222 Email:

[email protected]


Tunstall Nursery & Children’s Centre Tunstall Road Croydon CR0 6TY


Please visit for even more information on what is available to support families.

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SIMS PARENT APP is replacing SIMS Learning Gateway Capita has recently introduced a Parent App called “SIMS Parent App”. This App will replace the old Sims Learning Gateway (SLG). SIMs Parent App is a personalised app which allows you to keep updated with school information, calendar events and contact information. You can update your child’s personal details and view their reports. The app is free to download and use. To get your Unique registration email: Complete the SIMS Parent APP reply slip that was recently sent to you. A further copy of this form can be obtained from the General Office. Once we receive your completed form, an email containing your registration form will be sent to you. It will be sent from NO REPLY SIMS, please check your Junk email. Instructions for download: Using your device (iPad, iPhone, smart pad, tablet or android phone), visit the relevant marketplace for your product (Apple Store or Google Play). Search for SIMs Parent and download the app. To download the app please follow the instructions below. Apple Users Please go to App Store Click on search and type SIMS Parent. Once downloaded, please follow the instructions in your unique registration email to log in and start using the app. Android Users Go to Google play Search for the SIMS parent app. Once installed, please follow the instructions in your unique registration email to log in and start using the app. Once downloaded, please follow the instructions in your unique registration email to log in and start using the app. SIMS PARENT APP - QUICK START GUIDE - HOW DO I REGISTER? Before beginning the registration processes, you will need the following: Your unique registration email. Upon receipt of the Electronic Home / School Communication Acceptable Use Policy Reply Slip, we will instruct Capital to send you a registration email that contains a registration link and an invitation code. This email will be sent from [email protected]. If you cannot find this email, please check your junk mail and ensure it has not been marked as SPAM. The date of birth of one of your children who attends the school. A Microsoft (including Office 365), Google, Facebook or Twitter account. You can use an existing account (e.g. a Hotmail account) or create a new one online – they are free, easy to set up and you can use any valid email address and password. Getting Started: Open the email and click the link or the website URL as instructed. A new internet browser window will open and you will be asked to log in. Users should register with a Microsoft (including Office 365), Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Click the icon for the relevant Third Party account and you will be directed to sign in using your existing details. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be guided through the login process. Once logged in, you will be asked if you want to authorise SIMS Parents to use your account. You will now be asked for an Invitation Code. If you were able to use click this link in the email you received, this field will be populated automatically. If you had to select the web address in the email, you will need to copy the invite code from the email and paste it into the space provided. Enter the Date of Birth of one of your children attending the school. This is for security purposes only and this information will not be used in the SIMs Parent system. Click the Register button to continue. Tip: Calendar event are listed in date order. You are strongly advised to check the Calendar regularly for new events.

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Croydon Safeguarding Concerns regarding Snapchat The Director Of Education and Youth Engagement for Croydon sent a letter to all Croydon schools regarding recent internet safety concerns. It is important that this letter is read and the issues raised discussed, as appropriate, with your child(ren). The letter is available on the school website. Childline have launched an app called ‘Zipit’ which you may wish your child(ren) to use if they find themselves in the situation where they receive inappropriate requests for images. Students at Shirley High School receive Internet Safety information through PSHEE sessions and are regularly reminded of the dos and don’ts for safe internet use in assemblies and computer based lessons. They have had internet safety sessions in assemblies in line with Internet Safety Week (5 February – 9 February 2018). For further information on Internet Safety, please see the Surf Safe Guide and the E-Safety presentation slides also on our website.

Live Streaming of Sexual Offending – CEOPS Education Team Briefing In response to reports of an increased threat of sexual offending via Live streaming apps, the following item posted on the CSCB site gives further information and guidance: For parents / carers finding out that images and videos of abuse are being circulated by young people and adults on social media, it can be a stressful time and difficult to know what course of action to take immediately. Here are some clear steps to take and important things to remember:

 

Please never share a video or image depicting any kind of abuse involving children

 

Report it to the platform it has been shared on e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc

If it is not on a public platform and it only exists on a device i.e. Phone, tablet. Once reported, with authorisation of CEOP or the Police, delete it from the device it has been sent to (if offender usernames are visible make note of them)

Encourage other people to report if it is being shared publicly. If you work in a school or college and are concerned about what to do with peer to peer sharing of sexual images or videos you can refer to the ‘Sexting in schools and colleges guidance’

Each time a video or image of abuse is shared it re-victimises the child and increases the likelihood of blackmail, feelings of self-blame and powerlessness Report it to CEOP if it is an image or video of sexual abuse involving a child with a link to where the video or image is hosted e.g. YouTube, Facebook.

If a parent or carer is worried about a child seeing inappropriate things online Thinkuknow/parents has more information.

Behaviour The majority of our students maintain the high standards of behaviour expected at Shirley High School and conduct themselves appropriately both in and out of school. Parents / carers’ role in this cannot be underestimated and your support in helping us educate our children in regards to their behaviour in and out of school is really appreciated. Please see our Behaviour Policy on the school website for further information as well as our Community Cohesion Policy. Both policies underpin our school values and ethos. As well as our continued focus on our Golden Rule: ‘Shirley High Students are expected to show consideration and respect to all members of the school and local community at all times’; we also have a focus on our students walking on the left as they travel around our school and ensuring students do not wear their outdoor clothing inside our school buildings. Thank you in advance for reinforcing our high expectations at home in support of our school values and ethos. Ms M Francis - Senior Vice Principal

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YEAR 7 CASTLE COMPETITION I am so proud of the effort made by Year 7. I was extremely impressed as the competition was close and so hard to choose. The main winners have been selected. The top accuracy and effort winners have shown their efforts to Mr Barrow (Principal) and will be recorded in the Book of Excellence. Mrs K O’Mahoney - Head of History Achievement and Accuracy Joint Winners Louis Watson 7L Lilleyah Vigus 7L Maisy Mitchell 7R Kevin Karsz 7L

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Effort Winners 1st Prize - Harry Littler 7S 2nd Prize - Molly McGrath 7S Joint 3rd Prize - Audrey Bianco 7E Annelie Najorka 7S Amboleyn Etherden-Light 7I