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Oct 10, 2012 - Accessories, Leisure, Confectionary, Homeware, Tableware and Kitchenware. The selection criteria for artisans and craftsmen aspiring to ...
PRESS RELEASE 10 OCTOBER 2012 July 2012 sees the exciting launch of VACANCES FRANCAISES.COM - a boutique offering the discerning shopper only the most authentic and iconic products celebrating authentic French design, lifestyle and culture. Every fantastic offering on VACANCES FRANCAISES. COM will have been produced in France, and will have its provenance explained on the site, so that visitors fully appreciate the story behind it. The 100%-Made-in-France boutique VACANCES FRANCAISES. COM will transform each visitor into an explorer of the French art de vivre across eight enticing departments: Beauty, Fashion, Accessories, Leisure, Confectionary, Homeware, Tableware and Kitchenware. The selection criteria for artisans and craftsmen aspiring to supply VF are strigent: each piece must be of the highest quality, demonstrate unique know-how, have a truly authentic design, and be made in France. Demonstration through a shopping selection  es toffe t l a sea s in 73 a e of Purs St Herbl

Ceramic pencil cup, Vallauris 133


Chain and leather bracelet, Paris 243 t, er bel Leath u 993 Milla

Cotton espadrilles, Hossegor 183

100% cotton sailor short, Quimper 693

Recycled sail cloth balluchon, La Ciotat 963

s, lotus flower Marseille soapm, 123 by 3 iu and op

Mini kraft note-book, Paris 9,93

Flick-knife, Nontron 59,53

Duralex glasses, La Chapelle St Mesmin 2,13/each


Who is the founder ? Let’s imagine an explorer with a passion for beautiful, timeless objects, a passion for authenticity & quality and a passion for French style who traveled France in search for original products. In his luggage: all the cult products which encapsulate the French style and all those on their way to be thanks to the passion of their maker… What’s behind the name ? France is the most visited country in the world, renowned for her rich heritage, culture, design and fashion. It is during holidays that we relax and take the time to shop in a more exploratory way, seeking outlocal culture and truly authentic products. Holidays are moments when we slow down, when we learnand do things we otherwise never would. Holidays are times when our senses are awoken and are more receptive to life. It is finally a magic moment where we feel more beautiful, healthy and charming. Ted Stanger, author of the book «A French obsession», wrote: «Somewhere, deep down in their heart, the French know that holidays and leisure are more than a trade-mark, like terroir products or luxury industry. They are their real vocation, their destiny.»

To contact Patrice Civanyan, the founder, please call : +33 1 64 21 26 26 PR desk - Contact Sylvain : [email protected]