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Apr 9, 2001 ... Artists include: Jim Campbell, Alex Grey, Paul Laffoley, and. Jody Zellen. Opens Saturday April 21. Reception for the artists will be from 7 -10 ...
SolwayJones April 9, 2001 Press Release

For Immediate Release gallery 2211 2211 North Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90031

Inaugural Exhibition: (part two) is an exhibition of new video, painting, drawing, and photography by artists based in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Santa Monica. Artists include: Jim Campbell, Alex Grey, Paul Laffoley, and Jody Zellen. Opens Saturday April 21. Reception for the artists will be from 7 -10 pm. Exhibition continues through May 30, 2001. Gallery Hours: Thursday through Monday, 11 am - 6 pm, and appointment. 2211 North Broadway, Los Angeles (between Ave 22 & 24). Inaugural Exhibition: (part two), opens on Saturday April 21 now with four artists who each produce work about the human figure as subject or as participant. Works in painting, drawing, photography, and video. Jim Campbell, a video artist based in San Francisco, will exhibit a new video sculpture made with LEDs (light emitting diodes) and electronics. New sculpture that combines film with digitally recorded material viewed as pixel generated light objects. Campbell will also include a new digital duratran photograph. Jim is exhibiting a related video sculpture currently at the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY. Alex Grey will exhibit a new portfolio of twenty-three Iris prints of embryonic images of Buddha. Also on exhibition, are several new paintings and drawings, which continue Grey’s interest with the subjects of life and death, psychedelics, and the spiritual in art. Alex’s major work, “Sacred Mirrors” continues to draw huge international audiences with the actual paintings being exhibited as with MOCA, San Diego two years ago, and now with the Eleventh edition printed of the “Sacred Mirrors” monograph book, now also published in five languages. Paul Laffoley has been painting now for over four decades, and is also a registered architect in Massachusetts. gallery 2211 is pleased to be able to exhibit an early work, Mind Physics - The Burning of Samsara, 1967 and two recent print editions. Other exhibitions include: Kent Gallery, NY, solo exhibition March 2001, and Architectonic Thought Forms: A Survey of the Art of Paul Laffoley, 1967 - 1999 was exhibited last year at The Austin Museum of Art (catalogue). Jody Zellen is an artist using both graphic design and photography in her work. With the latest series, "LA Seen", she uses historical and found images to 5377 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90036 ph. 323.937.7354 fx 323.937.9125 [email protected]

construct photo-based work that move the viewer through graphic space and the 20th Century. is Zellen’s web project that relates to this series and concurrent exhibitions. A new site specific work on mylar can now be viewed at The Fullerton Museum of Art at Cal State, San Bernardino titled City Views. The exhibition includes other photo work by Zellen, and is on view through May 19, 2001.