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Apr 6, 2012 - different platforms, from Android to iOS, from the PC to Xbox. And since ...... 10.1. AnTuTu score: 5,089. CPU: Dual-core 1GHz. Cortex-A9. GPU:.



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No mercy, prepare for hell on Earth! We grab a tentacle… it likes it.

PREVIEWS Max Payne 3 XCOM: Enemy Unknown Tribes: Ascend


REVIEWS Mass Effect 3 Soul Calibur V Syndicate Wipeout 2048 Binary Domain


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There’s a lot to love about the work we do. Sure, it’s often tough and occasionally the only food the staffers can afford is the crumbs left on the floor of Michael’s new Land Rover, but we’d not trade it for anything in the world. Let us tell you why.

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I, Gamer The Game Stalker The Indie Investigator Miktar’s Meanderings Hardwired Game Over

30 DO IT YOURSELF Breaking into game development doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. We talk to some industry professionals and set you on the path to becoming the next great game developer.

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April 2012

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Monster Hunter 3G Street Fighter X Tekken PlanetSide 2 Tribes: Ascend Skullgirls

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Reviews: Introduction Short Reviews: Little Deviants / ModNation Racers: Road Trip / Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Mass Effect 3 Soul Calibur V Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Final Fantasy XIII-2 Syndicate Binary Domain Asura’s Wrath Grand Slam Tennis 2 UFC Undisputed 3 Wipeout 2048 Alan Wake (PC) Alan Wake’s American Nightmare / Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Gotham City Impostors

Michael went to Burger King. Along the way, he stopped to have a look at the real X-COM remake. He saw many nice things. The end.

42 MAX PAYNE 3 We travel to London to see New York and São Paulo in action. Things get shot, stuff explodes and Michael gets Burger King’s “special sauce” all over his face.

48 PROTOTYPE 2 We shipped Dane off to London in a glorified box labelled “economy class” to spend a day annoying people in the London Underground with a giant foam Prototype blade. He may or may not have gotten his hands on Prototype 2 as well.

98 TABLET TESTING It’s tough to decide which tablet to go for in a world overflowing with the things. We’ll help you decide which horse to bet on.

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DEMOS Cell Emergence / Jagged Alliance: Back in Action / Mass Effect 3 / Rayman Origins / Unstoppable Gorg



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EXTRAS Cheatbook Database + updates to March 2012 Gamecca volume 3 Issue 33 March 2012 [Free Games]: 8-Bit Halloween / Deity / DOOMRL Frostbite / Kerbal Space Program / SCP-087 Shark Attack / Space Quest II remake [Wallpapers]: Mass Effect 3: Earth / Mass Effect 3: Reaper Attack [Utilities]: VideoLAN

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/ HARDWARE / Editor’s note

A funny thing happened on the way to space… I’ve been playing games longer than anyone I know. I’ve never really cared too much about characters or consequences; I think I grasped early on that it was all just fun and games. This was of course a time when a blob of coloured pixels represented your hero and your imagination had to fill in the rest. Anyhow, the other week along came something that hasn’t happened to me before. Perhaps I wasn’t paying attention all along, or I’ve just been playing the wrong kind of games up until now. Not sure why it hasn’t happened but that’s not important – it did. In the fi rst Mass Effect I chose Liara T'Soni as my girlfriend because I thought some alien action would be interesting and different. It was all good and didn’t really mean anything until I met her in Mass Effect 2 where she shunned me (I was presumed dead for the last two years) over her career. I was a bit miffed but then I did have a ship full of other girls that needed attention including Miranda (a gorgeous sexy human) and Tali (a mysterious alien with a covered face) and Jack (a tough as nails tattooed human) and, of course, my assistant Kelly. They are all decent options except Kelly, because she works for me. As the game went along a moment came where I had to choose who would be the next one, also remembering that my choices here go through to Mass Effect 3 … I left the response cursor lingering over the option for about five minutes – pondering options; I didn’t really know what to do. Should I go for the obvious choice and choose Miranda or try something different with Tali even though my last alien encounter left a lingering sour taste? What to do, what to do. I then started mentally tallying pros and cons, I’m not completely sure of Miranda because she’s got plenty of baggage and the last thing I wanted is endless hours of in-game dialogue about how insecure she is and so on. The mysterious Tali is more consistent and straightforward but who knows what she’s hiding behind that mask... So there I was, caught between two women and not knowing who to choose. I had also resisted the easy out by taking advantage of one tough tattooed girl (Jack); she was eager and keen but I knew it would never last. She’s way too unstable as well and might end up killing me while I sleep. So I chose Tali at the end of the day and was a little sad about the lost potential with Miranda. Later that day I went to my captain’s quarters and the picture of Liara (my fi rst alien love) was turned down; she had been looking at me the whole game while I wondered why I wasn’t good enough anymore. But when I chose Tali the game state altered and the picture was face down – simply incredible, such a small thing. At


April 2012


some point I will remember that I am only playing a game and none of this is real, and I’ll also stop trying to think about it when I’m not playing it. I’ve got Mass Effect 3 ready to play but I need to fi nish ME2 and this deadline and so on… Oh, the thing that hadn’t happened before was me caring about something I did in a game. I’m still wondering if I did the right thing.



It’s our birthday issue. I’m not really sure what to say after 14 years of doing this so I’ll end it here. The redesign is all done and dusted and I must say a huge thanks to Chris for putting in all those extra hours. From experience I know it’s not easy. Please let us know what you think. In this issue we have three mega competitions and they’re all linked to www.facebook. com/NAGMagazine. Our plan is to increase our exposure and for that you could win stuff. Go do the right thing; I’m sure you’ll agree those prizes are epic.




Thanks must go out this issue to the guys and girls at Firaxis, Rockstar, Radical Entertainment, Activision and 2K Games and of course Megarom. They all had a hand in making the Prototype 2 cover feature happen as well as our big previews on Max Payne 3 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. There’s just no better way to get the skinny on an upcoming game than going on an airplane somewhere far and playing it yourself. Enjoy the articles and know that they took a little more blood, sweat and tears to get than normal.

PERKY NANA This is a quest for all you NAG readers (and you can win a free subscription for a year). Seeing that the clowns over at Cadbury aren’t replying to mail at [email protected] I thought I’d ask our readers to help me. I’m looking for any shop that sells the Perky Nana. I remember this from my youth but can’t fi nd it anywhere. The first reader to mail me with a confi rmed location gets the subscription. Go! Have a fun one and send us love and happy thoughts. RedTide Editor


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*Disclaimer: Most of the letters sent to this fine publication are printed more or less verbatim (that means we don’t edit or fix them for you slow kids at the back), so ignore any spelling or grammatical errors. It’s not us… it’s you.

LETTER OF THE MONTH APRIL 2012 From: Danielle Subject: NAG: Neurotic Addicted Gamers So on the last Thursday of every month the most epic magazine is available. As I enter the shop my stomach tightens in anticipation. My breath catches as I spot NAG on the shelf, all glossy and beautifully packaged. My fingers tingle as I gently pick it up and take it to the cashier. After paying for it I hurry home. As soon as I get home I sit down and gently remove it from the package. The smooth surface is cold to the touch, and as I run my fingertips over the title 'NAG', time stops and nothing exists except me, and NAG