Princess Stories

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Barbie as the island princess by Mary Man-Kong, 2007. j P BARBIE BARBIE. Shipwrecked ... Barbie : Princess Charm School adapted by Ruth Homberg, 2011 .
Princess Stories PICTURE BOOKS Princess Bess gets dressed by Margery Cuyler, 2009. j P CUYLER A fashionably dressed princess reveals her favorite clothes at the end of a busy day. Princess Grace by Hary Hoffman, 2008. j P HOFFMAN Grace wants to participate in her community festival's princess float, but first she must decide what sort of a princess she wants to be--from an African princess in kente cloth robes to a floaty pink fairy tale princess. Goldilicious by Victoria Kann, 2009. j P KANN A little girl and her brother play with her imaginary gold-horned unicorn that can float on water, fly, and turn herself into a fairy princess. Ariel’s secret by Melissa Lagonegro, 2005. j P DISNEY P ARIEL’S Ariel keeps secret the fact that she saved Prince Eric from drowning. Princess Me by Karma Wilson, 2007. j P WILSON A little girl imagines being a princess, with her stuffed animals serving as royal subjects. Princess Gown by Linda Leopole Strauss, 2008. j PO STRAUSS If the wedding dress young Hanna's family is making is not chosen for the princess, they will go to the poor house but thanks to Hanna's sharp eyes and artistic ability, her father stands a very good chance of becoming Embroiderer to the Princess. Barbie as the island princess by Mary Man-Kong, 2007. j P BARBIE BARBIE Shipwrecked on a tropical island as a child, Rosella is raised by a group of friendly animals. Years pass, then a handsome prince discovers the young woman and takes her back to civilization. Will Rosella and her animal family be able to adjust to the strange new world-- and stop a wicked queen's plot to overthrow the kingdom? Barbie : Princess Charm School adapted by Ruth Homberg, 2011. J E BARBIE PRINCESS Blair attends the Princess Charm School and becomes friends with her roommates, Isla and Hadley. With the help of their sprites, they learn how to be royal ladies. But is Blair really Princess Sophia? Barbie, the princess & the popstar: star power adapted by Mary Man-Kong,2012. J E BARBIE Princess Tori, who wants to be a famous singer, meets pop star Keira, who wants to be a princess, and they decide to trade places. Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty adapted by Monique Peterson 2000. j P WALT DIS Doomed to sleep for one hundred years by a wicked fairy, a beautiful princess finally awakens with the kiss of a prince Princess bedtime stories, Disney Princess series, 2010. j P PRINCESS The princess encyclopedia by Jo Casey, et al., 2010 j 791.4375 DISNEY P PRINCESS Learn about your favorite Disney princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan and Tiana.

2 Princess Hyacinth: (the surprising tale of a girl who floated) by Florence Parry Heide, 2009. j P HEIDE Princess Hyacinth is bored and unhappy sitting in her palace every day because, unless she is weighed down by specially-made clothes, she will float away, but her days are made brighter when kite-flying Boy stops to say hello. The perfect princess tea party: read-along storybook and CD written by Kitty Richards, 2012. J CD/BOOK STORIES Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella are each planning the perfect princess tea party. One perfect day by Steve Purcell, 2012. J P BRAVE

In the rugged Highlands of Scotland, young princess Merida loves to explore the lands of her kingdom.

PRINCESS FAIRY TALES, CRAFTS, BIOGRAPHIES, MUSIC. Snow white/ Blancanieves adapted by Miguel Desclot, 2008. j LANGUAGE SPANISH 398.2094 GRIMM. Text in English and Spanish. Snow White and the seven dwarfs told by Deanna McFadden, 2012. J 398.2094 GERMANY GRIMM m The princess and the Lord of Night by Emma Bull, 1994. j 398.2 BULL B Cursed at birth by an evil lord, a princess uses intelligence, cleverness, and generosity to outwit the lord and undo the spell. The classic treasury of princess fairy tales retold by Margaret Clark, 2005. j 398.2 CLARK. Princess Stories compiled by Cooper Edens, 2004. j 398.2094 EUROPE PRINCESS Cinderella -- The frog prince -- The little mermaid -- The princess and the pea -- Rapunzel -Sleeping Beauty -- Snow White and the seven dwarfs -- Beauty and the beast. Cinderella retold by various authors is at j 398.2094 FRANCE PERRAULT

The frog prince by the Brothers Grimm, retold by Kathy-jo Wargin, 2007. j 398.2094 GERMANY GRIMM As payment for retrieving the princess's ball, the frog exacts a promise which the princess is reluctant to fulfill. The Firebird by Demi, 1994. j 398.2094 RUSSIA DEMI With the aid of his magical horse, Ptitsa, a young archer fulfills the increasingly difficult requests of Tsar Ivan and wins the hand of Princess Vassilissa. The tale of the Firebird by Gennady Spirin, 2002. j 398.2094 RUSSIA SPIRIN When Prince Ivan sets out to find the Firebird for his father the tsar, he must complete a series of tasks before obtaining the Firebird and winning the hand of a beautiful princess. The frog princess: a Russian folktale retold by j. Patrick Lewis, 1994. j 398.2094 RUSSIA LEWIS Forced to marry an ugly frog, the youngest son of the Tsar is astounded to learn that the frog is really the beautiful princess Vasilisa the Wise.

3 Turandot retold by Marianna Mayer, 1995. j 398.2095 IRAN GOZZI Princess Turandot asks three riddles of her suitors, and only the one who answers them correctly can become her husband.

The starlight princess and other princess stories retold by Annie Dalton, 1999. j 398.22 DALTON The princess & the pea -- The frog princess -- King Grizzlebeard -The starlight princess -- The sleeping beauty -- The twelve dancing princesses -- The egg prince -- White-Bear-King Valemon. A treasury of princesses: princess tales from around the world retold by Shirley Climo, 1996. j 398.22 CLIMO Presents retellings of seldom-heard princess tales, featuring such heroines as White Jade, Gulnara, and Vasilisa the Frog Princess. A discussion of princess lore precedes each selection. Princess things to make and do by Ruth Brocklehurst, 2004. j 745.5 BROCKLEH Princess crafts by Elizabeth Hauser, 2003. j 745.5 HAUSER The princess book: every girl can be a princess—with princess parties, recipes, costumes, and more by Mallory Loehr, 1996. j 745.5 LOEHR The Usborne princess treasury by Susanna Davidson and Katie Daynes, 2006. j 940.1086 DAVIDSON. Provides a look at the life of a real-life princess, from birth through marriage. Includes a collection of princess handicrafts, a princess scrapbook, and five fairy tales featuring princesses. Imagine you’re a princess! by Princess Magerella and Princess Lulubelle, 2005. j 940.1086 CLIBBON Biographies of Princess Diana are at j B DIANA, of Kate Middleton at B CATHERINE Disney princess party j CD SONGS DISNEY P Turn every party into a royal occasion. Sing-Along with Disney’s Princesses j CD SOUNDTRACK SING-ALO Updated 3/2013