Problem Solving Critical Thinking Researching Skills Communication ...

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Problem Solving. Critical Thinking. Researching Skills. Communication Skills. Ethical Awareness. 1. RETRIEVING. Libraria

UCD Library has developed a range of resources that support the achievement of identified programme outcomes. The toolkit supports students’ transition to third level education, becoming independent rather than dependent learners, developing skills which are integral to problem solving, critical thinking, researching and communicating. Students learn how to solve problems independently by effectively retrieving relevant information, critically evaluating information in relation to their needs and managing & communicating information in an ethical and appropriate way.

1. RETRIEVING Identify information need


Retrieve relevant information

Evaluate Information

Use appropriate sources

Problem Solving Critical Thinking Researching Skills Communication Skills Ethical Awareness

3. MANAGING Using information ethically

Communicate information effectively



Delivery? Self-Directed

Online Tool

Adapted from ANZIIL Standards


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