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What Can You Do? Support Local Green Businesses ... Encourage your company to take the Burnaby. Board of ... Volunteer w
Prosper Now

Green and Inclusive Economy

Future Goal

What Can You Do?

A prosperous economy that supports a healthy environment. Why it Matters:

• The green economy is a fast-growing sector in both BC and the world. • Improving sustainability can also improve a business’s bottom line. • Green businesses can attract people to live, work and invest in Burnaby. • Businesses can help to encourage others to make green choices too.


Burnaby has a large number of jobs and a wide variety of industries including high technology and environmentally focused companies.

Did you know?

• Burnaby has maintained about 11% of the region’s employment since 1971. • Burnaby gained over 19,000 jobs in the 10 years from 2001 to reach almost 139,000 jobs in 2011.

Businesses ‘Pledge’ for Sustainability The Burnaby Board of Trade’s Pledge for A Sustainable Community is an online resource for helping businesses large and small make smart environmental choices, save money and promote their companies. Companies that take the Pledge can access tips and case studies, share their successes, serve as role models, and take on new environmental challenges. The Pledge is becoming a significant part of the BBOT brand and has generated a lot of interest from other organizations throughout North America. For more info please visit

Support Local Green Businesses

Control: Low level of City control and influence. City



f ) Consider updating existing City policies including the Economic Development Stategy.

FUTURE Big Move 7.1 Work with the Burnaby Board of Trade, post-secondary institutions and other organizations to expand Burnaby’s green economic sector and improve environmental performance of businesses. Suggested Actions: a) Encourage more green businesses to locate in Burnaby. b) Consider creating partnerships between businesses and educational institutions to develop plans and programs to reduce waste, use less energy/water and reduce GHG emissions. c) Investigate the role incentives could have in encouraging innovative green business practices. d) Encourage research and development of green technologies.

7.2 Work with the Burnaby Board of Trade, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations to promote green businesses and celebrate their successes. Suggested Actions: a) Support and promote more businesses to take the Burnaby Board of Trade’s (BBOT) Pledge for a Sustainable Community, Climate Smart program, and other similar programs. b) Encourage businesses with outstanding green programs to apply to the City’s existing annual Environmental Awards program. c) Support the development and use of green business standards that help people make environmentally wise choices.

e) Support green social enterprises by promoting and partnering with non- profit groups with an environmental focus.

= Big NEW Moves

Suggested Actions: a) Promote businesses that are leading in reducing their environmental footprint.

Quick Start #15

Work with BBOT to create an online directory of local ‘green’ products and services. b) Explore working with businesses and industries beyond the city’s borders to further reduce waste affecting Burnaby, and make use of wastes commonly produced in Burnaby. c) Investigate ways to encourage more businesses to locate in Burnaby that recycle, reuse or harvest waste for energy.

Get Engaged

• Give businesses feedback about their environmental performance. • Promote sustainability in your workplace. • Encourage your company to take the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Pledge for Sustainability. • Volunteer with a local environmental non- profit community group.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

• Reduce: Share things like tools with neighbours. • Reuse: Buy used items instead of new or re- sell items you no longer need. • Recycle: Choose to buy products made from recycled materials. Want more info on how to get started? Please go to

+ Read more on page 65. = Big Moves IN PROGRESS

7.3 Work with the Burnaby Board of Trade, post-secondary institutions, and other organizations to strengthen the business sector that facilitates recycling and reuse.

• Buy eco-friendly products. • Shop at locally owned businesses instead of ‘big box’ stores. • Support businesses that take action for the environment. • Shop at thrift stores and other stores that offer re-used items.

= FUTURE Big Moves

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