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... DISCOVER ext-RAW-dinary NEW SENSATIONS ... How to continue preparing Raw Food once you get home, ... on a beautiful rural finca on Mallorca Where .


Vacation and Intensive RAW FOOD Culinary Training Course A taste of Hippocrates based on the teachings of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, and the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, California.

Imagine a different kind of vacation for 2 Weeks on a beautiful rural finca on Mallorca Where ...

You Will Start Your Transition to Raw Food and Discover the Heavenly Pleasures Awaiting You on the other Side! Re-capture How you can feel an abundance of energy and zest for life in a way you could never imagine! How to rediscover the joys and your new relationship with fruits and vegetables! How to lose or gain weight easily while having fun! How to have bright eyes and shiny hair and glowing skin! How to obtain mental clarity! How to maintain peak health! How to maintain a pain-free body! How to relax and unwind with yoga and meditation How to continue preparing Raw Food once you get home, thanks to the excellent classes received during the second week by the two expert Chefs, whose experience adds up to over two decades   as Raw Vegan Chefs. Copyright © Beverley Pugh | Raw Food Diet for Life


28 July - 3 August

RAW Food Vacation Mallorca 2013 Week 1 includes: Nutritious and healing Hippocrates-Gourmet-Plus-style food, dinner and breakfast. Daily Hippocrates-style juices and nutritious fun smoothies. Shared accommodation with own bathroom. 5/90-minute yoga sessions. 5/60 minute active and passive meditation. One body massage with essential oils. A daily shot of wheatgrass (and information about this miracle food), providing the harvest is sufficient, otherwise it will be given in powder form. A daily session with the chi machine to realign your spine. Free time to enjoy the sun and the magical beaches of Majorca. An exclusive monotone concert (ancestral instrument). Conference on the importance of organic farming given by a professional of the sector. Informative talk about rebirthing and the importance of body oxygenation. High quality individual. sessions are available for rebirthing. We recommend you make your reservation on the first day. Introduction to Human Design and how to live your design. You can make a reservation to obtain your customized chart report and find out what is your role on this planet. Early booking on first day recommended. Conference on the healing properties of Aromatherapy. Conference on the importance of spiritual purification and how to incorporate it into your daily experience. Conference on the benefits of organic cosmetics. Explanation of cleansing processes: purification, enemas, wheatgrass and the chi machine. Explanation of cleansing processes: purification, enemas, wheatgrass and the chi machine Reflexology, Reiki, and Thai Massage (optional) are not included.

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4 -10 August

Intensive RAW Food Culinary Training, Mallorca 2013 Week 2 The training includes: Preparing, demonstrating and explaining raw vegan recipes, from the most simple to the most elaborate, gourmet-type Raw Food Cuisine: Explanation and preparation of Hippocrates-style nutritious and healing food. Dishes for everyday cooking and for special events The art of dehydrating Divine “pastries” to open your senses Raw chocolate and its benefits. How to prepare delicious milks made of nuts and seeds Successful sprouting at home / restaurant / hotel The difference between juicing and blending and their benefits Different options for fun breakfasts Savouring of all dishes prepared by Chefs Beverley Pugh and Sarmado Sibley. Dossier and explanation of all the recipes Schedule: 9.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday

And... much more! Nutritious and healing Hippocrates-Gourmet-Plus style breakfast lunch and dinner. Daily Hippocrates-style juices Daily Nutritious and fun-packed smoothies Accommodation in a shared room with bathroom Single rooms depending on availability Free time to enjoy the sun and the magical beaches of Majorca Massage, Reflexology and Reiki, optional Private yoga class, optional Individual class of conscious breathing, rebirthing, optional. Evening meditation class, on request Live Music.

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RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013

What to Pack in Your Suitcase? Comfortable clothing, preferably natural fabrics Bio Mosquito repellent Bio organic sunscreen Thick socks for the meditation room Towel: Although the Finca will provide towels for the daily shower, you will need to bring one for meditation and another one for the beach Swimwear to enjoy the pool / beach Deodorant, perfumes, aftershave, toothpaste, hair conditioner and detergent all from an organic source Confortable sandals Yoga mat

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RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013 LOGISTICS / FAQ Time of arrival at the Finca: between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Sunday. Vacate room on Saturday, day of departure: before 12 noon (lunch or packed lunch included). Optional car rental is possible but not included. A supplement will be required for a single room if available. Approximate price for the taxi from the airport to the Finca is 40 €. From Me, Beverley to YOU

With 3 decades of experience of personal growth and continuous training, I feel completely prepared to help you begin YOUR new venture in life! Only you know what is best for you! Wake up! Look in the mirror and say YES!!! This is your moment, when you can feel that RAW FOOD is SEXY, EXCITING and STIMULATING!

Details at a Glance VENUE

Centro Carpe, Lloseta, Majorca. A beautiful and relaxing Finca far from the main road, with spectacular views of the Tramontana, in the middle of the countryside and 15 minutes by car from the stunning beaches of -

the Bay of Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa. We offer you the chance to enjoy a complete vacation plus a unique Raw Food culinary training course taught by Sarmado Sibley, a Raw Food Chef, invited from Great Britain for this event, and Beverley Pugh.


WEEK 1: From 28th July to 3rd August A vacation with a difference! Hippocrates-Gourmet-Plus-style. WEEK 2: From 4th to 10th of August The Intensive Raw Food Culinary Training will take place from Monday to Friday. Optional WEEK 2: The training is open to YOU for professional or private use in basic and gourmet Raw Food with the possibility to stay at the Finca or not All the food is ORGANIC, almost always from a local source and prepared with an abundance of love. Copyright © Beverley Pugh | Raw Food Diet for Life


RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013 How to Invest in Yourself

WE E K 1 1.

28 - 3 August

Raw Food Vacation: 1.300€ 4 -10 August


Option 1: Intensive Raw Food Culinary Training WITH accommodation: 1.550€ Option 2: Intensive Raw Food Culinary Training WITHOUT accommodation: 990€ S P E C I A L OF F ER

Weeks 1 and 2: 28 July - 10 August 1. Super pack Vacation + Course: 2.425€ !



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Deposit half the amount of the chosen modality into the account: "! :;(*,+!?+;3@(&A!(>>+3,)!BBC0!D7E8!5/BD!BB88!CD0C! "! F3)%*G$!+.!:;(*,
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RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013 ¿Who is Sarmado?

Sarmado began his career in food aged fifteen as an apprentice chef at the Michelin stared “Relais & Chateaux’’ hotel Gravetye Manor in West Sussex. He went on to work with the Roux Brothers and alongside some of the UK’s leading chefs. As pastry chef for celebrity cook Anthony Tobin, he was introduced to Richard Neat and was taught ‘the art of the craft’. By the age of twenty, Sarmado was working in Porto Cervo, Sardinia as head chef of a prestigious restaurant offering locally sourced & often organic produce.

Sarmado has worked as head chef at high-end events, including the state opening of Parliament and has had clients such as celebrities, fashion houses, heads of state and the CEO’s of some of the worlds Sarmado Sibley

leading industries.

By the year 2000, following the creation of a successful

events company and having worked as

a chef in the film and television industry it was time for something different. Having explored at best the finest in dining Sarmado felt there was something missing…

In 2004 he was introduced to Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic foods which completely transformed his approach to both food and cooking. Both could be used to bring about an optimal state of health and well-being, which was so very different to how he had been initially taught.

He then trained in various meditation & holistic practices throughout Asia before discovering ‘Raw Foods’ in Thailand during 2006. In 2010 he studied ‘David Wolfes’ Longevity program, trained as a raw food coach with Karen Knowler and participated in many fasting and detox programmes.

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RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013 Who am I?

Ever since I can remember, I have always had problems with food. When I was a teenager, I was completely anaemic and weighed less than 40 kilos (88 lb). Later on, I suffered from hepatitis B and had to spend more than six months in bed. Luckily, I had the help of a very caring and dedicated allopathic doctor at the time, who recommended I abstain from eating meat and dairy products in order to recover and save my life. I won the battle! And very successfully so!

From then on, my goal has been to help people with serious health problems and that is why, more than two decades ago, I created one of the first centers for alternative therapies and personal growth of Majorca, Bodhana, where I introduced Reflexology and Reiki on the islands. But after a few years, I was bedridden again.

Beverley Pugh

For 2 months I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and hyperglycemia and, once again, saved my life through food, this time with the macrobiotic diet. Again I survived! After this experience I became a pioneer by expanding my range of activities and creating a massage center by the sea, on the beautiful beach of Illetas.

I continued my training with many internationally renowned teachers within the realm of health and personal growth, and as rebirther and psychotherapist. During one of my training sessions in Virginia (USA), I bought a book by David Wolfe on raw food. I had no idea what it was, but I devoured the book in one single night and the next day I searched the Internet to find out more about this amazing concept. I don't believe in coincidences, and when I learned that David Wolfe was going to give a lecture in New York the following week, I was there listening to information which literally "blew the lid off my brains" and made a lot of sense to me: "Cooked food is dead and raw food is life”.

I became a raw vegan the next day. Two years later, I went back to U:S:A to

train at the Hippocrates Health Institute, ranked as the world's number one educational medical health spa, in West Palm Beach, Florida (USA). Since then I have continued to enhance my education as a Raw Food Chef, teacher and instructor, until I sold the Bodhana center four years ago, in order to complete my training as a Raw Food coach, dedicating myself to it with body and soul. I now prepare healthy food, work as private health consultant and chef, and have written a Raw Food book in Spanish ... Weighing 14 kilos less than 11 years ago and having reached the ”golden age”, it turns out that I have more energy now than when I was 18! I've never felt so full of life. Life is so exciting and stimulating. You can feel like this! This way of eating can change your life forever!

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RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013 Who am I?

As Health Educator and Coach according to the Hippocrates (Health Institute) teachings and as Raw Food Chef and Instructor (a Lifestyle Based on the living food principle), my purpose in life is to help those who, like you, are open and ready to learn and increase their awareness to feel peak health, feel better than they could ever have imagined, have a stress-free life style, free of disease, free of pain, loose or gain weight, have a glowing skin and shiny hair, rejuvenate and enjoy longevity.

Testimonials: “I know the profound importance Beverley gives to her diet. Over the years I have seen her evolve constantly in consciousness, spirituality, I've seen her passing hard times, personal crises, profound changes in her being ... but always to emerge stronger and grow as a person at all levels. !"# $%&# '%(&)$# *$%# +,%*# $('# (-'.# *&("'/.&0%+# $%&# ("+# ,"*%"',1%+# $%&# 2"+%&'*("+,"3# ./# *$%# "2*&,),(-#4%"%1*'#./#&(5#/..+6#".*#."-7#8".5,"3#5%--#*$%#"2*&,*,."(-#('9%)*'#./#&(5#/..+:#42*#(-'.# and more importantly, has deepened her spirituality and philosophy in perfect balance with nature.” Dra. Rocío Muñoz “Thank you Beverley for having let us share this experience with you. We have learned to understand and be more in harmony with our bodies, you are amazing. Continue to reach out with your work to as many people as possible” Dr. Hector Guiral and family

www.RawFoodbyBeverley.com tel +34 629 867 785

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RAW FOOD Vacations Mallorca 2013 Who am I?

My services Private 1on1 consultation and coaching to help you make a Smooth Transition to Raw Food Individual program and residential Detox groups, based on the Hippocrates Health Institute philosophy. Workshops and catering events Culinary training courses on Raw Food Re-vamping your kitchen ready for Raw Foods

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food”

www.RawFoodbyBeverley.com tel +34 629 867 785

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