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Magic, religion, and medicine in antiquity have long been topics of interest and ... (HP) RELI 66 DEMONOLOGY: RELIGION & THE DARK SIDE Julie Byrne TR ...
What do we STUDY when we STUDY religion? • Globalization • Health and healing • Science and technology • Politics, economics, and media • Race and ethnicity • Gender and sexuality • The history of ideas • Secularisms and social movements • Decolonialism & colonial modernity • Sustainability & environmentalism • Art, literature, and music • Law, policy, and civic engagement Credit: Eric Liesse, Wikimedia Commons US Air Force imam meets with Muslim US troopers in Guantanamo

Courses scheduled for Fall 2016 RELI 10 HUHC 20F RELI 40 JWST 49/RELI 49 RELI 50 RELI 86

What is Religion? (HP) Making Babies: Religion & Reproduction Yoga, Health, and Psychology (CC, HP) Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought (HP) Islam (CC) Religion and Medicine (CC, IS)

Dr. Byrne Dr. Burlein Dr. Bhogal Dr. Slabodsky Dr. Rashid Dr. Burlein

JWST 101G/ RELI 140W RELI 104 RELI 140X

Masters of Suspicion (HP)

TR 11:10-12:35 TR 12:45-2:10 MF 11:15-12:40 MW 2:55-4:20 TR 2:20-3:45 TR 2:20-3:45 or 4:30-5:55 Dr. Slabodsky MW 4:30-5:55

Buddhist Thought (CC, HP) Race and Religion in the Americas (HP)

Dr. Bhogal Dr. Byrne

MW 2:55-4:20 TR 12:45-2:10

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