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Sep 13, 2017 - and a transformative oracle bone that is coveted by forces both good and evil. ..... Thema: FBA 1DST, 1KB
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Livres Canada Books is pleased to present the 2017–2018 edition of the new Rights Canada catalogue!

Livres Canada Books est heureux de vous présenter l’édition 2017-2018 du catalogue Droits du Canada, nouvelle formule !

Ahead of Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 at which Canada will be the Guest of Honour, we are delighted to present the new Rights Canada. Now published once a year, the catalogue will promote an extended list of titles and benefit from increased visibility through a partnership with the online rights platform, IPR License.

À l’approche de la Foire du livre de Francfort 2020 au cours de laquelle le Canada sera l’invité d’honneur, nous nous réjouissons que les titres inscrits à Droits du Canada bénéficient d’une visibilité élargie grâce au partenariat avec la plateforme de droits en ligne, IPR License.

Whether published in English, French or other languages in translation, Canadian writers have captured the imagination of millions of readers around the world and their many awards and recognitions are a tribute to that reputation. Showcasing more than 280 titles, this edition of Rights Canada offers yet more great Canadian fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, young adult fiction, and scholarly publications. Canadian publishers have so much to offer and so many extraordinary stories to share. We encourage you to consult the Livres Canada Books web database for more Canadian titles. Many titles listed in this catalogue are available as ebooks and inventoried online. You can also consult our online calendar of international book fairs at which Canadian publishers are present to arrange meetings in advance. We know that the outstanding quality and creativity of Canadian publishing represented in this edition of Rights Canada will encourage you to continue working with Canadian publishers. Happy reading!

Les auteurs canadiens, qu’on les lise en français, en anglais ou dans d’autres langues, réussissent à captiver et stimuler l’imaginaire des lecteurs du monde entier, et les nombreux prix et reconnaissances qu’ils reçoivent en témoignent. Mettant en vedette plus de 280 titres, la présente édition du catalogue Droits du Canada offre de nouveaux titres canadiens tout aussi exceptionnels, qu’il s’agisse de romans, de livres de non fiction, de livres pour enfants, de romans jeunes adultes ou de publications savantes. Les éditeurs canadiens ont tant à offrir et tant de récits extraordinaires à présenter. Nous vous encourageons à consulter la base de données Web de Livres Canada Books pour explorer d’autres titres canadiens. Plusieurs titres inscrits à ce catalogue sont d’ailleurs offerts en formats numériques et sont répertoriés en ligne. Vous pouvez également consulter notre calendrier des foires internationales du livre en ligne auxquelles les éditeurs canadiens participent, afin de planifier une rencontre. Nous espérons que la qualité exceptionnelle des titres et la créativité des auteurs canadiens annoncés dans la présente édition du catalogue Droits du Canada vous inciteront à continuer de collaborer avec les éditeurs canadiens. Bonne lecture !

François Charette Executive Director | Directeur général Livres Canada Books www.livrescanadabooks.com


Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018


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2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



RIGHTS CANADA • DROITS DU CANADA Volume 27, No. 2 | Volume 27 nº 2 A publication of Livres Canada Books, the organization responsible for supporting and developing Canadian publishers’ export activities. Une publication de Livres Canada Books, l’organisme chargé du soutien et du développement des activités d’exportation des éditeurs canadiens. © 2017 Livres Canada Books ISSN 1203-1887 Livres Canada Books 1 Nicholas, Suite/bureau 504 Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7 Canada Tel./Tél. +1 613 562-2324 Fax/Téléc. +1 613 562-2329 [email protected] www.livrescanadabooks.com Design, typesetting and layout by: Hannah Johnson


Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018


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Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker

Accordéon by Kaie Kellough

Carleigh Baker likes to make light in the dark. Whether plumbing family ties, the end of a marriage, or death itself, she never lets go of the witty, the ironic, and perhaps most notably, the awkward. Despite the title, the resolution in these stories isn’t always tragic, but it’s often uncomfortable, unexpected, or just plain strange.

The Ministry of Culture wants to control the flying canoe. Accordéon is the testimony of an anonymous witness. It is a satire in which fantasy and reality are enmeshed, and the past, the present, and the future exist simultaneously. Finalist for the 2017 Amazon First Novel Award. World rights excluding United States

World rights available Anvil Press

BISAC: FIC029000 Thema: FBA

2017 | English ISBN: 9781772140767 C$18.00; 168 pgs.

BISAC: FIC048000, FIC019000 ARP Books 2016 | English ISBN: 9781894037839 C$18.95; 168 pgs.

Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You by Jill Sexsmith

Everything Is Awful and You’re a Terrible Person by Daniel Zomparelli

Somewhere a Long and Happy Life Probably Awaits You explores the peculiar places we look for validation, a purpose, a life we might recognize as wholly our own. As her off-kilter heroes and heroines struggle with relationships, Sexsmith deftly cuts through raw and intimate moments to show how strangely impervious to their desperate circumstances people can be.

In these unconventional, interconnected stories, gay men look for love in any way possible. From social media to finding someone within a dream, the ways in which these characters search for joy becomes both limitless and overwhelming. With wry abandon and a beguiling heart, Everything Is Awful is a deadpan, tragicomic exploration of love, desire, and dysfunction in the 21st century.

ARP Books

World rights excluding United States

Arsenal Pulp Press

World rights available

2016 | English ISBN: 9781894037716 C$18.95; 160 pgs.

BISAC: FIC029000, FIC019000, FIC016000

2017 | English ISBN: 9781551526751 C$15.95; 204 pgs.

BISAC: FIC029000, FIC011000 Thema: FBA

Oracle Bone by Lydia Kwa

Spark of Light: Short Stories by Women Writers of Odisha Edited by Valerie Henitiuk and Supriya Kar

This extraordinary magic-realist novel by Singaporeborn author Lydia Kwa employs and subverts traditional tropes of Chinese mythology to tell a tale with a wickedly modern sensibility. A subversive, magic-realist novel set in seventh-century China featuring ghosts, powerful women, martial arts, and a transformative oracle bone that is coveted by forces both good and evil. World rights available Arsenal Pulp Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781551526997 C$19.95; 304 pgs.

BISAC: FIC014000, FIC054000, FIC061000, FIC012000 Thema: FBA, FDK

AU Press (Athabasca University) 2016 | English ISBN: 9781771991674 C$27.95; 264 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: FIC029000 Thema: FYB

1979 by Ray Robertson

Blue Field by Elise Levine

Tom Buzby is 13 years old and lives in Chatham. Set in the year that real newspaper headlines told of the rise of Reagan and North America’s hard turn to the right, 1979 is a novel of innocence not so much lost as smashed, and experience gained the hard way—the kind that brands memories forever and permanently changes lives.

Recalling the best of Mary Gaitskill and Lidia Yuknavitch, this gripping, tense novel explores the tangled lives of three driven risk-addicts—deeply flawed people bound and propelled and ultimately unraveled by desire, loss, and guilt. The novel’s heightened sexual atmosphere and psychological distress immerse the reader in a world of unforgettable depth and darkness.

World rights excluding North America

World rights excluding North America



2018 | English ISBN: 9781771960960 C$19.95; 276 pgs.

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771961516 C$19.95; 276 pgs.


Spark of Light is a diverse collection of short stories by women writers from the Indian province of Odisha. Originally written in Odia and dating from the late nineteenth century to the present, these stories offer a multiplicity of voices and capture the predicament of characters who often live on the margins of society.

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018


In the Cage by Kevin Hardcastle

Blood Fable by Oisín Curran

Daniel is one of the most feared cage fighters in Mixed Martial Arts, closing in on greatness until an injury ruins his career. He and his wife, Sarah, struggle to secure a better life for their daughter, but in this violent and unpredictable world of backcountry criminals and county cops, Daniel sparks a conflict that can only be settled in blood.

In 1980, a utopian Buddhist community on the coast of Maine called New Pond is on the verge of collapse. To distract his parents and himself from their collective troubles, an 11-year-old boy claims to remember his own life before birth. His purported memory is an epic tale about the search for a lost city refracted through the lens of the adventure stories he loves.

World rights excluding North America, World French

World rights available



2017 | English ISBN: 9781771961479 C$19.95; 300 pgs.

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771662949 C$20.00; 256 pgs.

Rich and Poor by Jacob Wren

One For the Rock by Kevin Major

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, considered killing a billionaire? Rich and Poor is a novel of a man who washes dishes for a living and decides to kill a billionaire as a political act. It is literature as political theory and theory as pure literary pleasure—a spiralling, fast-paced parable of joyous, overly selfaware, mischievous class warfare.

Sebastian Synard doesn’t want any more trouble than he already has. But when he leads a group of tourists along the cliffs of St. John’s harbour, one of them ends up dead. Not only is there a murderer in his tour group, but the cop assigned to the case is sleeping with Sebastian’s ex-wife. The trail leads deeper than expected, and Sebastian finds himself on the edge.

World rights excluding French Canada BookThug

BISAC: FIC037000, FIC019000 Thema: FB

2016 | English ISBN: 9781771662383 C$20.00; 184 pgs.

World rights available Breakwater Books 2018 | English ISBN: 9781550816877 C$19.95; 208 pgs.

The End of Music by Jamie Fitzpatrick

Wanda Jaynes is about to lose her job amidst a mountain of bills, and she suspects her musician boyfriend might be romantically interested in his friend Trish. But Wanda’s life changes radically when a gunman enters the supermarket and opens fire. The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes is the highly anticipated debut novel by Bridget Canning.

World rights available BISAC: FIC019000, FIC045000

2017 | English ISBN: 9781550816853 C$19.95; 276 pgs.

Breakwater Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781550816709 C$19.95; 256 pgs.

2015 | English ISBN: 9781550506365 C$21.95; 416 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: FIC019000, FIC044000

Wild Rose by Sharon Butala

Deer Life by Ron Sexsmith

Wild Rose, an epic story of the West, now long gone, charts Sophie’s journey from underloved child in religion-bound rural Québec, to headstrong young woman to exhausted homesteader to deserted bride and mother to independent businesswoman finding her way in a hostile, if beautiful, landscape. Sophie’s West comes vividly alive in the pages of Butala’s most unforgettable novel.

Deryn was not having a very good day and it was about to get worse. He’d read stories of witches as a boy, never believing they were true. Until the accident. Deer Life tells the story of a kind-hearted boy from Hinthoven and his mother’s undying love. Mostly, though, it’s about patience, friendship, and heroism where you least expect it. World rights available

World rights available Coteau Books

BISAC: FIC022000, FIC031010, FIC030000, FIC048000, FIC050000 Thema: FF

The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes by Bridget Canning

Herb Carter’s days as an aspiring rock star are over. His mother no longer remembers his name and seems trapped in the past. Jamie Fitzpatrick’s second novel weaves in and out of time to effortlessly braid the stories of a son who’s left his dreams behind, and the mother who stopped singing, in the wake of great tragedy, to care for her child.

Breakwater Books

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC000000 Thema: FB

BISAC: FIC014000, FIC019000, FIC051000


BISAC: FIC019000, FIC010000 Thema: FB, FMK

2017 | English ISBN: 9781459738775 C$16.99; 136 pgs.

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Full Curl: A Jenny Willson Mystery by Dave Butler

Undertow: A B.C. Blues Crime Novel by R.M. Greenaway

Poachers and bureaucrats: park warden Jenny Willson considers them equally repulsive and worthy of the same fate. When she discovers animals disappearing from Canada’s mountain parks, Willson finds herself racing down a trail lined with deceit, distraction, and murder and tempted to cross a line to a place from which she may never return.

Second in the B.C. Blues Crime Novel series after Cold Girl, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. This time a heartbreaking set of murders bring detectives Leith and Dion back to the big city. The brutal murders of a man, woman, and baby are just the beginning of a mystery that shakes Dion and Leith to the core.


World rights available


2017 | English ISBN: 9781459739031 C$14.99; 376 pgs.

BISAC: FIC022040, FIC022100 Thema: FFS, SVH

2017 | English ISBN: 9781459735583 C$17.99; 440 pgs.

2016 | French ISBN: 9782896941988 C$24.95; 256 pgs.

Marée montante by Charles Quimper

All houses have their secrets, but the Delorme family home has a darker one: the mummified remains of a woman buried alive with a brick crammed in her mouth. As for the treasure that was safely buried there for years, it was doomed the moment a spirited young woman came ringing the doorbell.

Told by a man who loses his daughter while swimming one summer, Marée montante is the story of how he will find her again, on earth or thousands of miles underwater. A little gem of a book, this sad yet beautiful and enchanting story is a lesson in finding happiness through loss, and an ode to the pleasure of letting yourself be swept away by the fond memories of a time gone by.

BISAC: FIC009000, FIC045000 Thema: FBA, FT

World rights excluding North America (English) Éditions Alto 2017 | French ISBN: 9782896943098 C$15.95; 72 pgs.

Les petites tempêtes by Valérie Chevalier

Bien que le phénomène des « restavèks » (resteavec) ait été officiellement aboli en 2003, des centaines de milliers d’enfants continuent d’être exploités et forcés à travailler dans des conditions sous-humaines, proches de l’esclavage, en Haïti. Gabriel Osson raconte l’histoire d’Hubert, l’un de ces restavèks.

Between storms, Raphaëlle has her share of love stories. Soon, art will become her career. Tiny Storms is a surprising and tender road novel that brings us from Montreal all the way to Newburyport and Paris. / « Un “road-novel”, rempli de surprises et de tendresse, qui part de Montréal pour nous entrainer jusqu’à Newburyport et Paris. » —Les Libraires.ca

BISAC: FIC019000

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782895975861 21,95 $ CA; 286 pgs.

Éditions Libre Expression (Groupe Librex) 2016 | French ISBN: 9782764811030 C$24.95; 144 pgs. 8

BISAC: FIC019000 Thema: FBA, FXL

Hubert, le restavèk de Gabriel Osson

Tous droits disponibles Éditions David

BISAC: FIC022020, FIC022000 Thema: FFP, FF

La chambre verte by Martine Desjardins

World rights excluding North America (English), World Spanish Éditions Alto

World rights available

Word rights excluding French Éditions Hurtubise 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897239930 C$19.95; 214 pgs.

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC027020, FIC048000 Thema: FQ

Vi by Kim Thúy

Une longue canicule d’Anne Villeneuve

Vi is the younger sister of three older brothers, the “little treasure” who finds herself caught up in a privileged life and its turmoil. Leaving Saigon for Montreal, Vi witnesses the vastness of the ocean, the multiplicity of horizons, the sameness of sadness, the luxury of peace, the complexity of love, the endlessness of possibilities, and the violence of beauty.

« Un récit intimiste fait avec humanité. Le trait de la dessinatrice est simple, souple et précis. Anne Villeneuve maîtrise le mouvement et, dans des scènes minimalistes, parvient à créer des expressions et des émotions qu’on garde en mémoire. » —Jean Siag, La Presse

World rights excluding France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Germany, English Canada and Romania BISAC: FIC019000, FIC044000, TRV003060

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Tous droits disponibles

Éditions Mécanique générale 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782922827835 26,95 $ CA; 216 pgs.

BISAC: CGN000000 Théma: AKLC


Andréanne Mars de Véronique-Marie Kaye

Révolution ! de Vittorio Frigerio

La belle et sculpturale Andréanne Mars aime regarder ses locataires faire l’amour à leur insu. Amorale et centrée sur elle-même, la jeune femme est malgré tout admirée par les gens qui gravitent autour de sa vie de façon variable. Mais il se pourrait que Chlotilde foute ses plans parfaits en l’air.

La révolution est une présence constante dans l’histoire. Les 11 nouvelles de ce recueil en explorent la fascination, les implications, les grandeurs occasionnelles et les misères fréquentes, en suivant les traces de révolutionnaires plus ou moins authentiques, de rebelles avec ou sans cause et de militants idéalistes à travers les époques et les pays. L’humour fin de Révolution ! se double d’une sympathie pour une humanité aux prises avec des aspirations contradictoires.

Tous droits disponibles Éditions Prise de parole

BISAC: FIC000000, FIC027020, FIC044000, PSY016000, SEL041040 Théma: FXS, FRX, MKZD, JBFW

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782894237946 22,95 $ CA; 217 pgs.

Éditions Prise de parole 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897440633 20,95 $CA; 173 pgs.

La Bête à sa mère/ Mama’s Boy by David Goudreault

Éditions Stanké (Groupe Librex)

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC025000, FIC048000

2015 | French ISBN: 9782760411708 C$22.95; 232 pgs.

L’histoire de Léo, c’est le destin poignant d’un enfant infiniment attachant et doté d’une résilience hors du commun. C’est un rendez-vous manqué entre une mère et son fils, mais c’est aussi une très grande histoire d’amour. Tous droits disponibles Éditions Sylvain Harvey 2012 | Français ISBN: 9782923794181 29,95 $ CA; 326 pgs.

Autopsie d’une femme plate by Marie-Renée Lavoie

L’étrange odeur du safran by Miléna Babin

This is the story of 48 year-old Diane Delaunais, whose husband leaves her days before their 25th wedding anniversary for “someone else”— someone younger, of course. A run-of-the-mill story? Certainly not when it’s written with MarieRenée Lavoie’s acute sense of observation and characteristic energy, topped off with a dose of humour and tenderness.

Nil, a young woman with a rebellious spirit, doesn’t know what life awaits her as she heads to Le Bic with her tamed fox named Lavender. Always more troubled than what they appear to be, a few characters will cross her path, beginning with Jacob, a HIV-positive restaurant owner involved in saffron trafficking. This red gold is fascinating and highly priced on the market, and Jacob needs funds for his treatment...

World rights excluding French and Italian Éditions XYZ 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897720544 C$24.95; 248 pgs.

BISAC: FIC000000 Thema: FB

Éditions XYZ 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897720797 C$21.95; 200 pgs.

Toi aussi, mon fils by Jonathan Pedneault

2017 | French ISBN: 9782897720858 C$24.95; 280 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: FIC000000 Thema: FS

World rights available BISAC: FIC000000 Thema: FB

Chocolate Cherry Chai: A Novel by Taslim Burkowicz

The action is set between 1989 and 2041, from Paris to conflict zones of Africa and Middle-East, then Montreal and Martinique, where we follow Matisse, who tries to understand why his father, Antoine, a war reporter, disappeared from the face of the earth years before. / Un premier roman haletant, qui s’articule autour des relations pèreenfant et nous entraîne de Paris aux zones de conflit d’Afrique et du Moyen-Orient, en passant par Montréal et la Martinique. Éditions XYZ

BISAC: FIC029000, HIS031000, FIC016000, FIC037000 Théma: FYB

Léo: On n’a pas toujours 2 vies d’Hélène Lucas

Written with gritty humour in the form of a confession, Mama’s Boy recounts the family drama of a young man who sets out in search of his mother after a childhood spent shuffling from one foster home to another. A bizarre character with a skewed view of the world, he leads the reader on a quest that is both tender and violent. His search takes an unexpected turn. World rights excluding North America (English), and French (France, Belgium, and Switzerland)

Tous droits disponibles

Young, free-spirited Maya Mubeen leaves behind the pressures of family, marriage, and tradition for a life of experience and adventure, proving to herself and her mother that she is anything but a typical Indian girl. This story binds together themes of familial pressures, the immigrant experience, motherhood, love, and loss into a poetic narrative. Fernwood Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9781552669624 C$21.00; 300 pgs.

World rights excluding Canada BISAC: FIC044000 Thema: FXB

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Under Her Skin: A Novel by Stephen Law

Escape from Syria by Samya Kallub and Jackie Roche Escape from Syria is a fictionalized account that calls on real-life circumstances and true tales of refugee families to serve as a microcosm of the Syrian uprising and the war and refugee crisis that followed. The story spans six years in the lives of Walid, his wife, Dalia, and their two children. It is a story that has been replayed thousands of times by other families.

After her home is ransacked, her friend is attacked, and her white father suddenly reappears, Shaz is compelled to explore the racial divides in her life and in the city around her. In a narrative that explores racism, family dysfunction, and the experiences of refugees, Under Her Skin paints the canvas of our landscape, making us aware of who we are. Fernwood Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9781552668474 C$21.00; 224 pgs.

World rights available

World rights excluding Canada

Firefly Books

BISAC: FIC000000 Thema: FXS

2017 | English ISBN: 9781770859821 C$19.95; 96 pgs.

Rosie O’Dell by Bill Rowe

The True Confessions of a Badly Misunderstood Dog by Bill Rowe

Rosie O’Dell is a creature of beauty, brilliance . . . and unspeakable secrets. When she was young, terrible crimes had been committed against her. Tom Sharpe becomes Rosie O’Dell’s high school sweetheart, and in revenge for the transgressions against her, the two young lovers commit their own crime of passion together, which ultimately rips them apart.

This is the heartwarming and hilarious memoir of Durf, a yellow Lab who thinks he is the boss of two cats. Durf often dreams of performing heroic feats to prove to his family that he truly is the top dog in these parts. His faithful companions, a blue Persian male cat and a female tabby, can’t possibly understand what it’s like to be destined for greatness like Durf.

World rights available Flanker Press

Flanker Press

World rights available

2012 | English ISBN: 9781771170208 C$24.00; 399 pgs.

2015 | English ISBN: 9781771174411 C$19.95; 224 pgs.

BISAC: FIC016000, FIC045000

Wilful Desire: Heart’s Ease, Book 5 by Victoria Barbour

Death of a Princess by India Desjardins The new novel by the author of the million-copy bestseller, The Diary of Aurélie Laflamme! While on holiday with her lover, Sarah, a publicist in her early 30s, is dumbfounded when her lover suddenly announces that he’s leaving her. Disillusioned, she decides to put love behind her and throw herself into her work. Seven years later, still single, Sarah continues to choose professional success over the possibility of romantic failure. But can she really lock up her heart and throw away the key forever?

Will Walsh is a terrific sailor. And a terrible ex. Just ask Mae Mercer, the woman he left behind when a too-good-to-refuse promotion to the elite ranks of the Navy came on the eve of their wedding. Will might be a force of nature when he’s hunting down pirates and drug dealers, but that’s nothing compared to the way he capsizes Mae’s world when he returns home to Heart’s Ease. Flanker Press

World rights excluding English-language digital

Groupe Homme

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771176217 C$16.95; 277 pgs.

BISAC: FIC027020

2017 | French ISBN: 9782761947992 C$24.95; 296 pgs.

Groupe Homme

The Soul-Seeker by Steve Laflamme

Cadillac Road by Kristin Andrychuk

They call him the Soul-Seeker. Each of the women he kills is found with her face slashed. Xavier Martel, of the Major Crimes Unit, will spare no effort to put an end to a killer’s bloody cycle. As a child, Martel tasted raw violence when his father shoved a revolver into his mouth. Since then, he has been subject to episodes of taste synesthesia, a rare neurological condition in which any powerful emotion imprints itself on his tongue and palate.

Cadillac Road is the story of Sharon Desjardins, from her earliest childhood memories of leaving Northern Québec and a violent father to adventures in Buffalo and Crystal Beach with her mother and younger sister, Gloria, to dreams of escaping claustrophobic poverty in shabby Grenville by going to Toronto and marrying a wealthy lawyer whom she doesn’t love.

World rights available

2017 | French ISBN: 9782761948678 C$29.95; 464 pgs.


World rights excluding France

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

World rights available Guernica Editions 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771831505 C$25.00; 340 pgs.

BISAC: FIC044000, FIC019000 Thema: FQ 1KBC-CA-QR, 1KBC-CA-OSM


The New Vine by Robert Marrone

Through the Sad Wood Our Corpses Will Hang by Ava Farmehri

In post-WWII Italy, Passero, having lost his parents, kidnaps an orphaned girl and offers her up in exchange for his own freedom. His actions create a connection culminating in an adulterous affair in 1960s Toronto—and an illegitimate son named Ethan, an artist who inherits Passero’s family vineyard.

At 20, Sheyda Porrouya’s life is almost over. Born in Iran on the day the mullahs declare the birth of the Islamic Republic, she witnesses the purging of all things Western and un-Islamic. Accused of killing her mother, Sheyda is sentenced to death. The narrative jumps back and forth from Sheyda’s childhood to life in one of Iran’s most notorious prisons.

World rights available Guernica Editions

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC000000 Thema: FBA 1DST, 1KBC-CA-OSM

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771831475 C$25.00; 322 pgs.

Guernica Editions

World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771831567 C$25.00; 285 pgs.

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC037000 Thema: FBA 1FBN, 3MP

Waiting for Stalin to Die by Irene Guilford

Egoman de Serge Marquis

Fleeing Stalin’s advance into Lithuania, shaken by communism and war, four refugees end up in Toronto in 1949. Trying to resume normal lives, longing for their country’s freedom, they wait to go home. “This is a novel that contains a rare combination of intelligence and heart. I couldn’t put it down.” —Antanas Sileika, author of Underground

Egoman est bien plus qu’un personnage de superhéros imaginé par Charlot. Bien davantage que le dialogue vivant entre une mère monoparentale et son fils. C’est un roman plein de poésie et de profondeur, un récit touchant, bouleversant et profondément humain. Tous droits disponibles

World rights available Guernica Editions

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC000000 Thema: FV, NHWR7 1DTF, 1KBC-CA-OSM, 3MPBL

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771831536 C$20.00; 170 pgs.

Guy Saint-Jean Éditeur 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782894558379 27,95 $ CA; 456 pgs.

Il était une voix de Marie Gray

Une simple histoire d’amour, tome 1 de Louise Tremblay d’Essiambre

Mondialement connue pour ses Histoires à faire rougir, vendues à un million d’exemplaires, auteure de la série Baiser, Marie Gray délaisse un peu l’univers érotique et plonge dans celui de la résilience, du choc des générations, de l’ambition, des regrets, des sacrifices, du temps qui fuit et . . . de la musique ! Marie Gray (© Maude Chauvin)

Le premier tome d’une toute nouvelle série mettant en scène des personnages plus grands que nature dans un petit village de la Mauricie, dans les années 1920. Tous droits disponibles

Tous droits disponibles

Guy Saint-Jean Éditeur

Guy Saint-Jean Éditeur

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897582999 24,95 $ CA; 454 pgs.

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897583521 24,95 $ CA; 400 pgs.

Jordan Tannahill House of Anansi Press

House of Anansi Press 2018 | English ISBN: 9781487003784 C$22.95; 304 pgs.

Liminal by Jordan Tannahill

Once More with Feeling by Méira Cook

From award-winning playwright and filmmaker Jordan Tannahill comes a masterful and moving novel in the tradition of Ben Lerner’s Leaving the Atocha Station and Sheila Heti’s How Should a Person Be. Liminal is a riotous and moving portrait of a young man in uncertain times, a generation caught in suspended animation, and a son’s enduring love for his mother.

In the tradition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Olive Kitteridge comes Once More with Feeling, an exquisitely crafted, beautifully written, and wholly delightful novel about the place we call home and the people we call our community, told through intersecting moments and interconnected lives. World rights available

World rights available BISAC: FIC019000, FIC041000, FIC011000

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC066000 House of Anansi Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781487002961 C$22.95; 304 pgs. 2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Amah and the Silk-Winged Pigeons by Jocelyn Cullity

No Fury Like That by Lisa de Nikolits No Fury Like That is a literary thriller about life and death—and the power of second chances. What is your moral compass? Julia Redner has to die in order to find her answer to this question. But is she really dead or is she being given the opportunity to rethink her life while solving an intricate puzzle of murders? And she does not miss the opportunity to exact righteous revenge!

Lucknow in 1856 is the most opulent city in India. If the English take over, the royal family and centuries of rich, cosmopolitan culture will disappear. Amah, personal bodyguard to the King, wants to make sure this doesn’t happen. Ex-Queen, Hazrat Mahal, has the money to fortify against the English. When the women decide to take on the English colonists, what will be the price of their loyalty?

World rights available

Inanna Publications

World rights excluding India

Inanna Publications

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771334372 C$22.95; 260 pgs.

BISAC: FIC014000, FIC19000 Thema: FV

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771334136 C$22.95; 300 pgs.

Inanna Publications

The Street of Butterflies by Mehri Yalfani

La femme aux cartes postales de Claude Paiement et Jean-Paul Eid

The Street of Butterflies features Iranian women dealing with displacement, cultural change, and their struggles to survive and adapt as immigrants in North America. These stories provide a glimpse of life in post-revolutionary Iran, where the new regime that replaced the old one continues the suppression and prosecution of political activists.

La femme aux cartes postales est un récit à clés dans lequel les histoires croisées de Rose, en 1957, et de Victor, en 2002, résonnent l’une en l’autre pour délier les énigmes du passé. Le travail historique remarquable des créateurs plonge le lecteur au cœur d’une époque effervescente, en proie aux changements imminents.

World rights available

Tous droits disponibles

BISAC: FIC029000, FIC044000, FIC019000 Thema: FB

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771334259 C$22.95; 180 pgs.

La Peuplade 2015 | French ISBN: 9782923530956 C$27.95; 462 pgs.

Éditions de la Pastèque 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782823841922 29,95 $ CA; 232 pgs.

À la recherche de New Babylon by Dominique Scali

Le poids de la neige by Christian Guay-Poliquin

In this gripping western that vividly portrays America’s Far West during the 1800s, Reverend Aaron, Charles Teasdale, Russian Bill and Pearl Guthrie search the desert in pursuit of an impossible ideal, leaving behind the footprints of their destinies. In a world where nothing lasts, “it is not a question of escaping death, but of choosing your arena.”

Two men find themselves together in the sun lounge of a formerly grand but now abandoned house. Their agreement is that the old man will nurse the younger man back to recovery in exchange for firewood, food and, most of all, a place in the convoy that will depart for the town in the following spring. As the snow grows ever deeper around them, each day brings with it its own assortment of challenges.

World rights excluding French, Spanish, and English BISAC: FIC027100

La Peuplade 2016 | French ISBN: 9782924519295 C$25.95; 312 pgs.

Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts by various authors

Laksa Media 2016 | English ISBN: 9780993969607 C$19.95; 368 pgs.


BISAC: FIC044000, FIC050000 Thema: FH

A 2016 Foreword INDIES Finalist and a 2017 Aurora Awards Finalist. “The writers of these stories address such varied subjects as agoraphobia, depression, schizophrenia, autism, anxiety, and addiction … readers who have mental illnesses may find themselves somewhere in these pages and as a result may no longer feel so alone or isolated.” — School Library Journal World rights available BISAC: FIC009040, FIC028040, FIC061000 Thema: FD, FL, FM, FYB, FMM, FS, FXS, 1K

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Word rights excluding World French and English, and French audiobook BISAC: FIC000000

Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy by various authors Follow 23 science fiction and fantasy authors on their journeys through Asia and beyond. These are stories about love, revenge, and choices; stories that challenge ideas about race, belonging, and politics; stories about where we come from and where we’re going. Each protagonist struggles between ghostly pasts and the uncertain future. Each tries to find a voice in history. Laksa Media

World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9780993969652 C$19.95; 352 pgs.

BISAC: FIC028040, FIC009040, LCO004000 Thema: FD, FMM, FYB, FL, FM, FXS, FXP, 1F, 1FP, 1FM, 1FK, 5PB, 1KB


Johnny de Catherine Eve Groleau

L’Habitude des bêtes de Lise Tremblay

Dans ce premier roman, Catherine Eve Groleau rend de façon magistrale ces éternels marginaux évoluant dans le clair-obscur de la petite criminalité et de la lointaine banlieue. Ce n’est que grâce à sa plume, qui leur redonne toute la grandeur tragique qu’ils ignoraient eux-mêmes posséder, qu’ils trouvent là où s’apaiser.

Lise Tremblay nous donne un roman d’une grande force, dans lequel tout ce qui nous apparaît comme une fin irrémédiable, une apocalypse, n’est au fond que la vaste respiration de la nature, du monde. Tous droits disponibles

Tous droits disponibles Les Éditions du Boréal

Les Éditions du Boréal

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782764624944 20,95 $ CA; 192 pgs.

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782764625156 19,95 $ CA; 168 pgs.

Ma vie rouge Kubrick de Simon Roy

J’irai danser sur la tombe de Senghor de Blaise Ndala

« Malgré la panoplie de bouquins publiés chaque année, rares sont ceux qui ont une portée aussi grande tant émotionnellement qu’intellectuellement que Ma vie rouge Kubrick. Malgré la violence, la haine, le rouge Kubrick, Roy a su écrire sincèrement, à cœur ouvert, un livre d’une étrange force, d’une beauté crue. » —Elizabeth Lord, Les Méconnus

Les Éditions du Boréal

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’Amérique du Nord (anglais) et de l’Espagne

2015 | Français ISBN: 9782764624135 12,95 $ CA; 180 pgs.

« Avec cette fiction historique, Blaise Ndala fait acte de mémoire en présentant un nouvel éclairage sur le règne, de plus de trois décennies, de Mobutu Sese Seko au Congo. » —Les Libraires.ca Tous droits disponibles

Les Éditions L’Interligne 2014 | Français ISBN: 9782896994313 27,95 $ CA; 464 pgs.

La coureuse des vents de Louenas Hassani

Le figuier sur le toit de Marguerite Andersen

Un livre essentiel qui rappelle que vivre ensemble, dans la paix, est une valeur fondamentale à rechercher.

« Le livre se caractérise par la richesse d’observation et la profondeur de la réflexion sur la condition humaine et sur la responsabilité individuelle face aux grands remuements historiques. Un livre à la fois touchant, drôle, triste et terriblement humain. » —Jury du Prix Trillium 2009

Tous droits disponibles

Tous droits disponibles

Les Éditions L’Interligne

Les Éditions L’Interligne

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782896995035 24,95 $ CA; 272 pgs.

2008 | Français ISBN: 9782923274492 19,95 $ CA; 276 pgs.

My True and Complete Adventures as a Wannabe Voyageur by Phyllis Rudin

NeWest Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781988732121 C$19.95; 240 pgs.

Benjie Gabai serves out his days as caretaker of The Bay’s poky in-store fur trade museum, dusting and polishing the artifacts that fuel his imagination. When he learns his museum is about to be closed down, scattering his precious collection to the four winds, he hatches a plan that risks bringing his voyageur illusions lapping dangerously up against reality. World rights available BISAC: FIC043000, FIC016000, FIC046000 Thema: FXB, FU, FW, 5PGJ

What Is Going to Happen Next by Karen Hofmann Karen Hofmann’s empathetic and cathartic novel, What Is Going to Happen Next, pieces together the lives of five members of the Lund family following their enforced dispersal after the father’s death and the mother’s hospitalization in the remote West Coast community of Butterfly Lake. World rights available

NeWest Press

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC045000, FIC048000 Thema: FS, FB, FXR

2017 | English ISBN: 9781988732060 C$19.95; 344 pgs.

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



The Clothesline Swing by Ahmad Danny Ramadan

À l’abri des hommes et des choses by Stéphanie Boulay

The Clothesline Swing is a journey through the troublesome aftermath of the Arab Spring. A former Syrian refugee himself, Ramadan unveils an enthralling tale of courage that weaves through the mountains of Syria, the valleys of Lebanon, the encircling seas of Turkey, the heat of Egypt, and, finally, the hope of a new home in Canada.

“Her unique voice, deconstructed phrasing and metaphors as gentle as caresses have taken Stéphanie Boulay’s imagination by storm.” —Le Huffington Post Québec. “Stéphanie Boulay has found a style that suits her, striking the right tone, candid, coloured, clear and very close to the emotions.” —Le Journal de Québec

World rights excluding North America (English) Nightwood Editions

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC061000, FIC011000

2017 | English ISBN: 9780889713321 C$21.95; 288 pgs.

World rights excluding French audiobook QA International / Éditions Québec Amérique 2016 | French ISBN: 9782764431894 C$22.95; 160 pgs.

Le dernier qui sort éteint la lumière by Simon Boulerice

Le Potager by Marilyne Fortin Since the spread of a deadly virus around the world, Caroline sees her universe changing every week. Between two anxiety attacks, she must care for her two young sons as best she can. The residents of her neighbourhood decide to come together to tend a vegetable garden, but the most mundane things now take on dramatic undertones.

This is a very nice gift for young readers. The book is tender, funny, human and brimming with love— in short, a novel in the image of its creator. Simon Boulerice serves up another gem, a tribute once again to children’s literature from Québec. World rights available QA International / Éditions Québec Amérique

BISAC: JUV013090, JUV060000, JUV013060, JUV013070 Thema: YFN, YFB, 5PS, YFN

2017 | French ISBN: 9782764432167 C$12.95; 216 pgs.

World rights available QA International / Éditions Québec Amérique

Les Empocheurs by Yves Beauchemin

Routes secondaires by Andrée A. Michaud

“Beauchemin is a popular modern-day Dostoyevsky, using wit to land some hard-hitting jabs.” —Le Figaro Magazine. “If Yves Beauchemin’s talent is deeply rooted in the history and culture of Québec, he has proven that authentic national literature has universal appeal.” —Le Monde

Who is Heather Thorne, this young woman with amnesia who no longer knows if she really exists or if she is just the twin of an unknown woman she met one day in October? And who is Andrée A. Michaud, this writer who wonders if she has usurped the place of a dead woman and if her real name is Heather, Heather Thorne?

BISAC: FIC043000, FIC008000, FIC025000, FIC037000, FIC060000 Thema: FXB, FT, FXM, FXPs, FU

2016 | French ISBN: 9782764430880 C$29.95; 416 pgs.

Ravenstone Books (an imprint of Turnstone Press)

World rights available QA International / Éditions Québec Amérique

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC031080 Thema: FB, FHX

2017 | French ISBN: 9782764432273 C$24.95; 248 pgs.

The Traitors of Camp 133 by Wayne Arthurson

Brilliant by Denise Roig

Captain Mueller is dead. Hanged, apparently, by his own hand. But ex-police officer and war hero Sergeant August Neumann doesn’t think it’s quite so simple. How could it be, with blackshirts, legionnaires, and communist sympathizers vying for control of the camp? Now Sergeant Neumann must navigate these treacherous cliques to find the truth.

Brilliant is a collection of short stories set in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, a polyglot city where cultures collide and converge, where money—and sometimes justice—is no object, where in less than two generations towers have replaced tents. In these dozen-plus stories, a mixed grill of characters navigate this land of sudden plenty.

World rights available BISAC: FIC022060 Thema: FFH, FJMS

2016 | English ISBN: 9780888015877 C$16.95; 328 pgs. 14

BISAC: FIC055000, FIC031000, FIC044000 Thema: FDB, FH, FQ

2017 | French ISBN: 9782764433508 C$26.95; 344 pgs.

World rights excluding English, French audiobooks QA International / Éditions Québec Amérique

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC043000, FIC044000 Thema: FB, FXB, FQ

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

World rights available Signature Editions 2014 | English ISBN: 9781927426425 C$19.95; 250 pgs.

BISAC: FIC0290000 Thema: FYB


The Spanish Boy by C.S. Reardon

Celui qui reste de Jonathan Brassard

Grief cannot abide a mystery. In 1937, the Clareys are a close and loving family—until their lives are transformed the night Edie, their wilful daughter and sister, vanishes, leaving no clue as to what happened to her. The lingering questions of her disappearance will ricochet through the succeeding generations of Clareys.

« Pour ce deuxième ouvrage, Jonathan joue d’une habile mise en abîme pour explorer les possibilités et les limites du récit à travers l’écriture. L’auteur se met littéralement en scène et se commet en tant qu’écrivain au service de l’histoire à raconter. » — Les Libraires.ca Tous droits disponibles

World rights available Signature Editions

BISAC: FIC019000, FIC022000 Thema: F, FF

2016 | English ISBN: 9781927426920 C$19.95; 300 pgs.

Tête première 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782924207468 25,95 $ CA; 272 pgs.

En ces bois profonds de François Lévesque

L’ordre du méchoui de Lionel Noël

« François Lévesque livre ici une histoire troublante aux personnages bien campés. Son souffle, à la fois haletant et patient, déploie les phrases telles des vaguelettes venant du large, inlassables mais pressées d’atteindre le lecteur. » —Yannick Marcoux, Le Devoir

« Un roman d’apprentissage à saveur historique, inspiré des grands classiques du genre. Nous assistons, à travers les yeux de Sans Loi, à plusieurs grands événements du XXe siècle. Une aventure à suivre jusqu’au bout, mettant en vedette une diaspora de personnages et de lieux qui donne l’eau à la bouche. » —Les Libraires.ca

Tous droits disponibles

Tête première

BISAC: FIC062000 Théma: FFL

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782924207727 18,95 $ CA; 187 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles Tête première

Panik de Geneviève Drolet

The Museum of Possibilities by Barbara Sibbald

« Genviève Drolet possède une voix. Une voix avec laquelle elle parvient à rendre vivant, dans un mélange convaincant d’âpreté et de tendresse, l’univers cru et sans concession du Grand Nord. » —Christian Desmeules, Le Devoir

In The Museum of Possibilities, the future is limited only by the imagination—and the choices that we make. These quirky short stories focus on pivotal moments of intense longing—for love, fame, revenge, and perhaps most of all, connection in a disaffected world. Word rights excluding Canada and the United States

BISAC: FIC000000 Théma: FXR Tête première

The Porcupine’s Quill

2015 | Français ISBN: 9782924207406 24,95 $ CA; 316 pgs.

2015 | English ISBN: 9780888015464 C$19.00; 302 pgs.

BISAC: FIC014000 Théma: FV

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782924207635 29,95 $ CA; 352 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles

Turnstone Press

BISAC: FIC009000 Théma: FL

BISAC: FIC029000, FIC019000 Thema: FYB, FBA, FB

2017 | English ISBN: 9780889844001 C$19.95; 184 pgs.

Armin’s Shorts by Armin Wiebe

Annie Muktuk and Other Stories by Norma Dunning

Armin’s Shorts features tales from the familiarly fictitious Mennonite community of Gutenthal, reimagined origin stories from the Tlįcho of the subarctic, and flights of pure fantasy set in modern day Winnipeg. Armin Wiebe presents a veritable smorgasbord of short stories that cover the gamut of human experience.

“I woke up with Moses Henry’s boot holding open my jaw and my right eye was looking into his gun barrel. I heard the slow words, ‘Take. It. Back.’ I know one thing about Moses Henry; he means business when he means business. I took it back and for the last eight months I have not uttered Annie Muktuk’s name.”

World rights available

World rights available

BISAC: FIC029000, FIC016000

University of Alberta Press

BISAC: FIC029000, FIC059000 Thema: FYB

2017 | English ISBN: 9781772122978 C$19.95; 216 pgs. 2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories by Myrl Coulter

Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution by Sherine Hamdy and Coleman Nye, illustrated by Sarula Bao and Caroline Brewer

In The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories, everyone is missing something or someone; every family is riven by secrets and absences. Coulter’s narratives portray relationships, loss, and what we learn in the aftermath of death. With style and sweep that hint at Lynn Coady and Alice Munro, Myrl Coulter is a strong, fresh voice in contemporary Canadian fiction. University of Alberta Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781772123289 C$19.95; 224 pgs.

VLB éditeur (Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature) 2016 | French ISBN: 9782896496747 C$24.95; 248 pgs.

World rights available

University of Toronto Press

BISAC: FIC029000

2017 | English ISBN: 9781487593476 C$24.95; 296 pgs.

World rights available excluding Arabic BISAC: CGN000000, CGN006000, SOC002000

Mostarghia by Maya Ombasic

Pivot by Marie-Eve Cotton

The young narrator, her little brother and their parents are living in Mostar when the bombs begin falling on Tito’s Yugoslavia. They have to leave. The family embarks on a journey that will last for years, taking them through gypsy wagons, a refugee camp, to Switzerland and, eventually, Canada. Along the way, the narrator grows up and educates herself, carrying on a lively conversation with her painter father, a wounded man, prophetic, quicktempered and Balkan from tip to toe.

A harsh, hilarious, and hearthbreaking debut novel by a practising psychiatrist. In the psychiatric wing of Montreal’s Holy Mother Mary Hospital, Pivot, a.k.a. Hadrien Jalbert, is waiting for the end of the umpteenth incarceration engineered by the dark forces of “the System” that’s been persecuting him for years.

World rights excluding Spanish (Cuba) and French (France, Switzerland, and Belgium) BISAC: FIC000000, FIC019000, FIC044000

Mental Health/Mental Illness Recommended by Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, School Library Journal, Locus & Foreword Reviews

World rights available VLB éditeur (Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature)

BISAC: FIC000000, FIC019000, FIC025000

2017 | French ISBN: 9782896497485 C$26.95; 248 pgs.

Anthologies from Laksa Media Groups Caregivers and Caregiving

Asian characters and writers Identities, Belonging, and Choices







PB · 368 pages · 2016

PB · 386 pages · 2017

PB · 352 pages · 2017

Laksa Media Groups Inc. www.laksamedia.com


Lissa is the powerful story of two young women – one dealing with kidney failure and organ transplantation in Egypt, and the other with breast cancer genetics and prevention in the US. It is the first book in a new series that combines scholarly insights with visual storytelling to foster greater understanding of global politics and inequalities.

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018



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Le programme de fellowship à Montréal Chaque année, en novembre, à l’occasion du Salon du livre de Montréal, Québec Édition reçoit 10 éditeurs étrangers, pour six jours d’activités et de rencontres dans une ambiance conviviale. Pour l’édition 2018, l’appel de candidature sera lancé en janvier. Date limite pour postuler : 1er juin 2018 Visitez : quebecedition.qc.ca/fellowship

The fellowship program in Montréal Each year in November, during the Salon du livre de Montréal, Québec Édition welcomes 10 foreign publishers for six days of activities and meetings in a friendly atmosphere. For the 2018 edition, the call for applications will be launched in January. Application deadline: June 1st, 2018 Go to: quebecedition.qc.ca/fellowship

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Annick Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781554519101 C$14.95; 140 pgs.

Eyes and Spies: How You’re Tracked and Why You Should Know by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Stormy Seas: Stories of Young Boat Refugees by Mary Beth Leatherdale, illustrated by Eleanor Shakespeare

Eyes and Spies looks at the way information and data is collected and used by individuals, governments, companies, and organizations. Each chapter covers one aspect of the subject, from data collection to computer surveillance and personal privacy. Arguments for both increased security and increased privacy encourage readers to think critically about the issues.

The phenomenon of desperate refugees risking their lives to reach safety is not new. For hundreds of years, people have left behind family, friends, and all they know in hope of a better life. Featuring the true stories of five young people from around the world, Stormy Seas gives new insights into a situation that has constantly been making the headlines.

World rights excluding Korean, French (except North America), and Spanish BISAC: YAN052040, YAN051020, YAN03500

Annick Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781554518951 C$14.95; 64 pgs.

Garage Criticism by Peter Babiak

“When We Are Bold is not only a celebration of women peacemakers and the activities they’ve inspired. It is a call to courage.” —Brene Brown, author of #1 New York Times bestseller Rising Strong World rights available

World rights available

2016 | English ISBN: 9781772140507 C$20.00; 268 pgs.

BISAC: SOC022000 Thema: JB

Art and Literature Mapalé & Publishing 2016 | English ISBN: 9780994944160 C$25.00; 262 pgs.

Visiting with the Ancestors: Blackfoot Shirts in Museum Spaces by Laura Peers and Alison K. Brown

Washington’s Long War on Syria by Stephen Gowans When President Barack Obama demanded formally in the summer of 2011 that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down, it was not the first time Washington had sought regime change in Damascus. The United States had waged a long war against Syria from the very moment the country’s fiercely independent Arab nationalist movement came to power in 1963.

In the pages of this beautifully illustrated volume is the story of an effort to build a bridge between museums and Indigenous communities, in hopes of establishing stronger, more sustaining relationships between the two and spurring change in museum policies. AU Press (Athabasca University) 2016 | English ISBN: 9781771990370 C$39.95; 232 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: ART05900, SOC062000 Thema: JBSL11, GLZ, 4C, 3MR

World rights excluding Taiwan Baraka Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771861083 C$24.95; 282 pgs.

Radical Transformation: Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization by Kevin MacKay

Between the Lines 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771132602 C$29.95; 264 pgs.


BISAC: YAN051090, JFN053240, YAN038000

When We Are Bold: Women Who Turn Our Upsidedown World Right by various authors

Babiak gently eviscerates and deflates cultural hot topics of our time. He deconstructs our fascination with Internet culture and its libertarian ideology, devolves the hallucinations of economics and marketing to rhetorical mystifications, and asserts and reasserts the supremacy of linguistic thinking in everyday cultural affairs no less than politics and philosophy.

Anvil Press

World rights available

Drawing on a vast knowledge of history, human evolution, philosophy, and modern complexity theory, MacKay tells a story that recognizes the marvels of human civilization while revealing its dark tendency towards oligarchic structures of power and exploitation. He then shows us how we can respond to preserve the best while defeating the worst. World rights excluding English Canada BISAC: NAT011000, POL043000 Thema: RNU, JPW

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

BISAC: POL011000 Thema: LB, JW

Notes From a Feminist Killjoy: Essays on Everyday Life by Erin Wunker Erin Wunker brings memoir, theory, literary criticism, pop culture, and feminist thinking together in this collection of essays through which to read the world from a feminist point of view. Neither totemic nor complete, the non-fiction essays attempt to think publicly about why we need feminism—and especially the figure of the feminist killjoy, now. BookThug

World rights excluding French Canada

2016 | English ISBN: 9781771662567 C$23.00; 216 pgs.

BISAC: BIO022000, SOC010000, LIT025050 Thema: JBSF11, DNB


Hikes of Eastern Newfoundland: Second Edition by Mary Smyth and Fred Hollingshurst

Boulder Publications 2016 | English ISBN: 9781927099728 C$24.95; 288 pgs.

CIGI Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781928096306 C$22.00; 364 pgs.

Classroom Complete Press 2016 | English ISBN: 9781771673594 C$33.99; 170 pgs.

Hikes of Eastern Newfoundland is a must-have guide to the must-do walks and hikes of eastern Newfoundland. Suitable for hikers of all levels, this book offers an overview of 86 trails, including each trail’s length and difficulty rating, and tips on what to watch for along the way. Maps and GPS references will get you to the trailhead; full-colour photos will get you excited about the path ahead. World rights available BISAC: TRV006010 Thema: SZC

Hikes of Western Newfoundland by Katie Broadhurst and Alexandra Fortin Looking for an easy seaside stroll to a secluded picnic area? Or is a multi-day wilderness trek to Newfoundland’s highest peak more your style? Hikes of Western Newfoundland provides the vital information you need to hit the trail. Detailed hike descriptions include difficulty ratings, distances, GPS references, points of interest, full-colour photos, and trail maps. Boulder Publications

World rights available

2015 | English ISBN: 9781927099629 C$24.95; 192 pgs.

BISAC: TRV006010 Thema: SZC

Look Who’s Watching: Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online by Fen Osler Hampson and Eric Jardine

21st Century Skills: Learning to Learn Big Book: Life Skills Series by R. Gambhir, S. Joubert, P. Laporte, A. McFarland, M. Oosten, and H. Vrooman

Look Who’s Watching confirms in vivid detail that the trust placed by users in the Internet is increasingly misplaced. Based on illustrative anecdotal evidence and analysis of new survey data, Look Who’s Watching clearly demonstrates why trust matters, how it is being eroded, and how, with care and deliberate policy action, the essential glue of the Internet can be restored.

This book teaches Learning Skills for Global Competency by being creative and standing out from the crowd with dynamic traits like adaptability and flexibility. The lessons on Learning Communication and Teamwork are practical real-life activities, role-playing scenarios and openended strategies.

World rights available

Classroom Complete Press 2016 | English ISBN: 9781771676342 C$33.99; 170 pgs.

2012 | English ISBN: 9781897477861 C$25.99; 160 pgs.

BISAC: EDU029040, EDU026000, EDU008000 Thema: JNU, YPJJ, YPJ

Daily Life Skills Big Book: Life Skills Series by Sarah Joubert

400-Calorie Mains by Jean Paré, Sheridan McLaren, and Ashley Billey

This in-depth study combines the three lessons in this series: Daily Marketplace Skills, Daily Social & Workplace Skills, and Daily Health & Hygiene Skills. Comprised of reading passages, graphic organizers, real-world activities, crosswords, word searches, and comprehension quizzes, our resource combines high-interest concepts with low vocabulary.

Most fad diets have very similar results: weight loss followed by weight gain. The truth is that calories count. If you don’t watch calories, the ones that don’t get burned off during daily routine and exercise build up as weight gain. World rights available

World rights available

Company’s Coming

BISAC: EDU029040, EDU026000, EDU008000 Thema: JNU, YPJJ, YPJ

2014 | English ISBN: 9781927126943 C$25.99; 160 pgs.

BISAC: CKB026000, CKB 101000

Superfoods Cookbook by Dr. Patrick Owen, Jennifer Sayers, James Darcy, and Jean Paré

The Wolf: Icon of Wilderness by Paula Wild

It should come as no surprise to learn that berries are among the best foods you can eat. But other commonly available plants such as asparagus, garlic, tomato, and members of the cabbage family also join the ranks of the superfoods.

Through a skillful blend of natural history and in-depth interviews with First Nations elders, scientists, and wildlife officials, as well as compelling first-hand accounts of encounters with wild wolves, Paula Wild explores the world of this iconic apex predator and examines humans’ changing attitudes and evolving relationships with this elusive predator.

World rights available Company’s Coming

World rights available

BISAC: CKB039000, HEA017000

Douglas & McIntyre

World rights excluding Canada (English)

2018 | English ISBN: 9781771621595 C$34.95; 240 pgs.

BISAC: NAT001000, NAT037000

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



The World’s Most Travelled Man: A Twenty-Three-Year Odyssey to and Through Every Country on the Planet by Mike Spencer Bown

Wade Davis: Photographs by Wade Davis Celebrated anthropologist and photographer Wade Davis has travelled the world in pursuit of the wonder of the human imagination as brought into being by culture. In Wade Davis: Photographs, Davis showcases 140 of his most compelling photographs from his 40-year career in one remarkable collection.

The World’s Most Travelled Man is a rollicking and eloquent adventure memoir from the “Patron Saint of Backpackers,” a man who has devoted his life to travel with singular dedication. It is an eye-opening account of the universal human experience as seen from each corner of the changing world. Douglas & McIntyre 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771621427 C$29.95; 384 pgs.

World rights excluding Canada (English) BISAC: BIO026000, TRV001000

Douglas & McIntyre 2016 | English ISBN: 9781771621243 C$39.95; 176 pgs.

Real Life Super Heroes by Nadia Fezzani

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers is the first book to celebrate the classic-era Motörhead lineup of Lemmy Kilmister, “Fast” Eddie Clarke, and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor. Through interviews with all of the principal troublemakers, Martin Popoff celebrates the formation of the band and the records that made them legends.

World rights and English rights available BISAC: SOC022000, SOC026000 Thema: JBSW, JBCC1

2017 | English ISBN: 9781459739154 C$22.99; 312 pgs.

ECW Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781770413474 C$22.95; 280 pgs.

Eat the Beetles! An Exploration into Our Conflicted Relationship with Insects by David Waltner-Toews

ECW Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781770413146 C$19.95; 276 pgs.

Eat the Beetles! is an evolutionary, ecological, and cultural exploration of our conflicted relationship with having insects on the dinner plate. Epidemiologist, veterinarian, and The Origin of Feces author David Waltner-Toews weaves narratives to provide an accessible and humorous exploration of entomophagy. World rights available BISAC: SOC055000, SCI025000, SCI008000

World rights available BISAC: MUS019000, MUS035000, MUS050000, BIO004000

The Rights of Nature: A Legal Revolution That Could Save the World by David R. Boyd Around the world, more and more laws are being passed recognizing that ecosystems have legally enforceable rights. And if nature has rights, then humans have responsibilities. In The Rights of Nature, noted environmental lawyer David Boyd tells this remarkable story, which is, at its heart, one of humans as a species finally growing up. ECW Press

World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9781770412392 C$19.95; 280 pgs.

BISAC: NAT039000, NAT011000, LAW034000, POL044000

The Science of Orphan Black: The Official Companion by Casey Griffin, Nina Nesseth, with Graeme Manson, Cosima Herter

Les saveurs gastronomiques de la bière: En un volume de David Lévesque Gendron et Martin Thibault

An official guide to the science in the hit TV show Orphan Black by science writers Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth, featuring exclusive insights from co-creator Graeme Manson and science consultant Cosima Herter. The Science of Orphan Black takes you behind the closed doors of the Dyad Institute and inside Neolution.

« Un livre qui, outrepassant les couleurs et les styles, met en vedette l’étonnante diversité des flaveurs offerte par la boisson alcoolisée la plus populaire de la Terre. Cette nouvelle édition des—Saveurs gastronomiques de la bière—se révèle complète et facile d’accès, gourmande et inspirante. En un mot : INDISPENSABLE. » —Pierre-Alain Belpaire, HRImag

ECW Press

World rights available

Éditions Druide

2017 | English ISBN: 9781770413801 C$22.95; 304 pgs.

BISAC: PER010110, SCI029000, SCI017000, PER010020

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897113148 44,95 $ CA; 624 pgs.


BISAC: PHO011000

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: The Rise of Motörhead by Martin Popoff

Dressed like comic-book vigilantes, real-life superheroes are out there. They go out at night, fight crime, save people, and some of them even have secret identities. Are they ordinary, mildmannered citizens, or are they larger-than-life characters, determined to fight crime, risking life and limb to defend victims of violence and injustice?


World rights excluding North America (English)

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: CKB007000 Théma: WBXD2


Éditions du Trécarré (Groupe Librex) 2017 | French ISBN: 9782895687009 C$19.95; 176 pgs.

L’Autisme expliqué aux nonautistes / Explaining Autism to the Non-Autistic by Brigitte Harrisson and Lise StCharles, with Kim Thúy

Un cœur pour la vie / Heart for Life:

A new perspective on autism. This book takes an introspective, courageous and unique look at autism based on actual experience of people with an ASD. It’s all about understanding how an autistic brain is different from a neurotypical brain, and how differently it processes the information it receives.

Every year, more people die from cardiovascular disease, including stroke, than from any other cause. Dr. Martin Juneau shares his conviction that chronic diseases and especially cardiovascular disease need not be a protracted death sentence and that it is possible, through lifestyle modification, to live longer in better health.

World rights excluding France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and China BISAC: FAM011000, FAM048000, PSY022020

Prévention cardiovasculaire globale / Global Cardiovascular Prevention by Martin Juneau

Éditions du Trécarré (Groupe Librex) 2017 | French ISBN: 9782895686958 C$29.95; 192 pgs.

Écoute ton corps - version homme by Lise Bourbeau

World rights excluding French, English, Russian, and Romanian

2016 | French ISBN: 9782920932746 C$18.95; 424 pgs.

By applying the techniques suggested, readers will become aware of the countless occasions when their ego is directing their thoughts, words, and actions. A vital condition for healing, this awareness will also help individuals to manifest their soul’s essential needs, thus allowing them to connect with their true self and reach inner peace. Éditions E.T.C. 2017 | English ISBN: 9782920932753 C$18.95; 230 pgs.

Anatomie d’un désastre: La crise financière de 2008, de Reagan à Trump de Serge Truffaut

Éditions Somme toute 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782924606315 27,95 $ CA; 288 pgs.

« La critique de Serge Truffaut est sévère. Elle est surtout documentée et éclairante. [...] La particularité de l’ouvrage — et son interêt — réside dans le fait qu’il démontre clairement, dans un langage accessible aux néophytes de la finance, l’emballement d’un système financier mondial lorsqu’on le déréglemente. » —Ulysse Bergeron, Le Devoir Tous droits disponibles BISAC: BUS069020 Théma: KCX

« Hugo Léger voulait “toucher à l’universel du mal”, dit-il, et déjouer aussi les plaignards. Ça ne fait même pas mal de dire qu’il a réussi. “Si ce livre fait sourire les gens qui souffrent réellement, j’aurai atteint mon but”, en ne laissant pas la douleur, y compris la plus insignifiante, toujours gagner. » — Fabien Deglise, Le Devoir Éditions Somme toute 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782924283967 25,95 $ CA; 128 pgs.

2015 | Français ISBN: 9782924606070 21,95 $ CA; 208 pgs.

BISAC: POE025000 Théma: DCA

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: PSY013000 Théma: JMQ

Fines tranches d’angoisse de Catherine Lepage « Catherine Lepage réussit à mettre le doigt sur le bobo et à livrer, avec honnêteté et relachement, son propre malaise, ce qui permet, en quelque sorte, de demystifier le mal du siècle, l’angoisse, l’anxiété, ou peu importe le nom qu’on lui donne, dans l’intimité. » —Julie Ledoux, Voir.ca

« Composé à la fois de ses poèmes à elle et de brefs essais inspirés par la lecture, la pratique et l’enseignement de cette forme héritée du XVIIe siècle de Bashô, ce “regard amoureux” sur un des plus beaux cadeaux du Japon au monde […] se lit comme le journal de bord d’une des plus enthousiastes ambassadrices québécoises du poème en trois vers. » —Dominic Tardif, Le Devoir Tous droits disponibles

World rights excluding English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Czech

Bobos: Chroniques de la petite douleur de Sébastien Thibault et Hugo Léger

Découper le silence: Regard amoureux sur le haïku de Jeanne Painchaud

Éditions Somme toute

BISAC: HEA000000, HEA039080, MED010000

EGO: The Greatest Obstacle to Healing the 5 Wounds by Lise Bourbeau

The original version of Listen to Your Body has been an uncontested bestseller since 1987, and more than 900,000 copies in 20 different languages have been sold. There was only one hitch, however. The pink cover was somewhat of a damper for male readers. Gentlemen, we heard your comments, and as a result, the book now sports a different cover and content adapted for only the male readers.

Éditions E.T.C.

World rights excluding English language

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’anglais

Éditions Somme toute

BISAC: PSY049000 Théma: JMQ

2014 | Français ISBN: 9782924283226 19,95 $ CA; 112 pgs. 2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Zoothérapie de Catherine Lepage

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit: What Inuit Have Always Known to Be True Edited by Joe Karetak, Frank Tester and Shirley Tagalik

« Conciliant humour, sagacité et finesse, l’auteure bouscule nos façons d’être et invite à aller au bout de soi tout en gardant l’équilibre. Sans jamais tomber dans le kitsch ou le ressourcement ésotérique, elle met le doigt sur le bobo, frappe directement là ou il faut [...]. Toute la force de cet ouvrage réside dans cette complémentarité entre l’image évocatrice et les phrases d’une lucidité saisissante. » —Marie Fradette, Le Devoir Éditions Somme toute 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782924606223 19,95 $ CA; 104 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’anglais BISAC: PSY013000 Théma: JMQ

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit—meaning all the extensive knowledge and experience passed from generation to generation—is a collection of contributions by well-known and respected Inuit Elders. World rights excluding Canada Fernwood Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9781552669914 C$28.00; 236 pgs.

Understanding Violence and Abuse: An Anti-Oppressive Practice Perspective by Heather Fraser and Kate Seymour

Fernwood Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9781552668870 C$38.00; 240 pgs.

Firefly Books

Using case studies from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Bangladesh, India, and elsewhere, Heather Fraser and Kate Seymour discuss topics ranging from class oppression, street violence, white privilege, war, shame, Islamophobia, and abuse in intimate relationships, as well as introduce the core tenets of anti-oppressive social work practice. World rights available BISAC: SOC025000 | Thema: JKSN

Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images by Terence Dickinson The first edition of Hubble’s Universe displayed 300 pages of high-resolution celestial portraits from the initial 22 years of the Hubble Space Telescope’s exploration of distant galaxies. This second edition adds another chapter with more than 36 completely new images. Firefly Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781770859975 C$35.00; 332 pgs.

The Raftsmen by Ryan Barnett, illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko

In 2009, Andrew Grant began photographing dogs, starting with two French bulldogs at an unrelated commercial “shoot.” Then he discovered the sad fact that millions of lost or abandoned dogs enter animal shelters every year. And only a few leave, through rescue and adoption. The rest are euthanized or live out a lonely, caged life.

In The Raftsmen, author and documentary filmmaker Ryan Barnett takes readers on an astonishing maritime adventure set in the aftermath of World War II. For four French expatriates who escaped the clutches of the Nazi regime to find asylum in Canada, adventure was to be the antidote to depression brought on by the cruelty of war.

World rights available

Firefly Books


World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9781770859784 C$24.95; 240 pgs.

Anderson Ruffin Abbott by M. Dalyce Newby

1998 | English ISBN: 9781550411867 C$14.95; 179 pgs.

World rights available

Rover: The Wagmore Edition by Andrew Grant

2017 | English ISBN: 9781770859890 C$40.00; 384 pgs.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside

BISAC: SOC062000 Thema: JBSL11

Anderson Ruffin Abbott graduated from the University of Toronto School of Medicine in 1861, and became the first Canadian of African descent to train as a physician. Abraham Lincoln appointed him one of only eight black surgeons in the Union Army during the Civil War. He was Canada’s first African Canadian coroner. He was also superintendent of Chicago’s Provident Hospital and Training School. Widely published, Abbott championed the causes of others, particularly those of African descent. World rights available BISAC: MEDO39000, HIS006000, SOC056000

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Fairy Tales in the Classroom: Teaching Students to Write Stories with Meaning Through Traditional Tales by Veronica Martenova Charles, introduction by Betsy Hearne

Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2009 | English ISBN: 9781554550203 C$34.95; 262 pgs.

Drawing on the work of Bettleheim, Favat, Rodari, Jung, and Propp, Charles explores the basics of storytelling and its innate place in human character. Step by step, she develops an easy and fun-filled approach to creative writing for elementary students. Illustrated in colour throughout with student artwork. World rights available BISAC: EDU028080


Kwäday Dän Ts’ìnchi: Teachings from Long Ago Person Found by Richard J. Hebda, Sheila Greer, and Alexander Mackie

Living the Hockey Dream by Brian Kennedy Many of the experiences of every hockey dreamer are the same. Are those experiences any different for someone who makes it to the NHL? Living the Hockey Dream tells stories of people from around the hockey world—players and broadcasters, Hall of Famers, officials, and average folks, even the Keeper of the Cup—showing that, in the end, the hockey experience is universal.

Kwäday Dän Ts’ìnchi: Teachings from Long Ago Person Found is a comprehensive and collaborative account that interweaves scientific analysis and cultural knowledge to describe a life that ended almost precisely as Europeans began to arrive in Northwest. Published by the Royal BC Museum. Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2017 | English ISBN: 9780772666994 C$49.95; 480 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: SOC021000

World rights available Folklore Publishing

Just Cool It! The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do by David Suzuki and Ian Hanington

Greystone Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771642590 C$24.95; 312 pgs.

Just Cool It! is David Suzuki at his most passionate. In this book, he offers a comprehensive look at the current state of climate science and knowledge and the many ways to resolve the climate crisis, imploring us to do what’s necessary to live in a better, cleaner future. When enough people demand action, change starts happening—and this time, it could be monumental. World rights excluding Australia, New Zealand, World French, UK, and US BISAC: NAT011000, SCI026000

Rise of the Necrofauna: The Science, Ethics, and Risks of De-Extinction by Britt Wray, foreword by George Church

Greystone Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771641647 C$32.95; 304 pgs.

The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally by Jason Fung, MD, foreword by Nina Teicholz

Jason Fung (Greystone Books)

Greystone Books 2018 | English ISBN: 9781771642651 C$24.95; 296 pgs.

There has never been a more urgent time to take action against this global epidemic: an estimated 380 million adults are currently living with Type 2 diabetes. But Dr. Fung is confident that “the secret to reversing Type 2 diabetes is within our grasp.” In The Diabetes Code, he reveals the fascinating science behind the disease and offers the path to a cure. World rights excluding Australia, China, New Zealand, Romania, Sweden, UK, US BISAC: MED027000, HEA039050

Groupe Homme 2017 | French ISBN: 9782761946254 C$29.95; 200 pgs.

World rights excluding World English, and Italy

What happens when you try to recreate a woolly mammoth—fascinating science, or conservation catastrophe? In this provocative and enlightening book, Britt Wray explores the controversial new science of de-extinction and the many biological, technological, ethical, environmental, and legal questions that come with it. World rights available excluding UK and US BISAC: NAT001000, PHI005000, SCI070000, SCI075000

Rethinking Pain: Just Because You’re in Pain Doesn’t Mean You Have to Suffer! by Dr. Gaetan Brouillard

Groupe Homme 2017 | French ISBN: 9782761947251 C$29.95; 256 pgs.

The Fermentation Revolution: Kombucha, Kefir, Miso: 70 Recipes at Your Fingertips by Sébastien Bureau and David Côté Boost your diet and your health by preparing your own fermentations! It’s much easier than you think to make your own fermented products at home, with no specialized equipment. This book, intended as an easy and entertaining introduction, suggests roughly 40 fermented products to make at home and about 30 recipes to offer suggestions on original ways to integrate our fermentations into an ultra-healthy meal.

BISAC: BIO016000

2009 | English ISBN: 9781894864824 C$18.95; 336 pgs.

The new book by the author of the bestseller Rethinking Health! When it becomes chronic, pain can literally poison our existence and undermine our morale. This book provides enlightening explanations of the physical and psychological causes of pain. Dr. Gaetan Brouillard presents a range of possible ways to eliminate pain, from the most recent medical breakthroughs to complementary approaches, including natural solutions that can be tried at home. World rights available

Le Québec – 50 itinéraires de rêve by Collectif Ulysse An outstanding, inspirational book that describes the most beautiful places to see in Canada’s francophone province, Québec. / Qu’il s’agisse de longues expéditions à travers plusieurs régions, de virées de quelques jours sur les plus belles routes de campagne ou d’excitantes escapades urbaines, Le Québec – 50 itinéraires de rêve vous invite a vivre des moments de pur bonheur. World rights excluding French countries Guides de voyage Ulysse

BISAC: TRV006060

2016 | French ISBN: 9782894640418 C$34.95; 208 pgs. 2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Voyages gourmands - 50 itinéraires de rêve autour du monde by Collectif Ulysse

Ces galettes dont tout le monde parle de Madame Labriski Vous avez de la broue dans le toupet. Vous voulez prendre soin de vous. Vous cherchez des solutions faciles pour vous régaler de bonheur sans culpabilité ? Tadamski ! Vous en trouverez une profusion dans le livre de Madame Labriski ! Carburez dès aujourd’hui aux Labriskis. Et changez votre vieski !

Taste and discover the world through 50 breathtaking itineraries in this outstanding, inspirational book. / Voyages gourmands – 50 itinéraires de rêve autour du monde vous fera voyager à travers le monde et ses multiples saveurs dès la première page. Guides de voyage Ulysse

World rights excluding French countries BISAC: TRV000000

2017 | French ISBN: 9782894645307 C$34.95; 208 pgs.

Guy Saint-Jean Éditeur

Tous droits disponibles

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897581770 29,95 $ CA; 200 pgs.

En as-tu vraiment besoin ? de Pierre-Yves McSween

In Search of a Better World: A Human Rights Odyssey by Payam Akhavan

Cette lecture ne laissera personne indifférent. Pierre-Yves McSween parle d’argent sans filtre et sans tabou, comme on ne l’a jamais fait auparavant dans un livre sur le sujet. Il propose de brillants mécanismes d’autodéfense contre la société de consommation et la naïveté financière.

Part memoir and history as well as a call to action, In Search of a Better World, the 2017 CBC Massey Lecture, is a powerful and essential work on the major human rights struggles of our times by internationally renowned human rights lawyer and former UN prosecutor Payam Akhavan.

Tous droits disponibles

World rights excluding North America Guy Saint-Jean Éditeur

House of Anansi Press

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897581596 24,95 $ CA; 368 pgs.

2017 | English ISBN: 9781487002008 C$19.95; 304 pgs.

Les Éditions du Boréal

Dans l’oeil du pigeon: Évolution, hérédité et culture de Luc-Alain Giraldeau

L’impossible dialogue: Sciences et religions de Yves Gingras

« Avec des images claires et une approche digne des grands vulgarisateurs de la science, Luc-Alain Giraldeau raconte l’histoire de la vie sur notre petite planète en orbite, les mécanismes de son évolution et de sa complexification qui ont mené à ces animaux culturels que nous sommes. » —Extrait de la préface de Boucar Diouf

« Dans un ouvrage passionnant, captivant comme un roman, Yves Gingras explique la lente évolution ayant permis de séparer croyance et raison, et incite ses lecteurs à prendre le parti de la raison. » —Collections

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la France

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782764624494 22,95 $ CA; 232 pgs.

Les éditions du passage 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782924397121 19,95 $ CA; 64 pgs. 24

BISAC: POL035010, POL011000, BIO020000

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’anglais et de la France Les Éditions du Boréal 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782764624128 27,95 $ CA; 352 pgs.

Au monde: Inventaire d’Antoine Dumas

Éclats d’éternité / Glimmerings of Eternity de Lew Yung-Chien

« Antoine Dumas recense les grandes beautés et les petites tragédies qui émaillent la marche du monde, du minéral au végétal, sans oublier l’humain. Il déploie une langue inventive et libre, empreinte d’images rares et fortes. L’appétit de l’auteur pour les images magnifiques semble illimité. Les poèmes de Dumas sont nourris d’une langue intarissable aux sonorités chatoyantes. Ce recueil est d’une beauté qui nous hante longtemps après sa lecture. » —Lettres Québécoises

Éclats d’éternité regroupe 50 pensées positives qui posent un regard à la fois drôle et grave sur des questions existentielles que nous avons tous rencontrées au moins une fois dans notre vie. Chaque pensée est présentée en français, anglais et chinois. / Glimmerings of Eternity includes 50 inspirational thoughts taking a humorous but serious look at the meaning of life. Each thought is presented in French, English, and Chinese.

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: POE011000 Théma: DCF

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Les éditions du passage 2017 | Français, anglais et chinois ISBN: 9782924397275 14,95 $ CA; 120 pgs.

BISAC: PHO011010 Théma: AJ


Dans la tête des animaux: Ce que l’on sait vraiment sur leur intelligence by François Y. Doré

La crise des abeilles: Une agriculture sous influence de Jean-Pierre Rogel Grand reportage percutant sur le déclin des abeilles et sur l’usage inconsidéré des pesticides dans l’agriculture aujourd’hui. Un réquisitoire pour la biodiversité, mais aussi un éloge de notre cohabitation millénaire avec les abeilles.

What do we REALLY know about animal intelligence? What does a cat think while he stares at birds? Or what about an elephant, walking in the wild, or a monkey facing a mirror? If animals cannot talk to us, recent research shows that their mental activity is intense. An admirable synthesis of 100 years of psychology and ethology studies! Les Éditions Multimondes 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897730499 C$21.95; 168 pgs.

Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal

World rights available BISAC: NAT001000 Thema: PSV

Tous droits disponibles Les Éditions Multimondes 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897730437 19,95 $ CA; 176 pgs.

Les MOOCs: Cours en ligne et transformations des universités de Pablo Achard

Les opéras de Verdi: Éléments d’un langage musicodramatique de Steven Huebner

Encensés ou décriés, les cours en ligne ouverts et massifs (MOOCs) participent d’ores et déjà à la nouvelle configuration de l’enseignement supérieur. En replaçant ces cours dans l’histoire de l’enseignement, l’auteur évalue leur influence actuelle, future ou probable, sur les universités.

Année après année, Giuseppe Verdi reste le compositeur d’opéras le plus joué dans le monde. Pourtant, peu d’études musicologiques sur son style ont été publiées à ce jour. En fait, ce livre, véritable guide d’analyse opératique, est le premier dans toutes les langues qui traite de façon systématique du langage musical du compositeur.

Tous droits disponibles

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782760636965 14,95 $ CA; 148 pgs.

Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782760635142 30,95 $ CA; 186 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782760633025 54,95 $ CA; 368 pgs.

Les villes non occidentales: Comprendre les enjeux de la diversité urbaine Sous la direction de Gabriel Fauveaud

Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal

BISAC: NAT010000, NAT046000, NAT024000 Théma: PSAF, TVP

Cet ouvrage souhaite montrer la richesse d’une ouverture géographique et thématique des recherches urbaines actuelles en présentant celles qui prennent en considération les villes situées en dehors de l’aire occidentale. Il donne la voix à de jeunes chercheurs et praticiens originaires de six pays et de trois continents qui, par leurs réflexions engagées, proposent de corriger les perceptions souvent négatives, voire catastrophiques, de l’urbanisation non occidentale. Tous droit disponibles

Médecine(s) et santé: Une petite histoire globale – 19e et 20e siècles de Laurence Monnais

Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782760636385 34,95 $ CA; 258 pgs.

Campfire Ghost Stories: The Haunting Tales by Geordie Telfer

La médecine et la santé sont au cœur de nos vies et de nos discours, certes, mais les interrogations entourant le rôle de la première dans la seconde restent nombreuses. C’est de cette relation qu’il est fait état dans ce livre. Cette petite histoire de la médecine se penche à la fois sur la construction de systèmes de santé, la médicalisation des corps féminins, la (sur)consommation de médicaments et l’éradication des maladies infectieuses ici et ailleurs dans le monde. Tous droits disponibles

Fireside Ghost Stories by A.S. Mott Sit around the fire and share the scary and sometimes heartwarming stories of this collection. Whether read alone or shared with others, these dramatized tales are sure to send a chill up your spine...

A collection of creepy, ghoulish, scary, comforting, weird, paranormal, unnerving stories appropriate to telling around a campfire for all ages. World rights available

World rights available BISAC: OCC023000, SOC011000

Lone Pine Media

Lone Pine Media

2016 | English ISBN: 9781894877831 C$18.95; 224 pgs.

2003 | English ISBN: 9781894877404 C$14.95; 216 pgs.

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



McGill-Queen’s University Press

Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a 165-Year Search by Russell A. Potter

Restructuring the European State: European Integration and State Reform by Paolo Dardanelli

In 2014, media around the world buzzed with news that an archaeological team from Parks Canada had located and identified the wreck of HMS Erebus, the flagship of Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition to find the Northwest Passage. Finding Franklin outlines the larger story and the cast of detectives from every walk of life that led to the discovery.

This book examines why European integration fuels state disintegration. Dardanelli, a senior lecturer in comparative politics at the University of Kent, presents a systematic investigation of the connections between European integration and state restructuring.

World rights available

2016 | English ISBN: 9780773547841 C$39.95; 280 pgs.

McGill-Queen’s University Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9780773551527 C$39.95; 336 pgs.

The Islamic Challenge and the United States: Global Security in an Age of Uncertainty by Ehsan M. Ahrari

McGill-Queen’s University Press

In The Islamic Challenge and the United States, Ahrari takes a close look at this ideological conflict and suggests that the United States sees global jihadists as absolutist and irrational. This book examines the sources and prospects of the dominant conflict of our era: the confrontation between Islam and the United States. World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9780773548169 C$37.95; 393 pgs.

Why Dissent Matters: Because Some People See Things the Rest of Us Miss by William Kaplan

McGill-Queen’s University Press

World rights available BISAC: LCO006000, LCO010000 Mother Tongue Publishing

Mother Tongue Publishing

2017 | English ISBN: 9781896949635 C$22.95; 168 pgs.

2017 | English ISBN: 9781896949628 C$35.95; 144 pgs.


World rights available

The Life and Art of Arthur Pitts: The Unheralded Artists of BC #10 by Kerry Mason

In her new collection of luminous essays, Kishkan unravels an intricately patterned algorithm. A madrigal of horticulture and love. Amid bees and coyotes, her touchstones of natural history and family mythology are realigned and mortared with metaphysics and mathematics.

2017 | English ISBN: 9780889713284 C$22.95; 272 pgs.

A wide-ranging and provocative work on controversial subjects, Why Dissent Matters tells a story of dissent and dissenters—people who have been attacked, bullied, ostracized, jailed, and, sometimes when it is all over, celebrated. From William Kaplan, a lawyer and author of several books, including A Secret Trial: Brian Mulroney and the Public Trust.

2017 | English ISBN: 9780773550704 C$34.95; 376 pgs.

Euclid’s Orchard & Other Essays by Theresa Kishkan

Nightwood Editions

World rights available

Arthur Pitts (1889-1972) was born in London, UK, and pursued a career of art and adventure, first in South Africa, then Canada. His fascination with Indigenous cultures led him to travel more than 4,000 miles in British Columbia and Alaska, producing a large body of watercolours and sketches that focused on Coast Salish, Kwakwaka’wakw, Haida, Tlingit and Ktunaxa First Nations. World rights available BISAC: BIO001000, ART015040, ART015000

Should Auld Acquaintance: Discovering the Woman Behind Robert Burns by Melanie Murray

Conscience of a Nation: Jesuits in English Canada 1842– 2013 Edited by Jacques Monet, s.j.

Melanie Murray traces the footsteps of Jean Armour and Robert Burns through the village of Mauchline, where they met and married, to their final home in Dumfries, attempting to discover the woman who inspired Burns’ timeless poetry. Armour is portrayed as a resilient woman who overcame the abandonment of her family, the loss of her children, and the instability of her philandering husband.

The third and final volume of the definitive history series on the Jesuits in English Canada, this book explores the Jesuits’ contribution to Canadian ethics and morality. The book’s contributors offer a fascinating survey of the Jesuit spirituality and formation, as well as the society’s work with ecology, education and foreign missions.

World rights excluding North America BISAC: BIO022000, BIO001000, BIO013000

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018


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2017 | English ISBN: 9782896882540 C$34.95; 288 pgs.

BISAC: REL084000 Thema: QRAM2


Novalis 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782896883431 24,95 $ CA; 184 pgs.

D’encre et de chair: Voyage chez les bâtisseurs de ponts de paix de Robert F. Lalonde

Do Monkeys Go to Heaven? 2.0: More Reflections on Finding God in All Creation by John McCarthy, s.j.

Tout au long de son périple au cœur de pays où la paix est un enjeu de tous les jours, l’auteur a pu observer les difficultés auxquelles les gens devaient faire face, mais aussi leur redressement à la suite de sessions de formation psychospirituelle. Ainsi, dans ce passionnant récit de voyage, l’auteur donne voix à des personnes qui sont devenues de véritables bâtisseurs de ponts de paix.

With the success of Do Monkeys Go To Heaven?, scientist Fr. John McCarthy guides us on another book of reflection on the breathtaking wonder and beauty of God’s presence in creation. Still focusing on faith, the environment, and science, McCarthy continues to challenge us to consider deeply how our spirituality and faith shape and form our response to the natural world.

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: REL012110

Novalis 2017 | English ISBN: 9782896884100 C$12.95; 128 pgs.

Présence nue: L’accompagnement des personnes souffrantes de Claude Mailloux

Novalis 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782896884995 19,95 $ CA; 186 pgs.

À travers un exposé incluant une lecture anthropologique du récit de la Genèse et cinq cas cliniques types, l’auteur nous livre les secrets de cette présence nue. Son regard neuf sur une profession qui est maintenant bien ancrée dans le milieu hospitalier est un jalon important pour l’établissement d’une pratique éclairée et éclairante des soins spirituels. Tous droits disponibles BISAC: REL062000

Novalis 2017 | English ISBN: 9782896883882 C$27.95; 256 pgs.

This remarkable memoir traces the life of Josef Svoboda—political prisoner, climate change pioneer, scientist, and a man of profound faith. From his earliest days in Czechoslovakia, Svoboda had to overcome daunting challenges. Yet his Catholic faith remained a constant source of light, finding support from a clandestine seminary in the heart of the prison. World rights available BISAC: REL006020 | Thema: DNBX

Appetizers for Entertaining by Jean Paré and James Darcy

Healthy Home Cooking by Jean Paré

An evening with friends and family becomes a memorable event with an attractive and tasty array of starters, tapas, or appetizers. Appetizers for Entertaining is designed to help you plan and cook fabulous food for the people you love.

One of the biggest challenges in any busy day is finding the time to prepare healthy meals for your family. Pre-packaged foods may be more convenient, but they lack the nutritional punch and comfort factor of homemade food.

World rights available

World rights available

BISAC: CKB029000, CKB003000, CKB042000

BISAC: CKB039000 Overtime Books

2016 | English ISBN: 9781988133003 C$21.99; 176 pgs.

2017 | English ISBN: 9781988133263 C$19.99; 160 pgs.

Moving Math: How to Use Thinking Skills to Help Students Make Sense of Mathematical Concepts and Support Numeracy Development by Mary Fiore and Maria Luisa Lebar

2017 | English ISBN: 9781551383255 C$24.95; 144 pgs.

BISAC: REL012040

Wine from Raisins: A Life Transformed through Communist Gulag to Canadian Arctic by Josef Svoboda

Overtime Books

Pembroke Publishers

World rights available

Moving Math is a resource that focuses on “moving” the teaching and learning of mathematics by shifting instruction and assessment practices. The book describes how using key thinking skills helps students make sense of mathematical concepts to support numeracy. World rights available BISAC: EDU046000

What Is a “Good” Teacher? by David Booth and Richard Coles Based on the experiences of teachers who make a difference, this book offers valuable insights into becoming the best teacher you can be for your students, showing you how to implement effective strategies and techniques in your classroom and gain a better understanding of how effective schools work. World rights available Pembroke Publishers

BISAC: EDU046000

2017 | English ISBN: 9781551383279 C$24.95; 160 pgs. 2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Indigenous Writes: A Guide to First Nations, Métis & Inuit Issues in Canada by Chelsea Vowel In Indigenous Writes, Chelsea Vowel, legal scholar, teacher, and intellectual, opens an important dialogue about concepts and the wider social beliefs associated with the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canada. In 31 essays, Chelsea explores the Indigenous experience from the time of contact to the present. Portage & Main Press 2016 | English ISBN: 9781553796800 C$28.00; 290 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: SOC021000

Gérer efficacement sa classe: Les cinq ingrédients essentiels de Nancy Gaudreau

Presses de l’Université du Québec 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782760545311 39.00 $ CA; 232 pgs.

Mathématiques ludiques pour les enfants de 4 à 8 ans de Krasimira Marinova et Diane Biron

Presses de l’Université du Québec 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782760545120 30,00 $ CA; 266 pgs.

Afin de soutenir les éducateurs et les enseignants du préscolaire et du premier cycle du primaire qui accompagnent les enfants dans leurs premiers apprentissages mathématiques, les auteurs de cet ouvrage jettent les bases d’une didactique ludique des mathématiques pour les enfants de 4 à 8 ans. Ils revisitent les principaux concepts mathématiques à l’étude, mais toujours en mettant à profit le jeu de rôles ou de règles. Tous droits disponibles BISAC: EDU029010

Self-Counsel Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781770402959 C$19.95; 144 pgs.

World rights available

Presses de l’Université du Québec 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782760530461 32,00 $ CA; 142 pgs.

2016 | English ISBN: 9780889229723 C$19.95; 240 pgs.


BISAC: EDU049000

L’horaire est un outil essentiel pour la personne présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme, car il lui permet de comprendre la séquence des activités quotidiennes. Ce livre vise à soutenir les intervenants dans le processus de composition d’un horaire individualisé qui favorisera l’autonomie de son usager et, conséquemment, augmentera sa qualité de vie. Tous droits disponibles BISAC: PSY012000

Move or Die: How the Sedentary Life is Killing Us and How Movement, Not Exercise, Can Save Us by Tim Sitt

Self-Counsel Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781770402812 C$19.95; 200 pgs.

BISAC: BUS052000, BUS070060


Tous droits disponibles

Outil d’évaluation des structures du temps (OUEST): Pour les personnes présentant un trouble du spectre de l’autisme de Johanne Mainville, Sonia Di Lillo, Nathalie Poirier, et Nathalie Plante

Media Whore: A Shockingly Simple Guide to Becoming Your Own Kick-Ass Publicist by Daniel and Steven Shehori Years ago the Shehori Brothers became publicists out of necessity to self-promote. They quickly realized, nobody can sell the idea of your creation better than you. If you’re a performer, athlete, entrepreneur, charity, small business owner, or entertainer of any kind, Media Whore contains vital information forged from over 10,000 hours of experience. The goal: for you to embrace a simple mindset of how to garner media attention for yourself and your creations—at zero cost!

La gestion de classe se révèle une tâche très complexe qui fait appel à un large spectre de compétences chez les enseignants. Reconnue comme ayant une influence majeure sur l’évolution et la réussite des élèves, elle constitue la base d’un climat sain, sécurisant et favorable aux apprentissages. Gérer efficacement sa classe vise à outiller les enseignants et les professionnels qui les accompagnent pour la mise en œuvre de pratiques de gestion de classe efficaces.

Most of us have learned to ignore the signals of our bodies and quietly accept pain or discomfort. This is particularly true in the office where we spend most of our time locked in chairs behind desks. Move or Die introduces movement as a mindset that focuses on the skills of becoming aware of rigid and unhealthy patterns, exploring choices and moving towards healthier possibilities. World rights available BISAC: HEA010000, HEA038000

Price Paid: The Fight for First Nations Survival by Bev Sellars

They Called Me Number One: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School by Bev Sellars

The book begins with glimpses of foods, medicines, and cultural practices that North America’s Indigenous peoples have contributed to the rest of the world. It documents the dark period of regulation by racist laws during the twentieth century, and then discusses new emergence in the twenty-first century into a re-establishment of Indigenous land and resource rights.

Sellars tells of three generations of women who attended St. Joseph’s Mission in Williams Lake, BC, interweaving the personal histories of her grandmother and her mother with her own. She tells of hunger, forced labour, and physical beatings, and also of the demand for conformity in a culturally alien institution where children were confined and denigrated for failure to be white and Roman Catholic.

World rights available BISAC: HIS006000

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Talonbooks 2012 | English ISBN: 9780889227415 C$19.95; 256 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: BIO007000 | Thema: DNC


The Porcupine’s Quill 2006 | English ISBN: 9780889842908 C$21.95; 144 pgs.


University of British Columbia Press 2018 | English ISBN: 9780774838030

A Gathering of Flowers from Shakespeare by Gerard Brender à Brandis and F. David Hoeniger

Remembering Air India: The Art of Public Mourning Edited by Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean and Angela Failler

One of Canada’s most celebrated artists has collaborated with a distinguished professor of English to create a work of art and scholarship both beautiful and informative. “Gerard Brender à Brandis is a renowned wood engraver, whose works of densely textured intricacy vibrate across your vision, drawing you into a microscopically magic world.” —Hans Werner, Toronto Star

On June 23, 1985, the bombing of Air India Flight 182 killed 329 people, most of them Canadians. Today this pivotal event in Canada’s history is hazily remembered, yet certain interests have shaped how the tragedy is woven into public memory. The authors investigate the bombing and its implications on racism, terrorism, and citizenship.

World rights excluding Canada, United States BISAC: ART050030, ART015040, ART016000 Thema: AFH

Shifting the Liberal Human Rights Regime: Forced Environmental Migration, Common Responsibility, and the Sovereign State by Nicole Marshall This timely book argues that the way that states frame migration rights is increasingly falling out of step with modern realities. With the number of environmentally displaced people set to rise dramatically, both domestic migration policies and international laws must be revisited. World rights available BISAC: SOC007000, SCI092000, POL035010 Thema: JBFH, RNT, JPVH

University of Alberta Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781772122596 C$29.95; 360 pgs.


University of British Columbia Press 2018 | English ISBN: 9780774836173

Undertow in the Third Wave: Examining Democratic Reversal, 1972-2014 by Peter A. Ferguson In 2015, the world suffered a net decline in political freedom for the 10th consecutive year. Undertow in the Third Wave seeks to understand why by examining 40 cases of democratic reversal. Peter A. Ferguson finds that legislative gridlock, the risks associated with legislative fractionalization, younger democracies, and attempts to assert civilian control over the military all increase the possibility of democratic reversal. World rights available BISAC: POL009000, POL007000 Thema: JPHV, JPB, JPQ

Journey of a Thousand Miles: An Extraordinary Life by Dr. Ruey J. Yu with Kate Jaimet

Ce petit bijou, agréable à lire et à relire, est un incontournable sur la table de chevet de tout traducteur et de tout lecteur curieux. Sourires en coin garantis.

Ruey Yu overcame near-starvation during the Second World War and became the co-founder of what would soon become multi-million-dollar skin care company NeoStrata. / Ruey Yu évite la famine qui déferle sur son pays pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Il devint le cofondateur de ce qui allait devenir la multinationale américaine spécialisée en soins de la peau, NeoStrata.

BISAC: LAN023000 Théma: CFP

University of Ottawa Press / Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa 2017 | English ISBN: 9780776625676 C$19.95; 150 pgs.

Therapeutic Touch: Research, Practice and Ethics Edited by Martin Rovers, Judith Malette, and Manal GuirguisYounger

University of Ottawa Press / Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa 2017 | English ISBN: 9780776625478 C$29.95; 260 pgs.

BISAC: LIT025030, SOC031000, ART037000 Thema: DS, BFA, BSL1, AB

La traduction en citations: Florilège de Jean Delisle

Tous droits disponibles

University of Ottawa Press / Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782760324596 39,95 $ CA; 432 pgs.

World rights available

Inappropriate touch cases have sparked public outcry and made headlines, but a discussion on the importance and ethics of positive, caring, appropriate touch in the helping professions such as teaching, nursing and counselling is long overdue. The book emphasizes that healthy, non-sexual touch is not taught enough as part of professional training and oversight. World rights available BISAC: PSY030000 | Thema: JMB

World rights available BISAC: BIO026000, BIO015000 Thema: DNBT1, DNXH

It’s Not Complicated: The Art and Science of Complexity in Business by Rick Nason

University of Toronto Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781442644878 C$32.95; 248 pgs.

It’s Not Complicated offers a paradigm shift for business professionals looking for simplified solutions to complex problems. In his straightforward and highly engaging style, Rick Nason introduces the principles of “complexity thinking,” which empower managers to understand, correlate, and explain a diverse range of business phenomena. World rights available BISAC: BUS041000, BUS063000, BUS071000

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy by Maggie Berg and Barbara K. Seeber

University of Toronto Press 2016 | English ISBN: 9781487521851 C$19.95; 136 pgs.

If there is one sector that should be cultivating deep thought, it is academia. Yet the corporatization of the university demands more speed and efficiency from faculty regardless of the consequences. The Slow Professor discusses how adopting principles of the Slow movement in academic life can counter this erosion of humanistic education. World rights available BISAC: EDU015000, EDU029000, PHI000000, SOC026000

What’s in a Name? Talking about Urban Peripheries Edited by Richard Harris and Charlotte Vorms What’s in a Name? brings together experts from around the world in order to provide a truly global framework for the study of the urban periphery. By exploring the ways in which local individuals speak about the urban periphery, the contributors bridge the assumed divide between the global North and the global South. University of Toronto Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781442626966 C$36.95; 376 pgs.

Working in a Multicultural World: A Guide to Developing Intercultural Competence by Luciara Nardon

2017 | English ISBN: 9781442637283 C$34.95; 224 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: BUS030000, BUS035000, BUS041000, BUS071000

This book lays out a foundation myth encoded into the breathtaking architecture of Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan. An omnibus of folk epic, archaeological research, and code-breaking symbolism, Astana advances challenging ideas and offers a wealth of fresh insights into the hidden complexities embedded deep within one of the most remarkable cities on Earth. Vidacom Publications

Activating the Heart: Storytelling, Knowledge Sharing, and Relationship Edited by Julia Christensen, Christopher Cox, Lisa Szabo-Jone

This is a truly unique book. It offers an incomparable glimpse into the experiences and history of more than one hundred First Nations and Metis elders from Canada’s North—“the last generation born on the land.” The stunning graphite pencil portraits are rendered with love, respect, and painstaking detail, along with gripping intimate profiles assembled from oral accounts and anecdotes. World rights excluding English and French

2017 | English ISBN: 9781988182407 C$35.00; 240 pgs.

Wilfrid Laurier University Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771123037 C$64.99; 379 pgs. 30

World rights excluding English and French

2017 | English ISBN: 9781988182209 C$49.95; 288 pgs.

Portraits of the North by Gerald Kuehl

Vidacom Publications

BISAC: POL002000, SCI030000, SOC000000

Astana: Architecture, Myth and Destiny by Frank Albo

In Working in a Multicultural World, Nardon offers a comprehensive framework for understanding intercultural interactions and developing skills for successful intercultural situations. Numerous examples and exercises will enable employees and managers to embark on reflective processes that will springboard their intercultural competence. University of Toronto Press

World rights available

Wilfrid Laurier University Press 2018 | English ISBN: 9781771122191 C$24.99; 155 pgs.

Activating the Heart explores how storytelling engages and builds new interconnections between people and their histories, environments, and cultural geographies. It focuses on the significance of storytelling in Indigenous knowledge frameworks and other ways of knowing, and how researchers have embraced narrative and story as a part of their methodologies. World rights available BISAC: SOC062000 | Thema: JBSL11

Stan Brakhage in Rolling Stock, 1980-1990 by Jerry White

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter by Daniel Heath Justice

This work is both a heavily annotated collection of the reports Stan Brakhage did on the Telluride Film Festival for the magazine Rolling Stock and an analysis of his work that attempts to place his singular corpus in the context of world cinema— that is to say, alongside those filmmakers he was encountering in that mountain town.

This book asserts the vital significance of literary expression to the political, creative, and intellectual efforts of Indigenous peoples. The author challenges readers to critically consider and rethink assumptions about Indigenous literature, history, and politics, never forgetting the emotional connections of our shared humanity and the transformative power of story.

World rights available BISAC: PER018000 Thema: ATFB

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Wilfrid Laurier University Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781771121767 C$19.99; 165 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: SOC062000 Thema: JBSL11

Thoughtful books

Canadian university presses publish authoritative works of high-quality non-fiction in the social sciences and humanities. Books that contribute to cultural, social, and political life. Books that reach global audiences and promote a greater understanding of our world. Books that we need now.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside www.fitzhenry.ca


Chat volant non identifié de Marilou Addison

Le monde totalement à l’envers de Fanny 1 de Richard Petit

Mon premier GROS roman à lire comme les grands! Sur Chaturne, tous les chats sont rois. Mais le grand Micha Ier a décidé d’étendre son règne sur toute la galaxie. Il envoie donc son meilleur agent sur la Terre, qui a une mission bien spéciale : infiltrer chaque maison de cette planète ! Attention, le chat qui habite chez toi n’est peut-être pas aussi innocent que tu peux le croire.

Andara 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897460112 12,95 $ CA; 352 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la France 7 à 10 ans

Mais que fait le directeur de l’école sur une planche à roulettes et avec une casquette sur la tête ? Et ce policier et ce pompier qui s’amusent à construire un château de sable au parc ? Et tous ces parents qui mangent des bonbons et jouent à cache-cache dans la rue au lieu de se rendre à leur travail ?

Andara 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782924146675 14,95 $ CA; 416 pgs.

Ti-Guy La Puck - La révolte des mascottes de Geneviève Guilbault

Andara 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897460389 14,95 $ CA; 416 pgs.

Dans le petit village de Bâton-sur-Glace, tout le monde aime le hockey. Surtout Ti-Guy La Puck ! Malheureusement, son équipe a beaucoup de mal à performer contre le club des Vipères. Ti-Guy décide d’inviter les meilleurs joueurs au monde à se joindre à l’équipe des Castors de Baton-sur-Glace. Mais l’événement va prendre une tournure tout à fait inattendue ! La révolte des mascottes est sur le point de commencer ! Tous droits disponibles 8 à 12 ans

Bayard Canada 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897700133 15,95 $ CA; 120 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: JUV059000 12 ans et plus

Charlie loves the bright red purse that his grandmother gave him. One day, he decides to take it to school and a number of people question him about his “strange” choice, but Charlie isn’t deterred. Before long, his unselfconscious determination to carry a purse starts to affect those around him, and they realize the importance of being true to yourself. World rights available Annick Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781554519545 C$21.95; 36 pgs.

L’arbre de Josué suit la réalité d’un adolescent qui cherche à s’affranchir de sa famille dysfonctionnelle. Scindée en trois parties, l’intrigue reflète l’évolution de Josué, de son enfance jusqu’à l’âge adulte. Un portrait réaliste grâce auquel le lecteur vit de l’intérieur les émotions contradictoires de Josué, partageant ses doutes et ses espoirs. Tous droits disponibles Bayard Canada 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782895797258 15,95 $ CA; 240 pgs.

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782895796732 19,95 $ CA; 352 pgs.


BISAC: JUV037000 14 ans et plus

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

BISAC: JUV039010, JUV039050 Théma: JMS, VFJK, JBFK3 14 ans et plus

Matricule A390G7 de Yaël Lipsyc Isis, 16 ans, évolue dans une société contrôlée par la censure et la rectitude. Étudiante à l’école de Sauvetage, elle rêve de sauver des vies, mais aussi d’une société plus ouverte, plus créative. Passionnée par les étoiles, elle aimerait tout apprendre du monde qui l’entoure. Sa curiosité ne fait toutefois pas l’affaire des dirigeants, qui la voient comme un élément dangereux au maintien de l’ordre établi.

L’éveil des Grands Hurleurs est le premier tome d’une nouvelle trilogie. Le lecteur plonge dans l’univers fantastique des dragons. Le roman est l’occasion de découvrir un monde fascinant, peuplé de diverses créatures. Rhéa Dufresne y évoque notamment des thèmes comme la liberté, le courage et l’entraide. Tous droits disponibles

BISAC: JUV039140, JUV039100 Ages 3-5

L’arbre de Josué de Sonia K. Laflamme

L’éveil des Grands Hurleurs: Tome 1 de la série Le cycle draconique de Rhéa Dufresne

Bayard Canada

8 à 12 ans

I Love My Purse by Belle DeMont

Chroniques post-apocalyptiques d’une enfant sage d’Annie Bacon Astride est une adolescente de 13 ans d’un naturel réservé. À la suite d’un cataclysme déclenché par des scientifiques, elle se retrouve seule, sans parents ni amis. La jeune fille se réfugie dans le seul endroit qu’elle juge sécuritaire : la bibliothèque du quartier. Pour combler ses besoins primaires, elle s’approvisionne dans les commerces avoisinants et découvre que d’autres ont survécu. La nourriture étant rare, elle doit faire preuve de vigilance pour assurer sa survie.

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la France

Bayard Canada 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897700904 23,95 $ CA; 536 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: JUV059000 14 ans et plus


100 jeux avec Namasté:

Les émotions et le yoga dans la vie de Namasté le singe de France Hutchison, illustré par Irène Lumineau

Pour la concentration, les émotions et la socialisation des enfants

de France Hutchison

Béliveau Éditeur 2013 | Français ISBN: 9782890925984 21,95 $ CA; 84 pgs.

Béliveau Éditeur 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782890927421 32,95 $ CA; 112 pgs.

Dans cet ouvrage, vous trouverez une multitude de jeux inspirés de diverses techniques alternatives. Que vous soyez parent, intervenant, enseignant ou éducateur, ce guide sera un complément pour agrémenter vos sessions de yoga ou de jeux avec les enfants. Vous y trouverez entre autres des techniques de visualisation et de relaxation; des jeux inspirés de la thérapie par les couleurs et le son; et des techniques de massage et de polarité. Tous droits disponibles BISAC: HEA025000 | Théma: VFMG1 3 à 10 ans

Dix histoires superbement illustrées pour mieux apprivoiser les émotions et les difficultés, que les enfants pourront lire et comprendre en compagnie de Namasté. Déjà 5 000 exemplaires vendus ! Tous droits disponibles Béliveau Éditeur 2014 | Français ISBN: 9782890926424 9,95 $ CA; 24 pgs.

Yoga en famille pour parents presque zen! 35 postures, visualisations et jeux de France Hutchison

Yoga pour les enfants avec Namasté le singe: 32 postures, jeux et visualisations by France Hutchison

Dans ce livre, j’ai rassemblé tout ce qui me paraissait important pour avoir une vie de famille un peu plus ZEN ! De petits trucs simples, en utilisant le yoga, la méditation, le massage, le yoga du rire ou tout simplement en expliquant comment éduquer son enfant selon son type d’intelligence et en tenant compte de l’importance de bien choisir ses mots lorsqu’on lui donne une consigne.

France Hutchison brings together yoga techniques she has adapted for children in order to facilitate relaxation and learning. Thanks to this superbly illustrated guide, which comes with a music CD, teachers, day-care workers and parents can provide relaxation and concentration to children as young as three. A superb success with 15 000 copies sold!

Tous droits disponibles BISAC: HEA025000 | Théma: VFMG1 3 à 10 ans

Béliveau Éditeur

World rights available

2014 | French ISBN: 9782890926394 C$29.95; 96 pgs.

BISAC: HEA025000 Thema: VFMG1 Ages 3-10

Big Trucks by Nicholle Carriere and Tamara Hartson

Volcanoes by Nicholle Carriere and Tamara Hartson

Monster trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, concrete pumping trucks, and some of the world’s biggest trucks: they lift, haul, dig, pour, and drag, working hard for us every day. This book contains many amazing trucks, with photos of what they look like and what they do. Super Explorers can be very big, or very small to explore everything from volcanoes, to machines to inside the human body.

Super Heroes explore volcanoes. Why do volcanoes erupt? Where are the most volcanoes? Our Super Heroes take you inside a volcano to find out what it is, how it works, and how volcanoes can affect our lives. World rights available

Blue Bike Books

World rights available

Blue Bike Books

2016 | English ISBN: 9781926700649 C$6.99; 64 pgs.

BISAC: JNF057030 Ages 6-9

2016 | English ISBN: 9781926700700 C$6.99; 64 pgs.

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897091255 14,95 $ CA; 320 pgs.

BISAC: JNF037010, JNF016000, JNF016000 Ages 6-9

Billie Jazz - Les auditions de Geneviève Guilbault, illustré par Sabrina Gendron

Les pirouettes du coeur de Lucille Bisson, illustré par Magalie Foutrier

Billie Jazz transporte les jeunes dans le merveilleux univers de la danse. Entraînements, compétitions, amitiés, histoires d’amour et rivalités sont à l’honneur dans ces livres attrayants, aux caractères faciles à lire et agrémentés de belles illustrations. Une série à ne pas manquer !

Marianne Bellehumeur vit des moments intenses. Que peut-il arriver de pire que d’avoir attrapé la « picote », le matin d’un important tournoi de basket ? Existe-t-il une situation plus difficile que celle d’être témoin d’une chicane entre ses meilleures amies ? Et si Marianne perdait son journal intime ? Ou si sa plus grande rivale venait jouer dans ses platebandes ?

Tous droits disponibles Boomerang éditeur jeunesse

BISAC: HEA025000 Théma: VFMG1 3 à 10 ans

8 à 12 ans

Boomerang éditeur jeunesse 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897091163 16,95 $ CA; 352 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles 10 à 14 ans

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Qui va dérouler ma momie ? de Marilou Addison, illustré par Richard Petit

Boomerang éditeur jeunesse 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897091101 14,95 $ CA; 416 pgs.

Les jumeaux Fredo et Matéo viennent de commander en ligne la nouvelle version du Sledturbo 2000 : un traîneau à neige, moteur intégré et fusées à propulsion. Lorsque leur colis arrive enfin, ils ont toutes les difficultés du monde à le déballer. Il faut dire qu’il y a des bandelettes inutiles, de la poussière en quantité astronomique, et surtout, une momie qui n’a rien à faire là ! Déroulera, déroulera pas ? Tous droits disponibles 8 à 12 ans

Sloche à la framboise bleue de Marilou Addison « J’ai encore TREIZE ans. Mon anniversaire est seulement dans SEPT semaines. Le secondaire commence dans moins d’UN mois ! Et en plus, j’ai DEUX horribles boutons qui sont apparus sur mon menton, ce matin !! Cream puff, il va me falloir une sloche à la framboise bleue pour oublier tout ça !!! » Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la France Boomerang éditeur jeunesse 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782897090579 16,95 $ CA; 341 pgs.

Terreur dans la classe de sixième d’Émilie Rivard

Meet Me at Green Gables by Michel Bourque, illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel

Les hurlements terrifiés de Jimmy et Flavien en pleine classe n’inquiètent d’abord pas Jacob. Mais les deux élèves blagueurs sont-ils de si bons acteurs ? Quand d’autres personnes sont victimes de ces mêmes crises de frayeur, Jacob ne peut plus faire comme si tout était normal. Il doit résoudre ce mystère, avec l’aide de ses amis et d’un enseignant de musique bien particulier.

Also available in French as Rideau rouge et pignons verts. Gracie Finley and Glenda Landry, two young girls from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, both dream of being on stage. To the delight of audiences, they take on the roles of kindred spirits Anne and Diana in the marvelous musical inspired by the novel Anne of Green Gables.

Tous droits disponibles Boomerang éditeur jeunesse

8 à 12 ans

Bouton d’or Acadie 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897500641 13,95 $ CA; 40 pgs.

Chouette Publishing 2016 | English ISBN: 9782897183387 C$14.99; 14 pgs.


Bouton d’or Acadie 2017 | English ISBN: 9782897500672 C$13.95; 40 pgs.

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897091408 14,95 $ CA; 320 pgs.

12 ans et plus

World rights available BISAC: JUV031060 Thema: 5AC, DD

Rideau rouge et pignons verts de Michel Bourque, illustré par JeanLuc Trudel

Farm Animals Fun Box by Danielle Patenaude, illustrated by Jonathan Miller

Une histoire de théâtre tout à fait vraie ! Deux jeunes filles qui reviennent de jouer, de chanter et de danser au théâtre voient leur rêve se réaliser grâce à la comédie musicale tirée du célèbre roman Anne . . . la maison aux pignons verts.

A neat carry-along box that contains a 2-in-1 jigsaw puzzle and a softcover book. In the story, Victor learns about farm animals and the sounds they make on a visit to his grandparents’ farm. Grab your carry-along Fun Box and discover farm life.

Tous droits disponibles

World rights available

BISAC: JUV031060 Théma: 5AC, DD 4 à 7 ans

Chouette Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9782981580726 C$9.99; 24 pgs.

BISAC: JUV002090, JUV009110 Thema: YBLL Ages 3-5

Goodnight, Sleepy Animals by Anne Paradis, illustrated by Christine Battuz

Princess Lila Builds a Tower by Anne Paradis, illustrated by Karina Dupuis

Beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Christine Battuz, this soothing board book is perfect for sleepy little ones in need of a bedtime story and a cuddle. When darkness falls and everything goes quiet, all the animals get ready to say good night. The drowsy bunnies go to bed early, while the little foxes curl up together in their den.

Princess Lila lives in a beautiful castle and has everything she could ever desire—well, almost. She yearns to venture beyond the forest, explore her country, and meet people her own age. But the forest is off limits. Resourceful and ingenious, Princess Lila sets to work building a tower to catch a glimpse of the forbidden land. Thus begins a thrilling adventure.

World rights available or for co-edition BISAC: JUV010000 Thema: YBG Ages 3-5

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Chouette Publishing

World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9782981580757 C$17.95; 32 pgs.

BISAC: JUV039140, JUV014000 Thema: YBCS2 Ages 3-5


Santa’s Countdown to Christmas: 24 Days of Stories by Kim Thompson, illustrated by Élodie Duhameau

La princesse cowboy / Little Miss Cowboy by Lou Beauchesne, illustrated by Marie-Ève Tremblay

Count the days until Christmas with Santa and his elves! A book that captures all the excitement and the magic of the holiday season.

In the land of Wonders, all little girls are princesses, except Princess Honeydew. She decides to enter the famous princess fashion show dressed as she likes: as a cowboy riding her unicorn horse! / Au royaume des merveilles, toutes les princesses sont coquettes et raffinées, sauf la princesse Melon-Miel. Elle préfère jouer au cowboy sur sa jolie licorne.

World rights available

Chouette Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9782924786055 C$19.95; 56 pgs.

BISAC: JUV017010, JUV012030, JUV030120, JUV040000 Thema: YBCS2 Ages 3-5

Dominique et compagnie 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897397654 C$12.95; 24 pgs.

Lili Macaroni – Je suis comme je suis / Lili Macaroni – I Am Who I Am by Nicole Testa, illustrated by Annie Boulanger

Dominique et compagnie 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897397678 C$19.95; 32 pgs.

When Lili starts school, some laugh at her name and call her Lili Macaroni Cheese. Happily, though, she discovers a way to send her sadness flying away. / Depuis que Lili est à l’école, elle réalise que les autres rient de son nom et l’appellent Lili Macaroni au fromage. Heureusement, elle découvre une façon de faire face à cette situation... World rights available Ages 3-5

Dominique et compagnie 2016 | French ISBN: 9782897396114 C$21.95; 28 pgs.

World rights available Ages 6-9

Dominique et compagnie 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897397876 C$6.95; 48 pgs.

Dominique et compagnie

Ages 6-9

World rights available Ages 5 and up

2015 | French ISBN: 9782896869848 C$19.95; 32 pgs.

Lola Rock: Déprime totale d’Élodie Loisel Hé, je m’appelle Lola, j’ai 15 ans et je suis raide dingue d’un gars de mon école, Nathan. Tout se complique le jour ou son groupe de musique appelé les Rock Boys cherche UN guitariste. Pour comprendre mon histoire, il faut déjà savoir que je me débrouille pas mal à la guitare, mais petit problème, c’est que comme son nom l’indique le groupe est uniquement composé de garçons.

World rights available

2018 | English ISBN: 9781459739734 C$8.99; 160 pgs.

World rights available

“My parents don’t get along these days—like a dog and a cat. You think I’m joking but no. Papa thinks Mama bosses everyone, and Mama thinks Papa is easily angered. But I know my Mama has a heart that purrs like a cat and my Papa is a softie, loyal and he loves music.” Lively, colourful illustrations.

In the third Great Mistake Mystery, Stephen and Renée investigate a recent robbery that has been pinned on the Noble Dogwalking Agency. The crime involves a missing python and a key that Stephen says he lost. Stephen and Renée need to solve this case or the Noble Dogwalking Agency will go under!

BISAC: JUV028000, JUV002070, JUV039140 Thema: YFCF, YFP, YXD Ages 8–12

A wonderful series of novels for beginner readers, featuring large print, short sentences, and expressive illustrations. These are modern stories about situations that kids find themselves in every day. / Une série de romans sur les conflits. On y parle, toujours avec humour et originalité, sans jugement, de sujets délicats et d’actualités comme le racisme, les inégalités, le muticulturalisme et même les poux !

Rosalie entre chien et chat / Rosalie Caught in Between by Mélanie Perreault, illustrated by Marion Arbona

The Snake Mistake Mystery by Sylvia McNicoll


Ages 3-5

Marie Demers - Presque parfaite ! Marie Demers - Almost Perfect! by Marie Demers

Nathan apprend autrement : Une histoire sur la dyslexie / Nathan Learns Differently: A Story About Dyslexia by Danielle Noreau, illustrated by Sabrina Gendron Nathan is dyslexic. He has difficulty deciphering letters, which makes it hard for him to read, but he’s good at construction games and sports. We learn how Nathan lives with this reading difficulty. / Nathan a un trouble développemental qui s’appelle la dyslexie qui est une difficulté d’identification des mots qui affecte la fluidité de lecture.

World rights available

Éditions AdA 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897679279 9,95 $ CA; 384 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la France 12 ans et plus

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Même pas vrai / Stories to Tell by Larry Tremblay, illustrated by Guillaume Perreault

Éditions de la Bagnole (Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature)

Ever since his teacher asked him to do a news report, Marco won’t let go of his imaginary microphone. Everything that happens in the life of the eight-year-old boy becomes the subject of a “feature.” Unable to take it anymore, his parents try to forbid him to use his microphone. Marco then starts to draw stories on a wall... on two walls... on all the walls! World rights available Age 8-12

2016 | French ISBN: 9782897141370 C$29.95; 192 pgs.

Ti-Jos Connaissant / Little Joe Know-it-all by Jennifer Tremblay, illustrated by Philippe Béha

Éditions de la Bagnole (Groupe Ville-Marie Littérature) 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897142179 C$19.95; 32 pgs.

Aux toilettes d’André Marois, illustré par Pierre Pratt

2015 | Français ISBN: 9782897111687 19,95 $ CA; 32 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles Éditions Druide 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897112479 19,95 $ CA; 32 pgs.

Lapin-Chagrin et les jours d’Elko de Sylvie Nicolas, illustré par Marion Arbona

Éditions du Phoenix 2011 | Français ISBN: 9782923521213 14,95 $ CA; 44 pgs.

« Un album à la fois bouleversant et lumineux, au cours duquel Lapin-Chagrin, un ami imaginaire apparu à Nerko au premier jour de la guerre, protège et suit la famille à travers tous les autres jours marquant cette fuite : ceux des avions, de la grande ville, des tentes bleues, du sac de poubelle noir... La poésie à la fois douce et évocatrice de l’auteure et les illustrations de l’illustratrice, toutes en rondeurs et en couleurs neutres, rendent accessible ce sujet difficile. » —Isabelle Houde, Le Soleil Tous droits disponibles 6 ans et plus

Roman de l’amour familial et du déracinement, Niska nous entraîne dans la réalité des pensionnats autochtones des années 50, où deux mondes se confrontent. Entre la déchirure, les souvenirs et l’oubli, Siméon saura-t-il tenir sa promesse ? Tous droits disponibles 12 ans et plus Éditions du soleil de minuit 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782924279083 10,95 $ CA; 176 pgs.

Gangster: Vol. 1 : Méfiez-vous de ceux qui n’aiment pas les chats by Johanne Mercier et Denis Goulet

Roman envoûtant de rêve et d’espoir où la vie triomphe, Qu’est-ce qui fait courir Mamadi? entraîne le lecteur à la suite de ce jeune garçon rêveur qui, au fil de ses rencontres, trouve la force de surmonter les épreuves les plus difficiles.

Who is this mysterious Gangster everyone is talking about? A dark superhero? A simple old house cat? A ferocious feline avenger that struts through the city’s alleyways? Or just a big sweet kitty? Truth be told, Gangster is all of that and so much more!

Tous droits disponibles 8 à 12 ans

2013 | Français ISBN: 9782924279045 10,95 $ CA; 176 pgs. 36

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

BISAC: JUV000000 Théma: YDA 3 à 5 ans

Niska d’Étienne Poirier

Qu’est-ce qui fait courir Mamadi? d’Étienne Poirier

Éditions du soleil de minuit

BISAC: JUV002040, JUV039060, JUV047000 Ages 3-5

Ce récit se lit comme un casse-tête dont il faut examiner chaque morceau pour comprendre l’ensemble, jusqu’à la surprise finale qu’il faut décoder dans... les pages de garde ! Cet album se distingue en offrant une histoire racontée par quatre narrateurs différents : quatre points de vue sur une même histoire.

Tous droits disponibles Éditions Druide

World rights available

Une cachette pour les bobettes d’Andrée Poulin, illustré par Boum

« En ce lundi matin, dans la classe de Francis, les élèves demandent tour à tour la permission d’aller aux toilettes. […] Mais lorsqu’ils en reviennent, quelque chose semble avoir changé chez eux. » —Daniele Courchesne, Lurelu

BISAC: JUV000000 Théma: YDA 5 à 8 ans

Little Joe Know-it-all knows it all—or at least he thinks he does, until one day when his neighbours Bill, Bob and Lily ask him a question to which he doesn’t know the answer. Determined not to be left in the dark, Little Joe packs his bags and takes to the road in search of knowledge.

World rights excluding French Canada Éditions FouLire 2015 | French ISBN: 9782895912484 C$10.95; 104 pgs.

BISAC: JUV045000, JUV002050, JUV019000 Thema: YFB, YFP, YFQ Ages 8-12


Henri Cie: Vol. 1 : Opération Béatrice by Patrick Isabelle

La Bande des Quatre by Alain M. Bergeron, François Gravel, Martine Latulippe, and Johanne Mercier

Life is hilariously horribly hard for Henri. He is adopted, he is constantly daydreaming, nobody gets his obsession with old black and white B-movies, and all his friends seem cooler than him. Sixth grade is just starting and he is already in trouble, because when he meets the new kid at school, a girl called Beatrice, something horrible happens. He falls in love!

Summer is over... but no way are these four camp monitors ready to let go of their friendship! Thank goodness for emails! Keep in touch with Ladybug, Ringo, Spatula, and Peanut as they write to each other about their lives back at home and discover the worries, aspirations, and solidarity that bind them together.

Éditions FouLire

World rights excluding French Canada

Éditions FouLire

Worlds rights excluding French Canada

2016 | French ISBN: 9782895912897 C$12.95; 160 pgs.

BISAC: JUV045000, JUV019000, JUV013010 Thema: YFB, YFS, YFQ, YFN Ages 8-12

2015 | French ISBN: 9782895912408 C$15.95; 336 pgs.

BISAC: JUV045000, JUV019000 Thema: YFB, YFN, YFQ Ages 8-12

Muso: Vol. 1: La famille de Muso by François Gravel and PisHier

Juliette à San Francisco by Rose-Line Brasset Juliette is 13 and lives with her mother, a rather eccentric freelance journalist. Each volume follows Juliette as she accompanies her mother to a new destination where her job is to write articles and travel guides. For her 8th expedition, Juliette is off to San Francisco! She and her mother are invited to the wedding of a distant cousin.

Everybody thinks Muso is the ugliest dog they ever saw. Which might be true. But he is also kind, helping, affectionate, and—let’s say it—a little bit naïve. All Muso wishes for is a friend or maybe a nice family he could live with for a while without getting thrown out again! When he crosses paths with a boy named Felix, his life takes an unexpected turn for the best.

World rights excluding French language and the Netherlands

Éditions FouLire

World rights excluding French Canada

Éditions Hurtubise

2017 | French ISBN: 9782895913207 C$15.95; 220 pgs.

BISAC: JUV045000, JUV019000, JUV002060 Thema: YFB, YFP, YFQ Ages 8-12

2017 | French ISBN: 9782897810511 C$12.95; 248 pgs.

La nouvelle vie d’Antoine Collins by Alain M. Bergeron

Une autre curieuse histoire d’un chat moribond by Marie-Renée Lavoie

Can a song really change your life? For Antoine Collins, the answer is yes. He causes a commotion everywhere he goes. Just getting to school is an adventure in itself. And this is just the beginning of life in showbiz! Filled with hilarious illustrations, testimonials, and different fonts that bring Alain M. Bergeron’s colourful imagination to life, this novel will resonate with readers of all ages and levels.

The cat that can’t stop dying… is back! While on vacation with his adopted family in Charlevoix, Ti-Chat resolves to find his mother—along with the answer to his life’s greatest mystery: the reason he isn’t growing up. Will he ever find his mother? World rights available

World rights available Éditions Hurtubise 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897810399 C$14.95; 220 pgs.

BISAC: JUV000000, JUV031040 Thema: YF Ages 8–12

Éditions Hurtubise 2017 | French ISBN: 9782897810368 C$12.95; 180 pgs.

Éditions Les 400 coups 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782895406976 18,95 $ CA; 32 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles 6 à 9 ans

BISAC: JUV000000, JUV001010, JUV002050 Thema: YF Ages 8–12

Petite histoire pour effrayer les ogres de Pierrette Dubé, illustré par Guillaume Perreault

Le livre où la poule meurt à la fin de François Blais, illustré par Valérie Boivin Catherine est une poule dépensière. Elle achète tout et n’importe quoi. Elle est la reine du « magasinage » et des cartes de crédit. À quoi bon économiser quand on sait que son temps est compté ? Et lorsque son heure est finalement venue, Catherine n’a pas de regret, ou peutêtre bien qu’un petit ! / Catherine is a spendthrift hen. She is the queen of “shopping” and credit cards. What good is saving when you know time is running out? When her hour has finally come, Catherine has no regrets, or perhaps only one!

BISAC: JUV000000, JUV030030, JUV023000 Thema: YF Ages 8–12

Éditions Les 400 coups 2017 | Français ISBN: 97825406662 18,95 $ CA; 32 pgs.

Monsieur et madame Ogre mènent une vie paisible à se goinfrer d’enfants. Un jour, madame Ogre décide d’acheter un sac à main en authentique peau de crocodile. Au même moment, des phénomènes étranges commencent à se produire chez eux… les ogres ne sont plus en sécurité ! / Mr. and Mrs. Ogre lead a peaceful life eating up children. One day, Mrs. Ogre, decides to buy a crocodile skin handbag. Then, strange phenomena occur in their home... the ogres are no longer safe! Tous droits disponibles 6 à 9 ans 2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Éditions Les 400 coups 2017 | French ISBN: 9782895406792 C$18.95; 32 pgs.

Éditions Michel Quintin 2013 | French ISBN: 9782894356357 C$14.95; 232 pgs.

Sven le terrible: Pas de vacances pour les pirates by Rhéa Dufresne, illustrated by Orbie

Billy Stuart 1: Les Zintrépides by Alain M. Bergeron, illustrated by Sampar

Sven the Horrible, whose alias is the King of Brawl, is feeling quite tired. But it isn’t always easy to find peace and quiet, even on a deserted island... / Sven a besoin de vacances, de décrocher, de se ressourcer, de reprendre goût à sa vie d’aventurier. Mais il découvrira rapidement qu’il n’est pas facile, pour un pirate, de prendre des vacances.

Billy Stuart is a young racoon with dreams of following in the footsteps of his grandfather, a fearless adventurer. Together with the other Daredevils, Billy heads off to the heart of the Kanuk forest, even though it is really dark and has a weird feeling about it. Games, puzzles, and jokes add dynamism and interactivity to the titles of the collection.

World rights available Ages 6-9

Éditions Michel Quintin 2011 | French ISBN: 9782894355312 C$14.95; 160 pgs.

Savais-tu ? (en couleurs): Les Dinosaures by Alain M. Bergeron and Michel Quintin, illustrated by Sampar

WARNING! This series may contain scenes that cause awkwardness and hysterical laughter. With dynamic writing and illustrations filled with humour, this series takes us into the amazing everyday adventures of a ten-year-old antihero living with his teenage step-sister and his dog, Glue-Pot.

These humorous and intelligent documentaries use a cartoon format to teach about little-known animals and their habits. The combination of comical illustrations and scientific information helps readers easily assimilate new wildlife knowledge. With more than 600,000 copies sold in Québec alone, this series delights adults and children alike.

World rights excluding Bulgaria, Turkey, and Francophone Europe Ages 8-12

Éditions Michel Quintin 2008 | French ISBN: 9782894353790 C$12.95; 64 pgs.

World rights available Ages 6-9

2015 | French ISBN: 9782894357828 C$17.95; 48 pgs.

2016 | French ISBN: 9782924563090 C$12.95; 160 pgs.


World rights excluding Canada, US, Brazil, Francophone Africa, the Netherlands, China, Turkey, Korea, and Vietnam Ages 6-9

Albert Le Curieux: La science by Marc Trudel and Sophie-Anne Vachon

Maxim Cyr presents a modern, humorous comic book starring Victor and Igor, two robots as odd as they are original. When the two young friends decide to dabble as scientific apprentices, you can expect the worst. Failed experiments, comical situations, and confounding conclusions abound, much to everyone’s grand delight.

Éditions Z’ailées

Ages 6-9

Les soucis d’un Sansoucy 1: Honte by Yvan DeMuy, illustrated by Jean Morin

Victor et Igor 1: Robotique 101 by Maxim Cyr

Éditions Michel Quintin

World rights excluding Spain, China, France, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada

In this book, we discover with Albert the fascinating world of science. He is inspired by known scientific principles to present us with more than 25 funny, easy experiments. / Dans ce livre, Albert fait découvrir le monde fascinant de la science. Il s’inspire de principes scientifiques connus pour présenter plus de 25 expériences faciles à réaliser. Éditions Z’ailées

World rights available

2014 | French ISBN: 9782924563734 C$12.95; 76 pgs.

Ages 8-12

L’étonnante saison des Pumas: Les débuts de Tristan / The Pumas’ Amazing Season: Tristan’s Debut by Luc Gélinas

Stories in the Clouds: Weather Science and Mythology from Around the World by Joan Marie Galat, illustrated by Georgia Graham

For the first time in Tristan’s life, his parents finally decide to let him be part of a real hockey team. At last, he will slip on the Pumas jersey and be on the atom A team. / Pour la première fois de sa vie, le jeune joueur enfilera le chandail des Pumas. Tristan vivra ses premiers matchs en étant déçu que sa mère n’y assiste pas.

From Lei-Gong—Chinese god of thunder—who was captured and set free, only to flood the earth, to Father Frost, the Russian spirit whose icy touch was a danger to anyone he deemed unworthy, this is the perfect introduction to the weather’s strange, and often erratic behaviour. Illustrated by Georgia Graham in glorious, full-colour pastels.

World rights available Ages 8-12

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2017 | English ISBN: 9781770502451 C$16.95; 48 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: JNF051100 Ages 12 and up


The Christmas Wind by Stepanie Simpson McClellan, illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

Hockey Alphabet Book by Nicky Bird and Peter Duncan Take an alphabet journey into hockey, Canada’s national game. More than just the letters of the alphabet, these books contain fascinating tidbits about our national sport in full colour with illustrations and photos. Not only will these books teach children about hockey while they learn their letters, but parents may learn a thing or two as well!

On a cold and windy Christmas Eve, Jo searches for shelter for her mother, baby brother, and herself. There is no option but a barn owned by a local farmer known as a solitary grouch. Stephanie Simpson McLellan’s spare text is complemented by the subtle but beautiful art of Brooke Kerrigan in a book that is a reminder of the essential story of Christmas. Fitzhenry & Whiteside 2017 | English ISBN: 9780889955349 C$19.95; 32 pgs.

Formac Lorimer Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781459504974 C$14.95; 96 pgs.

World rights available

World rights excluding Canada

Folklore Publishing

BISAC: JUV017010, FAM034010, JUV039060 Ages 7-10

2016 | English ISBN: 9781897206065 C$6.99; 64 pgs.

Morgan the Brave by Ted and Will Staunton, illustrated by Bill Slavin

The Better Tree Fort by Jessica Scott Kerrin, illustrated by Qin Leng

In this new addition to the Morgan series, our hero is eager to go to a birthday party, but worried about the scary movie that will be the main event—plus the taunts of his frenemy, Aldeen. Will Morgan be able to cope with his fears? Morgan the Brave introduces a new, dyslexia-friendly format for early readers.

A father’s love is worth more than the best tree fort money can buy.

World rights available BISAC: JUV019000 Thema: YFQ Ages 6-9

World rights available BISAC: JUV013060, JUV039140, JUV005000, JUV051000 Ages 4-7 Groundwood Books 2018 | English ISBN: 9781554988631 C$17.95; 32 pgs.

The Funeral by Matt James

Lulu, Lila et la plume qui plane: Une initiation au voyage by Madeleine Arcand, illustrated by Marianne Vincent

Norma and her parents are going to her greatuncle Frank’s funeral, and Norma is more excited than sad: she is looking forward to playing with her favorite cousin, Ray. But at the church, she is confronted with rituals and ideas that have never occurred to her before. When the day is over, Norma is certain of one thing—Uncle Frank would have enjoyed his funeral.

A beautiful picture book with stickers, Lulu, Lila et la plume qui plane is a fun and instructive way to introduce children to the pleasures of travelling and discovering the world. « On adore le concept de ce livre trois en un : guide voyage avec de magnifiques images, album d’autocollants et récit ludique et invitant. » —Maude Goyer, mamanpourlavie.com

World rights available Groundwood Books 2018 | English ISBN: 9781554989089 C$18.95; 40 pgs.

BISAC: JNF013010, JNF054070 Ages 2-5

BISAC: JUV039030, JUV039090, JUV039050 Ages 6-9

Guides de voyage Ulysse 2015 | French ISBN: 9782894649145 C$19.95; 32 pgs.

World rights excluding French countries BISAC: TRV000000 Ages 3-5

Peace Dancer by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers

Orca Chief by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers

Powerful illustrations accompany this skillfully told legend of the flood from the renowned Northwest Coast Legends series. Illustrated and told by renowned First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers and award-winning author Robert Budd, Peace Dancer was a finalist for the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize.

Winner of a Moonbeam Spirit Award (2015) and a finalist for the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Canadian Picture Book Award (2016), Orca Chief is the third in a series of Northwest Coast legends by renowned First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers and awardwinning author Robert Budd.

Harbour Publishing

World rights excluding Canada (English)

Harbour Publishing

2016 | English ISBN: 9781550177398 C$19.95; 40 pgs.

BISAC: JUV022040, JUV030090, JUV011040, JUV002040 Ages 6-9

2015 | English ISBN: 9781550176933 C$19.95; 40 pgs.

World rights excluding Canada (English) BISAC: JUV022040, JUV030090, JUV011040, JUV002040 Ages 6-9

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



Raven Brings the Light by Roy Henry Vickers and Robert Budd, illustrated by Roy Henry Vickers

Gaya et le petit désert de Gilles Vigneault, Jessica Vigneault, et Stéphane Jorisch Ce merveilleux conte écologique raconte les aventures de Gaya, une petite fille curieuse qui cherche à comprendre pourquoi le puits près de la maison de son grand-père est à sec. Afin d’obtenir une réponse, elle part en forêt pour interroger un chêne centenaire, un écureuil et un castor. Chacun pointe du doigt son voisin !

This compelling retelling of the legend of the origin of daylight features the striking illustrations of internationally renowned First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers. The original tale has been traced back at least 3,000 years by archaeologists who have found corresponding images in petroglyphs on the Turtle Island’s Northwest Coast. Harbour Publishing

World rights excluding Canada (English)

2013 | English ISBN: 9781550175936 C$19.95; 40 pgs.

BISAC: JUV022040, JUV030090, JUV011040, JUV002040 Ages 6-9

La Montagne secrète 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782924217757 22,95 $ CA; 52 pgs.

Louis parmi les spectres de Fanny Britt et Isabelle Arsenault

C’est une grande première pour La Pastèque, qui se lance dans l’aventure du documentaire pour la jeunesse ! Nous allons proposer aux jeunes lecteurs une série de livres riches, tant dans leurs univers graphiques que dans leurs contenus, sur des sujets divers et variés. Nous leur ferons ainsi découvrir des reportages visuels sur le monde dans lequel nous vivons, sa beauté et sa diversité !

Louis a 11 ans et rêve de déclarer son amour à Billie, une compagne de classe indépendante et solitaire. Mais dans la réalité, rien à faire : dès qu’il s’approche d’elle, Louis est tétanisé comme un clou rouillé. Aidé par sa famille, son fidèle ami Boris et les spectres du passé qui peuplent son monde intérieur, Louis découvrira la vraie définition du courage.

12 ans et plus

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897770075 27,95 $ CA; 80 pgs.

Éditions de la Pastèque 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782897770006 34,95 $ CA; 160 pgs.

Rose à petits pois d’Amélie Callot et Geneviève Godbout

2016 | Français ISBN: 9782923841847 23,95 $ CA; 80 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’Espagne et Anglais Canada 8 à 12 ans

Les Éditions MD 2017 | French ISBN: 9782891447980 C$7.95; 24 pgs.

2017 | French ISBN: 9782891446600 C$8.95; 32 pgs.


12 ans et plus

These lively stories are easy to read for ages 6 to 8 thanks to their simple language, in-text help with complicated sounds, and explanatory illustrations. The Ben entreprend collection guides your child through an easy, educational, and fascinating read. / La collection Ben entreprend accompagne vos enfants dans une lecture facile, éducative et fascinante. L’enfant est actif dans son apprentissage : il doit contribuer au projet de Ben et de ses amis en leur donnant la clé (le mot) qui les aidera à résoudre leur problème. World rights available BISAC: EDU029020, JUF043000 | Thema: YP Ages 6-8

Le carnet de Julie by Julia Gagnon

Les Neurones atomiques de Martin et Stéphane Brouillard

Julie is convinced that her mind is a muscle and that she can learn everything if she only tries hard enough. Throughout her notebooks, Julie shows children and students that they shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. / Julie est convaincue que son cerveau est un muscle et qu’elle peut tout apprendre si elle se met au travail et fait beaucoup d’efforts.

Les premiers pas pour comprendre le monde sont des moments décisifs dans le développement des enfants. Pour les enseignants et les animateurs, cela représente autant de défis pédagogiques. En mettant en scène de sympathiques personnages, Les Neurones atomiques consistent en une série de petits livres qui aident les plus jeunes à comprendre des phénomènes aussi anodins qu’intrigants.

World rights excluding French Les Éditions MD

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la Corée du sud, Italie, Anglais Canada, Espagne, Suède, Moscou, Chine

Ben entreprend (série/series) by Julia Gagnon

Adèle est une jeune fille souriante et douce, qui est gérante du café Le tablier à pois. Elle accueille ses clients avec le sourire tous les jours... sauf ceux de pluie, parce qu’elle perd instantanément sa joie et sa bonne humeur lorsque le temps est gris. Un jour, Adèle découvre une paire de bottes de pluie roses sous le portemanteau. Qui a bien pu les laisser là ? Éditions de la Pastèque

BISAC: JUV013030, JUV029020, JUV031040 7 à 10 ans

En voiture ! de Pascal Blanchet

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de la Suède Éditions de la Pastèque

Tous droits disponibles

Thema: YP Ages 7-10

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

Tous droits disponibles Les Éditions Multimondes 2017 | Français ISBN: 9782897730574 7,95 $ CA; 24 pgs.

BISAC: JNF051170, JNF051110 Théma: YNT, YPM 7 à 10 ans


Orca Book Publishers 2017 | English ISBN: 9781459812437 C$24.95; 96 pgs.

Fault Lines: Understanding the Power of Earthquakes by Johanna Wagstaffe

Clara Humble and the Not-SoSuper Powers by Anna Humphrey, illustrated by Lisa Cinar

Earthquakes are a terrifying yet fascinating force of nature. Seismologist Johanna Wagstaffe takes you through her own journey of understanding the earth beneath our feet. Along the way, you’ll learn the science behind what makes the earth rumble and hear from kids around the world who have experienced the wonder, and terror, of an earthquake.

Told in Clara’s clever, funny, and strikingly authentic voice, the novel kicks off a new series by inviting readers into this memorable character’s inventive mind to share in her misadventures. Annotated with Clara’s comic sketches, it’s a fast-paced read with a spot-on perspective of life as a 10-year-old that kids will surely relate to.

World rights excluding North America BISAC: JNF037010, JNF024080, JNF024080 Ages 8-12

Owlkids Books

World rights available

2016 | English ISBN: 9781771471473 C$16.95; 224 pgs.

BISAC: JUV051000, JUV039090, JUV008000 Thema: YFQ, YXE, YXHB Ages 8-12

Meatless? A Fresh Look at What We Eat by Sarah Elton, illustrated by Julie McLaughlin

Owlkids Books 2017 | English ISBN: 9781926818436 C$18.95; 48 pgs.

From Meatless Mondays to vegan options, people are talking more about meat and whether or not to eat it. Journalist Sarah Elton tackles the topic by explaining what vegetarianism is, why people choose it, and how their reasons—including religion, animal rights, food security, and the environmental cost of eating meat—have changed over time. World rights available BISAC: JNF014000, JNF037020 Ages 8-12

What Happens Next by Susan Hughes, illustrated by Corey Sookocheff This is a raw, realistic story told by an unnamed protagonist who feels different from everyone else, like she doesn’t quite fit in. Bullied by another girl at school, our narrator provides a terse script of the related facts. With spare illustrations and graphic novel-style panels, the images convey the emotional impact of all aspects of the story. Owlkids Books 2018 | English ISBN: 9781771471657 C$18.95; 40 pgs.

BISAC: JUV039050, JUV039140, JUV039230, JUV039060 Thema: YBCS, YXD, YXE,YXH, YXHB, YXQ Ages 6-9

My Beautiful Birds by Suzanne Del Rizzo

The Theory of Hummingbirds by Michelle Kadarusman

A gentle yet moving story of refugees of the Syrian civil war that illuminates the ongoing crisis as it affects its children and the reality of the refugee camps, where people attempt to pick up their lives and carry on. The hope of generations of people as they struggle to redefine home is revealed.

Cleo is the name 12-year-old Alba has given to her left foot, which was born twisted in the wrong direction. After one final surgery and one final cast, Cleo is almost ready to meet the world straight on—just in time to run in the sixth grade crosscountry race. A moving novel for middle-grade readers that is not about overcoming disability, but rather becoming one’s truest self.

World rights excluding North America and Korea

Pajama Press

World rights available

BISAC: JUV030110, JUV0390070, JUV002040, JUV039050, JUV039240 Ages 6-9

2017 | English ISBN: 9781772780109 C$19.95; 32 pgs.

World rights excluding North America Pajama Press 2017 | English ISBN: 9781772780277 C$17.95; 160 pgs.

BISAC: JUV039060, JUV039150, JUV035000, JUV032210 Ages 8-12

Baby Animals by Einstein Sisters

Giant Animals by Einstein Sisters

Baby animals are cute and curious, and they like to play. Some are born in dens or nests, and others hatch from eggs. Some can run or swim as soon as they’re born, and others stay with their mothers for many years.

Take a look at the world’s biggest animals! You will be amazed! This full-colour book contains animals such as the largest land animal, the African elephant; the longest centipede, the Peruvian giant yellowleg; the largest rodent, the South American capybara; and many more!

World rights available

World rights available

BISAC: JNF003330, JNF051150 Ages 3-5 Partners Publishing

Partners Publishing

2014 | English ISBN: 9780993840166 C$6.99; 64 pgs.

2014 | English ISBN: 9780993840135 C$6.99; 64 pgs.

BISAC: JNF003000, JNF051150 Ages 3-5

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



La légende de Carcajou de Renée Robitaille et Slavka Kolesar

Lili Pinson et le secret des lettres de Véronique Gagnon-Pelletier, illustré par Enzo

Ce conte traditionnel est une épopée empreinte de magie qui témoigne de la fascination des Premières Nations pour le carcajou, mystérieux et féroce animal des forêts du nord du Canada.

Un conte qui donne envie de réinventer l’école d’aujourd’hui tout en rendant hommage à ces enseignants qui savent faire naître la magie et l’émerveillement.

Tous droits disponibles

Tous droits disponibles

5 ans et plus

6 à 9 ans

Planète rebelle

Planète rebelle

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782924174814 19,95 $ CA; 40 pgs.

2017 | Français ISBN: 9782924174791 19,50 $ CA; 48 pgs.

Anna Carries Water by Olive Senior Anna fetches water from the spring every day, but she can’t carry it on her head like her older brothers and sisters. In this charming and poetic family story set in Jamaica, Commonwealth Prize-winning author Olive Senior shows young readers the power of determination as Anna achieves her goal and overcomes her fear. Word rights excluding Korea BISAC: JUV013000, JUV024000, JUV030040 Ages 3-5

Tradewind Books 2014 | English ISBN: 9781896580609 C$18.95; 40 pgs.

Exzellenz in all ihrer Vielfalt:

Kanada als Ehrengast auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020

Excellence in all its diversity:

Canada as guest of honour at Frankfurt 2020 canadacouncil.ca

2018 In Kürze | Coming soon | Bientôt

Mehr Fördermittel für Übersetzungen ins Deutsche More funding offered for translation into German Fonds additionnels pour la traduction vers l’allemand

L’excellence dans toute sa diversité : le Canada à l’honneur à Francfort en 2020 conseildesarts.ca

o r f e t v r e o r p yone s A Éditions du Phœnix


www.foulire.com [email protected]

The M ini of sh Ketto ser ies ort adve nture novels fi is a uniqu lled . Be e co these book autifully with mag llection illus s are ic an and o bound t trated in d c o ld re ader please y olors, s alik oung e!

Illustrated mini novels 48 pages Written by renowned authors: Alain M. Bergeron, Martine Latulippe – Originally published in French & Yvon Brochu – World rights available for all languages Illustrated by: – Target audience: boys and girls from 5 to 10 – Series: 9 illustrated books (and more coming!) Julie St-Onge Drouin & Fil et Julie


Fired Up about Capitalism by Tom Malleson

Fired Up about Reproductive Rights by Jane Kirby

There is no alternative to free-market capitalism. At least, that’s what we’ve been told since the 1980s, when Margaret Thatcher first declared the debate over. Politicians daily declare it, journalists parrot it, rich people gloat about it, and regular people simply assume it. Fired Up about Capitalism forcefully argues that this is nothing but a myth.

Decades after abortion was legalized and decriminalized in places like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, why are we still fighting for reproductive rights? Shattering the myth that the battle for reproductive rights has already been won, Fired Up about Reproductive Rights shows us the many ways our reproductive lives remain subject to state control.

World rights excluding English Canada Between the Lines 2016 | English ISBN: 9781771132008 C$19.95; 168 pgs.

BISAC: YAN010000, YAN051030 Thema: YNK Ages 16 and up

Between the Lines

World rights excluding English Canada

2017 | English ISBN: 9781771132091 C$19.95; 140 pgs.

BISAC: HEA024000, POL035010 Thema: VFDW Ages 16 and up

The Comic Book War by Jacqueline Guest

Scion of the Fox: The Realms of Ancient, Book 1 by S.M. Beiko

“Built around a timely (ever timely, unfortunately) theme, this wartime tale featuring young characters with complementary strengths and vulnerabilities shines in a sharply rendered setting.” —Kirkus Reviews “The Comic Book War completes author Jacqueline Guest’s trilogy, which also includes Belle of Batoche and Outcasts of River Falls, though it stands well on its own... Guest’s sensitive writing has a satisfying depth.” —Quill & Quire Coteau Books 2014 | English ISBN: 9781550505825 C$12.95; 200 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: JUV008020, JUV030090, JUV013070 Ages 12 and up

American Gods meets Princess Mononoke in this powerful first instalment of a trilogy sure to capture readers’ imaginations everywhere. Roan Harken is your typical high school student, but when a powerful fox spirit saves her life, she must harness a mysterious ancient power to battle the snakemonster lying in the Assiniboine River, waiting for her promised soul. ECW Press

World rights available

2017 | English ISBN: 9781770413573 C$19.95; 440 pgs.

BISAC: YAF019010, YAF045000, YAF002030 Ages 14 and up

Hanaken: Le sang des samouraïs de Geneviève Blouin

La fugitive du Libéria de Stéphanie Paquin L’histoire vraie du difficile chemin d’une adolescente qui tente d’échapper aux horreurs de la guerre civile qui dévaste son pays. Une leçon d’espoir qui nous rappelle que, peu importe les tragédies que nous vivons, il est possible de s’en sortir.

« Quelle finale épique nous livre Geneviève Blouin pour conclure la saga des Hanaken ! J’ai littéralement dévoré ce troisième tome… On retrouve avec bonheur Satô, plus mûr, et Yukié, toujours aussi impétueuse… Au fond d’elle bout toujours le même feu guerrier et elle rêve du moment où elle pourra reprendre son sabre. » —Prix Canada-Japon 2016

Tous droits disponibles 14 ans et plus

Éditions du Phoenix

Tous droits disponibles

Éditions du Phoenix

2015 | Français ISBN: 9782924253403 14,95 $ CA; 221 pgs.

12 ans et plus

2009 | Français ISBN: 9782923425917 11,95 $ CA; 238 pgs.

Dépourvu by Victoria Grondin

C’est pas facile d’être une fille, tome 1 de Bach (Estelle Bachelard)

Imagine for a moment a universe where all the roles are reversed. The entire population is born with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Society is perfectly functional, tailored to the needs of its people. Then there’s you, little old you, who arrives. You are, in our world, a perfectly normal human being. However, in this story, you are disabled. A difficult case, hard to handle. The world is upside down. How would you react? Éditions Hurtubise 2016 | French ISBN: 9782897237455 C$12.95; 200 pgs.


World rights, excluding Spanish, Arabic BISAC: JUV000000, JUV039150 Thema: YF Ages 12 and up

Rights Canada / Droits du Canada • 2017-2018

« Armée d’un graphisme simple mais stylisé et d’un humour dont l’intelligence frappe, c’est la lecture parfaite qui manquait à votre bibliothèque. Avec tout ce talent, on risque d’entendre parler à profusion de cette nouvelle auteure qui est bien en route vers le Temple de la renommée de la bande dessinée. » —Myriam Roy, La Presse Éditions Mécanique générale 2014 | Français ISBN: 9782922827590 19,95 $ CA; 136 pgs.

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’anglais BISAC: CGN000000 Théma: AKLC 14 ans et plus


Éditions Mécanique générale 2015 | Français ISBN: 9782922827736 19,95 $ CA; 152 pgs.

C’est pas facile d’être une fille, tome 2 de Bach (Estelle Bachelard)

La légende de LEZARDO DA VINCI: Les Abysses de Morkër de Daniel L. Moisan

« Après le succès de son premier livre, l’attachante Bach nous revient avec de nouvelles aventures pour notre plus grand plaisir ! À lire, pour tous ces petits moments d’autodérision où vous vous direz, en riant : Ah, ça, c’est tellement l’histoire de ma vie ! » —Les Libraires.ca

L’univers fantastique de Moisan mélange légendes, aventures et magies dans un contexte rigoureusement historique, où des personnages fictifs côtoient les Luther, Machiavel, Chevaliers d’Avignon et autres grands de l’époque, au sortir du Moyen-Âge.

Tous droits disponibles

Tous droits disponibles à l’exception de l’espagnol

BISAC: CGN000000 Théma: AKLC 14 ans et plus

Éditions Sylvain Harvey 2016 | Français ISBN: 9782923794853 19,95 $ CA; 200 pgs.

Chief Lightning Bolt: A Novel by Daniel N. Paul

Fernwood Publishing 2017 | English ISBN: 9781552669693 C$21.00; 288 pgs.

With We Were Not the Savages, Daniel Paul changed the way the world understood the history of Eastern Canada and the fully developed civilization that existed before the arrival of the European explorers and settlers, and the nature of the subsequent violent attack on that culture. With Chief Lightning Bolt, Paul shows us exactly what was lost, the beauty of the Mi’kma’ki that once existed, and the culture that survived and is only now beginning to recover. World rights excluding Canada BISAC: FIC059000 | Thema: FX Ages 14 and up

You’re You by Mette Bach Seventeen-year-old Freyja has always identified as a lesbian and fought fearlessly for LGBTQ issues at her school. After her girlfriend, Rachel, breaks up with her, she develops a passion for the cause of food justice—and for Sanjay, her team leader at the food bank. Should she stick with her old idea of herself or take a chance on love? World rights available Formac Lorimer Books

Four Against the Wolves by Sonia Sarfati and Lou Victor Karnas

The provocative fictional memoir of a boy actor in Shakespearian London. In I Was Cleopatra, readers meet John Rice—perhaps the most beautiful and acclaimed boy actor of them all. It is believed by many that John Rice originated the roles of Lady Macbeth, Cleopatra, and Cordelia, and this fictional memoir explores his life both on and off the stage.

Groundwood Books 2018 | English ISBN: 9781773060224 C$18.95; 192 pgs.

World rights available BISAC: YAF047050, YAF024120, YAF031000, YAF005000 Ages 12 and up

BISAC: YAF052020 Thema: YFM Ages 12 and up

2017 | English ISBN: 9781459412583 C$14.95; 160 pgs.

I Was Cleopatra by Dennis Abrams

Dennis Abrams Groundwood Books

12 ans et plus

Groupe Homme 2017 | French ISBN: 9782761946179 C$29.95; 272 pgs.

A unique blend of adventure novel and manga (70/30) by one of the finest authors of middlegrade fiction! In Eastwood, when night falls, four superheroes patrol the streets. Their goal: to save the old theme park, specifically its haunted house, also known as “the house of the first kiss.” A dense story, action-focused, that also tackles themes of friendship, love, betrayal, class differences and the importance of family. World rights available Ages 14 and up

When Morning Comes by Arushi Rania Written from the points of view of four young people living in Johannesburg and its black township, Soweto—Zanele, a black female student organizer; Meena, of South Asian background working at her father’s shop; Jack, an Oxford-bound white student; and Thabo, a teen gang member— this book explores the roots of the Soweto Uprising and apartheid in a South Africa about to explode. World rights excluding South Africa, and India Tradewind Books 2016 | English ISBN: 9781926890142 C$12.95; 210 pgs.

BISAC: YAF024010; YAF046020; YAF036000 Ages 14 and up

2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada



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2017-2018 • Rights Canada / Droits du Canada


Canada is thrilled to be the

Guest of Honour at the



Le Canada est ravi d’être

à l’honneur à la FOIRE DU LIVRE DE FRANCFORT en 2020 For more information on the project visit:

Pour plus d’information sur le projet, consultez:

www.can ada fbm 202 0.co m