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Jun 5, 2017 - You can also drop your form off at any Robinson School Office. Name of Participant ... Telephone ... OFFIC
Robinson ISD ROBINSON BOYS’ BASKETBALL CAMP 2017 DATES: June 5th, June 6th, and June 7th, 2017 / (Incoming 1st-9th grades) TIME: 1:00pm to 4:00pm COST: $50.00 LOCATION: Robinson High School Gymnasium STAFF: Robinson High School Basketball Coaches & Special Guests *ALL CAMPERS WILL RECEIVE A T-SHIRT* Make checks payable to: Send registration form and fee to: Robinson High School Attention: Kyle Crawford 700 W Tate Robinson, TX 76706

Robinson ISD

For more information call: Kyle Crawford 254-717-4614 [email protected]

You can also drop your form off at any Robinson School Office Name of Participant ____________________________________________________________________________________ Last First Address_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City__________________________________________________________________________ Name of Parent or Guardian________________________________________________ Telephone Numbers___________________________________________(DAY) Birth Date_____________________________________


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(Name)______________________________________________________ (Phone #)___________________________ PARENT STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT ASSUMPTION OF RISK, LIABILITY RELEASE, INDEMNIFICATION AND REFUND POLICY Release and Indemnification: I hereby recognize and acknowledge that my child’s participation in recreational activities may involve bodily and/or emotional injury to myself and/or my child. In consideration of my child being permitted to participate in such events, I, for myself, my child, my heirs, my executors and administrators, hereby voluntarily and knowingly indemnify and hold harmless, defend, release, waive and discharge Robinson ISD, and its officers and employees and volunteers from any and all suits, claims or liability, including negligence, based on any injury except that caused solely by the willful misconduct of Robinson ISD activities. In addition, I agree that I or my insurance company will pay for medical, hospitalization or any other expenses resulting from my child’s participation. By signing this assumption of risk, liability release, and indemnification, I acknowledge that I have read its contents and disclosure, that I understand its contents and disclosure, and that I agree to its terms.

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