Safeguarding Children with Disabilities - Redbridge LSCB

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children and be confident to improve partnership with parents. Level 2. Trainer. Melanie Phillips, MP Consultancy Ltd. D
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities Background Children with disabilities are recognised as having increased vulnerability to abuse for a number of reasons. The LSCB Children with Disabilities Protocol provides an agreed framework and guidance for partner agencies to ensure this particular group of children and young people are safeguarded. This work is additionally supported by the provision of this training. Learning Outcomes By the end of the training, participants will:

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Have an understanding of the perspective of the disabled child/young person. Have recognition of the perceived barriers to communicating with disabled children. Understand the impact of values on safeguarding disabled children. Understand indicators of abuse and neglect, including subtle signs across the diverse range of disabilities, and vulnerabilities of disabled children. Have increased knowledge and confidence in seeking support in your role and an awareness of where to get that support. Understand the issues faced by parents of disabled children and be confident to improve partnership with parents.

Level 2 Trainer Melanie Phillips, MP Consultancy Ltd.

Duration 09:15 09:30 16:30

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Date and Venue Wednesday, 10/10/18 Station Road Conference Room, Barkingside