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Mar 25, 2013 ... Welcome to the underworld. Main Show Bar A night of steampunk at its punkier, edgier end. Live music from Gladstone and The. Men (until late ...
Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

Steampunk at the Seaside. Thank you very much for booking your place at Steampunk at the Seaside. We hope you are looking forward to it. Here you will find your basic information about the site and event. You will also find your event timetable, further information about features and rules for both “Steampunks and Zombies” and “Volley Boater”. You will receive a further information pack from the site when you book into your accommodation. We must make one important note about dress and accessories: Site security would like us to point out that swords and knives are NOT permitted as part of costume whether sharp or not. Please do not wear any form of sword, knife, axe or similar as part of your costume. This includes live role play style foam weapons. Thank you for your cooperation. Useful Information about the site and area. Camber is a lovely seaside place with a fantastic beach, this is one of the reasons we chose Camber. The park are looking forward to us arriving and, I am sure will do everything they can to make our weekend a great one. Camber Sands Holiday Park New Lydd Road Camber Near Rye East Sussex TN31 7RT CHECK IN. You should arrive no earlier than 10 am on Friday, Please come directly to the main entertainment complex and the VSS desk in the main show bar to collect your wrist bands. The lead name on the booking should accompany people to approve the issue of wristbands. You can check into your accommodation at the following times: GOLD and PLATINUM units can check in from 1.30. SILVER can check in from 2.30. BRONZE can check in from 3.30.

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

This check-in is at the park’s main reception at the gate where you come in. The lead name on the booking can collect the keys etc. Security can sort out your access to your accommodation 24 hours so don't worry if you are arriving late. Pre-booked touring pitches: You can arrive after 10am Friday. You should check in with the Park reception first to be shown to your pitch since touring pitches are close to the reception building. Once you have parked up you can come and collect your wristbands. PLEASE NOTE: Checkout is by 10am on Monday. If you are in Park accommodation you should remove your property to your vehicle but can stay to enjoy the park for the rest of the day. Touring units MUST be removed at or by 10am unless advised otherwise. What to bring with you. The units are all fully equipped for cooking and serving of meals. You will need to bring your own towels, tea towels and washing up materials and toilet rolls. These are not provided. Your beds will be made up for you so you do not need bed linen. You will want your own tea, coffee, milk etc. Although there is a shop on site with essentials. The local super market is in Rye which is Jempsons. TN31 7AF. It is not huge, but is a slightly old fashioned family run local chain with good quality local produce. The larger branch, with a cheap Petrol Station is at Peasmarsh TN31 6YD. May we also recommend Salts Farm Shop TN31 7PA 1mile east of Rye opposite the turning to Camber. They are also a family run business who stock their own free range meat, bread milk and eggs, fruit and veg, cakes and homemade puddings along with local beers ciders and wine. They are stockists for COOK, ready meals. Phone them to order and collect 01797 226540. Rye is a nice Town to go and wander about in. It has a number of antiques and vintage shops, cafes and pubs. On site there is The Boat House Restaurant with a wide choice of meals and a Chip shop. Boat house is open from 9am with a buffet breakfast and serves food until 10pm. The Chip shop is open from 1 noon until

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event


FEATURE ARRIVAL VSS reception opens

WHERE Main Show Bar


Accommodation available

Main Reception

14:30 15:00 20:00

Trading opens Flume Open “Start the party”

The Pub Pool Main show bar

NOTES You can arrive no earlier than 10:00. VSS reception will give you your wristbands. (Traders will also be able to set up from 10:00) Platinum & Gold from 13:30 Silver from 14:30 Bronze from 15:30 Lead name to collect keys etc. You will be able to collect your keys from security at anytime throughout the rest of the weekend. Closing at 19:00 with room being locked. (Until 16:00) Official welcome and start of The Major’s Soiree. Runs until late. NOTES

SAT’DAY FEATURE 10:00 VSS reception opens.

WHERE Main Show Bar

10:00 10:00 10.30

Crossbow shooting Aqua Babies Trading opens

tba Pool The Pub

(Until 11:00) (Until 11:00) Under 5s with parents. (Traders will be able to access from 9.00)


“Frock Froth”

Main Show Bar

11.30 13:00 12:00 13:00

Flume Open Volley Boater Writers Workshop Herr Doktor advises

Pool Pool Main Show Bar Main Show Bar

14:00 14:00 15:00

Water Rollers Shanty Session HG Wells Father of Steampunk? Junior aqua games Tea Duelling Trading Closes

Pool Main Show Bar Main Show Bar

Steampunk fashion and clothes making plus measurement workshop. (Until 1.30) Games will be scheduled from 13:00 Led by Meg Kingston Learn about his techniques and tricks of the trade. Giant bubbles to walk on water. Small fee. Music and singing. Presentation by Tinker

Welcome to the underworld

Main Show Bar

16:00 16:00 17:00


Pool Main Show Bar The Pub

(Until 17:00) The Inaugural Seaside Championship Trading closes at 17:00 so be sure to make your last purchases in time. The traders can now relax for the rest of the event. A night of steampunk at its punkier, edgier end. Live music from Gladstone and The Men (until late.)

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event SUNDAY FEATURE 10:00 Pirate Rafting Aqua Babies 10.30 Zombies & Steampunks 11:00 Steam-fiction


NOTES (Both until 11:00)

Park Wide Main Show Bar

11:30 12:00 13:00 14:00 14:00 15:00

Flume Opens Attaknids Illicit Market Water walkers A future for steampunk Style themes

Pool Main Show Bar Main Show Bar Pool Main Show Bar Main Show Bar

See feature rules for details Steampunk in art, literature, film, TV and games. A discussion. (Until 13:30) Remote control robot battles. See feature information for details. (Until 16:00) Panel on steampunk as social movement. Discussion on different style themes and a chance to meet up and show your stuff. (Steamwestern, street fashion and others as they arise...)

16:00 20:00

Volley Boater Final The Great Steampunk Quiz

Pool Main Show Bar

MONDAY 10:00 10:00

FEATURE Aquagames Aqua Babies CHECKOUT


An evening of quizzing, fun and gentle entertainment with Robert Rankin & Lady Raygun.

NOTES (Until 11:00) You need to be out of your accommodation by 10:00 but DO NOT have to leave the park and can use the facilities for the rest of the day including the pool.

NOTES Pool is open 10:00-17:00 each day. The restaurant is open from 09:00 to 22:00. The fish and chip shop is open from 12:00 to 23:00

FEATURE NOTES “Frock Froth” A chance to talk fashion and clothing making with experienced makers led by professional TV costumier Lady Elsie (aka Karen Grover). Also a special workshop in how to take your own measurements accurately. “Writers Workshop” Are you interested in writing steampunk fiction? Learn more about writing and publishing or indeed getting published plus ideas as the group decides. Led by author Meg Kingston. “Herr Doktor Advises” Ian Crichton aka Herr Doktor is one of the world’s leading steampunk modelmaker artists. A chance to learn some of the tricks of his trade and to pick his brains about techniques and project ideas.

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

“Seaside Shanty Session” Join in with this fun session singing shanties. See the song sheets available for download on British Steampunk Community.. “HG Wells Father of Steampunk” Tinker offers a presentation about one of his favourite authors and reveals how he may have contributed to the scene more than you may have suspected. “Welcome to the Underworld” The theme for our evening entertainment is a dystopian world where the edgier, punier, contemporary face of steampunk gets to show its face. Live music from Gladstone and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing. “Steam Fiction” A discussion session talking about steampunk in contemporary media. Ideal if you don’t fancy being pursued by the living dead. “Attaknids” radio controlled spider robots. Ideal for steampunk modding and great fun to play with. An introduction and chance to try your hand prior to a formal competition at Asylum 2013. Led by Big Bad Ben and Vincent Swan. “Illicit Market” The illicit market is a chance for individuals who may have a few items to offer for sale. It is an hour long pop up market which roleplays the theme that it should not be going on at all. If you wish to trade you must: Present yourself at the VSS desk at 12:50 with a £2 coin as your donation. Your goods should be hidden about your person/in boxes/cases/baskets etc such that it does not look as if you are trading. (Please note plastic/cardboard boxes etc which are not aesthetically steampunk are not allowed. Trolleys etc are also not allowed.) You will be allowed ten minutes to set up before the customers are granted access. After forty five minutes there will be a five minute warning for customers to make final purchases. When time is called customers have five minutes to leave with their swag and vendors must immediately start to pack up. Customers have five minutes to leave – if they exceed this time they are liable to a £1 fine. Vendors have a further five minutes to leave – if they exceed this they will be fined £5. All money’s raised will go towards the VSS charities. Participation is on condition that people agree to these rules and fees/fines. “A future for steampunk”. A panel and discussion led by Tinker with a panel from the weekend’s guests. Where is the scene heading? Where might we wish it to go? “Style Themes” A discussion of style and fashion within steampunk. What themes do people think will be growing in popularity over 2013 and 2014? Where might things be sourced? What ideas do people have? Led by Lady Elsie. PARTICIPATING: If you wish to register for the tea duelling, a team for Volley Boater or to play steampunks and zombies please do so at the VSS Desk on Friday or Saturday. (Deadlines 11:30 Saturday for Volley Boater, 13:00 Saturday for Tea Duelling and 17:00 Saturday for Styeampunks and Zombies)

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

VOLLEY BOATER Volley boater is a steampunk sport that evolved by accident. A group of well dressed steampunks were swimming at an event. One gentleman submerged and left his boater floating upon the surface of the water. The boater was picked up and thrown down the pool. It was thrown back. Volley boater was born! After that initial spontaneous beginning a tournament held at the 3rd Steampunk New Year led to the “Kandy Krakens” be crowned as reigning UK champions. Steampunk at the Seaside will be host to the 2nd UK championship. Two teams play. A team should have 6 or 7 players plus an optional coach. This allows for a substitutetc although normally only six play at any one time (unless the pool is particularly large). Teams can be single gender or mixed and of any age. A player may be a member of up to two teams. Teams may not have more than three players in common in the same tournament. The pool has two ends designated by markers on poolside. The objective is simple – throw the boater and get it to touch the water in the opposing teams’ end. The opponents try to catch or deflect the boater so that it does not touch the water. See, we said it was simple! A coin is tossed before play. The winning team gets first possession of the boater (thrown in by the referee) and the other team gets to choose end. Teams change ends after the fifth point is scored (regardless of the team which scores) and possession reverts to the team which first lost the toss. The first team to a score of six wins. If the boater lands on poolside or in the middle (non scoring) section of the pool then it is handed to the team who did NOT touch it last. Only three players can touch the boater before it must be thrown back. Deliberate splashing, over aggressive play, ungentle(wo)manly conduct etc can lead to a “warning” by the referee. A second warning can result in a sending off. Players are not required to wear Victorian bathing attire but it is strongly recommended. (For low cost alternatives gentlemen might like to look at short/t-shirt pyjama combination. These can be very inexpensive and many make passable Victorian sportswear. For ladies there are many economical tops and short sundresses available that work well when teamed with bloomers.) Teams who want to enter the tournament should register their interest using the form on the event website by March 20th at the latest. A fun game and a growing steampunk sport. We hope you would like to join in.

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

Steampunks Vs Zombies 2013 There has been a terrible accident... Scientists meddling in forces unknown (Herr Doktor) have released a strange force from the ether, and it has begun to spread between the residents of the park. Some of those infected seem to succumb to the strange energies within moments, slumping down stone dead before returning to seek those still alive. Others linger on in a strange torpor, unable to think or act properly. Transmission is via a simple touch, and although the creatures cannot be given a final rest they may be slowed briefly by the impact of small foam projectiles. Our crack team of scientists (Herr Doktor again) has managed to shield a small area of the park, and once all the survivors are gathered an attempt will be made to purge the evil energies from the remainder of the park In order to prevent the infection spreading it is vital that only the uninfected are allowed into the secure compound, those who wish to survive must prove they still have what mental and physical capabilities they began the day with. To complete your pass and prove you are not a member of the undead simply make your way from control point to control point around the park, there you will find a coded punch to prove you went there, and a fiendish puzzle to solve. Once you have 6 punches, and 6 correctly solved puzzles present yourself at the compound to escape to safety. Good Luck, you are going to need it. RULES Safety: Steampunks are polite and decorus: for that reason running is passe even in the event of Zombie Apocalypse. Survivors are encouraged to hurry, bustle, make haste and above all perambulate away from zombies, but please avoid running full pelt. Zombies should move with best shamble, moaning and mumbling as they go. It is advised that all Players wear appropriate eye protection and sensible footwear. Heels look good, but will result in twisted ankles/zombie related death Attacks against the head will not count under any circumstance, and should not be attempted. This includes both gunfire from survivors and touch based attacks from zombies Weapons: The only weapons allowed are single shot, non electrically fired foam dart/disc guns. They may have cosmetic modifications, but no modification to the firing mechanisms is allowed.

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

All weapons must be checked with VSS Game Control before use and the Ref’s decision is final. Weapons checks, collection of heart badges and game passports is from VSS reception in the main show bar between 11:00 and 17:00 on Saturday. All players must register at this time Ammo should be unmodified and fit for purpose. Any ammo collected from the floor should be checked before use to ensure it is safe. Care should be taken to ensure you load the correct type of ammo into your gun. Anyone (Survivor or zombies) who is struck by a bullet fired from an approved weapon should react accordingly. Zombies: React to the shot, stagger back a step then slump and remain still for 15 seconds Survivors : Feign injury for 60 seconds, you may not move without assistance during this time. Assistance can be given by putting a hand onto a wounded players arm or shoulder. No carrying of wounded players is permitted. Wounded players may assist each other to move.

Zombies must touch players to infect them with the plague. An infected player may act normally for 60 seconds before succumbing to the infection as cinematically as possible. During this time your Heart badge should be removed. Once infected a player may return to their caravan if they wish to apply makeup or change costume. Anyone without a heart badge, and not acting like a member of the undead should be considered a non player and should not be attacked, run into or used as a human shield. Game play: Play is limited to the marked area, and all buildings/caravans should be considered out of bounds. Survivors taking part should pin their “Heart” badge onto their lapel where it is easily visible. To escape the camp, Survivor must complete their “passport” and then present this at the secure compound marked on the map. A complete card will include: 6 Punches; one from each control point 6 puzzle solutions. Zombies may roam freely around the park, keeping within the bounds of the game. They may only interact with players who have a “Heart” card Zombies are encouraged to: Shamble towards loud sounds/movement Provide moans and groans as they move

Steampunk at the Seaside, Park Resorts, Camber March 22nd-25th 2013 A Victorian Steampunk Society Event

Drool Over act Form into mobs/clumps Move away from unoccupied areas Avoid Stepping on bullets if possible Attempt to infect as many players as possible Ambush players between buildings At the end of the game we request all players take part in a sweep of the site to collect spent ammo. Please note we cannot guarantee you will leave with the same ammo you started with, please do not use any you are not prepared to lose Awards: VSS Game Control will accept nominations for the following awards: Greatest Act of Heroism Most Blatent Act of Self Preservation Best Zombie Makeup Best Zombie Shamble Best last words

CONCLUSION Well there is lots planned and we are looking to a great weekend of socialising, entertainment and fun. Please remember the main rule of steampunk – BE NICE TO ONE ANOTHER. Crew will be wearing yellow wristbands. Don’t be afraid to approach them for help/advice or indeed to contact reception if there are any problems with your accommodation. Please comply with instructions from event crew and venue staff. In the extremely unlikely event of unacceptable behaviour the organisers and site operators reserve the right to require any guest to leave the site immediately and without refund. We look forward to seeing you at Steampunk at the Seaside

The V.S.S

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