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Cenlraj corner flat. Com- pletely furnished. TV and all utilities Dt S-9230. CRANE ST., 3 rooms, store, refrlger-. Ator. beat furnished. Te^. DI
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Articles for Sal*


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40 Kay,' Feed, Fortlliier* •*

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RANGES—-Gas and electric, a p t tit*. TABLE, dcopteaf, mahogauy, 56x23 HAY FOR SALE at the bam. G u ' from 179.95. ins., opened. £ drawers, excellent Tel, U P 2-8016 after 6 p.m. H R LIEDKE & BON condition. Tel. FR 7-1791 . 361 Taurus id. T e l FR 2-923S « WANTED— 1st and 2nd cutting hav. USED T.V. clearance from 110. Will pay highest prices. Write or RUGS. Braided Cotton. 9x1?... M9 TOWNE TV SALES & SERVICE: tfrhon« hone Barton Orjkh, Red Hook. 10a 1 Curry Rd. EL 6-1020 T e l 6311. CARBONE'S CARPETS :;$N\Y. Mayfair Shopping Center 400 Bales of Hay Washes $19.95 and Up •Wed.. Thurs.. Fri. 'til 9 P.M. Tel. F R 1-1039 A. B. C . Blackstor-e, Bendlx, Easy, REFRIGERATORS, washers, ranges. Kenmore. Maytag, Speed Queen, Giant trade-ins. Joe Flis Appliance. Thor, Universal. Westinghouse and Seeds, Plants, Flowers SO 1323 Attamoitt a v. Tel. Dl 6-6325. Whirlpool automatic, semi-automatic spinners, wringer-type: floor GLOXINIA, AMARYLLIS and paREFRIGERATOR — Crosley Shelvamodels, demonstrators, trade-ins. dore. 11 cu. ft. 861 Central Pkwy. per whit* Narcissus bulb*. All nearly new; fully guaranteed. Call alter 6 SCHENECTADY SEED" CO. 132 Clinton *L FR 4-85H R E F R I G E R A T O R , O E , e cu. ft. good condition. FR7-31U. 52 REFRIGERATOR: gas range; din- The Washer Man, 766 Albany S i Auctions ing room set. S pieces. E X 3-1341. VENETIAN blinds, all metal, from I, Stanley Roulin, having retired Rand, 219 Nott ten, FR 4-9S71. RANGE—General Electric, 21 in. cabfrom farming, will sell my dairy, inet; good condition. Tel. EX 9-1270 VACUUM cleaners, all makes, modat public auction. Farm located on els, $9 95 up. Higglns. 401 Smith st. Rte. 67, 2 miles from Main St., RANGE — Gas ami gas. Florence; near Manny's Cors. WATER PUMPS, used and new reasonable. Tvl. EX 3-1212. pans ajid pump repairing PI 6-6964 Tues., Jan. 29, at I p.m., Sharp REFRIGERATOR — Good running of cattle, of which there are 26-Piece stainless steel tableware 2422head condition. Tel. FR 2-6190. Holsteius, 1 Guernseys, 7 fresh values $22.50. $13; Now $12.50, J7. cows, enclose up" springers, balance RANGE. gas, apt. »Ue: refrigeraVariety Sales. $36 Bridge. Hrs. 1-7. due May through Aug. 1. Holstein ter: oil stove. Tel. FR 4-3«l$. 9 MM. PISTOL; tools, steel box; service bull, i years old. This dairy is all clean. They are a. real RUG. 9x12. blue border. Wilton Karmicroscope; Schaffer desk pen set. good producing dairy. Practically nak. Tel. FR2.-4360. FR 4-7814. all raised on niy farm; also, 2,000 bales of good hay. SPECIAL THIS WEEK Machinery and Tools 41 TERMS of SALE, CASH. Shop our bargain counter. Slacks, Eugene, Carl Gruziaiie, Auctioneer. polo shirts, sweaters, ankle socks, ACETYLENE welding set, no tank, and tindwwearr- All priced below $60. Tel. E L 5-2663. cost. Wanted >o Buy ^53 HENRY Backhoe- $800. Also a new SHOP and SAVE a t International 300 tractor equipped ANTIQUES WANTED-^-Marble top SOKOLOV DEPT. STORE with a Pippin backhoe and front table, lamps, glass, btlc-a-bric, end loader. Vogel Bros.. 1S6S Altachina, cut glass. N. F. Cilberti, 3104 Broadway Open E%enlnga 'til S mont Av. 2003 State St. Dl 6-5227, EX 3-64S0. SEWING machine, treadle: portable flexible shaft outfit; furnace blow-* ANTIQUES WANTED er. Tel. Dl 6-1166.

The Neighbors

By George Clark

Apartments Furnished

63 Rooms and! Board

ALBANY-SCHDY RD., Stop 11— Cosy 3-room house, shower. $75, includes heat. Couple. UN 9-1S69. AVAILABLE — Beautiful, front 8 rooms, bath, hot water.-heaL lights, gas. FR2-5S4S. ACCOMM O DATES grou|>—2 -l»edroom roomy apt:, large kitchen, sunporch. Tel. FR 4-6209. DREAM come true tor two. IS2S Curry id. ALBANY ST., 755—Clean efficiency apt. Tel. FR 4-0482: FR 1-4115.




66 Houses for Sale


LINCOLN AV.—Pleasant room, board • If You Like to look for working person. EX 3-8117. at new housea . . , then come to PRIVATE OLD LADIES' HOME "Forest Hills. Mayfair." Excellent food and kind attention. • 6.Houses Open for Inspection TV.; private bedroom for Bleeping. Mrs. Catherine- Kttinger. 1610 Al- • Sat. and Sun., 2 to 5:30 p.m. bany st. Tel. FR 7-7252. Split levels 6 style* Colonials \ styles REST home, spacious sunny rooms, Ranches 4 stvtes home atmosphere; Ideal for your elders.; reasonable rates. Box • See What You Get. 19-AA. Gate tie.

for $10 a Square Foot

ROOM and board for elderly people; 10' wide, recessed entry lobbv, rear private rooms: use ol living room: entry lobby, both with multi-col$23 week. Tel. EN 3-6S22. ored Vermont slate floors: living room 23x13' with stone fireplace BRANDYWINE. near Eastern—2 at- ROOM and board. Private home Gaand 16' Therraopane bow window; tractive rooms, bath with »hov.«r, rage available Tel EX 5-1810. dining room 1 2 ' \ l l ' 2 ' with fir* laundry; $50. Tel. FR 4-57*7. windows; kitchen with hall en.BEDFORD R P.—3-room apt. - T e t Garages 67 trance, sliding doors, casual eating space, birch wall and floor cabiFR 4-43*7. after T p.m. GARAGE or warehouse, approxinets with TeNolite counter tops. BELLEVUE— 3 rooms 10 mln. from mately 60 f t x 65 f t , ground General Electric equipment in color GK Tet FR 4-93S1 or EX. 3-2456. floor, rear of lit State * t . 1100 per —wall oven, counter top stove, mo. Inquire Lsary and Fulierton. automatic-dishwasher, disposal, exBROADWAY. 1 7 U — 4 rooms, fur307 Seats st. - h a u s t f a n : 4 bedrooms-(8-"*Hr«-H*-= nished or unfurnished. EN 3-1C42. sliding door clothes closets! in *\i% BALLSTON SPA—72 Chapman St., l l V x l i ' , \r\\V, llVxll'. Stares and Offices 68 2U'x23. 4 rooms, bath, all utilities. Tel. linen closets; family room tot Balls ton 22-J after 1children's living room) 12x23 In knotty pine, tile floor, view winATTENTION I CRANE ST. 3 rooms, heat, light, dows, and door to terrace • W, gas. water furnished. Tel. Dl 6-9465. Dentist— Account — Etc. baths 2-ft. matic oil heat, utilities furnished; Heat, hot water, stove, refrigMAYFAIR Section—4 room apt. and $369.95 room, 3 bedrooms, new bath, WOOD Combination dryers. 3-0173 or FR7-967S. $549.95 G.E., 12-ft couple preferred. .Tel. E X 3-2892. bath. Couple. Tel. E X 9-4049. laundry room, dining room windows . . . $8.50 each ELECTRIC STOVES erator, janitor service. Down-4 large cozy rooms. MT. PLBASANTT V Located across from Sherand cabinetted kitchen; oilBRANDYWINE AV., North, upper 6 $263.95 Philco, 30-in ....$189.95 Tel. DI 6-3770 and WEXFORD LUMBER CO. convenlent. $85, NORTHAMPTON COURT town. Tel. FR 7-416r7 Dl 6-1241 steam heat; 2-car garage. rooms, garage. Tel. EX 3-5003 ; 5:30. $229.95 Crosley, 40-in U49.95 idan Village Apts* (excelEX 3-9064. Blue Barns rd. EX3-366L $279.95 Croslev. 30-in $189.95 Garden Apartments CRANE ST., 620 — Upper 6 rooms. ATTRACTIVE modern 2-bedroora The price has been reduced lent for business potential $279.95 RCA Estate, 40-in $179.95 ST., 423-425—12) 4-room We Carry a Complete Line $25. month. ^garden apt. Nlskayuna drive; heat, Beautiful new 1-bedroom, $74.77, and MUMFORD to J13.900 for a quick sale. $249.95 RCA Estate. 30-in $189.95 apts. Tel. FR 3-1071. •k All types of shopping in 2-bedroom, 189.92 apts. Best neighhot water, electric stove and/ re$279.95 Westinghouse. 36-in. ...$199.95 of Building Supplies CRANE ST.. 526—Upper 3-bedroom, borhood in Amsterdam. Electric frigerater. garage, washer; J100. MODERN 3 room apt. for 1 or 2 $459.95 Hotpoint, M-in $299.95 the immediate area heat, hot water provided ; will renostove, refrigerator, washing maTel. EX 3-1620 or F R 4-2704. gentlemen. Tel. FR 2-0533 after 5. GAS STOVES vate; $65. Tel. EX 3-9107. Palma Lumber Co. chine, garbage disposal, school bus. •Ar Transportation facilities to $99.95 Apt. size, 20-in ....$69.95 now — 4 rooms, bath, 20 min. from Scotia. 25 mln. from NORTH KERRY ST.—Or unfurnish $229.95 Tappati, 3U-in $169.95 1502 Curry Rd. EL 5-1100 CHESTNUT ST.—6-room upper flat. AVAILABLE heat, stove, refrigerator. 501 Scheall areas of the city ed 2-bedroom flat; also 3-room downtown Sch'dy. Tel. Amsterdam Tel. FR 2-1071. $219.95 Norge, 30-in $169.95 nectady st. Tel. DI G-013S. apt.; all utilities; yard. FR 2-7971. VI 3-1170 or VI 2-2881. $229.95 Norge, 3fi-in $179.95 * Next to a barber shop AV., 897—Two 4-room $249.95 Roper. 30-in .$179.95 Business Equipment 45 DELAMONT NOTT TER..1S3—1 large housekeepflats, $22 and $25. .221 Clinton at. AVAILABLE NOW scheduled to open Feb. 15 Located on iipper Rtate St. $399.95 RCA Estate, 40-in. ,.;.$269.95 inp room. All uitillties. 18. • with lot running through to $224.95 RCA Estate, 30-in $179.95 CASH REGISTER. R. C. Allen, al- DIVISION ST.. S3—Upper flat, newly Pleasant 4-room apt.; heat, light and NEWLY remodeled apt*., downtown most new. Hyde's Television, Blue Albany St. hot water, $70; convenient location. AUTOMATIC WASHERS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY decorated ; garage: adults. Barns rd. State SL locale: $35. B^R 4-2134. Tel. DI 6-4417. . $379.05 Maytag $269.95 TERRACE — Upper flat, Excellent condition; brand 5319.95 Westinghouse $219.95 CASH REGISTER. National, like DAVIS ATTRACTIVE suburban 3 rooms, Dorwaldt Blvd. and Lancaster St. PARKWOOD BLVD.—I rooms, pri- Call now for Further. Informaand bath. Tel. FR 7-3903. new complete ga* heating rooms $389.95 Whirlpool $262.95 new. $125. Tel. FR4-S001. vate bath, ulllitles; Karaite. Adult*. bath; for business couple: newly Country air, oily convenience*. system, nice recreation room, $379.95 G.E , $262.95 tion and details. AV.—5-room flat, newly decorated, .nrivatei entrance, heat, Box 7-DD, Gazette. 4\j rooms, 191 per mo. For pine-panelled kitchen, fire$309.95-Norge ....$199.95 GROCERY store equipment. Reason- EASTERN hot water, bus service. EL 5-2709. « renovated. Adults DI 6-9493, after appointments, Tel. FR 4-4545 pl4C.e,'-.'t*Iumlnum storms and $229.95 Norge $129.95 1035—All utilltle* furable. FR 4-3587. . PARK AV.. 12 noon. !'"' ^creensY Venetian blinds, wall DRYERS . or FR 4-5608. ATTRACTIVE 1- and 2-bedroom nished. to wall carpeting. Immedi$219.95 Benriix, Electric $169.93 Coal, Wood and Fuel apts.; heat, stove, refrigerator, tile NEWLY remodeled apts.. downtown EASTERN P'KWY. — 6-room upper 46 ate possession. $239.95 Westinghouse, Electrio $169.95 RUGBY RD . 1307 -Lovely lower 3^4 bath with shower. 335 Hulett #L, up. flat. Tel FR4-S068. » State s t locale, $65. FR 4-2184. $279.95 Norge, lias $183.95 Fuel Oil rooms and bath. 2 adults. No pets 16c Gal. REALTOR — APPRAISALS ALBANY ST., 755—Clean efficiency PARKWOOD BLVD.—New building:, $269.95 Bendix, Gas $189.95 Diesel Oil $12,500 16.4c Gal. EASTERN AV., 996—Clean upper STATE ST., 766—2-room apt., third MANAGEMENT apt. FR 4-0482 ; FR 4-116. $79.95 ^»-Gal. Norge Hot 2 apt. duplex, 4 rooms and tile No. 1 Fuel Oil 17c Gal. room's. Adults. 365 month. EX 3-U9S. Tel. floor. Water Heater $14.95 Range Oil or Kerosene . . 18.5c Gal. 1745 Rugby Rd. 016-8685 bath, open stairway from living FRONT ST.. 146. near Indian. In- A 2>,4 room apt. Range, shower, THOS. W. PREMO AIR CONDITIONERS room, oil h e a t $110 per mo. Must STATE ST., 900 Block—Convenient STARK OIL . parking. Walk G.E. SS.aO week. FR quire 12 College st. $229.95 '.-Ton Westinghouse,.$169.95 EDISON AV. 3-room apt., tiled kitchen and bath ; be seen to be appreciated. Tel. EX Tel. Dl 8-2305 7-6665. $389.95 I-Ton RCA $229.95 parking included; all " ' ' i ' f e V LOWER Union St.—Ground floor, for 9-33S4. FOR SALE or rent—3-bedroom house professional office or small busl $349.95 hi -Ton RCA $189.95 clean and modern. Tel. FR. 2-5300. ALBANY ST., 943—3 rooms. Stove, Available Feb. 1. Tel. FR 2-7684 or SHELL FUEL OIL ness ; reasonable rent. FR 7-6894! FR1NCETOWN RD.—-Upper; 2 bed$349.95 1-Ton Philco $219.9." refrigerator, utilities, Esperance 67-W-2. Distributors — Hennel's Fuel Oil rooms, heat, hot water, stove, re- SCOTIA. Vley Rd., or semi-furnished, $379.95 *i-Ton Vorinada $209.95 SPACE at 221 Clinton st. 970 Aliamont av. 'Tel. DI 6-94S3 OFFICE i rooms, private bath and entrance. frigerator ; f-70 mo.; available Feb. ELECTRIC RAZORS REALTOR FOSTER AV.. 1535 — 6-room lower AMELIA ST.. 1925— Semt-furnished, Tel. FR 2-1011. modern 3-room apL FR 2-7187. all utilities. Tel. D I 5-6585. 1st Tel. FR 2-6962. WITH TRADE 511 State St. E X 3-3631 flat, with garage, S45. Adults preWood of All Kinds. $29.95 Schick $14.95 Eve. and Weekends, F R 1-6331 ferred. TeL DI 6-1886, after 4, OFFICIO and drive-In warehouse: Guyette Wood Yard, DI 6-6989. BRANDYWINE AV.—2-bedroom a p t STOP 7Vi Albany rd.-~,2-bedroom PARK PL., 238—Upper 3 room front. $24.95 Norelco $14.95 also modern store, 20x30; oft HamGa* h e a t Tel. E X 3-3S36. trailer, completely furnished, with heat, light hot water, all utilities. HARVARD S T . — Lower flat; gas. $29.50 Sunbeam ....$14.95 burg st. Tel. FR 1-8410. full bath. FK2-8S98; EX.S-07S3. X>1 6-5910. $50 mo. FR 4-4486. heat; adults, no pets. $14.95 Ladv Schick $7.95 Farm & Garden Products 47 $31.95 Remington ,$18.95 ARISTOCRATIC STYLE UPSTAIRS OFFICE LINCOLN AV.—Upper 6-room flat STATE ST. — 3 rooms, nicely furAPPLES— Vi mile west of Grooms Save Up to 50To on Typewriters, automatic heat; available Feb. 1; nished, utilities. Tel. F R * 3237 or 151 Barrett st. Owner being transferred offers Tel. F R 4-4849 Corners. Fred Droms, FR 7-3104. Cameras, Luggage, Baby FurF R 1-8660. S60. LA BELLE. EX 3-2145, this almost new lovely Colonial niture. Housewares, Springs and residence. Full of unusual 'feaWAREHOUSE SPACE MOST EXTRAORDINARY VALUE SEWARD PI.., 12—3 rooms, bath, Mattresses, Power Tools, Hand RD.—e roonus up. Gas heat. tures. In a neighborhood of beau48 LENOX Farm Equipment 5,000 Sq. ft.—Clean, healed, - downTools. Middle-aged couple. FR 4-5831. STILL THE BEST utilities. Adulls. $12 wk. EX 3-9127 tiful homes Spacious 6 rooms, town, l block from state street. For DUANE SALES, INC. fireplace in the largo living room. STATE ST., 824—3 »i rooms, LINDEN ST.—Upper 3-bedroom flat. . Reasonable. Tel. EX 3-3417. GARDEN APARTMENTS ALLIS-CHALMERS A den and bath downstairs, autoappointment, Tel. FR 7-2041. OPEN 9 TO 9, SAT. 9 TO 6 Has heat. Adults. DI 6-5119. 3Vi and 4li Large Room* . Sales — Parts — Service matic oil h e a t Attached garags, 8434 STATE ST. DI 6-J47S Oversized Rooms. Superior Layout* UNION ST.—-1 room, bath: cooking Wonted t o Rent GLENVILLE TRACTOR. EX 3-1929 MICHIGAN AV.—Partially furnished Off Season Reduced Rental Rates 73 beautifully landscaped grounds, No Reduction In Service, Quality factlitle*: parking. FR 1-1134. lower 5 rooms. Automatic heat. SSxllO. Pleaso ask to see it. TAYLOR TOT—Tel. FR 7-9088 CASE SPREADERS COMPARE AND BE CONVINCED Tel. FR2-7948. Section — 4-room apt., PLUS New "95.'* Roller chain, adjustable Tennis and Badminton Courts UNION ST., 518—2-Room apt- In- BELLEVUE unfurnished or partly furnished. TELEVISION SETS, UHF. V H F ; BROWN SCHOOL AREA arch, double treated wood box.ROSA RD at GERLING ST. MT. PLEASANT. Sixth av., 13S6—3quire in basement. .._, Special Attractive Term* Tel. FR 7-5836, after 5:30. guaranteed. James' TV, F R 7-3723. SEE THEM AT . . . TEL. F R 7-2203 bedroom upper flat, automatic fraa OE plot. Estate to be settled. Ferry, 4-rooms hot water, GRADUATE student Union College, and hot water. You get a wonderful buy plus ths 2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS SCOTIA — Semi-furnished, modern VISCHERS GETMAN'S FARM STORE electric, garage. FR 1-4301. USED TELEVISION wife and 2 children 3 yrw. and 11 finest section of the ! I'll 1-9573 After 4 fr—I*wer 2-hMroom. - r^atb. EX*-730t FR l-lt.Sg. Dl«-7i20. H\*t Rd. stove, refrigerator, UNION COLLEGE Area — Redecofront 2 bath pplit level, deluxe automatic heat; $30 mo. Anyttms tatoct 5 rooms;; beat, hot tvnter furrenovated rooms: m i l d Anothei goid rArcb-typa home Vltcben Mth, huill-ln oven anrl After 7. VAN VRANKEN AV~ 13&j£-4 rooms. NRw'l.T nished. Tel. FR4-2598, after 6 p.m. the colonial effect in Ihe • e r v k e : IS SO And u p ; downtown T*nge; wooded lot. : adults. beat, 3rd floor; BELLEVUE—3 room a p t Prlvat* ha^k fit the house In real area. Mr* Moore. A p t I, 171 Rtat* UJ?PER flat. Excellent condition. bath. gas. light, h?at; atovi, refriROOMS lowsr front All uttntiM. good condition In the HO.OOO WESTHDLM RD •- Authenllo Jroom. jt Tel FR 4-2134, IVwIn* Av. Oil h«»t FR 4-3248. gerator, garage. FR I-HJ3J. E X I - * 5 2 t : FR 7-131*. Cat>e Cod with expansion. Beautibracket NICELY furnisbed room for I m*n ful comer iree-Btnrlned lot VAN CURLER AV.—Bungalow, 5 BELLEVUE. 2«1» IVl.rty—3 rooms, t LAROE rooms. H*At, hot water, Tel. EX3-BJS4. room*; gA* beat. Box 12-DD, Gazelle. CoiTdiq© stove, refrigerator. 4»0 Tw*lftb *t ll«at. hot WAter furnished. PRIVATE: bom*, near 2 buses, warm off upper Union St Can b* WOODLAWN — 6 room houoe, BROADWAY, H7&-3 rooms. RsfrigRooms And Bath. room : meal* optional. FRI-7HS. P!ir1. 3-ROOMS. Private baih.A alov*, restall. heAt, hot water, light ga*, hot WAt*r. Tel. F R 7-2fc5S, SO Snowdgn av. FR M 109 frigerator/ No ipeta, 21 Duans a.v, ROOMS, nicely furnished. S mln. to slov«i and refrigerator furaUned; OWNER TRANSFERRED OE. Tel. FR 4-^449. Mn. Hunt4tr, FR 2-7579 $10.SO weekly or M0 monthly; ideal 4-ROOM Apt, IM2 VAIV ViAnVen av. • Bedroom, Round L*1e* home. Autdnear school, church. Empire. Marfor 1 person. Inquire. In store. Flat*, House* Furnished 61 matle b e a t hot water—»M(K». Of* « , JiO'; vene-tian blind*; g a s fur- BTATK HT and Hwan- I Ait*, warm, FR 1-97*4 or NO REASONABLE off*r r»fu»*d for fer* accepted. Action Real Estate, for 2 gentlemen. CRANE ST., 3 rooms, store, refrlgernace; Itnoleum In kitchen, bathAVAILABLE—Feb. 1 — 2-bedroom Robert E Beach, a g e n t Tel. Round DIH413S. room; combination stove, oil and Ator. beat furnished. Te^. DI «d couples. Cenlraj corner flat. ComOwner,. utilities; private entrance; |SS mo. lot; mam* exlra features HI,£00 pletely furnished. TV and all CRANE ST., 1691- -5 rooms, duplex. entrance1, gentleman. Tel. Dl *-2t5*. house—5-roont flaia t»lth ."Inquire- downslaiis. rear. I* far M o w rost Tel FR "J-2I7V 3-FAM1LY utilities Dt S-9230. •^tski . ..ILL JlllUM...ULJ