Scripting Vim With Ruby [PDF]

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Scripting Vim With Ruby

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Scripting Vim With Ruby

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The scripting language that comes with Vim You have already seen it if you have ever edited your .vimrc file or configured a plugin



To Learn More :help vim-script

VimScript + Ruby

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VimScript + Ruby Adds a dependency on Ruby, but you get a lot in return.

• Ruby’s Standard Library • RubyGems • You are probably more comfortable in Ruby than VimScript


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:help ruby

• image of :help ruby

Ruby Support?

No rubies? Oh gnoes!!

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Which Ruby?

• MRI 1.8.7 is the safe choice • The internets indicate that 1.9.2 is possible but buggy

Vim With Ruby Support installing-vim-with-ruby-support-ruby

Calling Ruby From Vim

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Calling Ruby From Vim

To load these examples either • Put the code in your .vimrc • Put the code in a .vim file Then :source /path/to/file/you/used

Three Way To Call Ruby

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Inline Ruby

:ruby puts “awesome”.upcase Vim will echo AWESOME at the bottom of your screen

Inline Ruby Example: How I figured out which ruby is being used function! RubyInfo() ruby