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Jun 7, 2016 - storage space to get in contact with PIN and Independent. Volunteers group. NFI needs in remote sites. (Ca
Shelter + NFI Sector WG: Thessaloniki Date: Participants: Chair: Co-chair: Agenda

07 June 2016


CWC = Communication with Communities. CWG = Cash Working Group. PoC = people of concern (refugees + migrants). SMS = Site Management Support. ToR = Terms of Reference. Discussions Action points

Agenda item Welcome / Introduction

Activities update and news from the field

UNHCR, IOM , Save the Children, IRC, IFRC, Drop in the Ocean, NRC, Samaritan’s Purse, People in Need, Apostolic Church, DRC, HuMedica

UNHCR - Skerlida Agolli – [email protected] IOM 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Introduction and Welcome. Activities Update Storage of winter NFIs NFI needs in remote sites (Camping Nireas) Minimun Warehouse Interventions AOB/Mosquito Nets distributions

No items to add/subtract/amend to meeting agenda. Participants filled attendance sheet for contact list record.

WG Chair to update contact list with new participants’ details.

Save the Children Present in Frakaport, Softex, Herso and Nea Kavala. Activity: children nutrition to children up to 2 years old and NFI distributions. Contingency planning for Redestos.

WG members to share with IOM contacts of appropriate NFI suppliers + vendors ASAP.

Samaritan’s Purse Upon the completion of the Ramadan buckets distribution, SP would like to be involved in NFI distribution in other sites, such as Derveni and Redestos IOM Upon designation of 2 sites- Derveni and another one- by the MoMP, IOM will be responsible for these 2 sites in a multi-sectorial approach (beside health), starting in the upcoming days

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IOM to present/share with the WG the intervention plan for these sites, especially in terms of hazards.

Present in Oreokastro by providing baby food and children NFIs ACH is also planning to provide a WASH container in Oreokastro, as well as a trailer to be used as movable/portable kitchen. People in Need-HuMedica-Independent Volunteers Present in Kavalari, active in Health (mainly Humedica) and NFI distributions (mosquito nets etc.) NRC Will be providing shading area in several sites, as following: -3 in Alexandria (6x12 m) -4 in Cherso -3 in Giannitsa -3 in Nea Kavala -2 in Oreokastro -1 in Veria NRC is still waiting for an official letter to the Fire Brigade- to conduct an assessment in Oreokastro.

UNHCR technical team informed the WG that the only way to get the Fire Brigade in the site for assessment, is if they are invited by the owner of the property or the one renting the property.

Storage of winter NFIs

PIN and other NGOs/Volunteer groups are looking for storage spaces/ storage capacity to store winter NFIs, sorted and ready for distribution (during the winter)

NFI needs in remote sites (Camping Nireas) Minimum Warehouse Intervention

Members brought in the attention of the WG the lack of some basic NFI coverage in some remote sites, like Camping Nireas, where only few organizations are daily present.

NRC suggests a discussion with the local/national authorities on the official legal pathway for intervention in warehouses’ infrastructure

UNHCR to assist in getting in touch with Fire Department in Thessaloniki and for/with requests for a fire safety assessments in the new sites Agencies able to provide with storage space to get in contact with PIN and Independent Volunteers group WG to decide on tool tracking NFI gaps and needs per site

Shelter and NFI WG decided the creation of a document with short-term initiatives to improve the UNHCR to share the site shelter/ living conditions in the sites and put together an intervention plan assessments with the WG members- WG to put together action points

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AoB/Mosquito nets distribution

WG decided as the minimum standard for mosquito net distribution- 2 mosquito nets per tent. IOM to share details on mosquito IOM will be distributing hygiene kits that also include mosquito nets and lotions – approx. 4.000 kits- nets distribution (quantity/ area details to be confirmed of coverage) UNHCR is procuring more mosquito nets- details to be provided soon UNHCR to present a plan/time line for mosquito nets distribution The WG to ask for an assessment by the Health WG on whether to include mosquito repellents in the mosquito nets distribution

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 21 of June 2016 at 14:00 hrs. Venue = Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace- room TBC

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