Small & Medium Enterprise Management

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shared interactive whiteboard to display educational content. 7. Scale Information and Knowledge: Students will have the
Post Graduate Programmes

Master of

Small & Medium Enterprise Management


The MSMEM is a 20-month (blended) part-time programme borne out of an evident need for entrepreneurship in the Caribbean region, as documented in a number of national and regional studies in recent years. In response, the UWI Lok Jack GSB, in collaboration with several commercial banks, business leaders and policymakers, created this programme to bridge the entrepreneurship gap, thereby making the region's economies more sustainable.

Designed for Business Owners, this programme will: Empower existing and future business owners

Teach students how to create opportunities to excel in today’s highly competitive marketplace

Expose students to a globalized environment

1 Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management

Benefits of MSMEM Programme Design

o 100% Online, Accessible & Flexible: Access classes from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection o 100% Practical: No exams. Your business is your project o Success & Legacy Planning: Build your business for future generations o Authentic Learning: Teaching method provides practical courses, assignments, project based and problem based learning activities and presentations that will enhance your knowledge and skills that can be implemented in your organisation

Student Outcome

o Consultant for Small and Medium Businesses, Expansion of Business.

MSMEM Alumni Community

o Alumni for the MSMEM programme are business owners who are seeking personal development and growth for their business.

Benefits of the Lok Jack GSB Community - Institutional Accreditation

o Locally accredited by Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) Institutional accreditation

- GATE Funding available for eligible individuals - UWI-Lok Jack GSB community with more than 3,000 alumni

o Featured alumni o Local and International Faculty o Academic Faculty who have done extensive research in business education internationally o Practioners who are business owners and have successful operations and expansions in many territories o Faculty who facilitates learning to ensure that you have grasped concepts for each area of business in this specialty

- Networking opportunities - Mentorship opportunities with prominent Alumni - Bizbooster - Global HigherEd Job and Career Portal - International Study Trip - Access the UWI´s Facilities (Library, Study rooms, etc.)

2 Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management

Entry Requirements Academic

• First degree with Honours from a recognized university and • A minimum of two (2) years working experience, including self-employment

Mature Entry

• Professional certificate • A minimum of five (5) years working experience, including self-employment

Programme Structure

The MSMEM programme comprises: • 13 online core courses

• 3 face to face workshops

Classes for core courses will be conducted online and students will have the opportunity to interact with classmates and professors in our virtual lecture room. The session will be recorded and uploaded to our e-learning platform and available at your convenience. Mandatory workshops will be conducted face-to-face – which means that you will need to make the required arrangements to attend in the nearest territory (if it becomes necessary as it may not be held in your own country).


Trimester 1

Trimester 2

Trimester 3

International and Caribbean Business Environment – 36 hours

Small Business Financial Management – 36 hours

Introduction to Management – 36 hours

Managing People at Work – 36 hours

Operations and Supply Chain Management – 36 hours

Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting – 36 hours

Commercial Law – 36 hours

Workshop – Market Research – 16 Hours

Pricing and Credit Decision – 36 hours

Workshops (a) Professional Development Team Building - 8 Hours (b) Orientation to Online Learning @ Lok Jack GSB – 8 Hours

Trimester 4 Customer Relationship Management – 36 hours Marketing Management – 36 hours

Trimester 5 Network Management for Small Enterprises – 36 hours Growing the Business – 36 hours 3 Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management

Online Platform

Benefits of Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a virtual learning environment (e-Classroom) that is used to conduct fully online (synchronous) sessions where students and lecturers can collaborate using interactive tools in order to learn from any location once they have an Internet connection, microphone and speakers.

1. Increase Completion Rates and Retention: Students are provided with a multi-dimensional flexible environment that suits their learning style 2. Geographical Barriers: Enables instructors and students to work together from remote locations throughout the world 3. Build Online Communities: The platform supports a classroom orientation making it very easy for students to interact, collaborate and work as a team, with or without an instructor 4. Save Travel Costs: A virtual environment removes the expense of travel, especially for regional and international students 5. Increases Productivity: As a student you will always be able to access your lectures whether or not you are able to be a part of the live sessions 6. Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles: The virtual classroom provides two-way voice over the internet, instant messaging and a shared interactive whiteboard to display educational content 7. Scale Information and Knowledge: Students will have the ability to record and playback sessions, creating reusable learning objects to maximize access and leverage resources 8. Improved Teaching Resources: This platform has allowed Lok Jack GSB to recruit World Class lecturers.

Requirements for Online Learning • Headset with Microphone and/or Speakers • Working Computer • High Speed Internet Access • A quiet location for class duration • Installation of Illuminate Software - Link will be provided to download and install the software - Link to access the Illuminate Live Session will be provided in Lok Jack eLearning

4 Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management

Admission Process Submit your documents to [email protected] to determine your eligibility Pay Admission Assessment Fee TT$1000

Complete your Admission Assessment (online)

Once successful, receive Offer Letter from The University of the West Indies and accept Offer via email.

Make your fee payment at UWI-Lok Jack GSB Campus (cash, check, linx) or through a bank deposit.

Attend the Student Orientation

Meet your Learning Assurance Officer

Register online for your trimester 1 courses (You will need to register for your courses every trimester)

(Date will be provided)

Make the most of your learning journey! Contact us for more information Tel: 645 - 6700 (ext. 200) Email: [email protected]


Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management

Thank you for your interest in our

Master of Small & Medium Enterprise Management programme with the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.