Success Factors of Working Social

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Success Factors of Working Social Charlene Li, Founder and Managing Partner, Altimeter Group Christina Fan, Customer Service Manager, Yammer October 10, 2013 @yammer #yamtour

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7 key steps to driving social success Opportunity to build customized social journey plan Examples of customer success and overcoming common challenges Interactive Q&A discussion (last 10 minutes)

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Charlene Li Founder and Managing Partner Altimeter Group

Christina Fan Customer Service Manager Yammer

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Charlene Li Founder and Managing Partner Altimeter Group, One of the foremost experts on social media and technologies and a consultant and independent thought leader on leadership, strategy, social technologies, interactive media, and marketing. Author of The New York Times bestseller Open Leadership. She is also the coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business books in 2008. @yammer #yamtour

The Social Business Journey For Yammer October 10, 2013

Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group @charleneli | [email protected]

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Does this sound familiar? Email overload: Check. Meeting fatigue: Yup. Poor cross-team coordination: You bet. …We need to change the way we work!


Definition: Social Business Strategy The deep integration of social technology and social methodologies into the organization to drive business impact.


52% Top executives who are informed, engaged, and aligned with their company’s social strategy


Source: Altimeter Group. Social Business Survey, Q4 2012.

20% Improvement in supplier and partner satisfaction with social


Source: McKinsey. The Social Economy, July 2012.

20-25% Boost in productivity in social organizations


Source: McKinsey. The Social Economy, July 2012.

Seven Success Factors of a Social Business Strategy

Success Factor #1: Define the Overall Business Goals

How do social strategies create direct or ancillary impact on business objectives? How can you communicate value to those who don’t understand social technology?


Sample: Connect Social Goals to Organizational Goals Organizational Strategic Strategic Goal Metrics

Social Social Business Goal Business Metrics

Get products to Reduce market faster development time by 25%

Move product development to Enterprise Social Network (ESN)

Fewer emails; Number of meetings reduced; Time between major steps reduced

Christina to add Yammer example

@yammer #yamtour

Success Factor #2: Establish the Long-Term Vision

Articulate a vision for becoming a social business. What value will be realized internally among stakeholders and externally to customers?

Ford’s Social Business Vision

“To humanize the company by connecting constituents with Ford employees and with each other when possible, providing value in the process.”

What Kind of Relationship Do You Want?

Short -term









Crafting your vision statement  Focus on relationships in the future. Don’t let today’s constraints limit you.  Define the experience you wish people to have, feel, share.  Think of it as a story that you could tell about that relationship.  Write a statement that will stand the test of time—and of technology.  Do it quickly—your gut reaction is usually right.  Keep it short and memorable.


Sample Vision Statements  “To harness a peer perspective that connects actionable insights and solutions to common challenges.” (Research and consulting firm)  “Unite people who share a passion for creating a ‘world free of medical errors.’” (Health care database provider)  “Inspire customers to create unforgettable experiences through our passion and people.” (Agency for anonymous client)

Success Factor #3: Get Executive Support

At some point, social must expand beyond silos to empower the rest of the business. To scale takes the support of key executives and their interests lie in business value.

Senior management plays a central role in wider adoption Nationwide President & COO, Mark Pizzi was one of Yammer’s first users • • • • •

Posting relevant articles Posting questions Dialoging with employees Demonstrating usability, features Within months, he’d generated more than 7500 followers

Within 10 months of launch, 40% of Nationwide’s top leadership were participating on the network

Success Factor #4: Define the Strategy Roadmap and Identify Initiatives

Once you have your vision and business goal alignment, you need a plan to implement. A strategic social business roadmap looks ahead and aligns business goals with social initiatives.

Christina to add Yammer example

@yammer #yamtour

Success Factor #5: Establish Governance and Guidelines

Who will take responsibility for internal social strategy and lead the development of an infrastructure to support it? You’ll need help. Form a ‘hub” or CoE to prioritize initiatives, tackle guidelines and processes, and assign roles and responsibilities.

How Companies Organize for Social






Define Key Processes – Yammer Example?

Source: “H&R Block’s Response Process” David Armano, Edelman 2010

Success Factor #6: Secure Staffing, Resources, and Funding

Determine where resources are best applied now and over the next three years.

Think scale among agencies but also internally to take your strategy to the next level. Train staff to ensure a uniform approach as you grow.

Provide Role-Based Social Technology Training

What you should do

Judgment is needed in between

What you shouldn’t do

Success Factor #7: Invest in Technology That Supports Objectives

Ignore the shiny object syndrome. Resist significant investments until you better understand how social technology enables or optimizes your strategy.

Christina to add Yammer example without being self-serving, maybe something around integration?

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#1 Ask the Right Questions About Value “We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue

the things we cannot.” - John Hayes, CMO of American Express


# 2 Create a Culture of Sharing


#3 Master the Art of Failure

No relationships are perfect “Fail fast, fail smart”

Transform Your Business with Yammer

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Success Factors of Working Social

Interactive Q&A discussion Jess Brown Product Marketing Yammer @yammer #yamtour

Charlene Li Founder and Managing Partner Altimeter Group

Christina Fan Customer Service Manager Yammer

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Charlene Li Founder and Managing Partner Altimeter Group

Christina Fan Customer Service Manager Yammer