Summer 2015

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Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League • Summer 2015



Celebrating 90 years… – Pages 8-10 It’s Kitten Season! Help Save Lives – Page 5 Launching Adoption Ambassador Program – Page 3


3100/3200 North Military Trail West Palm Beach, FL 33409 General Information 561-686-3663 Fax 561-686-0940 Donations 561-472-8816 [email protected] Please email i[email protected] or call for any of these services: Adoptions


Behavior Helpline




Vaccine Clinic/ Microchip


Foster Program


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Humane Euthanasia 561-686-3663 of Ill or Older Pets _________________________________________________________

Lost or Found Pet Surrender a Pet



Berman Memorial Pet Gardens/ Columbarium


Thrift Store


A Letter from Rich Anderson Executive Director/CEO Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Amazingly, on June 23rd, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League will celebrate 90 years of building a more humane Palm Beach County. On that date in 1925, the organization, at the time simply called The Animal Rescue League, was formally incorporated. Conceived the year before by some incredibly compassionate women determined to save the lives of abandoned pets, the League has impacted the lives of more than 1 million animals in our community. Countless individuals and families have walked though our shelter doors and have discovered the love and joy that a shelter animal adds to their lives – as well as the incredibly rewarding experience of saving the life of an animal that needed a second chance. Since 1925, there have been two constants: 1) Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s commitment to the welfare of animals in Palm Beach County and 2) the generous and selfless support of four generations of caring friends like you who have made the League’s work possible – then and now. On June 23rd we will pause briefly to celebrate this significant anniversary. Thanks to caring friends like you we’ll be able to continue working hard that day – and long into the future – to fulfill the lifesaving mission born from very humble beginnings 90 years ago. I hope you enjoy this anniversary edition of The Shaggy Sheet! With compassion for the animals,

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Email [email protected] or call for the following information: PetMobile


Special Events


Marketing and Public Relations


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Please call Animal Care and Control to report animal abuse or neglect: 561-233-1211 Follow us! @PeggyAdamsARL

2 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Rich Anderson Executive Director/CEO Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League Board of Directors Jane Grace, Honorary Chairman Nancy Brougher Lesly Smith, Chairman Virginia Burke Sam Hunt, Vice Chairman Candy Hamm Joanie Van der Grift, President Vicky Hunt Nellie Benoit, Vice President Sandy Meyer Daniel Hanley, Treasurer Linda Miller Laurie Raber Gottlieb, Secretary Pauline Pitt Jack Flagg, Executive Committee Louis Auslander, Director Emeritus Carol Garvy, Executive Committee Dotsy Letts, Director Emerita The Shaggy Sheet newsletter is sent to all supporters who donate $10 or more per year. To ensure that you continue to receive your issue, please use the enclosed envelope to make a minimum donation of $10. The animals need your help, and we don’t want your mailings to be interrupted! Thank you for your caring support of the animals!



t is amazing what can happen when we at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League join forces with Palm Beach County’s Animal Care and Control in our Countdown to Zero efforts to end euthanasia of homeless pets in Palm Beach County. Maximus, an 11 year old, deaf English Bulldog with cataracts, was surrendered by his owner to Animal Care and Control. He was at that shelter for a long time despite special efforts to try to find someone to adopt him. Our Director of Operations, Jim Lilli, saw him at an event and asked if we could transfer him to Peggy Adams and find him a home through our Fospice program. Fospice is a unique foster program for animals that are older, long-term or who have medical or behavioral conditions that might preclude them from being placed in a loving home through the normal adoption program.

An alert went out to our Helping Homes Foster Volunteers and the next day we received an email from Foster Volunteer Michelle saying she would love to give Maximus a home. The next day, she and her son came to visit Maximus and the rest is your ”Happily Ever After” tale. We need more people to open their hearts and homes and become a Helping Homes Foster Volunteer. If you are up for the challenge to get extra four-legged love and kisses, please contact our Foster Care Coordinator Niki Gottesman at [email protected]

Adoption Ambassador Program


brand new program at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is saving more lives and connecting the community even more visibly with our mission. Come rain, come shine, come the heat, our new Adoption Ambassadors are taking their Foster animals with them wherever they can, promoting on-the-spot adoptions all over the County. The adoptable pets wear “Adopt Me” vests and the attention they receive allows our volunteers to not only

find them loving homes, but also to talk with everyone who asks about ways to make our community an ever more humane place to be. Our Ambassadors are trained to facilitate adoptions. Who better to tell a potential adopter all about an animal that needs a home then their Foster Parent? If you would like to open up your heart and home to an animal that needs a new home, and experience the fun and reward of being an Adoption Ambassador, please contact our Foster Care Coordinator Niki Gottesman at [email protected]. 3

Neuter, Vaccinate and Return (TNVR). Ultimately, The League’s project was one of the five projects selected by the class this year. I did not realize this, but one of the biggest problems of animal overpopulation is the cat reproductive cycle. One female cat can start reproducing as early as six months old and will have up to three litters a year. Just one female cat can have as many as 120 kittens in her lifetime. Multiply that by a colony of 10 female and 10 male cats and the overpopulation rate is out of control in a short period of time.

Leadership Palm Beach County:

Project CatSnip by Eddie Stephens


eadership Palm Beach County (LPBC) is a nonprofit organization that brings together leaders from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to build and steward a vibrant, interconnected community. Since 1983, their unique programs have prepared more than 1,500 adult and youth leaders for a lifetime commitment to doing public good. Each year, LPBC delivers three core leadership programs that prepare high-achieving professionals as well as well-engaged high school students to unite as leaders to build a better community. The participants spend up to a year together, traveling across the county with exclusive access to courtrooms, newsrooms, schools, farms, major businesses and to the top leaders running the industries that drive our economy. Along the way, they get educated about our region, work on a civic engagement project targeted at improving a specific need in the community. Once they complete the programs, our promising leaders are part of a growing alumni network that shapes the curriculum for the new classes of participants and works in the community to tackle issues affecting all of our lives. In 2015, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League was one of dozens of applicants that sought to be selected for a civic engagement project. The League made a request for assistance in developing a public awareness campaign for “Project CatSnip” to educate the county about community cats and the importance of Trap, 4 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Project CatSnip helps to educate the public about the importance of TNVR in our community. Last year, Palm Beach County destroyed over 7,000 cats of the 10,000 processed by Animal Control. Each cat, whether rescued or killed, costs the County at least $400 per cat. High sterilization rates in targeted colonies will drastically reduce this problem and ultimately lighten the burden on taxpayers in Palm Beach County. So along with my teammates, Pam Figoras (Mental Health Services, Community Partners / Parent Child Center), Lili Finke (Senior Manager of Organizational Development, Palm Tran), Deana Mccrea (Director of Accounting, Florida-Carolinas, CEMEX), Kevin Murray (Pantelides Public Relations & Consulting), Pam Saratory (Business Manager, SunFest of Palm Beach County, Inc.), and Debi Willard (Deb Willard Graphics), we realized the unlimited potential we had to make this project a success. It’s a cool think tank and the spectrum of talents and personalities has really made this a fun project to work on. Throughout the past several months, we have spent hundreds of hours interviewing community leaders, researching this issue, and developing a print and video campaign. It is our hope that through efforts like this, Palm Beach County can reach the goal enumerated in Countdown to Zero: to end the killing of adoptable animals by the year 2024. For more information, or to preview our printed materials and see a preview of our video, visit our website at: – Eddie Stephens is a partner in the Law Firm Ward Damon

Mother (Cat) Knows Best Kitten Season 2015 has begun in Palm Beach County. You can help save lives!


t’s kitten season! Help save lives.

Please don’t scoop up newborn kittens discovered and take them to shelters. Orphaned kittens less than four weeks old have little chance of survival if separated from their mothers. In fact, cats and kittens are the most at-risk animals for euthanasia.

However, you can provide food and water. Place containers far enough away from the nest so you won’t disturb mom and kittens, or draw predators (raccoons) to the area. Keep dogs and children far away.

Thankfully, most discoveries of newborn kittens don’t call for human assistance. No intervention is the best thing you can do, until kittens can eat on their own.

If mom is friendly, it’s best to take her and the kittens indoors until the litter is old enough to be spayed or neutered (so they can’t have babies themselves) and then adopted into families. The mother should be spayed (to prevent future kittens) and placed in an adoptive home or returned to her territory (based on available shelter space, temperament and neighbor sentiment).

Always remember, “Mother Knows Best.” The kittens’ best chance for survival is staying with mom. The first weeks of life, kittens need mother’s care and antibodies from her milk. Then mom will train her kittens as only mom can. Quietly observe from a distance to determine if mother is present. She will need to leave her litter for short periods of time in order to find food for herself. If the kittens are clean and sleeping in a heap, mom is most likely out scouting for food. It is common for mom to move her kittens to a new “safer” location. Establishing a new nest is her instinctual behavior to safeguard her young. Never interfere with the kittens or their space. It’s essential you don’t handle them, don’t create a shelter, don’t keep them warm, and don’t feed them, as long as mom is around. This may stress her and she may abandon her family.

When mom doesn’t interact well with humans, she needs to be trapped and spayed, but not now. Contact us. Together, we’ll determine the plan for trapping mom. Once kittens eat on their own, they can be safely separated from mom. You can begin the socialization process in your home or find someone to adopt them. The mother will be trapped, spayed, vaccinated against disease, and returned to her outdoor home. Remember, Mother Knows Best. If the kittens are older (eyes open and moving around), the mom can stay away for quite some time. Please do not consider these older kittens abandoned unless the mom has been gone for more than 10 hours. Remember, Mother Knows Best. For more information, please visit:

Bottle Feeding & Foster Classes Bottle feeding underage kittens is a large and very important role that our foster volunteers play at the League. Learning how to bottle feed underage kittens will help us save hundreds of lives this year! For more information and to sign up for classes, please visit:



Peggy Adams’ Kitten Bowl Made for a Super Saturday/Sunday


uper Bowl weekend 2015 featured a first-ever Kittten Bowl at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League! In partnership with the County’s Animal Care & Control, the January 31 - February 1 event saw our small cat adoption room turned into a football

stadium with 16 feet of AstroTurf, live-streaming video, 2 field-view cameras, semi-pro cheerleaders, and standing-room-only seating for fans. During the two-day event, 27 kittens and cats found their forever homes. Over 4,000 households viewed the live streaming of kittens at play on our website. Over 1,000 households from 17 different countries logged onto our special YouTube channel with over 235 hours of viewing time. Kitten Bowl 2015 was an international sensation! donating a Foster Wish List item or two, it is never too late. Check out the list below and then come visit us.

It’s a Girl! It’s a Boy! It’s a Kitten! First Annual Kitten Shower A Huge Success!


pril showers bring more than flowers…..kitten season in Florida comes into full swing as well. To meet the needs of the tiny little lives who come into our care every spring, Peggy Adams staff created a first-ever Kitten Shower event. The April 26th event was a Huge success! Several guests signed up to become kitten foster volunteers, played kitten shower games, learned what is involved to become a Foster Volunteer and, most importantly, got to play with the foster kittens. Several kittens were pre-adopted. We received a lot of donations from our “Foster Wish List” but, as you know, in Florida, due to our great warm weather, we have “kitten season” almost all year long. If you missed the shower but want to help by

6 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Wish List: • KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) Cans & Powder • Kitten Bottle/Nipple Sets • Small Stainless Steel Bowls • Gerber Baby Food (chicken & turkey) • Gerber Rice Cereal • Karo Syrup • Pedialyte (unflavored) • Pee Pads • Soft Pate Kitten Food (no fish flavored) • Unscented Baby Wipes • Small Fleece Blankets & Towels • Pine Litter or Non-Clumping Litter • Small Stuffed Toys • Gauze Pads/Cotton Balls • Paper Towels • Gift Cards (WalMart, Pet Supply Stores, Publix) • Laundry Detergent & Dish Soap • Snuggle Safe Heating Disk with Fleece Cover • Electronic Food Scale (weighs in ounces up to four pounds)

Hundreds of supporters walk to save lives at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s 14th Annual Barry Crown Walk for the Animals

On Saturday, March 7, hundreds of supporters gathered at Downtown at the Gardens for Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s 14th Annual Barry Crown Walk for the Animals. Although some rain showers were present during the morning festivities, that didn’t dampen the mood of those who came to enjoy the event. Over 1,000 people registered for the Walk which is anticipated to raise $130,000 to support the League’s mission. More than just a walk, participants enjoyed live entertainment, free breakfast and chances to win fabulous silent auction items and raffle prizes. SUNNY 107.9’s Jennifer Ross graciously hosted the awards ceremony and Stephanie Berzinski from WPBF 25 joined Rich Anderson, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s Executive Director/CEO, in the pace car leading the way along the route. “The compassion and generosity of our sponsors, supporters and participants will allow Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to care for thousands of dogs and cats in need of a home and receive a wonderful second chance at life,” said Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League.

Sponsors of the 14th Annual Barry Crown Walk for the Animals included: Presenting sponsor, Hill’s Science Diet Pet Nutrition; SUNNY 107.9, Vicky and Sam Hunt, Laurie and Steven Gottlieb, Petco Foundation, Lesly Smith, , Daszkal Bolton, Whole Foods,Very Important Paws, Flagler Bank, Sandy and Bill Meyer, Advanced Dental Group, Military Brake & Alignment, Nozzle Nolen, Palm Beach Urgent Care, Searcy Denny Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, Dogslife Photography, Pet Groomerie and Scenthound DogWash + Care, ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, and Downtown at the Gardens. 7


Rescue League incorporated after eight socially prominent ladies met about caring for animals abandoned by winter visitors.




Erected by volunteers on the old county fairgrounds off Belvedere, early kennels were destroyed by the hurricane of 1928.


Members rally and rebuild. Future Rescue League benefactor Jane Rovensky helps Marjorie Merriweather Post organize teas to benefit the organization at her Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach. Mrs. Post

1940s & 50s

The government claims shelter’s grounds for war purposes. Friends of the League pull together to outfit a modern kennel facility at 24th & Tamarind.

1960s & 70s

Celebrities from Jack Paar to the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor support the efforts of the League. Bequest from Palm Beach artist Jessie Chardin Stewart enables purchase of current site on Military Trail. Spay-neuter clinic opens in 1973. Board members Trudy Bernhard and Sandy Meyer with Paar. Photo credit: Bernice Ransom

Our second shelter, located on the old County fairgrounds, now Palm Beach International Airport (the original site was behind a city incinerator; it no longer exists). Pictured in this 1927 photo are Mrs. Harry Houck, League President; Mr. Jenkins, shelter manager; and veterinarian Dr. Wells.

Our beginnings are rooted in a promise to the animals that we still keep today: Humane Care, Quality of Life, and Life-Long Loving Homes. With the advent of safe, highvolume spay-neuter surgical practices, we have been able to add these services to control overpopulation as well. Our facilities are a far cry from the used orange crates our earliest volunteers salvaged to house homeless pets, but the loving hearts and dedicated souls of those who are part of Peggy Adams remain the same. Hats off to our staff, our volunteers, our Board members, and to this remarkable community of Palm Beach County which envisions becoming a No-Kill community by 2024. Together, we are saving lives each and every day.

Thank you from all of us at Peggy Adams Rescue League





Double-domed shelter built with funds from MacArthur family and organization name changed to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League after Charles Norton Adams establishes endowment fund in memory of his wife, a dedicated animal advocate.


Spay-neuter services expand, vaccine clinic, food bank, behavior team and community call center offer support and guidance to families with pets throughout the County. Foster programs and Trap-NeuterVaccinate-Release (TNVR) initiatives begin.


In fact, we’re a cornerstone of Palm Beach County’s philanthropic history, thanks to the compassion and continued generosity of four generations of area residents. Together, we’ve touched the lives of more than 1 million pets. Last year alone, we answered 43,186 emergency phone calls, completed 10,756 spay-neuter surgeries, found new homes for 3,936 homeless dogs and cats, reunited 269 lost animals with their guardians. We provided temporary shelter for 5,345 animals, fostered 1,381 cats and dogs, and rescued 507 animals from the County shelter. As Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League turns 90, all of us here salute our angels and heroes who allow us to continue our life-saving mission. Help write the next chapter!

The Grace Pavilion, a state-of-the-art clinic and adoption center, opens thanks to a gift from Jane Rovensky Grace and her husband, Robert. More than 90 employees and 400 volunteers now support a regular census of 600+ adoptable pets in shelter care and provide services for close to 30,000 animals every year.


The League becomes the lead private agency in Countdown to Zero, a public-private coalition determined to make Palm Beach County a no-kill community by 2024. Countdown to Zero sponsors the largest single-day animal adoption event in County history in September.


Because the community’s generosity continues to grow, this long standing organization today offers dozens of services to support our lifesaving mission. Our ultimate goal is that every adoptable NIVERSARY H AN animal will have a chance at a 90T life-long loving home.

3100/3200 North Military Trail • West Palm Beach, FL 33409 • 561.686.3663 • 9

In celebration of our 90th anniversary, we are offering pet adoptions with fees waived! June 20-27, 2015


$20 County Rabies License Tag Registration still required, by County ordinance.

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


Open Monday - Saturday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm No appointment necessary For prices and more info: Also available, flea and heartworm preventatives

Mission Moment crusty with a foul odor and infested with fleas. She was also diagnosed with tapeworms and whipworms.  Due to Mandy’s poor health and condition, our veterinarian decided not to give vaccines at that time. Instead, she was put on 4 different types of medications and given IV fluids. 


andy came to us as a stray. She was in such bad shape that we had to carry her inside. Dr. Montano was called immediately to evaluate her.  Dr. Montano found that Mandy was lethargic, both her eyes had a green discharge, she was missing her lower incisors and her upper incisors were worn. In addition, Mandy’s skin was in terrible condition,

10 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

After days of rest, Mandy showed improvement and was transferred to a run. She flourished with the attention she received from our caring staff and volunteers. Mandy has now been adopted, her name has changed to Minnie, she has gained weight, her hair has regrown, and her new family writes, “She is so sweet and loves to be loved!”

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League’s

ff The Leash event raises over




ver 150 supporters of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League gathered on March 29 at Club Colette in Palm Beach for the third annual “Off The Leash” event. This sold-out event was a chic soiree where guests enjoyed cocktails, dinner and dancing, as well as meeting a few adorable animals looking for their forever homes. Event Co-Chairs were board members and Palm Beach residents Nellie Benoit, Carol Garvy, Laurie Raber Gottlieb and Joanie Van der Grift. “Thanks to our generous donors, more than $350,000 was raised to help the League’s lifesaving mission,” said Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. “Guests always enjoy this casual, end-of-the-season event that allows you to ‘unleash’!” 11

Become a Forever Friend!

Create your own legacy of love for the animals “There are no wild animals until man makes them so,” wrote American author Mark Twain. Twain is a favorite of Lorrain and Malcolm Hall whose passion for animals is even greater than their appreciation for Twain’s writings. Originally from Great Britain, the Halls have named two long-time animal rescue organizations in their estate plans – London’s Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (155 years old this year) and Palm Beach’s Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League (celebrating 90 years in 2015).



“We heard Peggy Adams was one of the best of the rescues here,” Mrs. Hall explains. “We read up about you, researched you on the Internet, and decided we wanted to be Forever Friends.” Then at last year’s ‘Off the Leash’ event, “we adopted our Zeus. We went to pick him up at your wonderful facility and were amazed by all of the different things you do to give the dogs and cats there fantastic care and permanent homes. ER FRIE V E It makes us very happy to have done what we did!”


ac y



r Yo u


o f Love f o r t h e


Lorrain Hall with Zeus, adopted April 13, 2014 If you’d like information on how to include the animals and the League in your will and charitable estate plans – and the benefits to you – please contact Kim Hanson, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer, at [email protected] or by calling 561.472.8576. If you’ve already included the League in your plans, please let us know so that we can send you a special certificate recognizing you as the newest member of our Forever Friends legacy society. 12 Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League


n April 20, eighty-four golf (and animal) enthusiasts scored eagles and birdies for the dogs and cats at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. The beautiful and exclusive Dye Preserve Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida was the scene of the 2015 Fur on the Fairway Classic raising more than $65,000 for the animals. We are incredibly grateful to our event chairman, Pauline Pitt, and to our sponsors who helped make the tournament a success. Platinum Sponsors: Vicky & Sam Hunt, The William H. Pitt Foundation. Gold Sponsors: Jorie Butler Kent, Michele & Howard Kessler. Comfort Station Sponsors: Helena & Roman Martinez and The Randall & Barbara Smith Foundation. Beverage Cart Sponsors: Gunster Law Firm and Nozzle Nolen. Foursome Sponsors: Celedinas Agency, Joanie & Paul Van der Grift, Laurie Raber Gottlieb & Stephen M. Gottlieb, Schanel & Associates, Tina Fanjul. Hole Sponsors: Airtex Corporation, Kim Coleman Interiors, Maschmeyer Concrete, Simses & Associates, Virginia Burke. Beverage Sponsor: J.J. Taylor. Hole-in-One Sponsor: Schumacher Volvo.

LEADERSHIP CIRCLE An incredible lifesaving opportunity

Thank you to current members of the Leadership Circle...

The Leadership Circle is made up of friends who have made generous five-year pledges to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League. Starting at just $2.74 a day ($83 a month/$1,000 a year), your pledge will help ensure that the League can meet the critical needs of the animals each and every day. Nourishing food… shelter… lifesaving medical care… spay/neuter surgery… behavior training and much more. As a member of the Leadership Circle, you will play a vital role in the life of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League and, more importantly, in the lives of the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens who need and deserve a second chance at life. Together, we will succeed in building a community where there are no more homeless pets. You can join today or request additional information by completing and returning the form below or by calling us at 561.472.8576. Pledge forms are also available at

Lisa and Rich Anderson Virginia S. Burke Darbster Companies JB Dixson Jacqueline and Rodman L. Drake Elizabeth and Dolf Garcia Carol and Robert Garvy Arlette Gordon Laurie Raber Gottlieb and Steven M. Gottlieb Jeanne B. Hogue and Fritz Bell Ann and Charles B. Johnson Miriam and Steve Kimsey Gail and David Leavitt Paul T. McLaughlin Grace and Chris Meigher Linda and Leverett Miller Danielle Hickox Moore Barbara and Ed O’Sullivan PTM Electric, Inc. Paige Rense-Noland Lesly S. Smith Mrs. T. Suffern Tailer Joanie and Paul Van der Grift Kendall Wheeler

I’d like more information about becoming a member of the Leadership Circle!

The Love & Care They Deserve

• Some are homeless – We provide safe shelter and find them new, loving families.


• Some are sick – We offer the critical


medical care and vaccinations they need.

• Some are lost – We reunite them with their families.

• Some are scared – We give them love and

training to help them overcome their fear. The League is proud to provide services to nearly 30,000 animals every year. All are worthy. None will be forgotten.



_________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code

_________________________________________ Phone Number

_________________________________________ Email

Return to: Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League 3100/3200 N. Military Trail • West Palm Beach, FL 33409 Attn: Kim Hanson 561-472-8576 13

Giving Thanks

It is our distinguished honor to thank the following for their most generous gifts of $500 or more to the League from 1/1/15 through 4/15/15.

Johanna A. Aalberts Marcia S. Adler Advanced Dental Group American Dog Rescue Lisa & Rich Anderson Anonymous The ASPCA John Bade Eric Becker Nellie Benoit Rick Berks Carol Berman James D. Berwind Best Friends Animal Society Dorothy & Bruce Bossidy Crystal Brazzel Debbie Breeden Jolyn & Jean-Guy Brunelle Virginia S. Burke Paula & Robert Butler Liza & Robert Calhoun Jane Cantor Nancy & Geoffrey Caraboolad Linda A. Casey Mary G. Caulfield CBIZ, Inc. Kim & Ray Celedinas The Celedinas Agency, Inc. The Chapin Foundation, Inc. Nick Cladis Coach Comp America Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties Will Corrente Joseph Creegan, III Darbster Companies Daszkal Bolton, LLP John Deese Natalie & Jacques Dejoux Melanie Harris Denney & Earl L. Denney Raymond A. Diaz JB Dixson Document Storage Systems, Inc. Downtown Gardens Management Company, LLC Linda & Edward Dweck Mary Elizabeth & Mark Elliott Patricia P. Elsas Laura Evans Victor Figueredo Madeline & Roderic Fink Cathy & Jack Flagg Flagler Bank Florida Public Utilities The Fortin Foundation of Florida Carole & Bertram French Gay & Stanley Gaines Elizabeth & Dolf Garcia The Eunice Joyce Gardiner Charitable Foundation Jennifer C. Garrigues Carol & Robert Garvy Gator Invitational

Robert A. Geddes Arlette Gordon Laurie Raber Gottlieb & Steven M. Gottlieb Jane & Robert Grace Grizzard Communications Group, Inc. Audrey & Martin Gruss Gunster Law Firm Meloni Gursky Ursula Gwynne Lorrain & Malcolm Hall Pansy & Hunter Hallowell Vicki Halmos Anne & Matthews Hamilton Candy & Bill Hamm Annie & Albert Hanley Denise & Dan Hanley Kim Hanson Ann Harshman Melinda & Thomas Hassen The Edna Claire Heiser Trust Hill’s Pet Nutrition Constance Holmes Lora Lee & William Holtz Vicky & Sam Hunt Consuelo Hutton Ann & Charles B. Johnson Thomas D. Johnson Linda Johnson-Rossbach Jorie Butler Kent Michele & Howard Kessler Michael Kibler Kim Coleman Interiors Laura Koch Howard Koeppel & Mark Hsiao Gertraud & Rudolph Koschyk Connie & Peter Lacaillade Suzanne Lawton Randee Lehrer Lauren & Gregory Liebman Bobbie Lindsay & Douglas Buck Jacquelyn Long Janet & James Luke Christi Madgett Jan & Chip Malley Marbo America, Inc. Helena & Roman Martinez Deana McCrea Lindsey Meads Grace & Chris Meigher Lori Meisels Ross Meltzer Therese Mersentes Sandy & Bill Meyer Anita & Sam Michaels Pauline & George Michel Military Brake and Alignment Service, Inc. Linda & Leverett Miller Carole & John Moran Virginia L. Mortara Catherine T. Murphy & Thomas G. Berardino Neiman Marcus

Estate of Jeanette R. Newett Newman’s Own Foundation Heidi & Richard Nielsen Jamie & Russell Niemie Jan C. Nixon Nozzle Nolen Linda R. Olsson Inc. Palm Beach Outlets Nancy Peacock Petco Foundation Donna & Larry Peters Pauline Pitt & The William H. Pitt Foundation, Inc. Lois Pope Karen Powell Katie & James Pressly Melanie & Charles Ptacek Jill Rappaport & Joanne Pearson Sona Reese Evelyn Richter Victoria M. Ricker Ritter Family Fund Janice Robinson Leslie Rose Ardath & Ralph Rosengarden Amy & Andrew Rothermel Mae Cadwell Rovensky Foundation Betty & David Scaff Jana & John Scarpa Scenthound LLC L. Florence Schmidt Foundation Amanda & Charles Schumacher Judith M. Schwartz Jolene & Larry Shapiro Diana L. Shields Alice & Kenneth Simmons Simses & Associates, P.A. Jane W. Smith Lesly S. Smith The Randall & Barbara Smith Foundation Jan Steele Lenore Steiner Tailwaggers Learning Center Margaretta Taylor Ruth H. Tori Betsy & Wally Turner Terrianne Tuskes Grace Ullio Joanie & Paul Van der Grift Robert Van der Velde Very Important Paws Jessica & Tim Vogel Robert G. Walker Leslie & Bruce Walton John Weger Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Peggy & Lew Wheeler Karyn Winnington Joann Woodruff Polly & Henry Wulsin

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these lists. When mistakes and misunderstandings occur, we act quickly to resolve the issue. Please contact us if you have a question, or concern at 561-472-8816

In Memoriam

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” ~ Author Unknown We would like to express our condolences to those who have lost loved ones. We are sure they are missed. While they have left our community in life, their legacies will live on forever because of the special donations that have been made in their memories. (Gift Information as of 1/1/15 through 4/15/15.) Norma Adler Voula Argyros Rebecca Cook Ayles Rosemond Barbee Ruth Bayerle Helen Beaton Mary Beers Susie Bosso Samantha Breslin Grandma Burke Sara Burke Isabelle Byrd Elsie Cantwell Robert Cervieri Constantine Cockinos Jake Cohen Patricia Constantino Patricia Cutler Ashley Davis Sons James Duffy

Ethel Duphilly Dee Ann Dyke Shirley Gallagher Beatrice Gassman Debbie Gerdts William J. Gilday Alan Graham Grandfather Bernie Grozbean RJ Henderson Peter Hesse Beverly Hilton Ethel Holtzman Sandi Howard Lupo Johnson Tom Krol Gladys Leonard Maria Ludmer-Liang Seymour Lustig Mel Marder

Dominic Martino Nicki Miller Dr. Jacob Milstein Joyce Moses Margery Mowry Kay Multary Sally Nash Charles Nugent Kerry Paynter Brian Perchick Eugene Petraglia, Jr. Cecilia Plicet Yhetta Polansky Antoinette Rasmussen Ted Rogers George M. Rogers, Jr. Barbara Saffron John I. Sanders Sally Schindler Arthur Schneider

Elizabeth Shores Sophie Speed David Stillman Ann Susik Fred Tausig Teddy & Higgins Edna Truesdale Eric Vandercar Fran Veenhuis Richard Waldinger Patrice Walker Helen Wasylik Sylvia Weber Cathy Weil Anetta Williams Stuart Zagin Joan Zinquist

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these lists. When mistakes and misunderstandings occur, we act quickly to resolve the issue. Please contact us if you have a question, or concern at 561-472-8816

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

Remembering a Special Volunteer


t takes a special kind of person to volunteer at an animal shelter. Robert Sword was just that special. It takes another kind of special person to open one’s home to an animal as a foster volunteer. Arlene and Robert together have been such volunteers. Since beginning their service in 2010, the Swords have fostered more than 10 dogs who were not sheltering well, some for over a year, until they received new “forever” homes. They attended our special events with their foster dogs and helped to place a number of them in permanent homes. Robert passed away on March 27, 2015 in a tragic car accident. He was 71. The League will forever be grateful for Robert and Arlene’s dedication to the dogs that they have fostered and for their loyal advocacy. Pictured here is Manny, their foster since July, 2014. Now more than ever we hope to complete Robert and Arlene’s dream to find Manny his new and forever home.

To become a volunteer, please visit to learn more.

15% of your purchase can help the animals!