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which you have installed the required music software, MFun. It cannot be successfully ... Class Format: Students are exp
MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS MUTH 1310 – 990 online Sec. 990: online

Instructor: Dr. Linda Holzer Prof. of Music e-mail: Please use the Message Tool in Blackboard to contact me during the semester. Office Hours by appointment.

Office: Fine Arts 101-D. [email protected]

Office phone: 501.569.8436

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This online music course is designed to serve as an introductory course, music theory fundamentals for the non-music major. Students will learn basics of rhythm, melody, and harmony in Western music and the notational terms and symbols commonly used to communicate these aspects of musical language in songs and instrumental music. In addition to the study of written music, students will gain basic piano keyboard knowledge through a virtual keyboard, and introductory aural skills (ear training). Three credit hours. PRE-REQUISITES: Must have read the Blackboard Student Support FAQ and have access to a computer with current distance-learning technology. This online course can ONLY be successfully completed using a fully functioning computer onto which you have installed the required music software, MFun. It cannot be successfully completed using the Blackboard app on an iPad, iPhone, or other smartphone, or tablet. Javascript, Cookies, Popups and Java must be enabled on your computer. If you do not have regular access to a working computer with high-speed internet access, you should not register for this online course. Your computer must meet the minimum hardware and connection requirements outlined on the Blackboard Student Support FAQ. Your computer must have high-speed internet access with broadband or high-speed modem. Computers using slower dial-up service are not sufficient for this online course. REQUIRED MATERIALS: MFun software. ($40). This software is the course textbook. It is crossplatform software, and may be used on either an Apple Mac computer or a Windows PC. You may purchase and download the software directly from MacGAMUT, the makers of MFun Music Fundamentals.

If you are using a computer at work, a network firewall may cause difficulty with accessing, downloading and submitting some of the course files. Check with your system administrator for solutions. Some security settings and browser add-ons may also block access to the materials in this course. You are responsible for resolving any such technical problems. MP3 Player: You must have the ability to listen to MP3 files. PDF Reader: You must have the ability to view PDF files. Class Format: Students are expected to use Blackboard, the UALR course management software program, for completing semester assignments. Blackboard becomes available to enrolled students beginning at midnight on the first day of classes. OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: • Read musical notes on a staff, basic music literacy • Play notes on a virtual keyboard • Write music using the free online notation tool Noteflight or free software Finale Notepad • Construct scales and recognize them by sound • Identify intervals and chords, and recognize them through listening • Write a chord tone melody • Apply musical vocabulary • Develop heightened awareness of creativity in music, and its role in the expressive impact of a musical composition COURSE STRUCTURE: The Class Week begins on Monday at 10 am and runs through the following Monday 10 am (Central Standard Time) unless otherwise specified for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and Spring Break. Each Monday morning the current week's readings, homework assignments, quizzes, and discussion topics become available on Blackboard. The course starts with Unit 1 on Blackboard. Always go to the current Unit to see what is due each week. Except for the Unit 1, Week 1a. assignment that is due Friday, Jan. 13 by 10 PM (the 5th day of class), all weekly assignments and assessments are due by the following Monday 10 am (CST). The Quizzes and Tests are timed and must be completed in the allotted time on Blackboard. Late work will be penalized 5% for each delinquent day. No credit will be given for work that is more than two days (48 hours) late. For example, if an assignment is due by 10:00 AM on Monday, work completed/turned in after 10:00 AM on Wednesday will not receive any credit. It is very important that you plan ahead to successfully meet deadlines for all assignments. GRADING SCALE: A = 90-100%

B = 80-89%

C = 70-79%

D = 60-69%

F = below 60%

Weighted Grading Criteria: Purchase MFun software, install on your computer, and turn in the file [Your Name] Transcript.mft by 10 PM the evening of the 5th day of classes . . . . . 10% of semester grade
 Journal and Discussion entries on Blackboard. . . 15% " "
 MFun drills, MFun quizzes, Writing music: . . . . . 30% " "
 Cumulative Chapter Quizzes on Blackboard . . . . . . . . .15% " "
 Mid-term . . . . . . . 15% " " Final exam . . . . . .15% " " TOTAL 100%

Semester grades are calculated based on the weighted average of the grades earned on all graded criteria. Extra Credit. There will be no extra credit option. Please put any available time into the homework, MFun, and studying for quizzes and exams. Time Requirement: This course is entirely online. There are no class meetings on campus. Students should budget an average of 6 - 7 hours per week to complete the course successfully, which is equivalent to 3 hours in class plus at least 3 hours of homework per week. There are assignments due Each Week. In order to succeed in the course, you must consistently study, complete work, and meet weekly due dates. You are expected to log into Blackboard at least 2 times a week, and spend time completing the specified work in the current Unit. The tracking features in Blackboard allow the instructor to monitor the time and activities of each student. Any student with an unexcused absence from Blackboard of more than two weeks risks being dropped from the course. Your UALR Email Account. Check your UALR email regularly. This is the way the university communicates with students and faculty. Please use the Message Tool in Blackboard to contact me during the semester. Academic Integrity. It is expected that students will conduct themselves honestly in their work for the course. In general, be aware that academic dishonesty includes plagiarism, cheating, collusion and/or duplicity, and all of these are punishable offenses, described on the web site for the Dean of Students . The work you turn in is expected to be your own work. Any student found to submit work completed by someone other than the student will be reported to Dean of Students and will receive an F on the work submitted. ASSIGNMENTS You will have a variety of kinds of homework assignments for MUTH 1310-990 in each Unit of the course: 1. Weekly Readings & Listening - completed in the Units 2. Weekly Quizzes - completed in MFun and submitted in Assignments 3. Mid-term and Final Exams - completed in Assessments 4. MFun drills - completed in MFun and submitted in Assignments 5. Miscellaneous assignments – Journals, Discussions, Writing Music Inclement Weather. When campus is closed, online classes continue as scheduled. Unless there is a power outage or the Blackboard server is down, the usual deadlines for weekly assignments apply. The instructor will post an announcement to the class via Messages if there is a weather-related change to any deadlines. Assume that the deadlines for the online course will not change, and please plan ahead to meet all assignment deadlines. Students with Disabilities: Your success in this class is important to me, and it is the policy and practice of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to create inclusive learning environments consistent with federal and state law. If you have a documented disability (or need to have a disability documented), and need an accommodation, please contact me privately as soon as possible, so that we can discuss with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) how to meet your specific needs and the requirements of the course. The DRC offers resources and coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are established through an interactive process among you, your instructor(s) and the

DRC. Thus, if you have a disability, please contact me and/or the DRC, at 501-569-3143 (V/TTY) or 501-683-7629 (VP). For more information, visit the DRC website at It is policy and practice of UALR to make all web information accessible
 to students with disabilities. If you, as a student with a disability,
 have difficulty accessing any part of the online course materials for
 this class, please notify the instructor immediately.

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