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Footwear, socks and eyewear will not be supplied, and Team members should make their own provision. .... Use firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

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British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the National Governing Body for higher education sport in the UK. BUCS vision is to enhance the student experience through sport, to support and promote the lifestyle and educational benefits to communities and individuals of taking part in sport, and to provide outstanding opportunities to all students to engage in sport and related activity in higher education. BUCS works with student athletes, athletic union staff and elected officers as well as professional sporting staff, coaches and volunteers in over 160 member institutions. It offers a comprehensive, multi-sport competition structure and manages the development of services and facilities for participative, grass-roots sport and healthy campuses through to highperformance athletes for the 2.3 million University students across the UK BUCS International Competition Objective is: To work with NGBs [...] to send fully and professionally supported GB university teams to world-level events as part of the performance pathway BUCS is the GBR member organisation for FISU, and responsible for delivery of World University competitions for Great Britain. The patron of BUCS is HRH The Princess Royal, herself an Olympian and IOC member. For further information on BUCS and its areas of work, please visit

FISU – World University

Competitions and Events

The international University Sports Federation (FISU) organise the World University Games (WUGs, also known as a Universiade) in odd-numbered years (Winter and Summer) and more than 35 World University Championships (WUCs) in even-numbered years, generally in June-October. Summer WUGs is the largest sports event in the world after the Olympics, and consists of 10,000+ participants. Winter WUGs is the only senior multi-sport Winter event except the Winter Olympics. Great Britain entries are by nation of birth, and students need not be studying in the UK or competing in the BUCS domestic programme. The delegation will consist of athletes, coaches, team managers, physios, medics, a media officer, operational staff and senior delegation officials. Support staff roles are all on a volunteer basis. Over the last 20 years an incredible 61% of Team GB Olympic Games medallists and 65% of Team GB gold medallists have been to university. 56 members of Team GB at London 2012 competed for Great Britain at a World University Games, including medallists Beth Tweddle, Gemma Gibbons, Michael Jamieson, Lutalo Muhammad and Jessica Ennis-Hill. Funding of the delegation is met by BUCS, commercial sponsorship, grant support, NGB contributions, and athlete personal contributions.

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1. WELCOME Congratulations on your selection to Team GBR for the Winter World University Games 2013 (the Universiade). This pack is designed to give you information on Trentino and the Universiade before you arrive in Italy. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Neil Rogers, BUCS Head of International Programmes and Chef de Mission at [email protected] or Vikki Campbell, Deputy Chef de Mission at [email protected]. General event information is available on the BUCS website and the Event website including up-to-date competition schedules, venue details and information on Trentino itself. The BUCS Facebook site and Twitter pages will also be used for updates and news, and we suggest you direct family, friends and supporters to these to keep up-to-date on news and results and The Universiade takes place from 11-21 December, and will consist of around 2,500 participants from 59 countries. 2. DELEGATION INFORMATION The Operational Staff for the delegation are: Operations Team Neil Rogers Vikki Campbell Daisy Martin Richard Browne

Chef de Mission (Head of Delegation) Deputy Chef de Mission Administrator Media Officer

Medical & Physiotherapy Abosede (GB) Ajayi Chief Medical Officer Mike Carmont Medical Officer Penny Macutkiewicz Raphael Rinaldi Angela George Georgina Ewer Kim Gunstone

Chief Physiotherapist Physiotherapist Physiotherapist Physiotherapist Physiotherapist (Curling)

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The delegation will include athletes and officials in the following sports:    

Men’s & Women’s Curling Men’s & Women’s Ice Hockey Cross Country Skiing Snowboard Cross

Team GBR will consist of around 80 persons in total. In addition, Team GBR will be appointed a number of local attachés during the Universiade.

Team Members’ Agreement & Code of Conduct Through the online nomination process, each competitor and official has indicated their acceptance to the terms of the BUCS Team Members Agreement for the delegation. Please ensure you are fully conversant with your responsibilities as laid out in the Team Members’ Agreement, particularly in regard to anti-doping and the Code of Conduct.

Trentino Trentino is a province of Northern Italy with the town of Trento as its capital. The province covers an area of 6,000m2 with a population of 500,000; the population of Trento itself is 100,000. The winter Universiade is held across this region meaning some substantial travel distances through stunning scenery.

Key Information  GMT + 1hour  Currency is the Euro  The international access code for Italy is +39 (e.g. 00 39 from the UK). The outgoing code is 00 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 00 44 for the UK)  Electricity is 220v and European adapter plugs work. Some plugs take a thinner 3 pronged plug such as this  It should be expected that there will be snow under foot in all Clusters so appropriate footwear needs to be packed  The average city area temperature for the region in December is a max of +8 / min of -5  The average mountain area temperature for the region in December is a max of +3 / min of 15

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Flights Flights for the event will run from London Gatwick (North Terminal) to Verona on British Airways, with the exception of Curling whose journey will begin with an initial flight from Glasgow through London Gatwick and then on to Verona. Flight duration from Gatwick to Verona is 1:55. Flight dates and times vary according to sport. Outbound flights will take place on 6th, 8th and 9th of December. Return flights will take place on 20th, 21st and 22nd of December. Exact times and details will be advised to you by your Team Leader. A snack will be served on the plane. Please note that specific seats (eg. aisle, window) will not be pre-booked. For departures from Gatwick, each departing team will be met at the airport by a BUCS staff member to help with check-in. Athletes will be responsible for their own travel and assembly costs to the point of departure. It is recommended you consider at the earliest possible opportunity your likely personal travel plans. Please note that no changes to the allocated flights will be permitted for team members who wish to extend their stay for tourism or sight-seeing. In this instance, and with advance agreement, we will be happy to formally ‘sign you off’ the team after the conclusion of the Universiade and team members can make their own return arrangements to the UK. If you are signed-off the team BUCS will no longer be in a position to support any issue arising with your travel, health etc.

Transfer to hotels On arrival in Verona you will collect your luggage and will be met by a Team GBR representative for transport by coach to the ‘SanBa’ Accreditation Centre in Trento, a journey of about an hour. Once at the Accreditation Centre you will take you luggage off the coach and proceed to collect your Temporary Accreditation. Once this process has been completed you will board a second coach for transfer to your hotel. This transfer will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes depending on the location of your sport/hotel. Your Temporary Accreditation will be replaced with a Full Accreditation within 24 hours. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST WEAR YOUR ACCREDITATION AT ALL TIMES AND LOOK AFTER IT. LOSING ACCREDITATION MAY RESULT IN NOT BEING ABLE TO COMPETE. Page 6 of 24

Passport Please ensure your passport is valid for the full duration of your potential stay (ie. to at least 23 December 2013). Please make a copy of your passport and carry this with you at all times. Your passport will be securely held by your Team Leader during the event and returned to you upon departure. Luggage Each team member will be provided one Trespass roller bag and a rucksack. Standard luggage allowance is one bag at a maximum of 23kg - unless the nature of your sport requires an additional luggage bag for essential equipment (eg. skis), in which case you will receive an additional allowance. Exact luggage allowances will be advised by your Team Leader in due course, and – where applicable - the size of your 2nd bag will be established prior to departure to make provision for oversize requirements. Excess baggage costs over and above the agreed allocation will be the responsibility of the team (or individual athlete), will need to be identified and organised in advance, and will likely be charged-for. All roller bags and rucksacks will be identical, although individually numbered, and we would therefore advise that you use a strap or other method to identify your bag. Please note there will be no advance freight consignment to Trentino. You should use your Trespass rucksack as your hand luggage and you are advised to carry the following:  Passport  Essential competition equipment  EHIC Card  Travel pillow  Appropriate food for flight  Toothbrush and toothpaste *  Empty drinks bottle  Deodorant *  Chewing gum to chew if bored rather  Sunglasses (suitable for snow glare) than unnecessary snacking  Prescription glasses as appropriate  Reading material  Exchanged money  Camera  Lip salve  MP3 player / iPod  Padlock for personal storage  DVD player and DVDs  Personal medical pack (see pg 12)  Ear plugs / eye shades  This booklet! *Limited quantities of liquids, gel or paste must be held in individual containers not exceeding 100ml. These containers must be carried in a separate clear plastic, zip top or re-sealable bag that does not exceed 20cm x 20cm. At airport security checks the plastic bag must be removed from the cabin bag and x-rayed separately.

PLEASE NOTE: If you feel unwell during the flight you should let your Team Manager or a member of the medical team (if on your flight) know straight away so appropriate management of this can be arranged on arrival into Verona. Page 7 of 24

4. TEAM OPERATIONS Clusters The Trentino Universiade is different from previous Games as there is not one central Village location and teams will be based in one of six clusters according to sport. These clusters are spread out over a considerable geographical distance. The Great Britain delegation will be based in five of the six clusters as follows:

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Accommodation You will be accommodated in a hotel within your cluster. Your hotel will either be walking distance from your sport venue or linked via a shuttle bus service (Women’s Ice Hockey will have a team coach). At this time our specific hotels have not been named by the Organising Committee. Hotels are “Alpine” in style and are 3* or 4*. All team members will be housed in en-suite rooms with 2, 3 or 4 single beds per room. Rooming lists will be completed with Team Leaders in advance of arrival. There will be wardrobe storage in each room and towels will be provided. Some rooms have baths though most have showers only. Please use hotel room safes where available to lock away valuable items. WiFi will be available in the common areas in the hotel but may not be available in bedrooms. Please note you will be sharing the hotel with other teams and also members of the public so be mindful of noise at all times. Team Leaders will be responsible for head-counts every evening to ensure all team members are in their rooms and must be aware of team members’ whereabouts at all times. Team Members will be personally financially responsible for any damage to their allocated rooms that result in loss of damage deposit, and should not remove ‘souvenirs’ from rooms without express approval from HQ that this has been permitted by the Organising Committee. Example hotel photographs

Catering Meals will be served on a full board basis in each hotel. There will be a buffet breakfast, hot lunch and hot dinner. You will only be able to eat in your allocated hotel. The standard meal times will be as detailed below however times will be extended to fit early/late training/competition as required: Page 9 of 24

Breakfast – 07:00-09:30 Lunch – 12:30-14:30 Dinner – 19:30-21:30 If you will be training or competing during lunch times then packed lunches will be available from your hotels. These will be able to be ordered by Team Leaders and need to be requested by 3pm the day before. Refreshments of drinks and fruit will be available at all competition venues. Please notify your team leader asap of any dietary requirements that were not listed on your registration document.

Transport Transport within clusters (i.e. between hotels and venues) will be by a shuttle bus service. You will need your accreditation to access this and it is free of charge. Transport from cluster to cluster will be by public transport. This is also free of charge upon presentation of your accreditation pass. Women’s Ice Hockey will have the service of a dedicated team bus to transport them between their hotel and venue as they are 10km apart.

Leisure activities Until hotels are confirmed we are unable to give details of leisure activities that may be available to team members as we do not know exactly where teams will be located. All clusters are small towns so there will be limited things to do so team members are advised to bring DVDs, games etc that might help pass the time. We are advised that all hotels and venues will have WiFi access though only in common areas of hotels. We hope that each team will take the opportunity to support your GBR team mates where possible. Any team members leaving the hotels must always remain accompanied (ie. in pairs) and must ensure their Team Leader knows where there are going and what time they will return. Please note: there will be NO skiing/snowboarding permitted for non-mountain sport athletes/staff.

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Each Team Manager / Coach will be provided a detailed breakdown of training and competition schedules, venue plans, building plans, geographical locations, and sports regulations etc. at least a month prior to the event. Please contact your Team Manager/ Coach with any sports-specific queries. Each sport will have a dedicated sports desk in or near their main sports venue where Team Managers (only) can check details including training, competition, draws, meetings, technical and regulations etc. Specific information on each venue can be found here Sports regulations and up-to-date schedules can be found elsewhere on the Organising Committee webpage.

6. MEDICAL & PHYSIOTHERAPY INFORMATION In view of the spread out nature of this Universiade there will be no central HQ Medical and Physiotherapy Clinic. Instead each team will have a physiotherapist working with them, supported by one of the two Team GBR Medical Officers. Each physiotherapist will coordinate medical provision for the members of their team and will stay with the team in their allocated hotel. Priority will be given to those who have acute injuries and those with competition the next day over athletes needing maintenance or recovery work. The doctors will review those athletes requiring medical attention upon request of the team physiotherapist and will arrange to attend the training/competition venue or hotel as appropriate. There will also be locally provided medical support at each venue and accommodation cluster – further details will be available upon arrival in Trentino.

Doping Control There will be doping control at these games according to the WADA and FISU guidelines. This will consist of urine and blood sampling and it is expected that 1 in 10 athletes will be tested – including one from every team, one from every final, and every Championship record. The likelihood is that 510 athletes in Team GBR will be tested. This may occur at training or before/ after a competition event; you are eligible for testing from the moment you arrive at the Games. If you have no experience of attending a doping control station it is worth knowing about it before you go to the games. You can ask your Team Manager for more information, who can arrange for specific education about this. Please also visit the 100%ME website: or look at doping control videos on YouTube. Page 11 of 24

Travel Advice Immunisations Please ensure you are up-to-date with all regular immunisations including tetanus polio and diphtheria. No additional immunisations are recommended. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) All team members MUST bring a valid EHIC Card. If you already have one please check its validity. If you do not have one you can apply online at Personal Medication ENSURE you pack ALL of your regular medications, ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE TRIP AND A LITTLE MORE. Also bring a list of personal medications with you, along with your doctor’s verification of prescription. If you use inhalers make sure you bring spares with you. If you carry an epipen make sure you bring enough epipens with you. The PERSONAL MEDICATION PACK should include inhalers and ALL REGULAR MEDICATION and the following items:  Personal Sanitizing Hand gel *  Compression socks – buy to fit you comfortably, to prevent travellers’ thrombosis  Sun cream – minimum factor 30 for snow glare  Paracetamol 500mg capsules  Ibuprofen 400mg capsules  Loperamide (Immodium) 2mg tablets  Chlorphenamine (Piriton) 4mg tablets  Otrivine nasal spray  Vicks First Defence nasal spray (take for 2 days prior to flying to reduce infection transmission on the journey  Strepsils YOU MUST check all medications at to make sure they do not violate the WADA antidoping code. If still unsure, or you think you need a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) certificate please check with your National Governing Body contact Dr Ajayi on [email protected] prior to 6 November. Pre-flight  Plan well in advance, pack and prepare early  Ensure you are well rested before leaving  Avoid heavy training 1-3 days prior to travel  Avoid strains and efforts at the airport - use a trolley!  Pack a kindle/ipad or books and light music to aid relaxation on the flight  Pack antiseptic wipes and alcohol hand gel in your hand luggage: international travel leaves you exposed to many bacteria and viruses carried from around the world into airports and planes  Anyone with concerns regarding DVT should seek medical advice prior to departure Page 12 of 24

During the flight The flight to Verona is short lasting approximately 2 hours. Here are some tips to ensure you arrive in Italy as fresh as possible:  Wipe your tray table with an antiseptic wipe and use alcohol hand gel regularly  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing  Take a bottle of water with you on the flight and sip regularly  Avoid alcohol and caffeine on the flight  Avoid salty snacks with high salt content e.g. crisps/pretzels  Keep cool, but have more layers ready Post flight  Exercise gently as soon as is feasible after arrival – this can be gentle stretches in your hotel room  Continue to sip bottled water regularly and keep well-hydrated  Start your sleeping routine, try to relax, reduce electronic/light disturbances after 21.00 and prepare yourself for bed  Follow your normal routines as quickly as possible

General Well-Being – How to avoid getting ill Hand hygiene The best way to get rid of the 50,000 bacteria per square inch on the surface of hands is to WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER!! Do this OFTEN especially before meals. The next best thing is to use ALCOHOL GEL regularly, especially before every meal. Temperature /Humidity Regulation In the event that temperatures drop significantly and unexpectedly ensure you have adequate clothing with you at all times in case of extremes of weather. This can be worsened by wind. There is a risk of hypothermia (core body temperature drops) and frostbite (peripheral structures i.e. fingers, toes, ears and nose etc freeze and the tissue dies). Prevent these by watching out for each other, do not go out for long periods in extreme cold alone and wear appropriate clothing. At altitude humidity drops so ensure you stay well hydrated by drinking BOTTLED water regularly.

General  Drinking water in Italy is safe to drink but we advise drinking bottled water where available  Wear sensible footwear at all times. No Ugg Boots etc allowed  Please bring any braces/supports you may require with you  Be considerate to room-mates if they have different needs, and maintain high standard of personal hygiene at all times  REPORT ANY POSSIBLE ILLNESS OR INJURY ASAP to the team physiotherapist  Please note that the medical team will be conducting an anonymous injury audit during the Games Page 13 of 24

7. KIT INFORMATION GBR Teamwear Each Team member will be provided with the following items prior to departure:        

Outer Jacket Outer Pants* Softshell Jacket Softshell Pants** Hat Gloves Baselayer set Thermal Top

      

Kitbag Rucksack Casual Pants Hoodie Polo Shirts T-shirts Belt

* not issued to Ice-Hockey and Curling ** not issued to SBX and X-Country All team members must wear the provided teamwear to travel in with the exception of SBX, who must be in uniform upon arrival at SanBa Accreditation Centre. You will be advised which particular items to wear prior to travel. Teamwear Kit will be provided by Trespass, the official Teamwear sponsor of Team GBR at the Winter Universiade. Footwear, socks and eyewear will not be supplied, and Team members should make their own provision. Please ensure that footwear is suitably robust/ waterproof – NOT trainers, Uggs etc. In accordance with the Team Members Agreement, official Team GBR teamwear will be worn at all times when not training or competing. You will not be permitted to wear other clothing items or brands whilst in ‘uniform’, except for un-ripped/non-distressed plain blue or black jeans or trousers. Technical wear Technical wear for training/ competition will be arranged on a sport-by-sport basis by your NGB, and may be worn at your sports venue(s) only. However, official Team GBR kit must be worn during transit to and from the venues, during medal ceremonies and media commitments, and within the accommodation.

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Packing We would advise you to consider packing the following items:        

Thick socks Pyjamas Slippers Lip salve Sun Cream (minimum SPF30) Sanitising hand gel All chargers – phone, MP3 player, camera etc. Adaptor plugs

       

Competition kit Sports equipment essentials Female sanitary items Spare towel Travel wash Swimwear Coat hangers Snacks and sweets – Haribo/ Jaffa Cakes etc.!

Sizings All kit has been ordered in accordance with the specific sizes submitted by each team member during the registration process. There will NOT be opportunity to swap sizes. Kit swapping Team Members should not swap any Team GBR kit with other teams until after their final event. If attending, all athletes MUST wear official Teamwear to the Closing Ceremony (details TBC), and MUST travel home in designated teamwear (to be advised) - therefore DO NOT swap these items.

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All official communications or press releases from the Great Britain delegation will be made by the GBR media team. However it is likely, depending on your role that you may be asked to take part in interviews by a variety of media. We would ask that where possible you accommodate media requests as the ultimate goal of fulfilling any media requests is to promote Great Britain, BUCS, your sport, your athletes and yourself. A GBR media officer will be on hand to help facilitate this, when possible with advance notice; however this may not always be the case so we have provided some general guidelines for fulfilling media requests below. Your role Remember you are speaking as a representative of Great Britain and BUCS and your comments reflect upon both. Enjoy the experience and be informative, this is your opportunity to shout about your team. General Tips for Interviewees Before the Interview, take a moment to consider : • What is the purpose of your comment? What message do you want to give? • What is important to say? If you could make only two points, what would they be? During the Interview : • Be relaxed and speak slowly and clearly. Speak in conversational tones • Keep your statements clear and concise. Try to avoid complicated language and terminology • Don't limit yourself to answering questions. Raise points you think are important in achieving the purpose of your statement • While answering questions, be attuned to opportunities to promote BUCS and Team GBR messages • For television interviews: Maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Don't look at the camera In most cases interviews will be enjoyable and rewarding however if you feel that questions are challenging and / or inappropriate, be sure to keep in mind : • Assume everything you say will be quoted. If you feel commenting is inappropriate or outside your area of expertise, politely decline • Don't show anger in your voice or appearance at an unexpected or hostile question. Simply say you are not prepared to answer the question at this time and if possible use this opportunity to change the subject. Avoid the phrase "no comment" - it has become synonymous with guilt

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Key Messages Please incorporate the following key messages into any media interviews : 1. British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the National Governing Body for University Sport in the UK 2. BUCS is the GB member organisation of FISU, and responsible for delivery of the GB team at the Universiade Use of social media Your use of social media is covered under your Team Members Agreement. Please note that anything bringing BUCS or Team GBR into disrepute will be taken extremely seriously and may result in immediate removal from the Team. Please remember that your comments reflect on team Great Britain and BUCS. In your Twitter bio, please make sure you include the statement : ‘Comments are my own’



Opening / Closing Ceremony The Opening Ceremony will take place in the main square in Trento, and the Closing Ceremony will take place following the men’s Ice Hockey final. The opening ceremony will be on the evening of Wednesday 11 December, and the closing ceremony on the evening of the Saturday 21 December. Attendance at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be at the strict discretion of each Team Leader, and will depend primarily on each sports’ training and competition programme. The Opening Ceremony will be held outside, and will very likely entail long periods of waiting/ standing. There may also be a Team GBR welcome event (details tbc) which will be similarly at the discretion of each Team Manager. Medal Ceremonies FISU do not play national anthems at the medal ceremonies; they play the FISU anthem GAUDEAMUS IGITUR. At all medal ceremonies, only officially provided Team GBR teamwear is to be worn, with appropriate footwear. Doping Control A copy of BUCS doping policy is available on request. In addition all Team Managers should be aware of their own National Governing Body’s Doping Regulations.

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Ticketing for Friends & Family If friends or family are visiting Trentino to support you in your event no tickets are required (except for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies). Entry to all venues is free. Website The BUCS website will be regularly updated during the event and the Organising Committee website will also carry up to date competition schedules and results

10. GENERAL INFORMATION Spending Money You will require limited spending money during your time in Italy – all accommodation, transport and catering will be provided. There will be opportunity to purchase souvenirs of the event and of your visit to Italy. We would advise you to take a maximum of £100, which you can change into Euros before departure at the bank or post office. You may also require spending money for personal laundry (TBC). Insurance The BUCS insurance offers a standard travel insurance policy as well as comprehensive personal accident cover for training and competition. A summary of the details is available on request. The Insurance will not cover your personal items or sports equipment, and each team member should make appropriate provision. Please note that BUCS insurance and medical care will only cover issues during the event itself and until the point of return to the UK. BUCS will not cover medical care following return to the UK, or rehabilitation of an injury sustained at the event. You are advised to seek private medical support if your NGB or club will not cover this care in the UK, or else use NHS provision. Alcohol The whole event will be completely ‘dry’. No Team GBR member is to consume alcohol whilst in attendance at the Games. There is to be no alcohol brought in or consumed by Team GBR delegates (athletes and staff) in the hotels, airports or town - irrespective of whether you are ‘off-duty’.

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Emergency contact The BUCS office will provide 24 hour emergency contact for any family members or friends needing to get in touch with Team GBR members urgently. The emergency number is 07824 347131 and will be in operation from THURSDAY 05 DECEMBER until SUNDAY 22 DECEMBER 2013 Non-urgent messages can also be sent c/o [email protected] Each delegates’ information will be registered with the UK Embassy in Milan.

Mobile phones & Data Roaming If you are able to take an unlocked mobile phone with you, you will be able to purchase Italian SIM cards on your arrival in Italy. Alternatively, please make arrangements with your service provider for International Roaming. It is advised that you also consider purchasing a ‘bundled’ data package if you intend to use Data Roaming (eg. for iPhones or Blackberrys) as costs will be high for foreign usage. Each member of staff will provided one mobile phone, for team business, emergencies and for general contact with the operations team. These phones should not be used for international or personal calls.

Duty Free Allowance Please note that in accordance with the Team GBR dry delegation policy there will be no Duty Free Allowance on the outbound leg of the journey for any member of Team GBR. All team members should use discretion on the return journey.

FCO Advice  By law you must be able to show some form of identification at all times. Please carry a photocopy of the data page of your passport with you  If you lose your passport or have it stolen you will need to obtain an Emergency Travel Document from the British Consulate in Milan which requires a police report, flight reservation and a photograph. This will cost 116 Euros  Be aware of pickpockets and bag snatchers at airports, around town centres and when using public transport. Only carry what you need and leave spare money and valuables in hotel safety deposit boxes Region official website – Trento tourism website – Page 19 of 24

Contact details: British Consulate General Via San Paolo 7 Milan Tel: 06-4220 2431 Open to the public 09:30-12:30 and 14:00-16:00 Emergency Services in Italy: Police – 112 Ambulance – 118 Fire Brigade – 115

E-Security You should assume that your communications and electronic devices will be targeted by highlycapable foreign intelligence organisations wherever you are. Some journalists, criminals and hackers may also take an interest.         

Always enable security features on all electronic devices, and disable functions such as Bluetooth, WiFi and InfraRed, which are unsecure Change your PIN and voicemail from the default settings. Change your passwords regularly, and avoid weak passwords Ensure the Operating System and software is up-to-date Use firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software If you leave your devices unattended, whether switched on or off, they can be tampered with and the contents copied Only store non-sensitive information. Network operators are likely to have access to your information, including your internet browsing Back-up your files prior to travel, and remove non-essentials USB sticks and other removable media acquired outside official channels or received as gifts should always be considered untrustworthy If you device behaves strangely, consult an IT professional

Please be aware of the risks. BUCS can take no responsibility if your personal devices are compromised.

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USEFUL ITALIAN PHRASES English Welcome Hello Thank you Response to thank you (i.e. you’re welcome) How are you? I'm fine, thanks. And you? What's your name? My name is ... Where are you from? I'm from ... Good morning Good afternoon Good evening Good night Goodbye Good luck Cheers/Good health! Have a nice day Bon appetit I don't understand Please speak more slowly How do you say ... in Italian? Excuse me How much is this? Where's the toilet?

italiano (Italian) Benvenuto (sg-m) Benvenuti (pl-m) Benvenuta (sg-f) Benvenute (pl-f) Ciao / Salve / Pronto? (on phone) Grazie / Molte grazie / Grazie mille Prego Come va? / Come stai? Bene grazie. E tu? Come ti chiami? Mi chiamo ... Da dove vieni? Da dove viene? Vengo da ..., Sono di ... Buongiorno Buongiorno / Buon pomeriggio Buonasera Buonanotte Ciao / Ci vediamo / Arrivederci Buona fortuna! / In bocca al lupo! Salute! / Cin cin! Buona giornata! Buon appetito! Non capisco / Non ho capito Può parlare più lentamente? Come si dice ... in italiano? Permesso (let me through) Scusa! (pardon/sorry) Quanto costa? Dov'è la toilette?/Dov'è il bagno?

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OUR CLEAN SPORT COMMITMENT Clean Sport Commitment Statement All sporting participants have the right to compete in Clean Sport. British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) adopts the UK Anti-Doping and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) position that cheating, including doping, in sport is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport, undermining the otherwise positive impact of sport on society. To this end, BUCS commits to support Clean Sport in the UK in the following ways:

    

BUCS supports the mission of UK Anti-Doping and WADA in achieving Clean Sport All athletes are expected to play, train and compete in line with the spirit of sport, including the anti-doping rules All coaches and athlete support personnel are expected to perform their role in line with the spirit of sport, including the anti-doping rules BUCS is committed to supporting the prevention of doping behaviour in the UK in collaboration with other sporting bodies Employed and associated ‘staff’ will not condone, assist or in any way support the use of prohibited substances and methods (unless permitted by a Therapeutic Use Exemption) in any aspects of their work Breaches of this, or any rules/policies referred to in BUCS own code of practice/conduct will be acted upon accordingly

All employed and associated staff will be expected to contact UK Anti-Doping should they become aware of an athlete or NGB member using or considering the usage of a prohibited substance or prohibited method. This contact should be done in confidence on the dedicated confidential Report Doping in Sport line BUCS will uphold any sanctions placed upon an athlete by UK Anti-Doping or other associated body in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code

How we support Clean Sport British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is the national governing body for Higher Education (HE) sport in the UK. BUCS vision is to enhance the student experience through sport, to support and promote the lifestyle and educational benefits to communities and individuals of taking part in sport, and to provide outstanding opportunities to all students to engage in sport and related activity in HE. BUCS is committed to Clean Sport. BUCS undertakes to work with UKAD to deliver anti-doping education to Great Britain team members competing at World University Games and World University Championships. Further details about UK Anti-Doping and WADA can be found at; & Page 23 of 24

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