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Sep 14, 2016 - ... Residence Hall. Photo Courtesy of Womens Lacrosse Twitter ..... Marie Conard. Tucker Fry .... with th


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Look for the trail review on page 7! September 14, 2016

Turf Field to soon reach completion Photo Courtesy of Womens Lacrosse Twitter

View of the Turf Field from Kings Creek Residence Hall.

By Alex Perri

Staff Writer “It’s lit!” was the first response of sophomore soccer player Megan Shina when asked about the new turf field being installed on campus. And she wasn’t just referring to the lights staged to illuminate the field, allowing night contests for the first time in BC athletics history. The turf field which is set to be finished Thursday will host five sports teams for the BC athletics department. Mens and Womens soccer, Mens and Womens lacrosse, and softball will all hold their competitions on the new field. According to Brevard College Athletics Director, Juan Mascaro, the turf field provides a solution to many problems in the most cost effective way possible. “We had two fields that were not at par for a collegiate program, so we needed to find a way to bring them up to par. The best way to do that was to have a turf field that can host five different sports.”

Prior to the field’s installation the two natural grass practice fields for the lacrosse and soccer programs were chronically flooded due to the geography and weather of Transylvania County. By the end of the fall sports season, the soccer field adjacent to the gymnasium and the Village residence halls resembled a mud pit, with more brown spots than green. “It’s always raining here” said one Brevard soccer player. “If we waited for the field conditions to dry out then we would never be able to use the field. What happens when you play on soft grass though, is eventually it gets trampled into mud.” The lacrosse field was even worse when it came to flooding. At certain points in the season, the lacrosse teams could be seen bailing buckets of water off of the grass to allow for field conditions to improve. For the softball team, a turf field is an interesting move, but one that Mascaro says may be the future for the sport at the collegiate level. “It’s a

new thing. Anderson just did their field on turf. At Liberty [University] I saw a couple baseball and softball fields there on turf, too. It’s easier to upkeep” The current softball field will remain as the practice field for the Tornados. Junior softball player Paige Atkinson said, “Our team is very excited about the turf, and ready to see how the field plays. I personally have played on turf for years and love it, so knowing we have it is very exciting for us...and it is closer to the main part of campus so hopefully we have more fans that can come out and support Brevard softball this year.” According to Mascaro all athletic competitions at the turf field will remain free of charge, and like Atkinson he believes that the new facility will increase game attendance. The first game set to take place on the turf field will be Saturday Sept. 17 when the Mens and Womens soccer teams take on Coker College at 2pm and 4:30pm respectively.

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Brevard College Music Faculty present their annual showcase Sunday, Sept. 18 3 p.m., Porter Center. The recital is free and open to the public. First soccer games on the new Turf Field Saturday, Sept. 17. Mens soccer kick-off at 2 p.m. Womens soccer kick-off at 4:30 p.m. Entry for both games is free!

Campus News Brevard Philharmonic season opener By Brady Andrews

Staff writer On Sunday, Sept. 11, the Brevard Philharmonic performed works of Russian Masters at the Porter Center on campus. The concert marks the opening of the 2016-2017 season. This season is the 40th anniversary of what in 1976 was known as the Brevard Chamber Orchestra. The renowned philharmonic kicked of the season with works of great Russian composers. In the first half, they performed Symphony No. 4 in F minor, op. 36 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. In the second half, they were joined by acclaimed pianist Marina Lomazov for Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, op. 18 by Sergei Rachmaninoff. Lomazov gave a breathtaking performance with incredible skill and passion. She is a piano professor at the University of South Carolina and is one of the most successful, well-established pianists and performers in the world. The crowd, which filled the Porter Center, was blown away by her sensitivity and depth brought to the impressive work. She played each musical phrase with meaning and energy. The Philharmonic has a highly-anticipated concert line up for the 40th anniversary season. In Dec., a Christmas concert of holiday favorites will be an evening full of holiday cheer. In Feb., the works of Brahms and Rachmaninoff also featuring the Overture to West Side Story. In March, Pops Blockbuster will be a concert of world-famous, popular culture hits including music from John Williams's scores from Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars. There will also be selections from musicals such as Les Miserables and the Phantom of the Opera, as well as selections from James Horner's Titanic. The Philharmonic has been a large part of the Brevard community for years. It's presence both locally and beyond has had a great impact in the lives of artists and audience members alike. Maestro Donald Portnoy, artistic director and conductor, has played a vital role in the formation of the orchestra and its importance within the community. The Philharmonic not only puts on incredible performances such as the one this past Sunday, but also helps to highlight the significance and importance of the arts. Support the arts this season and attend a Brevard Philharmonic’s concert. More information can be found at http://

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September 14, 2016

Week in the Caf

Sept. 14 5pm-7pm Cafe Line: Roast Beef, Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes, Mixed Veggies, Rotisserie Chicken On the Grill: Veggie Burgers, Burgers, Fries, LTOC Tray Pizza Bar: Cheese, Pepperoni Vegetarian: Pasta & Vietnamese Pesto, Green Lentil Kulbyaka Sept. 15 5pm-7pm Cafe Line: Penne, Spaghetti, Fresh Steamed Green Beans,Pesto Meatballs, Meat, Marinara & Alfredo Sauces, Breadsticks, Parmesan Cheese On the Grill: Quesadillas, Burgers Fries, LTOC tray Pizza Bar: Pepper, Onion & Mushroom, Ham & Pineapple Vegetarian: Baked Rotini, Orzo Carbonara Sept. 16 5pm-7pm Cafe Line: Pork Carnitas, Black Beans, Aztec Corn, Cilantro, Limes, Salsa, Sour Cream On the Grill: Grilled Cheese, Burgers, Fries, LTOC Tray Pizza Bar: Cheese, Sausage Vegetarian: Orzo Carbonara, Spanish Rice

September 14, 2016 | The Clarion


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Trump comes to Asheville

By Calum McAndrew Editor in Chief

Donald Trump staged the latest rally of his campaign on Monday Sept. 12 in Asheville, attracting an arena full of supporters, as well as a street full of protestors. This was the first American political event I have ever attended, and thus was unsure what to expect. We’ve all seen the news, the comments, the controversies and the back peddling that seems to surround the Republican Nominee, but which Trump was it to be that turned up in one of the few battleground States? Would we see the harsh, abrasive Trump from the primary season, or would it be Trump from a few weeks ago, who appeared to be softening on a few of his more scrutinized and criticized policies. In truth, it didn’t matter who turned up. It was of no importance what charade he pulled, nor which persona he adopted. Donald Trump could have walked out on stilts and spoke in Tongues, and the reaction from his fans would still be the same. As a reporter, it is my job to report on news in a balanced, yet critical manner. It is my job to be cynical, but fair. What I am about to write, based on what I witnessed on Sept. 12 is as balanced and fair as I can possibly be. Donald Trump long ago ceased to be the problem. What I witnessed, and more importantly, some of what I heard inside and outside the US Cellular Center simply sickened me. In front of me as I entered the arena to find a seat was a middle aged white male, wearing a t-shirt with the catchphrase, ‘Trump that Bitch’ carefully scribed across it. Before the event I witnessed another middle aged white male screaming, “Fuck You,” into the face of a female protester. During the event the infamous chant, “Build the Wall,” echoed around the arena, sending a cold shiver down my spine. Most disturbingly of all after the event, as the crowd walked back onto the street, another middle aged white man postulated to his friend, “We shouldn’t discriminate against black people,” which I might add was the first statement I had agreed with all night. Unfortunately he followed it with, “We should just mark them.” I afforded myself a rare laugh when I saw a middle aged white woman wearing a shirt which had, ‘Trump, finally a President with Balls,’ written across it. I’m not sure if she was confused about male and female anatomy, or simply confused in general, but whatever the case, the irony was far too much for me to keep a straight face. What must not be forgotten however, is the

sheer genius of Donald Trump. One other politician spoke at the event, that being Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, who spoke for approximately ten minutes. His ability to rile up the crowd could be beaten by only one man, and that man just so happened to be Donald Trump. Before anyone spoke, as the arena was still filling up, Trump briefly appeared from behind the curtains that stood as a backdrop to the stage. All he did was applaud the crowd, for 20 seconds, and the roof nearly flew straight off. He played the crowd, much like he has the media for the last year. He played on Hillary Clinton’s ‘basket of deplorables,’ comment, he played on supposed media misreporting of his supporters, he played on Democratic government insufficiencies, and he played on the fear and insecurities of his crowd. Halfway through the rally he brought some guests onto the stage. These guests, meant to challenge Clinton’s “deplorable” comment, all issued their support for Trump, and included a mother, a pastor, an African American husband and wife, and a second amendment supporter. Pretty much the only people Steve Miller Band aren’t in the song, ‘The Joker.’ By the end of the rally the crowd had somehow, despite everything Trump had just said over the course of 45 minutes, become victims. They had now reached an anger I had never before witnessed, nor wish to see ever again. These wishes of mine seemed to be quite popular as well, as outside, protesters had gathered in numbers to rally against Trump’s campaign. They sported banners, sang chants in both English and Spanish, and lined the perimeter wall. One protester, a young man in his twenties who was attending his second Trump rally in protest of the business tycoon said, “I’m here because he is incompetent, he has no redeeming qualities, he’s offensive and has no filter.” Another protester, this time an older gentleman who was in attendance with his wife, said they were there because “Love Trumps Bigotry.” Some supporters of Trump also staged a protest of sort, in this case against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. One supporter circled the arena with a laundry basket on his head, with the word, “deplorable,” written across it. His reason for attending was, “I happened to hear the ‘Basket of Deplorables’ comment, and I was doing my laundry this morning, so I thought I would come dressed appropriately.” From what I could gather, nobody in attendance, supporters and protestors alike, appeared to be there in support of a candidate. Everything was in opposition to the opposing party leader. Protesters booed, interrupted and gestured

rudely towards Trump as he spoke, and as is his supporters left the arena, while supporters of Trump howled in rage at every mention of Clinton or Obama. This is the genius of Donald Trump. With a few simple catchphrases, and by repeating a few trigger words at precisely the right moment, he turned a crowd of Americans, on both sides of the political spectrum I might add, into snarling dogs. He has managed to further polarize a nation that was already a world apart when it came to politics, long before he showed up. Tempers threatened to boil the entire day in Asheville, and we’re still two months from any voting actually taking place. He has brought out the worst in everyone, and it might very well win him the Presidency.

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Corrections to ‘Tips for students’ article

In your September 7 issue of the Clarion there were several errors in the Tips for Students piece on page 4 that need to be corrected. The correct website for accessing campus information is The AEC page can be found by going to the Students page and looking at the Academic Tools area. The AEC page can also be found on the Campus Life page. There is a link to the Campus Life page on the Students page. The students page can be found by clicking on the Students button on the home page or by clicking the Students tab from any page on MyBrevard. Finally, the detailed list of local discounts can be found on the Students page under the Everyday links area. If anyone has questions or concerns about information on, please contact the IT department. You can find all of our contact information on the MyBrevard IT page which can be reached by visiting Best, Douglas Miller Editor’s note: We regret these errors, and we thank you for your time in writing this to let us know.


Best eats in Brevard

Page 4

The Clarion


September 14, 2016

By Brady Andrews

Staff writer As the college moves into the heart of the school season, students may find themselves getting more acclimated with the surroundings of Brevard, North Carolina. A deceptively small town with a lot to do, there are plenty of shops to enjoy, festivals to attend, art galleries to explore, and restaurants to discover. To help your Brevard experience along, here is a quick rundown of some of the best restaurants and places to eat in Brevard sorted by priorities. For the atmosphere: If you are looking for a great restaurant with good food and good times with friends, there are a few great hangout places in Brevard for groups. The popular Dugan's Pub has a friendly Irish atmosphere with a large bar and plenty of TVs for all the sports games. With menu favorites like Dugan's Potato Skins, which are covered in cheese and bacon, it's a great place to socialize and

eat. Rocky's Grill and Soda Shop also offers great atmosphere in a 1950s diner style. Since 1942, Rockys has been a landmark for the town serving up classic diner foods and varieties of milkshakes and soda fountain mixes. For the music: If you’re looking for a place to eat and catch some live music, look no further than The Phoenix. The restaurant serves fresh, sustainable, local and seasonal foods. Complete with full service bar and live music six nights a week, the Phoenix is the place to be for great food and great entertainment. Full schedule for live music can be found on their website. For the sweets: If you're in the mood to satisfy your sweet tooth, Brevard has plenty of wonderful treats. Downtown Chocolates makes a variety of incredible fine chocolates as well as baked goods, ice cream, shakes, and smoothies. Kiwi Gelato, started by two New Zealanders in 2010, is home to the best Italian frozen dessert

Election Info you need to know By Jordon Morgan Staff writer

With the upcoming election being held on Nov. 8, who is running for office in Transylvania County and what their policies are is important to know, especially for first time voters at BC. The biggest of these races is the Gubernatorial race which is between current Governor Pat McCrory and current Attorney General Roy Cooper. McCrory has signed laws that have reduced income tax and more recently, opposed Syrian refugee settlements and signed HB2 into law. HB2 is a law that restricts transgendered people from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity. It has been derided by critics as discriminatory and unnecessary. Cooper is the Democratic candidate for Governor and has made education his primary issue. Cooper has been a strong advocate for higher teacher pay and reducing teacher assistant lay-offs. He has also opposed the HB2 law and recently struck down the voter ID law. For the U.S. Senate, the three candidates running are Richard Burr, Deborah Ross, and Sean Haugh. Burr, the incumbent candidate, has lowered interest rates for students, allowed better medical care for veterans and has even worked to reduce things such as child trafficking around the world.

Ross is the Democratic candidate and has supported things such as Equal Pay Act which, although unsuccessful, would’ve banned N.C. employers from paying workers differently based on gender. She is also an advocate for raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour and expanding Medicaid to allow Obamacare to work more efficiently. Haugh, the Libertarian candidate for senate, has been on record as being strongly in favor of topics such as a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, higher taxes on the wealthy, and expanding free trade. He also has opposed prioritizing green energy, expanding the military and expanding the Affordable Care Act. For the House of Representatives, N.C. voters will choose between Mark Meadows and Frederick Bryson. Meadows, the incumbent Republican candidate, has opposed raising taxes on citizens, supports lowering taxes on corporations and privatizing health care policies. Democratic Nominee Bryson supports universal, public healthcare options, free public education and stronger environmental policies. These candidates aren’t the only ones running for office. The position of Secretary of State, Attorney General, and N.C. treasurer are open among many others. For a full list of races being held on Nov. 8, see the Transylvania County Board of Elections website at www.

in Brevard. Stop in to try some delicious gelato or chat with the owner about New Zealand. For the incredible food experience: Foodies looking to try something new and miraculous can find some top-of-the-line food experiences in Brevard. Magpie Meat and Three is all about food as an experience. With southern flavors and inviting atmosphere, they believe in food as bringing together the community. The seasonal menu serves slow cooked meats with three sides (hence Magpie Meat and Three). Jaime’s Creole Brasserie serves Creole and Brasserie style cuisine with local ingredients. In a beautifully building, Jaime's serves dishes inspired by everything from New Orleans styles to home recipes. Sunday brunch is also available with an all you can eat brunch buffet. Hopefully now that your appetite is wet you'll get out and try some of the great eats Brevard has to offer.

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September 14, 2016 | The Clarion

Movie Review:

Arts & Life

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Another successful Mountain Song By Jeni Welch

‘Sully’ doesn’t come crashing down

By Michael Heiskell Opinion Editor


Directed by Clint Eastwood Starring: Tom Hanks, Laura Linney, Aaron Eckhart Drama, 96 min, PG-13


“Sully” isn’t one of Clint Eastwood’s best films, but it’s a well-made drama that will likely satisfy those looking for another ‘Everyman’ Tom Hanks film. “Sully” is the true story of pilot Chelsea “Sully” Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) and his heroic landing of a crashing plane on the Hudson River. However, things don’t end there. The National Transportation Safety Board is intent on suggesting that Sully isn’t being totally honest with his engine reports, and that it could be have been prevented. Not only is a private man like Sully thrown into the public spotlight, but his honor and job are now on the line. The film lacks the depth that is expected in Clint Eastwood directed films. This is partly because there just isn’t that much of a story to work with. “Sully” is a film that feels stretched simply because the true story just really isn’t that interesting. It seemed like a news story that came and went whenever it happened. I was surprised to find that the film seemed to lack this sense of importance as well. If anything, it’s more of a character study than a compelling plot driven film.

The plot is detraction. The plane sequence is riveting and terrifying, easily one of the most memorable things about the film. However, the film staggers in pace after this. The rest of the film covers the aftermath of what happened. Sully is having nightmares about what could have been, nasty business men trying to ruin his career, and the pressure of the public eye that is now heavily focused on him. It sounds interesting enough, but it isn’t executed properly. I’m not one to question Clint Eastwood’s choices, but the film bordered on boring for a large part of it. A role like this is familiar to Tom Hanks, but it is a role he is very good at. He was, by far, the best part of the film. He commands a screen like few can, and despite his stardom you never think that he’s Tom Hanks and not Sully Sullenberger. It’s rare to see an actor of his renown that can still disappear inside a role. However, in this sort of role, Tom Hanks has been better. “Captain Phillips” is a similar film with a much more grounded performance and result. Same could be said for “Bridge of Spies”, which produces a similar, but better, performance. While his performance is quite good, it pales in comparison to other roles that he has done in recent times. Overall, the film isn’t bad. It’s middle of the line in most aspects except for the Tom Hanks performance. It’s likely that this film will fade into obscurity in the next few months, but if you’re a diehard Clint Eastwood fan, it might be worth the price of admission.

Staff Writer Mountain Song Festival was successfully held this past weekend, bringing in fresh music and raising money for The Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of Brevard. The Director of Development at the Boys and Girls Club, Jackie Witherspoon said, “It’s always a sellout crowd and the generosity of Mountain Song is always more generous than the year before.” Weather for the event stayed dry over the weekend, allowing for vendors and attendees to enjoy the weekend. Most of the festivities took place outdoors with the exception of the stage and Oskar Blues Beer Tent. “The staff, volunteers, and bands seemed energetic and happy even though the event was finishing up,” local Bryan Thomas said, “I have attended this festival in years past and the bands still manage to surprise me. This might be the best year yet.” The three-day event began Friday and the sold out show Saturday night surprised the audience with special guest Steve Martin. He joined the Steep Canyon Rangers on stage with his banjo and performed with the last show of the evening. Sunday was the last leg of the festival and it began with the final appearance of the Steep Canyon Rangers, who played every day of the festival as part of their current tour. The band reached back into their original roots and entertained the audience with a couple gospel quartet songs. The event ended with the much anticipated Kruger Brothers with the Kontras Quartet. The Brothers had previously guest appeared on stage with the Steep Canyon Rangers earlier in the day. The Brothers mixed bluegrass and banjo with the classical strings performed by Kontras Quartet. Other bands at the festival included Dom Flemons and Tim O’Brian. The DFR Room hosted Sheriff Scott and the Deputies on Friday evening and Pretty Little Goat and Tommy Anderson after the Saturday events.

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Netflix Spotlight:

Arts & Life

The Clarion


September 14, 2016

Bastille surfaces better than ever

By Tucker Fry Staff Writer

‘Stranger Things’ an instant classic By Michael Heiskell Opinion Editor

‘Stranger Things’

Created by the Duffer Brothers Starring: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown Drama, 8 Episodes,TV-14


“Stranger Things” is a phenomenal Netflix Original show that not only harkens back to adventurous Sci-Fi from the 80s, but improves upon the formula. “Stranger Things” is the story of a missing boy. Will (Noah Schnapp) disappeared one night after playing a rousing game of DnD with his friends. Soon, Will’s mother, Joyce (Winona Ryder), and Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) start their search for him. Wills loyal friends start their own search as well, and it’s not long before a mystery starts to open up. A mystery that centers on a lost girl with strange powers who calls herself Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). The cast, first off, is perfect. Other than Winona Ryder, the rest of the cast is relatively unheard of. This is a great choice by the creators. These actors completely inhabit their characters. There’s a good chance that these

characters become iconic because these actors will always be associated with them. There’s already a huge cult following for this show, and I suspect that it will only get bigger as time passes. Winona Ryder stands out with a haunting performance as a mother desperate to get her son back. Netflix Originals have been absolutely killing it lately. With, “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, and “The Get Down”, Netflix has been on a run of excellent quality shows. Despite how good all of these are, “Stranger Things” blows them all out of the water. This show is treated like a film in its production. Film production and television production are very different. Television is produced much faster, and a fair amount of focus is placed on the next episode during production of the current one. Film is different than that because it can take a year to make a two hour movie while a television show could make two one hour episodes in a few weeks. That’s why there is a quality gap between the two. “Stranger Things” has the quality and care that a very well made film is likely to have as well. Overall, the show is fantastic. It combines the magic that Steven Spielberg created in the 80s with the mystery Stephen King is so good at. It’s an instant classic, and one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. The very definition of a must watch.

After three years, Bastille has gifted the world with an electronic and hip-hop based album. A Wild World has a more arranged set of songs mixed with various guitar effects than ever before. A Wild World is said to be the right album at the right time. The music within the album is said to have a different feel than their last. “It’s not hip-hop at all,” said Dan Smith, a singer in the band during an interview with Apple Music, “Hopefully, our album will be quite disorienting, going from epic production to the track where it is just me and Will [the guitarist].” ‘The Currents’ is the second song on the album and is to be listened to closely. The band explains that it has political views that Bastille wanted to share. The archetypal modern pop band explains that “overtly political musicians can be embarrassing, particularly when they don't know what they're talking about,” and that is why their developed, pioneering new album was so fragile in the making. Nonetheless with this second album, Bastille still offers an exciting, engaging alternative to pure chart pop, and they do so terrifically. “There’s a lot more guitar, but also the massive string arrangements,” said Smith. The fans roared with excitement to hear more horn riffs and big sounding trumpets which reverts back to Bad Blood. Smith made it clear that they had a great deal of music and that it was really hard to cut down, and it can be seen that the band puts effort into the luxurious album. The thing to look forward to most while listening to the new album are the excerpts from old movies. Bastille always found it interesting to take excerpts from movies and properly place them in the beginning of the songs, and even from time to time near the end. Now, when you hear a song on the radio with a clip from ‘Weird Science’ (a movie from 1985) you will know it’s Bastille.

September 14, 2016 | The Clarion

Trail Review:

Arts & Life

Biking your way through Brevard

A fun trail for riders of all levels

By Anna Marie Conard Staff Writer

While driving through Brevard, it’s common to see a large amount of vehicles with bikes on the back and even more cars with bike racks. New bike shops are popping up all over Brevard, which peaks your curiosity and eventually your friend lets you borrow a bike to see what all the fuss is over mountain biking. Brevard is the perfect home for both expert mountain bikers and those just getting into riding because there are trails for all levels of bikers. One of the most popular trails in the area is the Ridgeline trail in DuPont State Forest. The climb to Ridgeline starts in the Lake Imaging parking lot, which is the first parking lot on the left once you turn into DuPont, where you will find a trail right by the entrance to the lot. There are two ways you can climb to the top of Ridgeline: Lake Imaging Road or Jim’s Branch. I personally prefer to take Jim’s Branch which is a single track trail, compared to a gravel road, but many times the road is easier for beginners. If you decide to climb Jim’s Branch, the trail will break off to the left from Lake Imaging Road. It is the trail that starts out with a small rock garden. Take the rock garden for just a few feet to the intersection, then follow the trail to the left. A mile and a half in, Jim’s Branch will intersect with Isaac Heath, a small connecting side trail. To stay on Jim’s Branch, continue

straight and the trail will come out onto Buck Forest Road. Turn left onto the gravel road, and continue straight for about a mile until you see Hickory Mountain Road on the left. Hickory Mountain Road will be right across the road from a trail that takes you to the Guion Farms picnic area. There is also a water spigot in this area if you need to fill up water for the last short climb. Once you have turned left onto Hickory Mountain Road, stay straight for another mile where you will finally find the intersection of the Ridgeline trail and Hickory Mountain. Hickory Mountain is another fun side trail that adds about 1.4 miles and 253 feet of climbing with a fast downhill at the end. In order to stay on the shortest route to Ridgeline though, take the trail to the left labeled Ridgeline. It will flow up and down for about half a mile, and then it’s all downhill riding. This is the part that you’ve earned with all your climbing. In one mile, the trail descends about 351 feet back to Lake Imaging Road and the parking lot. What makes this perfect for beginners is the style of climbing is more gradual since it is a constant flow of up and down riding, and the downhill section of Ridgeline is well maintained, so it is smooth and flowy with few chunky sections. The most direct Ridgeline loop is about 5 miles with 480 feet of elevation change total, but along the way there are several side-loops to add on to the trip to make it about 10 miles with around 1,200 feet of elevation change.

Photo by Anna Marie Conard

View from the bottom of Ridgeline Trail.

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Pretty Little Goat continues festival

By Jessica Wiegandt

Arts & Life Editor Every year the Brevard Music Center hosts Mountain Song Music Festival, drawing in those who enjoy folk and bluegrass music. On Saturday, the festival finished around 10 p.m. and then continued in the DFR Room in downtown Brevard with local band Pretty Little Goat. The DFR Room opened this past summer in conjunction with Ecusta Brewing Company and hosts live music often. It is listed as a nightclub in Brevard but is also a venue for music and private gatherings. Pretty Little Goat kept the Mountain Song Festival going well into the night as they began their concert at the DFR Room around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night. Tickets for the after party and concert were $10 at the door and much of the festival spilled over into the underground venue. Pretty Little Goat consists of five members but on Saturday the band featured Tommy Anderson. Throughout the set the band also brought on special guests, one a local artist and the other a Scottish man who played percussion for a song. The members of Pretty Little Goat kept an easygoing mood throughout the show as they played their traditional folk music. “It’s good stuff… They played at the climbing team fundraiser last year and were really great then,” sophomore Gabe Necklolaishen said, “Now I get to see them again and they’re great. It’s old school mountain music.” The set lasted for around two hours and as more people piled into the room, a few began dancing, which noticeably entertained the artists. The DFR Room titled the weekend events as “Late Night at the DFR Room”, which included the Saturday performance with Pretty Little Goat and the Sheriff Scott and the Deputies performance on Friday night. The DFR Room has several performances booked for the next few weeks, including McKayla Reece on Sept. 16, Shakedown on Oct. 14 and Porch 40 on Oct. 29. Tickets and more information are available online at

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The Clarion


September 14, 2016

Tornados bounce back with 4-1 victory

By Joseph Swanson

Athletic Media Relations Director The Brevard College Men’s Soccer team put together a dominating performance against the Ferrum Panthers Sunday afternoon in Emory, Va. cruising to a 4-1 victory as the Tornados controlled the contest from start to finish. The Tornados would open the scoring late into the first half on a cross from sophomore Brock Tuttle  (Harrisburg, N.C.) that was beautifully played to the foot of Gabriel Garcia (Vinhedo, Brazil) for the one touch opening score. Brevard would add two more scores to open the second half as the blue and white made it 2-0 one minute and four seconds into the second frame as freshman Tyler Nelson (Hope Mills, N.C.) played a pass from Alexander Gerondidakis  (Merritt Island, Fla.) that allowed the freshman to slip past the Ferrum back line and beat the goalie to the bottom left side of the net. The Tornados would strike for their third score just seconds later as Henrique Joaquim(Jundai, Brazil) played a deep free kick into the awaiting feet of Tuttle who found the back of the net to push the Brevard lead to 3-0. Gerondidakis and Nelson would connect again at the 54:04 mark for their second strike of the afternoon as Nelson played a header to the back of the net off a Gerondidakis cross.  Ferrum broke up the BC shutout at 60:19 when

Moore Dolue played a ball to Shamarr Perry that allowed the Panthers to break away from the Brevard back line and beat goalie  Heath Turner (Kansas City, Mo.) for the score. Offensively, the Tornados would dominate the Panthers controlling a 34-5 shot discrepancy as Garcia led Brevard with seven shots and four shots on goal. Tuttle accounted for four shots of his own off the bench while senior Ryan McPhillips (Glasgow, Scotland) racked up five shots, of which two found their mark. Additionally, 10 other Tornados accumulated shots on the after-

noon forcing Panthers goalkeeper Derek Thomas to make 10 saves on the afternoon. Turner played just over 60 minutes in net for the Tornados accounting for the lone goal and two saves while freshman Eric Lenhart (Asheville, N.C.) saw roughly 30 minutes in net in the teams winning effort. Brevard will look to carry Sunday’s movement into South Atlantic Conference action Wednesday September 14 as they travel to Harrogate, Tenn. for a 3:30 p.m. showdown with the Lincoln Memorial University Railsplitters.

Photo Courtesy of BC Athletic Media Relations

Sophomore Gabriel Garcia [pictured above] opened the scoring for the Tornados.

BC Cycling impressive at Union By Joseph Swanson

Athletic Media Relations Director The Brevard College Tornados Cycling program turned in another impressive showing at Union College in Barbourville, Ky. as they wrapped up the weekends festivities with in traditional Tornados fashion. “We brought a small crew for this weekend,” said head coach Brad Perley. “They competedhard, battling super-hot and humid weather on a very dusty course.” In the Men’s A Cross Country event, the Tornados  Carson Beckett  (Benton, Ky.) left his mark on his home state winning the overall event, while fellow freshman Scott McGill and sophomore  Walker Shaw  (Henderson N.C.) turned in top-five placements as McGill finished just ahead of Shaw with a third-place turn. “The layout of the Union College XC course resembled that of a more national style of race

than what is seen in most collegiate racing,” said freshmanCarson Beckett. “ It featured a brutally steep climb right off the start that quickly strung out the field. Once it the woods, things got a little bit trickier through the tight and twisty single track. The roughly three mile course was very raw in nature and featured super short and steep climbs and a few switchbacks tossed in continued Beckett.” “It favored the punchy riders, while decents stayed short and fed the riders right back into more abrupt climbs with some scattering rock sections to dice things up a bit.” In Men’s B Dual Slalom, McGill would edge out Beckett for first-place honors as the two true freshman turned in a very impressive weekend in the blue and white as Beckett finished the event third overall to round out Saturday’s competition. Beckett and McGill would leave off where

they started Saturday, as the pair dominated the Men’s A Short Track on Sunday, as Beckett finished with the top honors, while McGill rode to an impressive third-place run. “After a rough start from the fourth row I made as many passes as I could in the early stages of the race,” said freshman Scott McGill. “I settled in and tried to pick guys off slowly until I was into third and then rode as hard as I could until the finish.” On the women’s side of short track competition, sophomore  Samantha Miranda  (Valley City, Ohio) turned in an impressive showing in the Women’s A Short Track as the Valley City, Ohio native turned in a fifth-place turn. The Tornados will take this coming weekend off to rest before traveling to Banner Elk, N.C. to compete against Lees-McRae and company September 24-25.