The Clarion, Vol. 82, Issue #7 - Oct. 12, 2016 - Brevard College

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Oct 12, 2016 - The first piece, titled “Oh So Nice,” set the perfect tempo for the evening. With a steady beat that


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BC prefers Hillary Volume 82, Issue 7 Web Edition


October 12, 2016

Campus poll shows 3-to-1 lead for Clinton over Donald Trump in presidential race By John B. Padgett

Contributor By a three-to-one margin, Brevard College prefers Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in this year’s presidential race, according to a poll The Clarion conducted this past week. Many, however, seemed more concerned by what might happen if their preferred candidate’s opponent is elected than what their candidate would bring to the job of president. Only 53 percent of respondents said they thought their choice was the best candidate for president, while 63 percent said fear of his or her opponent was a motivating factor for their choice. Overall, Clinton was preferred in the poll over Trump 63 to 21 percent, with 7 percent going for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Clinton’s lead over Trump is even higher in a two-way race, 70 to 22 percent. A slim majority of students responding to the survey picked Clinton, with 26 percent choosing Trump and 11 percent for Johnson. More than 70 faculty and staff also responded to the poll, with staff picking Clinton over Trump 68 to 15 percent (7 percent for Johnson) and faculty choosing Clinton by a commanding 85 percent to just 13 percent for Trump. Some who responded to the survey expressed reservations or outright disdain over the two nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties. “Like many others, I wish we had a viable other candidate other than the two we have,” one person wrote. “This is really an election to choose between the lesser of the two bad choices.” Another person wrote, “I've felt like this election season has tested my optimism and resolve as a proud American citizen in ways I never thought it would. I’m trying to rise above disappointment in my fellow man this year.” Despite the clear disdain many expressed

about their choices for president this year, the former first lady, U. S. senator and secretary of state dominated in nearly class and category of respondents to the poll. Among students, only freshmen gave Trump an edge, 16 choosing him versus 11 for Clinton. Sophomores and juniors each had 12 students choose Clinton, with five and three in each class picking Trump, respectively. Seniors were the most pronounced Clinton supporters: only four chose Trump, while 23 picked Clinton. Johnson also got a total of 12 student picks, five by seniors, three by freshmen, and two each in the sophomore and junior classes. Men showed a clear preference for Clinton, favoring her over Trump 60 to 25 percent overall,

but women overwhelmingly went for Clinton, with two-thirds choosing her compared to just 17 percent for Trump. The poll was conducted online from Wednesday of last week until Monday evening. More than 140 of the 214 total responses to the poll occurred on the first two days of polling, prior to the bombshell video released Friday of Trump making lewd comments about women on an “Access Hollywood” bus in 2005. The Brevard College poll shows a much wider lead for Clinton than most other national polls, which for weeks have typically shown Clinton over Trump by 4-8 points. The margin of error for the Brevard College poll is plus or minus 6 percent. See ‘Campus poll,’ page 6

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Campus News

The Clarion

Staff writer

Some little ones take over the press box while their parents play on the field.

Alumni Soccer Game A soccer program family tradition By Alex Perri Staff Writer

The BC men’s and women’s soccer teams hosted the annual Alumni Soccer Game this Saturday, Oct. 8, as a part of the Homecoming festivities, and the game saw participation from past, present and potentially future Tornado soccer stars alike. The current players saw some especially stiff competition in the game due to the fact that it was the 20th anniversary of the ’96 women’s soccer team’s NAIA National Championship, and the team gathered back in Brevard to be celebrated for their success. The game consisted of three 20 minute periods with frequent and haphazard substitutions throughout. While technically the Alumni could claim a victory from the morning’s match, the score was a mere technicality. Rules were not enforced, trash talk was encouraged and at times there were upwards of 15 alumni players on the field. The game was a reunion, and a celebration that saw generations of both male and female players alike enjoying

the beautiful game on a fine Saturday morning. Wendy, a goalkeeper, from the class of ’02 said, “There is a group of us that comes back every year, and I know a lot of the ’96 girls show back up for homecoming too. It’s really nice to see core groups like that returning.” As a Brevard soccer player myself, I can attest that the importance of family has certainly been emphasized my four years here. Not only did a group of my own graduated soccer family return and play in the game, but generations of groups just like mine came back as well. The game saw over 30 alumni participants this year gather on the newly completed turf field. Coaches, athletic trainers, and past players competed against a team composed of men’s and women’s reserve players. The alumni with families brought their kids, and by the end of the game a gang of little ones invaded the sidelines while their parents played and the students babysat. It was one great big soccer family, and a time honored tradition for the soccer program.

October 12, 2016

Alumni Jazz Concert leaves a great feeling By Jordon Morgan

Photo by Alex Perri


The Brevard College Alumni Jazz Band showcased a variety of great music in the 2nd annual concert on Saturday, Oct. 8. Directed by 2002 BC graduate Jamie Warren, the concert featured slow, smooth jazz, more vibrant pieces, and a fantastic rendition of the James Brown classic “I Feel Good.” The first piece, titled “Oh So Nice,” set the perfect tempo for the evening. With a steady beat that never went too overboard, it did an admirable job of getting the audience in the mood for the rest of the concert. “Our Love is Here to Stay” was the second piece of the ensemble and featured an exciting but heartfelt song with the vocal portion performed by 2015 graduate Leah Colbath. It was a piece that let the audience relax and enjoy the melody and then progressively became more adrenaline-inducing. The final piece before the intermission, “A Child is Born,” was a piece inspired by Thad Jones, who Warren described as “one of the greatest composers of the 20th century.” That description was aptly deserved as the song took the audience through a wide range of emotions, hitting every note that it needed to with incredible synchronization. The undisputed highlight of the concert, however, was the trio of songs performed by 2014 graduate Blake Ellege. Ellege’s vocals were so passionate, so energetic and vibrant, it was arguably impossible to not want to get up and dance with the music. While all of the songs performed were done well, the best of them all was the rendition of “I Feel Good.” Brown is a legend in the music industry and to perform one of his most classic songs is no easy feat. Ellege and the Jazz band did an admirable job recreating the vibe of that song. Again, it created an atmosphere so infectiously energetic, it would’ve taken considerable effort to not try and dance along with the tune. Ellege concluded his performance with a heartfelt thanks to the Porter Center crowd, which also featured many former Brevard College alumni, saying that it “makes our hearts swell with pride” seeing the turnout. The standing ovation at the conclusion of the concert was well-earned. The Jazz band delivered an exceptional performance on their 2nd anniversary ensemble that hopefully can continue for years to come.

October 12, 2016 | The Clarion

Campus News

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Clown Mural Ceremony in sighting on honor of senior art student McKinley Davis BC campus

By Kaelyn Martin Managing Editor

Students and faculty were invited to the Underground in Coltrane to participate in the Mural Ceremony, honoring the work of senior Art student McKinley Davis on Wednesday, Oct. 5. at 12:30 p.m. “Thank you all for coming out today to recognize and honor the hard work and creativity of our very own, McKinley Davis in creating this beautiful mural here in the Underground for her senior project,” SGA President Lauren Fowler said. Fowler thanked Davis on behalf of the student body for the hard work and many hours spent to make the mural a reality. “Mckinley, I would like to thank you on behalf of the student body for your hard work and dedication to creating a masterpiece that not only brightens the day of anyone that passes by it, but also embodies the energy, individuality, and passion that is the community of Brevard College. Thank you,” Fowler said. According to Art professor Jo Pomphrey,

Davis started planning for the project in the fall semester of 2015 and continued into the following spring semester. “McKinley had demonstrated an interest in whimsical and imaginary images, so it seemed that it would be a good fit,” Pomphrey said. “Beyond that, it is even more important that the student [painting the mural] had the appropriate level of training and skills, high standards for craftsmanship, and the grit and determination to follow through with a demanding, long term project. McKinley had demonstrated in studio courses that she had those characteristics.” Pomphrey hopes that this mural will not only brighten the atmosphere of the Underground but that it will also brighten the spirits of BC students and faculty. “It is our hope that visitors to the Underground will feel uplifted and enlivened by the colorful and light-hearted images. One side of the mural portrays a fanciful evening scene and the other is a playful daytime setting,” Pomphrey said. “Both offer a glimpse into a delightful and happy world, so I hope a little of this happiness will pass to those who come into the Underground.”

Photo Courtesy of Brevard College Instagram

Senior McKinley Davis and art professor, Jo Pumphrey, celebrate McKinley’s mural in Coltrane Underground.

By Florian Peyssonneaux

Staff Writer You might think that this story comes from the Stephen King novel “It”, but what happened on Brevard College Campus on Oct. 7 night just after midnight, was no fictitious tale, as a clown was seen on campus by students. Brevard College students reported that a person dressed as a clown was sitting on a bench when the individual said, “you can’t catch me,” before running toward the maintenance facilities, according to students. After the rumor of a clown being on campus spread, some BC students went out with flashlights to try to find the individual. The college received a report that showed students trying to face the individual using sporting equipments as weapons. Some of them were walking and others driving around campus. Campus security was involved during this incident, but the Brevard police was not initially informed of the clown sighting. If a serious threat on Campus had to occur, the college will take measures and “the campus community will be advised by College Officials” said the Office of Communication. In order to maintain the security on Brevard College campus, the release declared that “Brevard College prohibits intentional, threatening behavior of any form, the College also strongly cautions students not to engage in any escalating behavior, such as the vigilante or mob-like behavior described above. This type of conduct may be subject to disciplinary action both on and off campus” according to BC officials. As a consequence of those clowns attacks around the country, some schools like a district school in New Jersey have banned any clown costume from their institution in order to prevent any threat. In case of a similar event, the campus officials suggest to inform Campus Security by calling at (828) 577-9590 or “directly escalate to Emergency Personnel, when appropriate, by calling 911. In the event of an actual Emergency, you should immediately call 911 first”. For the time being, there is no reason to think that clowns will appear on campus again, which is a sentiment shared by Brevard College officials, who in their statement said, “there is currently no known threat to campus, the campus should continue its normal activities.”

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Brevard’s got Talent, and Singers By Calum McAndrew

Editor in Chief Singer Lily Bartleson won the Brevard College Talent show on Thursday Oct. 6, beating out a wide variety of other singers, vocalists, songsters and songstress’. In other words, Open Mic Night had its night on the big stage. Bartleson won the event, and the accompanying $75 gift card, with a rendition of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You,’ which was received with overwhelming awe. The same can’t be said for some other performers on the night however. Instead of leaving the audience in the aforementioned state of awe, they were simply awful. This was never better exemplified than from the host of the event. For an MC, the campus had anointed a comedian to undertake the job of guiding us through the evening, but it was much like getting taken through a maze with Stevie Wonder as an aide. They had managed to appoint the only comedian in the Western world that didn’t tell any jokes, let alone land any. At one point he stooped so low as to drop to airline comedy, before swiftly moving onto fart jokes. Laughter was a rarity to say the least. Kicking off the talent segment of the evening however, and talent could not be more loosely used here, were the Mondays. They started off cagey, ironically with a Cage the Elephant song, but as soon as they stopped trying to sing, and simply focused on the instruments, things began to improve. Next up, and astonishingly leading the show to an even darker, more pitiful place was Arianna and Ryan, performing a unique version of the classic Radiohead song, ‘Creep.’ Suitably, at least half the audience got creeped out during it. Thom Yorke was rolling in his grave at this performance, and he isn’t even dead yet. Stunningly, the show hadn’t even reached peak atrociousness by this point. Jaylan, who had been the drummer for the first act, realized she had no chance at winning, and came back out on drums for Dal, as he yelled at a microphone for nigh on 12 months. Months, minutes, who cares? As a jazz performance, this goes down as the worst act of the night. Having said that however, if the performance just undergoes a discipline change, and becomes a Wookie impersonation, I’d say he has a real shot at the title next year. Unsurprisingly, Jaylan came back on stage

for a third time, this time as a solo artist. Good choice Jaylan. I can’t really remember what she did; I think it had something to do with a piano. It’s not her fault though, let's be clear. The first few acts simply put me into a comatose state. She was probably a very decent piano player, or whatever the hell it was. Throughout the evening, only three acts didn’t sing a song. Many acts didn’t really sing either, but that’s an entirely different discussion, and one that can’t be had without recalling the events of the evening, and thus sacrificing at least ten years of life expectancy. These non-vocal acts included women’s soccer, who were in swimming attire. That’s about that. There was also a ballet performance from Olivia, which was as graceful as it was a welcome surprise. I don’t have any ballet jokes, or any knowledge on ballet for that matter. If you think about it, ballet just looks like someone walking barefoot across a boiling hot surface. The third act not to get the memo that this year’s Brevard’s Got Talent was co sanctioned by American Idol, was Bliss, who closed the show with a LED lit hula hoop. It was honestly incredibly entertaining, even if it would have gone down better with a hallucinating crowd. Speaking of hallucinogens, reigning champion Kendal returned with as much energy and gusto as last year, but was unable to defend his championship. He almost certainly got dressed in the dark that day, and at one point began to strip out of his clothes. The song he performed, I don’t know. Nobody knows, not even him I assume. The Clarion’s very own Brady Andrews also performed a song, accompanied by the piano, and ran into more microphone difficulty than Donald Trump. Much like the Republican nominee, his performance earned him second place on the evening, and fifty dollars that he won’t have to pay any tax on. In third place came Joquan, who also sang a song. He sang a song absolutely magnificently, but by this point it was just another song. Ingram Auditorium had turned into a pretty bizarre playlist on Spotify by this point. Rounding off the acts on the evening, were Selena, who flipped off the audience in music form, by singing a song she wrote about being in love. Nice touch, Selena. That’s exactly what everyone attending a talent show, alone, on See ‘Brevard’s got talent,’ page 7

The Clarion


October 12, 2016

LETTERS to the


BORG prof takes issue with Trump tax article

During any election, especially this one, I think it’s important for everyone of voting age to calm down, do their own research and use critical thinking skills to examine what’s presented both by the candidates and the media. As a case in point, on the opinion page of last week’s Clarion, Calum McAndrew wrote a scathing piece about Donald Trump’s taxes, which referenced a New York Times article showing that, in 1995, Donald Trump recorded a loss of $916 million. According to the tax laws, Mr. Trump would then be permitted to use this loss to offset future income for a period not to exceed 18 years. This provision has been part of the tax laws for decades and is used by businesses large and small. For example, if you start up a new business and lose $40,000 the first year, the government does not send you a check. The loss comes out of your pocket. If you make $25,000 the next year, you can offset this profit with the previous loss and not pay any taxes that year. This law encourages people to take the risk to start new businesses, which helps achieve economic growth and reduce unemployment. Based on this information, Mr. McAndrew breathlessly revealed that “the rumors were true: Donald Trump was able to avoid paying his federal taxes!” And, he concluded that Mr. Trump was able to “cheat the American population of copious amounts of federal tax money.” First, everyone “avoids” paying income taxes. It is legal to avoid paying taxes. Homeowners avoid paying taxes by deducting the interest on their home mortgages or deducting gifts to charities. What is illegal is tax evasion, misrepresenting the true state of one’s financial affairs to the tax authorities, such as not reporting income. Mr. McAndrew also concludes that, “Clinton’s claim that his tax plans caters [sic] merely for the top one percent also seem to have sustenance [sic] to them now.” Sixty seconds of research on the Trump campaign website (select Positions – Tax Plan) will show that his plans significantly lower taxes for the middle class. To close, my arguments here are not in favor of Mr. Trump or against Mr. McAndrew. They are a plea for research, reason and critical thinking during a turbulent time. Drew Baker Assistant Professor Brevard College

October 12, 2016 | The Clarion


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Grieving the loss of communication

By Jessica Wiegandt

Arts & Life Editor We’ve hit midterms, people. This is not a drill. We’re halfway through the semester and Paddling Club finally got the lifejackets. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, I understand. Just stick with me because this deals with more than just my club. I’ve been on the SGA beat for the Clarion this semester, meaning I attend all the meetings to report any new things going on within the governing body. This seemed simple until I realized the immense lack of communication between the students and the faculty administration overseeing funding for clubs and organizations. I am the co-president of Paddling Club and six weeks ago we made contact with Astral Designs in Asheville, a well-known and trusted company in the whitewater paddling industry. Astral manufactures some of the best lifejackets for kayakers, canoeists and other paddle sports. Astral offered our club a deal with their company, which resulted in us receiving lifejackets for an extremely low price. Lifejackets are essential for paddling, as they keep the paddler’s face above water if capsized. Paddling Club is open to all paddlers, from beginners to experts on campus, which means most participants do not own their own gear. Davis Jones, my co-president, and I have been working together for the past year trying to obtain as much gear as possible to allow our club to expand. This is difficult with a limited budget, but when the paddling community comes together like Astral did for us, we are immediately grateful of the opportunity. We requested $175 from SGA six weeks ago to purchase four lifejackets from Astral. The students in attendance approved this proposal. While Davis and I knew Campus Life had the ability to veto, or deny, a proposal after approval we saw no issue with our request and assumed the money would come to us in a timely manner. After waiting for a few days, I contacted SGA Treasurer Christina Bailey, checking on why we hadn’t received our money. Bailey informed me she needed an invoice to submit to the finance

office, which I promptly provided. After going a few more days without hearing a response, I emailed Director of Residence Life Michael Cohen for more information. Cohen sent a form for me to fill out with all the company information and our specific order needed for the money. I filled it out and sent it to him that same day. I was confused why the process was taking so long, as we had been informed we could be allocated gift cards with the amount required. Cohen gave me a recommendation that we place the order directly over the phone with someone in the Finance Office, who he had attached in the ongoing email chain we had. Once the form had been submitted, Cohen approved the purchase in the Finance Office. Two days later, I still hadn’t heard anything so I sent another email to Cohen. Cohen then copied me on an email to the Finance Office where he asked for me and Davis to be notified when the purchase had been made. No response. I sent a separate email to the Finance Office a day later, asking about the status of the lifejacket order. Still no response. I was beginning to be quite frustrated, especially since at this point, the lifejackets we had initially allotted our funds for at Astral had been sold out online. I emailed both Cohen and the Finance Office together the next day with explicit feelings of disgruntlement. This triggered an email from Cohen explaining we had “initially received misinformation on the Finance process.” Cohen said, “I understand the frustration there, but new processes were being revised/ironed out by SGA and Campus Life.” This is all fine and well but it took four weeks for me to have that communicated to me. Later that day, I received another email from Cohen saying the phone number I had given the Finance Office for Astral had been incorrect by one digit and then the person handling the situation had been out of the office for a few days. Okay, so I messed up the phone number when copying it over in an email and for that I apologize, but never did I once receive an email from Finance expressing this hiccup. Nor was I ever

informed that someone was out of the office. I found this process to be a constant act of chasing my own tail as I attempted to get in contact with the right people. I felt like I was never given a straight answer of what I needed to do, who I needed to contact or why the process seemed to never move forward. Last week we brought the situation up in the SGA meeting and found Bailey and President Lauren Fowler had been informed the lifejacket situation had been figured out and resolved three weeks prior. This extreme lack of clarity and communication does not only lend itself to financial issues, but also lies within the infrastructure of the BC community. Many events go on around campus without students having knowledge they even took place. So many emails go out in a day that advertisements for club events and Campus Life events get lost. And now there is even more red tape for club presidents to go through to advertise an event. One of the new rules for clubs is that an event has to be planned at least two weeks in advance in order to gain SGA representation or for the flier to be approved by Campus Life. While this level of organization is beneficial for scheduling, this process is only successful when both parties are able to effectively and efficiently communicate with one another. We finally have our lifejackets but it took half the semester to actually obtain them. We’re racing in Nationals this weekend as a team and if this process had taken any longer, it could have affected our ability to compete as planned. I’ve been told other club presidents have had the same issue when attempting to obtain money that has been approved. While club events or needs may not be the ultimate priority in Finances, when clubs give an appropriate amount of time for a check to be cut or a phone call to be made I am disappointed to hear how much resistance is given by means of what seems to be a “no response” policy. I’m fine with new rules created for the benefit of the campus, but don’t put my club in a poor position when we follow the new process to the best of our ability.

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Campus poll Continued from front page

In other ways, however, the Clarion survey demonstrates the deep partisan divide in this nation. Respondents were asked to rate on a 10-point scale their agreement or disagreement with various statements about the candidates’ temperament, knowledge and experience, and honesty or trustworthiness to be president. In most cases, responses fell on the extreme edges, either a 1 (disagree) or a 10 (agree). The clearest example of such extremes was to the statement “Donald Trump has the appropriate temperament to be president of the United States,” to which more than two-thirds of respondents (68 percent) answered with a 1, “disagree.” That percentage score comes about midway between the scores for those who answered 10 (agree) to the statements “Barack Obama was born in the United States” (79 percent) and “Global warming is the result, at least in part, of human activity” (59 percent). Trump also fared poorly elsewhere, with many answering with a 1, “disagree” on questions regarding his honesty (58 percent) and his knowledge and experience (59 percent). Clinton’s numbers are more nuanced, owing to her commanding lead overall in the poll, but she too had relatively poor showing on the question about honesty, with 27 percent answering a 1, “disagree,” while only 10 percent answered with a 10, “agree.” A majority of respondents said Clinton had the temperament to be president (scoring 8 or higher, with 33 percent answering “10”), while 14 percent gave her the lowest mark. A majority also said she had the knowledge and experience to be president, with 52 percent answering 9 or higher (and 40 percent answering “10”), while 11 percent gave her a low mark of 1. More about the campus poll will be forthcoming in the next issue, and complete results of the poll will be published on The Clarion’s website.

Friday, Oct. 14 is the last day to register to vote in North Carolina! College students may choose to register to vote either at their permanent home address or where they will be residing on Nov. 8 - even if you live on campus. Don’t let this important deadline pass you by!

Election Polls

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October 12, 2016

Arts & Life

October 12, 2016 | The Clarion

Senior Spotlight:

Kayla Leed

By Jeni Welch

Staff writer Brevard College senior Kayla Leed will be graduating this December with an English major with an emphasis in Business Organization and Leadership and a Spanish minor. She has been at BC for 3.5 years. Leed has been heavily involved on campus during her time at BC and was announced as the 2016 Homecoming Queen during the Homecoming football game on Saturday, Oct. 8. In 2013, Leed began her Brevard College career with a double major of Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE) and English with a Teacher Licensure but switched things around to graduate early. “I function best when really busy, so I took 18 credit hours instead of the normal 12,” Leed said. She also took summer classes and studied abroad in Costa Rica for 3 months. Leed most enjoyed the Environmental Skills for Sustainable Living and Environmental Perspective courses along with the Costa Rica trip and the Voice of the Rivers trip. Leed was a part of the VOR trip in the sum-

mer of 2015 with a group of 13 faculty and students. The group paddled 303 miles in 18 days down the Savannah River. Aside from gaining an education, Leed has also been teaching Spanish for three years at the Mountain Sun Community School in Brevard. Teaching Spanish showed Leed that she enjoyed teaching but did not want to continue working towards her teaching licensure. She hopes to obtain a master’s degree in higher education, communication or possibly both in the future. Currently Leed is working as the Senior Resident Advisor for Jones on campus and hopes to be hired on in the Communications Department or in Campus Life at BC after graduation. Leed said, “It has been amazing to watch the college change. It is moving in a good direction and the president is doing good things.” Leed is hoping to work something out with BC for future endeavors, but her plans are still open and adjusting. She does want to stay in the area and pursue other careers within Western N.C. if BC does not work out.

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Brevard’s got talent Continued from page 4

a Thursday evening wanted. A reminder that other people are happy. Next up came Hallie, who rapped, which was about as much variation on singing as the show ever delved into really. Apparently her partner for the performance was unable to attend, so she went ahead as a solo act, more or less reinforcing Selena’s point. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved however, it was Lily Bartleson who was victorious, and takes the crown as the Brevard’s Got Talent champion of 2016. Whether she has managed to come to terms with the monumental achievement or not is unclear, and whether the fame and fortune will affect her over the coming weeks is equally as ambiguous, but for now, she has the plaudits to enjoy. So, it’s another year, and another Talent Show. Brevard College, I’m almost certain, does have an abundance of talent. It doesn’t have much variety to it, nor is it distributed over an overwhelming amount of people, but it’s there. For this year at least, I’d say that’s about all we need to carry us through the dark days.

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Kayla Leed

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Movie Review:

Arts & Life

The Clarion


October 12, 2016

Anderson Paak breaking tradition By Tucker Fry Staff Writer

‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ is a decent Burton flick

By Michael Heiskell Opinion Editor

‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ Directed by Tim Burton Starring: Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Samuel L. Jackson Adventure, 127 min. , PG-13

“Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children” is a stylish enjoyable ride that feels a little forgettable in the end. Based on Ransom Rigg's novel by the same title, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is about a young boy named Jake (Asa Butterfield) who discovers a strange and wonderful world. It is inhabited by Miss Peregrine (Eva Green) and the strange children with mysterious powers that live with her. It’s up to Jake to see where he belongs in this strange world. With any ensemble film, the cast is as strong as its weakest characters. The actors all do a fine enough job, but their characters just simply aren’t written very well. There are few charac-

ters that get quite a bit of screen time, and quite a few more that simply paint the picture of the background. Simply put, there are too many cooks in the kitchen. This film was advertised as a Tim Burton/X-Men fever dream. It is, in a way, but it’s a cheap version of both. Tim Burton’s lavish film style is on full display in this film. The film looks simply amazing. It has echoes of his older films in style and presentation, but lacks the narrative heft that he was known for in the late 80s and early 90s. You can still sense his input in the production design, but the script feels like something that doesn’t fit his style. It has this glossy, Hollywood vibe to it that doesn’t feel like a classic Tim Burton movie. We can be grateful that it’s leagues ahead of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Dark Shadows”. Hopefully this represents an upward trend for this unique director that’s had more flunks than hits in the last decade. Overall, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is a stylish, if a little shallow, Tim Burton film. While it doesn’t compare to his earlier films, it’s still better than most of his more recent attempts.

A Funk/R&B fusion album mixed with some gospel and rap, and Malibu comes out on top. Malibu is an album produced by a new artist named Anderson Paak. His full name is Brandon Paak Anderson, and he grew up playing drums and rapping. He was a church drummer in Oxnard, CA, and now he is a rapping drummer for his own band. Malibu is Paak’s newest album, and the gospel album was released Jan. 15, 2016. He produced the album with big names like Adrian L. Miller, Ketrina "Taz" Askew, Kevin Morrow, POMO, and more. Paak is signed with a few labels like Stones Throw Records, Aftermath Entertainment, Hellfyre Club, and more. The difference between Malibu is that the album brings in funk and gospel music to rap. Most modern rap just consists of R&B and some heavy bass. Sometimes that can be a good listen, but Paak just has a different vision for where he wants this rap to go. The one aspect of Anderson Paak that is being used to his advantage is that he plays drums like no other. He has been playing drums since he was young, and he played for a gospel church back home. With that being one of his pros, it lets him experiment and make the music have a different and more uplifting vibe. The album also consists of live-instrument grooves and good studio production, and that blend puts them in a league of their own. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, and Chance the Rapper all have live instruments, but also have a different feel to their music. Another thing that Paak is very good at is expressing himself through the drums and singing. “Come Down” is a song off the album that was probably one of the most popular ones. You can hear his uplifting drum grooves as well as the well produced guitar in the background. Probably one of the best songs off the album is “Am I Wrong” featuring Schoolboy Q. The songs has funk mixed with a soulful chorus, and it expresses how different genres can clash and still sound beautiful. Paak collaborates with many artists, and the one thing that is important is to not burn bridges. Anderson Paak understands that so he is able to work with many artists. The goal is to bring beautiful music to the listeners, and thats the one thing Anderson Paak understands. He understands that music is made for enjoyment.

October 12, 2016 | The Clarion

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Fall Break This week in the caf checkout Dinner procedure Lunch We’ve reached the halfway mark in our semester here at BC and Fall Break is fast approaching. There’s several things to know when checking out for break. All residents of BC are required to leave by 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15. There is a limited shuttle schedule accessible to those who need a ride to Asheville Airport. There will be a shuttle departing on Friday and one on Saturday. You can register for the ride online. Students with college-approved commitments (such as sports or other obligations) may be staying on campus. All students staying on campus during break are required to have a legitimized reason approved by the college. Procedures and instructions for check out will be given by RA’s this week.

Oct. 12 11 am- 2:30 pm Cafe Line: Teriyaki Ginger Chicken Breast, Fried Rice, Sauteed Asian Vegetables, Bacon Mac n’ Cheese On the Grill: Grilled Cheese, Chili Dogs, Jalapenos, Diced Red Onion, Relish, Cheese Sauce,Fries Pizza Bar: Cheese, Pepperoni Vegetarian: Asian Noodle with Tofu

Oct. 12 5pm-7pm Cafe Line: Roast Beef, Ranch Roasted Red Potatoes, Mixed Veggies, Rotisserie Chicken On the Grill: Veggie Burgers, Burgers, Fries, LTOC Tray Pizza Bar: Cheese, Pepperoni Vegetarian: Pasta & Vietnamese Pesto, Green Lentil Kulebyaka

Oct. 13 11 am- 2:30 pm Cafe Line: BBQ Beef Sandwich, Chippers. Corn on the Cob, Fresh Raw Vegetables & Dip On the Grill: Burgers, Quesadillas, Fries Pizza Bar: Pepper, Onion, & Mushroom, Ham & Pineapple Vegetarian: Vegetable Biryani, Moussakas

Oct. 13 5pm-7pm Cafe Line: Penne, Spaghetti, Fresh Steamed Green Beans,Pesto Meatballs, Meat, Marinara & Alfredo Sauces, Breadsticks, Parmesan Cheese On the Grill: Quesadillas, Burgers Fries, LTOC tray Pizza Bar: Pepper, Onion & Mushroom, Ham & Pineapple Vegetarian: Baked Rotini, Orzo Carbonara

Oct. 14 11 am- 2:30 pm Cafe Line: Fried Fish, Cole Slaw, Hushpuppies, Potato Salad, Rotisserie Chicken On the Grill: Grilled Cheese, Chicken Sandwich, Fries, LTOC Tray Pizza Bar: Cheese, Sausage Vegetarian: Ratatouille & Noodles, Orzo with Olives, Broccoli, & Basil

Oct. 14 5pm-7pm Cafe Line: Pork Carnitas, Black Beans, Aztec Corn, Cilantro, Limes, Salsa, Sour Cream On the Grill: Grilled Cheese, Burgers, Fries, LTOC Tray Pizza Bar: Cheese, Sausage Vegetarian: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes, Spanish Rice

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The Clarion


October 12, 2016

Tornados downed Men’s by Carson-Newman soccer By Bryant Baucom

Staff Writer The Eagles of Carson-Newman (3-3, 2-2 SAC) flew into Brevard Memorial Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 8, and defeated the Brevard College Tornados football team (1-5, 0-3 SAC) in the dominating fashion of 47-0. South Atlantic Conference Offensive Player of the Week Montavious Taylor rushed for 130 yards on seven attempts. Carson-Newman opened up the scoring on the afternoon with a 1-yard run from Tyson Herron that capped off a 15 play, 75-yard drive. The Eagles added on two more rushing touchdowns in the first quarter to take a 21-0 advantage. Eagles kicker Jonathan King nailed field goals 30 and 46 yards respectively to give CarsonNewman the 27-0 lead at the half. Carson-Newman tacked on one score in the third quarter and two in the fourth, while the

final extra point of the afternoon was blocked by the Tornados special teams unit. The Tornados offensive attack was led by slot back T.J. Lett who rushed for 23 yards while Xavier Brown rushed for 14 yards and Isaac German rushed for 16 yards. Quarterback Tyler Gregory finished three of seven through the air for 24 yards while rushing for 22 yards on eight attempts. Martiqus Henley hauled in two passes for 20 yards for the Tornados. The Tornados were led defensively by inside linebacker Jason Nieradka who compiled eight solo tackle and 14 total tackles. Ashud Moore contributed nine tackles and two pass breakups while Josh Allman tallied nine tackles, including two for loss and one sack. Brevard will return to the field on Saturday, Oct. 15 as they travel to the Palmetto State to face non-conference foe, Limestone in Gaffney.

Women’s soccer short by one goal By Bryant Baucom Staff Writer

A lone goal from Kimmi Moore was all that Wingate (7-3-1, 5-2 SAC) needed to edge out Brevard (5-8-1, 0-7 SAC) in the women’s soccer match on Saturday, Oct. 8, as the Tornados fell to the Bulldogs 1-0 in double overtime. The Tornados and Bulldogs would remain scoreless through the 90 minutes of regulation and the first 10 minute overtime period. Wingate’s Kimmi Moore would deliver the game-winner in the 109th minute of the contest. Moore’s game-winner and sixth goal of the season would come off of a deflection in which she preceded to send the ball to the back of the net. Brevard’s defensive attack proved to be stellar and held their ground against the Bulldogs. Wingate outshot Brevard by a total of 33-14 as nine shot were on goal. Kimmi Moore tallied seven shots, including the game-winning goal while Taylor Krakower contributed five shots. The Tornados’ offense was led by Sydney

Alencewicz who recorded five shots, of which three were on goal. Anita Maryskova contributed 3 shots to the Brevard offense while Kathleen Gant and Ashley Hughes tallied two shots each. The Tornados’ freshman goalkeeper Lauren Neuzil posted a solid outing in goal as she recorded eight saves on the day and only allowing one goal.

falls to Wingate By Bryant Baucom Staff Writer

The Wingate men’s soccer team entered and left Brevard on Saturday, Oct. 8, with an undefeated record. The Tornados (6-5-1, 2-4 SAC) fell to the number six nationally-ranked Bulldogs (9-0, 7-0 SAC) 1-0 on Homecoming weekend. The Tornados played extremely well on both sides of the ball, holding the Bulldogs to one goal on the match opposed to their average of 2.89 goals per contest. Wingate’s lone goal came in the first half as Jon Ander netted a free kick from the left side of the field, twenty yards out. BC goalkeeper Heath Turner would fend off the Bulldogs as he recorded seven saves on the day. The Tornados were led offensively by junior midfielder, Gabriel Garcia who took three shots on the night, adding to his team-leading shot total. The trio of Garcia, Rhem Stubbs, and Ryan McPhillips would all record a shot on goal. Wingate outshot Brevard 17-7 in the contest as Jon Ander led the Bulldogs with seven shots and added in the lone goal of the contest. The Tornados will continue South Atlantic Conference play today, Oct. 12 as they travel to Greeneville, Tenn. to take on the number 10 team in the country, Tusculum at 7:30 p.m.

This week in BC Athletics

Volleyball at Queens at 2 Womens Soccer at Lenoir p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 15. Rhyne at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, Football at Limestone at Oct. 15. 1 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. Mens Soccer vs. GardnerWebb at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, 15. Oct. 14.