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Feb 1, 2014 ... Diamond Big Foot 10-Ball Challenge. DVD #. Contestants (TPA) .... 9B1: Busty's break played a big role in this win. 9B2: Best match of the ...
2014 Derby City Classic Horseshoe Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, Indiana January 24 – February 1, 2014

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Diamond Big Foot 10-Ball Challenge DVD # Contestants (TPA) Score D16-10B1 Jayson Shaw (.826) def. Rob Saez (.742) 11-8 D16-10B2 Shane Van Boening (.890) Dennis Orcollo (.819) 11-8 D16-10B3* John Morra (.810) def. Lee Vann Corteza (.811) 11-10 D16-10B4 Earl Strickland (.798) def. Oscar Dominguez (.745) 11-8 D16-10B5* Ralf Souquet (.874) def. Carlo Biado (.800) 11-7 D16-10B6 Efren Reyes (.840) def. Rodney Morris (.653) 11-4 D16-10B7 Niels Feijen (.857) def. Corey Deuel (.688) 11-3 D16-10B8 F. Bustamante (.836) def. Darren Appleton (.813) 11-7 D16-10B9 Ralf Souquet (.874) def. Jayson Shaw (.615) 11-3 D16-10B10* Niels Feijen (.889) def. Efren Reyes (.854) 11-8 D16-10B11*Shane Van Boening (.875) def. John Morra (.811) 11-10 D16-10B12* F. Bustamante (.881) def. Earl Strickland (.846) 11-7 D16-10B13* Niels Feijen (.896) def. Ralf Souquet (.745) 11-4 D16-10B14 Shane Van Boening (.862) def. F. Bustamante (.740) SF 11-8 D16-10B15*Shane Van Boening (.908) def. Niels Feijen (.875) Finals 11-7


Min 91 107 140 120 113 95 105 120 100 133 137 115 130 130 107

9-Ball Division DVD # D16-9B1 D16-9B2** D16-9B3 D16-9B4 D16-9B5* D16-9B6*

Contestants (TPA) Score F. Bustamante (.847) def. John Schmidt (.808) 9-5 Niels Feijen (.975) def. Earl Strickland (.962) 9-7 Carlo Biado (.893) def. Johnny Archer (.821) 9-4 Dennis Orcollo (.907) def. Efren Reyes (.737) 9-4 John Morra (.833) def. Jason Klatt (.831) (SF) 9-8 Shane Van Boening (.875) def. John Morra (.869) (F) 9-8


Min 73 72 50 60 110 110

One-Pocket Division DVD # D16-1P1 D16-1P2* D16-1P3* D16-1P4 D16-1P5 D16-1P6* D16-1P7 D16-1P8*

Contestants Scott Frost def. Wang Can Oscar Dominguez def. Richie Richeson Efren Reyes def. Rafael Martinez Lee Vann Corteza def. Sylver Ochoa F. Bustamante def. Shane Van Boening Scott Frost def. Francisco Bustamante Shannon Daulton def. Scott Frost (Semi-Finals) Efren Reyes def. Shannon Daulton (Finals)

Score 3-1 3-2 3-2 3-0 3-0 3-1 3-2 3-1


Min 52 84 115 65 120 80 160 55

Score 3-1 3-1 3-1


Min 48 40 52


Min 92 83 60

Hosts FB,SF

Min 140

Banks Division DVD # D16-B01* D16-B02 D16-B03*

Contestants F. Bustamante def. Dennis Orcollo (Semi’s) F. Bustamante def. Earl Strickland (Semi’s) Dennis Orcollo def. F. Bustamante (Finals)

Straight Pool Division DVD # D16-SP1* D16-SP2* D16-SP3*

Contestants Dennis Orcollo def. Alex Lely (SF) Konstantin Stepanov def. Huidji See (SF) Dennis Orcollo def. Konstantin Stepanov (F)

Score 125-47 125-49 125-36

Banks Ring Game (10 ft. table) DVD # Contestants D16-R1** Woodward def. Bustamante, Shuff, Hall, Daulton, and Morra

Commentators: BI=Bill Incardona DD=Danny DiLiberto MW=Mark Wilson BG=Bill Gibbs JL=Jeanette Lee

GC=Geoff Conway JH=Jay Helfert DW=Don Wardell JS=John Schmidt FB=Freddy Bentivegna

Comments: 10B1: After a few bumps in the road, Shaw came alive to close it out over Saez. 10B2: Orcollo never caught a gear. After four scratches on the break, he was broke. Van Boening sailed home. . 10B3: Could have gone either way. Somebody had to win. 10B4: Strickland came back from down 4-8 to win the next seven racks over Dominguez. 10B5: Souquet is so tough to beat. He’s an Eveready battery. 10B6: Morris just as well have not shown up. 10B7: Feijen played well and kept Deuel tied up. 10B8: Tough breaks all around. Busty ended up on top. 10B9: Souquet never lost focus. Shaw did. 10B10: Best match so far. Feijen is the man to beat. 10B11: Very exciting match. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. 10B12: Earl actually DID get some bad rolls. 10B13: Again, best performance by Feijen. 10B14: Busty was outplayed. 10B15: Shane’s five “break and runs” made all the difference. 9B1: Busty’s break played a big role in this win 9B2: Best match of the event. High TPA’s. 9B3: Biado was in control the whole match. 9B4: Orcollo was unbeatable. Reyes faltered. 9B5: Never knew, right to the end. 9B6: Could very easily gone the other way. 1P1: Frost gave Can a lesson. Can needs more time playing onepocket. 1P2: Dominguez upset the more experienced Richeson. 1P3: Creativity, creativity, creativity! A must-see! 1P4: Corteza proves he is a threat in one-pocket too. 1P5: If you like 1 hour racks, you will like this match. 1P6: Frost played great and dominated the match. 1P7: You get your money’s worth in this 2 hour 40 minute match. 1P8: Reyes clearly the best and wins the event undefeated. B01: Fabulous banks. Can’t get better than this. B02: Busty was unstoppable. B03: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. It did. Great match. SP1: Should be no surprise. Orcollo is a monster. SP2: Stepanov showed that he can win it all. SP3: Orcollo wins this in addition to the “Master of the Table” award. R1: Best bank pool I ever saw. You may NEVER see better!