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WH O IS FOUN DRY Foundry is where best practice creative education and industry meet.. We represent an entirely new model in tertiary education. Foundry provides premium education in niche creative fields, delivered online and face to face, in regional areas. At our iconic campuses students have access to regular high profile industry speakers, face-to-face workshops, student support and the Foundry community. By joining forces with our partners we are able to provide Tasmanian students with a unique experience unavailable elsewhere in the country.

We are Tasmanian and we have a longterm vision for how we can contribute to an exciting future. Education being just the beginning. With the support of government and education departments, local creative industries, Tasmanian colleges and our educational partners, there’s an exciting future ahead.

OUR VISION We know Tasmania is full of creative talent. As Tasmanians, when we do things we do them well. From a tiny island state of half a million people we compete with the best in the world. With room to breathe, space to think and time to create, Tasmania is a place of time-honoured skills, innovation and dreams brought to fruition.

But for too long young Tasmanians seeking creative education to refine their skills have been forced to leave the state. Foundry was created to stop this from happening. In fact we went one step further and decided to dream bigger. What if Tasmania had the best creative education, culture and community in the country and could hold its own on the world stage? We believe that Tasmania has the potential to become a design and innovation epicentre, attracting national and international creative talent to the state.

TH E WILD The Wild is our brand new education experience built from the ground up by the Foundry team and designed to meet the needs of creatives. This is how your higher education journey starts and is the six-month education break you need to help you choose your path. A critical part of The Wild is giving you the space to recover after 12 years of education. To us this means you need more free time to go exploring, meet with friends, get creative and find inspiration. To do this we have put together an experience packed with opportunities to get in touch with your creative side.



At this point you’ve spent at least 12 years of your life in formal education. You’ve learnt the system and maybe it worked for you, maybe it didn’t. Either way, what you’ve gotten is a single perspective on how learning should occur. We think it’s time to unlearn a little and take your education back into your own hands.

The Foundry approach to education is a radically inclusive and collaborative one. We believe that the student should be the center of the learning experience, with outcomes always rooted in industry. Instead of competing, we have brought together universities, TAFEs and industry brands to develop tertiary pathways. This mix offers students an education pathway that feels more premium, curated and personalised.

The Wild is built around an educational backbone to ensure you come out the other end with something to show for your effort. Beyond this however, Foundry has full creative control of the experience. Enter the great unlearn, rediscover your creativity and spend six months in this “kind of gap year” as you trial various creative fields.

TRY EVERYTHING AT L E A S T O N C E Now more than ever we live in a “try before you buy” society. But we have also developed an inbuilt fear about education that if we make a decision it could be the wrong one, so we don’t make a decision at all You can try on clothes before you buy them, why can’t you do the same thing with education?

E XPLO R E , S LOW D OWN A N D D I S C OV ER WHAT YO U LOV E TO D O It’s like a Buzzfeed quiz for what direction you should go with your life. Except it’s backed and recognised by universities and you’ll come out the other end with something more than what Hogwarts House you belong in. You’ll try the full spectrum of creative industries and gain insight and knowledge into design, business and emerging technology. Try everything at least once and know that you’ve made the right decision before you keep studying. Don’t jump blindly into higher education, and don’t take the “fateful gap-year”. Instead spend six months exploring, growing and tasting career options from some of the world’s leading brands. The Wild equips you with the right information to find your passion and make the right decision about what to study.

F I N D Y O U R PA S S I O N They say if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I mean they say a lot of things, but this one makes more sense than most. Work is always going to be work, but if it’s built on top of your passion then you are going to be happier, stick with it longer and succeed more in whatever you do. The Wild is designed to help you decide your future study path and we believe the only way to do this is to throw you into different fields and see what feels right. It just makes sense. Creatives thrive when they are passionate and Tasmania thrives when it’s creative.

D U R AT I O N A N D F O R M AT The Wild is delivered over two teaching terms consisting of 10 weeks each. Students are required to be on campus for two and a half days per week to attend tutorials, collaborative learning sessions and a face-to-face lecture. Other elements of the course can be undertaken flexibly at home or in campus.

SUBJECTS On-Campus Delivery:

Flexible Delivery:



• two 2hr Subject Tutorials • two 4hr Collaborative Learning Sessions • one 2hr Industry Guest Talk

• • • •

Communicating Your Ideas This subject is all about understanding how we communicate effectively in order to encourage trust and confidence in others. This may be verbally, visually or sub-consciously.

Building Team Prototypes During this subject we’ll be investigating new technologies (VR, Game Design etc.) and digital-product design methodologies (User-Experience, Scrum and Sprints etc.) in order to realise a large-scale project.

We’ll also be investigating how design communicates and the ideation process we follow in order to provide solutions to our clients. This will teach you techniques that enable you to get your ideas down quickly and into forms that clearly communicate what you’re thinking so others can buy-in to it and get as excited as you are.

Because of the project size we’ll also be teaching you how to build and work within fast moving, results orientated and often diverse teams. This means we’re going to have to look at the hiring and firing process, not to mention retaining and performance managing your star employees.

two 1hr Lectures 2hrs of Online Class Preparation 1hr of Post Class Work 6hrs Self Directed Creative Learning

Total learning = 25hrs per week

Don’t expect to be producing highly finished work in this subject – it’s all about the ideas and how you can bridge understanding between individuals and teams. Designing Social Brands In this subject we’ll be focusing on brands, and specifically social brands that need to interact often (and favourably) with the general public. In order to do that we’re going to be working through all the things that impact a social brand. Things like; imagery, colour, personality and style, social media, writing and voice – bringing it all together to make something truly memorable. Of course we can’t do these things without thinking about innovation, so we’ll be spending a bit of time looking at how rapidly-changing technology has the ability to truly disrupt our lives and experiences, in both positive and (sometimes) negative ways. This is all about thriving, not just surviving, in our ever-evolving technological world. Finally, and just because we can, we’ll be teaching you how to create great photographs using traditional techniques, but with modern (easily accessible) equipment – in order to make your imagery (and your brand) stand out from the crowd.

You’ll get a chance to reflect on how you are as an employee and how that differs from you as an employer. By the end of this subject you’ll have a better idea of future tech-career opportunities and how to be the best pick for the job. Leading Through Creativity A fundamental part of any creative role is how you work with others and create a sustainable practice. This includes working in a safe, practical way but also how you evolve and keep up-to-date with industry trends. A major focus will be on your client/ customer experience and how you ensure there is a flow of feedback (good and bad) that will help you actively improve your offering and build long-lasting (and profitable) relationships. This of course includes identifying and onboarding new clients through presenting your capabilities and portfolio in fresh and engaging ways so you get and keep the customers you want.

UNITS The Wild’s 4 subjects consist of 12 units that make up the Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715), along with 8 units from the Associate Degree of Applied Business (Z2C), awarded by UTAS.


Class sizes have been designed to give students exposure to intimate class settings, while having larger collaborative working areas and lecture based learning. Here is what you can expect for your class sizes.

O r i e n tat i o n W e e k


Collab Learning

Industry Guest Talks

8-13 students

16-23 students

50-75 students

16-23 students

50-75 students

To gain the Certificate III in design fundamentals, students must demonstrate competency in all 12 units (listed below) within The Wild.

To gain the Associate Degree of Applied Business, students must receive a credit average or higher for all 8 units (listed below) within The Wild and also receive a credit average or higher for the remaining 24 units of their creatively specialised Associate Degree program delivered through Foundry after completing The Wild.


UTAS - Associate Degree of Applied Business (Z2C) Units

Start Date

End Date

Feb 13

Feb 17

Term 1 Start Date

Census Date

WW Date*

End Date

Feb 20

March 11

March 11

April 13

Start Date

Census Date

WW Date*

End Date

May 1

June 3

June 3

June 7

Term 2

Beyond these key dates, students will receive a menu outlining the Wednesday guest speakers. There will also be Foundry events embedded throughout The Wild experience, these will not affect your assessment of The Wild and are purely experiential.


Practice and Portfolio 1


Professional Communication


Practice and Portfolio 2


Supervising Diverse Teams


*The WW Date is the final date from which you can withdraw from the unit without academic penalty, however you will still incur a financial liability (see withdrawal dates explained for more information).

Practice and Portfolio 3


About UTAS Census Dates

Principles of Quality Management


Practice and Portfolio 4


8-13 students

Business and Society in a Digital Age

Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30715) Units Contribute to effective workplace relationships


Follow a design process


Produce drawings to communicate ideas


Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement


Write content for a range of media


Explore the use of colour


Source and apply design industry knowledge


Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms


Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms


Produce creative work


Evaluate the nature of design in a specific industry context


Contribute to health and safety of self and others


REQUIRED EQUIPMENT You are required to have a laptop for use during the program. We suggest Apple laptops as they are generally the industry standard in design fields. Laptops are also advantageous, you can choose where you want to study and even take it to client meetings when you are ready to jump into some real life projects. You will need to subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, this will give you access to the industry standard software while also underpinning the design work you will be doing on the computer. It’s difficult to be precise about what additional costs there might be as each of you will have different requirements, however, think about pens, paper, Post It notes, USB drives, printing, web hosting etc. To give yourself the best possible chance of success, you will need a strong and

FEES reliable internet connection with download limits that will allow your on-line weekly content, including live video lectures. The Foundry campuses have NBN which is available for your use. You’ll need: • Laptop computer; • Adobe Creative Cloud Student Subscription;

What You Are Paying Student Course Fee = $4,232 which can be placed on FEE-HELP, formally known as HECS. Student Entry Fee = $310 - $1335 depending on your eligibility for government support. Check your eligibility here.

• Good internet connection (ADSL+/NBN) and enough download limit; • Somewhere quiet to work; • At least 25 hours a week devoted study time.

The higher education component of The Wild attracts a commonwealth supported place (CSP) which means that over half of the course fees associated with the higher education units are paid by the federal government to the University of Tasmania, this does not have to be paid by the student. The remainder of your course fee ($4,232) is paid by the student, however, elligible students can place this cost directly onto a FEE-HELP government education loan. FEE-HELP application FEE-HELP Information CSP Information Detailed UTAS Fees and Payment Information

The vocational component of The Wild attracts a subsidy for the Certificate III of Design Fundamentals, this covers everything other than a nominal student entry fee. The student entry fee is dependant on whether the student constitutes as concession or nonconcession, as well as whether they are an ‘entitled’ or ‘non-entitled’ student. Entry fee’s range from $310 - $1335 depending on eligibility. 25% of the student entry fee is payable at orientation week, however, the remainder can be placed on a payment plan. To find out your concessional and entitlement status please check your eligibility here. Detailed Vocational Fees and Payment Information

A RT I C U L AT I O N I N T O FURTHER STUDY The Wild constitutes the first 8 units of an associate degree awarded by UTAS. On completion of The Wild, students who have passed their units are guaranteed continued study within a creatively specialised Associate Degree program delivered through Foundry and awarded by UTAS.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Due to The Wild being a cross institutional program, students must meet the entry requirements of these institutions as part of the enrolment process. The UTAS associate degree of applied business holds the higher entry requirements, therefore Foundry use these as the basis for enrolment. If you have any concern that you may not meet any of the below requirements, please contact: [email protected]. Admission into the Associate Degree in Applied Business can be gained in three ways: 1. College entry; 2. Alternative entry; or 3. General entry. If you have just completed year 12, the following will apply to you:

If you are a mature age student or do not meet the above requirements, the following will apply to you: Alternative entry – demonstrate through work experience, hobbies/interests, competencies, other studies that you are eligible for entry. For applicants who have other qualifications, high school studies, or work experiences, you may be required to provide some supporting documentation. This supporting documentation may include one or more of the following: • Tasmanian Qualifications Certificate (TCE) • Personal Competency Statement • Year 10 (term 4) report • TAFE of other VET or Recognised Training Provider academic records • Resume or CV • Statement on hobbies and other interests which demonstrate numeracy and/or literacy skills

College entry – a minimum level of study undertaken in Year 11 and 12 at Level 2 or above. This includes Satisfactory Achievements (SA) in English and Mathematics, and SA results in three other Level 2 subjects at Year 11 and 12 standard, with awards spread across both years;

It is likely you will need to submit some documentation to support your application. An Admissions officer will review your enrolment and will let you know if anything further is needed.


International students

General entry – meet the broader general entry requirements for the University, which are SA results in at least four Tasmanian Qualifications Authority (TQA) level 3 accredited courses or a Year 11/12 ATAR.

This course is currently not offered to international students.

For applicants with Year 11 and 12 College results or University academic records, UTAS will attempt to access these transcripts on your behalf. You will not need to provide any documentary evidence at this stage, we will contact you if anything further is required.







The Foundry Loft is situated on the top level of the iconic Crown Mill Building in Launceston, Tasmania. Built in 1897, this neoclassical/victorian industrial building is literally packed to the rafters with many original features, brimming with natural light and privy to some of the city’s best views of the red brick laden industrial precinct.

The Foundry Pier is situated on the top level of the Brooke St Pier in the historic Salamanca precinct in Hobart, Tasmania. This striking building is an architectural marvel. Constructed atop a barge, the campus rises and falls with the tide and is heated by the sun. The Pier is full of life and bustling with foot traffic, with local restaurants and cafes, market stalls and the MONA ferry terminal as our neighbours.

LAUNCESTON Top Floor, 22 Cameron St, Launceston

HOBART Top Floor, Brooke Street Pier, Hobart


1 . A P P LY



Go to: and follow the instructions to apply. It only takes two minutes and it’s the only way to ensure you are in with a chance to enter The Wild with Foundry in 2017. Once you’ve applied you’ll receive updates and announcements about what your six months could look like and if you are successful you will receive an offer to enrol.

Places in The Wild are limited and just like uni, you’ll need to receive an offer to study. After you receive this, ensure you enrol to confirm your place in February.

You’ve received an offer to join The Wild in 2017. Congrats! To ensure your place is confirmed be sure to enrol straight away and lock in your position.


ENQUIRE NOW [email protected]

Launceston Top Floor, 22 Cameron St Launceston 7250

Hobart Top Floor, Brooke St Pier, Franklin Wharf Hobart 7000