The Faces of Cairo

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yehya Serag. Page 2. Page 3. Greater Cairo Region. Page 4. WHERE THE FACES ARE…. Page 5. The. Old. Face. Page 6.

The Faces of Cairo

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yehya Serag

Greater Cairo Region


The Old Face

ISLAMIC CAIRO – 969 (est)

Evolution of ISLAMIC CAIRO

The Urban Fabric of ISLAMIC CAIRO

Ancient buildings and People

The European Face

ISMAILI CAIRO – 1869 (est)

Paris Along the Nile Cairo


The Urban Fabric of ISMAILI CAIRO

European buildings and People

The Old Suburban Face

Heliopolis– 1905 (est)

Baron Empan

The Belgian started it…

Some Cases of Mutations

The Urban Fabric of Heliopolis

Moorish and Modern buildings and People

The (Socialist) Modern Face

Nasr city– 1959 (est) President Nasr

A Mix of everything

The Urban Fabric of Nasr City

The Informal Face

The Slums – El Hagana (e.g.)

Informal Settlements in Cairo

PIFFERO, E, 2008

The Ugly face of Cairo

The Slums – El Hagana (e.g.)

The New Suburban Face

New Cairo City – 1990s (est)

New Cairo City – 2014

Attraction Poles

Attraction Poles