The Gruffalo DRESS UP AS...

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DRESS UP AS... TO MAKE THE EARS AND HORNS HAIRBAND. 1. Print out the ears and horns template. Cut out the pieces. 2. Dra

YOU WILL NEED ✓ Brown card ✓ Light blue card ✓ Pink card ✓ Black marker pen ✓ Scissors ✓ Double-sided tape ✓ Hairband (you can get cheap plastic ones from most supermarkets) ✓ Downloadable ears and horns templates

1. Print out the ears and horns template. Cut out the pieces. 2. Draw round the outer ears on to brown card, inner ears on to pink card and horns on to light blue card. Cut them all out.

ints on white Use felt tip pens or pa coloured card. card if you don’t have adventurous try If you want to be more e ears and horns! using flexi foam for th

3. Use a black pen to outline all the pieces. Add a bit of hair in the pink ears and the horns for extra drama!

4. Wrap the brown ears around either side of a hairband. Use double-sided tape to fix them in place. Then attach the pink inner ears to the brown ears with double-sided tape.

5. Attach the horns to the hairband using double-sided tape.




Remember your copy of The Gruffalo or The Gruffalo’s Child to read on the day!

• Wear a dark-coloured long-sleeved top and trousers or leggings and wrap a scarf or snood around you.

• Make some paws with som e old gloves and glue on paper fingernails.

THE GRUFFALO FACE-PAINTING YOU WILL NEED ✓ Face-paints: brown, orange, white, pink, green ✓ Sponge ✓ Thin paintbrush ✓ Hairband (to keep hair off the face)

1. Apply b row face with a n face-paint to the sponge. Le ave some big circles around the eyes.

paint orange to sh ru b a se 2. U the eyes. circles around

3. Add a pink nose using a light pink face-paint. Then add some green at the tip for The Gruffalo’s wart! Lastly, with a paintbrush, draw on some white teeth. Grrrrrrrr!

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THE GRUFFALO Ears and Horns Template Cut Fold

pink ears

horns (you will need to print two copies)

brown ears

Crafts & Costumes Editor: Natalie Abadzis, Art Direction & Design: Nikki Dupin, Photography: Laura Ashman, MakeUp: Sarah Gilbert