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Teachers leave with new ideas about best practices for student engagement ... Our team also ground this experience with

The New Teachers Program - Empowering and supporting early career educators in SA -


From the CEO As a former school principal and regional director, one of my greatest challenges was to recruit and keep new teachers. I saw first-hand the difficulties that new teachers faced when they left university education and were then overwhelmed in their first years of teaching. Research suggests that this is

an experience shared by new teachers across Australia. Currently, 1 in 2 teachers leave in their first five years of the profession. In addition to the economic implications of this brain-drain, high teacher attrition rates harm student achievement and damage the intellectual capital of our profession.

New teachers choosing to leave the classroom for career options outside the education system

cite time pressure, the increasing casualisation of the workforce and a lack of support as reasons for exiting stage left. In response to these challenges and after working with new teachers in a

bespoke program in 2016, the Early Career Capacity Building program, Education Changemakers has designed a program for new teachers. There is no doubt that Australian school leadership teams

are working incredibly hard to support their new teachers, and we are eager to continue supporting them.

At Education Changemakers, the four things that we believe will keep new teachers inspired and in

the classroom are AUTONOMY (the feeling that they can lead change for their students), MASTERY (the feeling that they are becoming more effective teachers), PURPOSE (the feeling that they are

making a difference in the world by being a teacher) and SUPPORT (the feeling that there is a network of advisers, mentors and friends that they can turn to).

We know that in SA we class ‘early career teachers’ as being in their first three years of teaching, however this program has been of benefit to teachers with at least five years experience. It is therefore open to teachers in their first five years of teaching. The New Teachers program exists to provide

answers to all of these points with ongoing training, inspiration, connection and support for new teachers in their years in the profession. We are thrilled to be offering the year-long New Teachers program both across Australia and internationally. Together, for a better education for all of our kids.

Dave Faulkner

Chief Executive Officer


Our Clients and Partners

Course Overview Modelled on the most impactful elements of the Early Career Capacity Building program which was evaluated by Social Ventures Australia in 2016, the New Teachers program is designed specifically for teachers in their first 5 years in the profession. With a strong sense of action-bias, Education Changemakers works to significantly increase the retention of new teachers and to help them not only survive but to thrive. The year long New Teachers program is made up of the following components: SELECTION AND PROGRAM PREPARATION: We provide assistance with the marketing of this opportunity, and the selection of participants for the program, including liaison with school principals and regional leaders and ongoing communication regarding logistics and scheduling. WORKSHOP ONE: Workshop One is a two day learning experience that focusses on connecting or reconnecting the early career teachers with their sense of purpose in the profession, promoting longevity and drive. New teachers need to deeply understand their purpose in education so that they can weather the challenges they face. The new teachers are provided with the tools they need to identify problems and missed opportunities with regards to delivering effective feedback. They come up with a multitude of solutions and leave equipped with the confidence to test ideas in their classrooms. “I am looking forward to refining this feedback method and continuing to work towards improving student outcomes. Thank you to my fellow teachers who shared ideas about feedback delivery!” - Early Career Teacher, 2016 FEEDBACK AND COACHING: All course participants have access to feedback on their teaching practice throughout the course. The team at EC are available for coaching calls and to watch filmed lessons. When possible, we visit classrooms, too. We guide new teachers through real-time reflections of their teaching so that the drive for constant improvement is modelled and promoted as best practice.

Course Overview WORKSHOP TWO: This one day learning experience for the beginning teachers begins with an evaluation of the feedback practices employed by the beginning teachers after the first workshop, capitalising on the collective genius in the room to provide insights into further iterations of the practices trialled and sharing stories of best practice. Design thinking principles are leveraged to understand and promote student engagement. Teachers leave with new ideas about best practices for student engagement to test efficiently in their lessons. MENTORING: All participants in the program will be encouraged to connect with a mentor at their school site. Any early career teachers without a mentor available at their school will be connected to an experienced teacher and member of the broader EC Tribe, in the same locality wherever possible. Between workshops, these mentoring relationships are fostered within school contexts using tools and strategies provided by the EC Team during workshops. “My mentee has a lot of the qualities I had as a beginning teacher. I don’t want her to experience the same lack of support that I received when I was first starting out. I’m committed to making her journey easier and to continuing to develop our mentoring relationship.” - Mentor of an Early Career Teacher, 2016 MENTORING SHORT COURSE: Offered free of charge to the mentors of the program participants, Education Changemakers will lead a day of professional learning for the experienced teachers identified by and paired with our new teacher participants. In our Mentoring Short Course, the team will develop the capacity of these mentors by diving deeply into effective mentoring strategies and the ‘how to’ of setting up conditions for supportive and productive relationships that are conducive to educational change. The mentors will leave this day with the skills they need to support the new teachers throughout the year, an understanding of the processes the new teachers will be working through, and with coaches from Education Changemakers they can call at any stage for further support with their mentoring role.

Course Overview

WORKSHOP THREE: Workshop Three is another one day learning experience with a focus on positive education and behaviour management. By this stage, the new teachers have encountered students in their schools with whom they need to develop more productive relationships conducive to learning and the EC team will introduce the new teachers to the latest evidence informed positive education practices. This day will use the methodologies of case studies and developing persona prototypes to best identify the strategies of positive education to help shape behaviour and to develop a culture of learning. COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP: All program participants are provided with membership to our New Teachers Community. Membership of this community provides new teachers with opportunities to spend time with other early career teachers socially and professionally, to connect with others online meaningfully and collegially, and with access to relevant learning resources distributed by EC. WORKSHOP FOUR: This final one-day workshop focusses on developing the skills and confidence needed for new teachers to lead up in the profession. We believe that when these professionals are allowed time and space to develop and then share best practices, their sense of mastery, autonomy and purpose is capitalised and they are more likely to stay in the profession. For the second half of this final day, the early career teachers’ mentors are invited to join the group by way of reflecting upon and celebrating the progress made by the early career teachers throughout the year. “I’ve been really challenged today and pushed outside my comfort zone. But I feel really proud of myself! Pitching my ideas to the room here - which I really didn’t want to do - has given me more confidence in my ability to do other things in my professional life, too.” - Early Career Teacher, 2016

Course Overview

IMPACT ASSESSMENT AND REPORTING: Our team work closely to monitor not only the changes that take place professionally and personally in the participants, but also the impact on the students that are influenced by their change projects. We provide consistent reporting to the local and regional education offices to provide feedback on the program and help to spread best practice between schools. Impacts are shared by written reports after each workshop with photos. “It has been great to see the changes professionally in our staff throughout the course of the program, and the fact that this growth and impact for students has been supported by the data provided by Education Changemakers is a real bonus.” - Principal of a Program Participant, 2016

“I now know I have a go-to person for anything I need help with and that they’ll support me or direct me to who can support me.” Program Alumna

“These have been the best days of my year, and that is saying something - days with my students are pretty great! It is the best PL I have been on.”

Program Alumna

The EC Difference There are some unique characteristics that set EC apart from most other professional development organisations in the education sector. Some of these include: WE ARE ALL EDUCATORS: All of our facilitators are award winning former teachers who have led school teams as principals if not regions as directors. Our team also ground this experience with post-graduate degrees from some of the world’s best universities. We always utilise team teaching, bringing at a minimum two diverse facilitators to every workshop. Our workshops are extremely inspiring, interesting and engaging and across the five days of the face-to-face sessions, our facilitators only speak for 40% of the time, allowing 60% of the program for practical learning. 100% of alumni recommend that their peers should go through our programs and more than nine out of ten rate the program as one of the best professional learning experiences they have ever experienced. WE COME TO YOU: As former educators, we know that often the best professional development opportunities take place in only a few global cities. At EC we are committed to traveling to where our participants are for our workshops, reducing the time that they are away from their students. PREPARATION AND LOGISTICS: We arrange all of the travel and accommodation considerations for our facilitators and include this in our quoted price, reducing logistics and allowing you to focus your time and efforts on improving the education outcomes of your students. We bring all of our own equipment including stationary and supplies. RESPONSIBLE GLOBAL CITIZENS: As a certified BCorp organisation we have a passionate belief that businesses are a force for positive social change. Our for-profit status allows us to find and keep world class facilitators, but we direct a significant proportion of our profits to supporting education projects that lift people out of poverty across the globe with our charity partner Spark* (

Lead Facilitators

Louka Parry - Director of Programs Louka is the Director of Programs at Education Changemakers and is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging education thinkers and doers, with a track record of leading dramatic improvements in challenging school settings. He brings expert knowledge in school leadership, new teacher support and organisational culture to the EC crew. Louka represents the new generation of education leaders as an individual who has traveled to every continent on the globe, learned five languages fluently (including the Indigenous Australian languages Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara), graduated with two Masters degrees in applied linguistics and education, (studying one of them under John Hattie at Melbourne University) and studied at Harvard University all before he was thirty. Louka has matched these achievements with six years of experience as a teacher and leader, being promoted to Principal at only 27 years old in 2012 for which he was named South Australian Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year. Louka has spoken and worked with diverse audiences across Australia and the globe including AITSL, Federal Treasury, SVA, BETT, NARIS, Leading Educators Across the Planet, Education We Want and Microsoft.

Lead Facilitators

Maddie Scott-Jones - Director of Communities Maddie is the Director of Communities at Education Changemakers and brings an exemplary teaching career to her work with the global EC tribe. An alumna of the Changemaker Program, her change initiatives focused on helping children to embrace failure and increasing entrepreneurial resilience, which has seen her become a judge at the National Science Talent Search, speak at conferences across Australia and support her students to win the National Maths Talent Quest. As a teacher at a large Catholic school in Victoria, Maddie taught secondary Science and Mathematics and was the coordinator for Gifted and Talented Students and Student Leadership. She holds three masters degrees with distinction in Science and Education from the University of Melbourne and the Australian Catholic University. Since working with Education Changemakers, Maddie has built the EC Community, a global network of over 1000 passionate and innovative teachers. She led the design and delivery of The Passion Index, a toolkit for schools to engage students in passion-led learning, cocreated with teachers from across Australia. The codesign and facilitation of EC’s offerings for early career educators has played to Maddie’s strengths and passion for best teaching practice, mentoring and support of new teachers.

Lead Facilitators

Dave Faulkner - Chief Executive Officer Dave is the CEO and co-founder of Education Changemakers, and as one of Australia’s most awarded educators has vast experience leading change at the school, regional and national level. An expert in the development of education leaders, with a proven track record at the highest levels, Dave matches a powerful grasp on grassroots realities with strong insights at system level. Dave’s education leadership journey began as a principal of an Australian school when he was only 24, and throughout his twenties he built a powerful reputation as a leader who could achieve strong outcomes across a range of education contexts. During this period he was named as the Young Australian of the Year (WA) and Young Leader of the Year (WA), and was also widely profiled for his leadership of the highly challenging Halls Creek District High School. Following this role, he was appointed as the Director of the Barkly region, Australia’s (and probably the world’s) largest education jurisdiction. Dave speaks and works with thousands of educators each year and advises senior government leaders and leading philanthropists in Australia. Dave speaks globally to audiences including Microsoft, AITSL, TED, ACEL, EduTech, BETT, GELP and PWC.

Lead Facilitators

Aaron Tait - Director of Innovation Aaron is the co-founder and Director of Innovation of Education Changemakers, and brings the radical thinking element to EC that helps us to stand out from other players in the global professional learning landscape. His ability to draw upon out of the box ideas and challenge education audiences to trial new concepts is globally recognised and is well illustrated in EC’s recently published book ‘Edupreneur: Unleashing teacher led innovation in schools’ of which Aaron was the lead author. Aaron draws upon lessons from a diverse career that has seen him serve for seven years as a decorated Australian military officer, run a secondary school for street-children in a Tanzanian slum, run an orphanage in Kenya, and graduate from three Masters degrees in strategy, international relations and development, with the third, from Cambridge University. Aaron is the co-founder and former CEO of Spark* International, and now the CIO of YGAP, an organisation that has accelerated hundreds of high impact entrepreneurs across six countries who have dramatically changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty in Africa and the Asia Pacific. Aaron has spoken with audiences including TED, Do Lectures, AITSL, Microsoft, ACEL, HSBC, AFL PWC and Sankalp.

Lead Facilitators

Summer Howarth - Director of Learning Summer is the Director of Learning at Education Changemakers, is one of Australia’s most connected education influencers, and has boldly emerged as a powerful and disruptive new voice in the sector. Summer brings expert knowledge in design thinking, middle years schooling and environmental education, grounded in extensive experience teaching in some of Australia’s most forward-thinking private schools. Known to many on twitter as @edusum, she has a deep passion for unleashing and spreading teacher led innovations and is highly engaged in Australia’s education startup scene. Following eight years of senior teaching experience at PLC Sydney, Ravenswood School for Girls, Knox Grammar School and Anastasis Academy, Summer consulted to the NSW Government and taught Master of Teaching units at Sydney University before being appointed as a Senior Project Officer for AITSL, leading on the Learning Frontiers initiative. Summer is also the driving force behind the EC conference series ( and was one of the founders of TeachMeet Sydney. She holds a Masters degree from Macquarie University and was the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship for Service to Girls Education.

The Investment The year long New Teacher program investment per person is:


(inc. GST)

Far from a one-off injection of motivation and learning, the program is defined by many as career shaping and life changing. The value that our partners and participants receive for this price is significant including: - FIVE days of face-to-face workshops with participants. - a FREE SHORT COURSE for mentors of the new teacher to develop their mentoring capacity. - UNLIMITED coaching and feedback provided to our new teachers throughout the year via calls, video observations and classroom visits and an online professional learning community. - Ongoing injections of online learning and support throughout the YEAR LONG program. - TAILORED content for each program to ensure that local contexts are engaged with and respected. - ONGOING engagement with the 20,000 educators in our social media network. - membership of Education Changemakers’ New Teacher COMMUNITY, providing regular meet ups with other new teachers and access to the collective genius via our EC Community.


1. EC covers the cost of facilitator travel and accommodation as well as all equipment and stationary for each workshop. EC does not cover teacher release or travel and accommodation for participants. 2. EC maintains its own indemnity and public liability insurances.

The Details WORKSHOP DATES Workshop One

23rd and 24th March 2017

Mentoring Workshop (for mentors of the program participants)

13th June 2017

Workshop Two

14th June 2017

Workshop Three

28th July 2017

Workshop Four

11th September 2017

WORKSHOP LOCATION The Hartley Institute Prince Alfred College Capper Street, near The Parade West KENT TOWN SA HOW TO APPLY To apply for the New Teacher program, please fill out the following online application form: Applications for the New Teachers SA Program for 2017 close on the 10th March.

How We Can Work Together We place great importance on thrilling all of our partners and program participants. If you have any questions about the program or would like to discuss your application, please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Programs, Louka Parry. Louka’s contact details are below. EC Global Headquarters: 102 Tope Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne, 3205, Australia Getting in Touch: Louka Parry - Director of Programs

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 0401 641 776

Website: (our platform to share teacher led innovations) Twitter: @EduChangemakers #EduChange #iTeach

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