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Sep 7, 2017 - and 723 photogravure prints. All will be on view, along with his recordings of Native American music and a
SEPTEMBER  7,  2017  


                For  30  years,  beginning  in  1906,  Edward  S.  Curtis  traveled  the  United  States,  photographing  portraits,   landscapes  and  the  daily  lives  of  80  Native  American  tribes,  images  that  were  collated  in  a  20-­volume  history   and  723  photogravure  prints.  All  will  be  on  view,  along  with  his  recordings  of  Native  American  music  and   artifacts,  and  objects  from  his  life.  Unique  opportunity  to  see  entire  collection  of  all  723  photos,  including  20   bound  volumes  of  pictures,  an  original  film  of  native  music,  historic  objects  and  cultural  artifacts,  speaker,  lunch   and  more.     Tour  Includes:  Roundtrip  Motorcoach,  Lunch,  Raffles,  Goodie  Bags  and  More! STEP  ON  BUS  TOURS   Cost:  $75.00/person   215  W  Troy  St,  Ste  2046     Ferndale  MI  48220   Pick  Up  Locations:  Eddie  Edgar  Ice  Arena/Ford  Field     248-­619-­6692   Departure  and  Return  Times:  7:30  am  -­-­  Times  to  be  Determined  (Times  subject  to  change)    


MAKE  CHECKS  PAYABLE  TO:  Step  On  Bus  Tours     [email protected]    



THE  NORTH  AMERICAN  INDIAN  –  SEPTEMBER  7,  2017         Name:  ____________________________________________________________________________________      

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•   PAYMENT:  Cash,  check  or  money  order  accepted.    Payment  for  all  tours  is  due  2  weeks  before  the  tour  date  unless  other  arrangements  have  been   made  with  the  tour  director)   •   MINIMUM  ATTENDANCE:  Tours  require  a  minimum  of  30  people  to  run.    If  the  minimum  is  not  met,  registrants  will  be  notified  and  full  checks  returned.   •   PICK  UP  NOTIFICATION:  Attendees  will  be  notified  approximately  one  (1)  week  prior  to  date  of  trip  with  departure  location  and  time.   •   CANCELLATIONS:  Full  refund,  less  $20,  if  cancellation  notice  is  received  more  than  ten  (10)  days  in  advance  of  tour.    No  refund  will  be  given  if  there  is   less  than  ten  (10)  days’  notice  from  date  of  tour.  No  refunds  (full  or  partial)  given  day  of  tour  or  after  tour  is  completed  under  any  circumstances.